Mega Celestial Maia: The Darkmoon Werewolf is an upcoming Halloween special of the Mega Celestial Maia series that will be released on October 30th, TBA.


There are mysterious creatures known to be darkmoon monsters lurking in the city of Warlington, Mega Celestial Maia and the warriors must find the mastermind who had started the incident from the creatures.


The premiere begins focusing on Mega Celestial Maia stopping a bunch of bandits from stealing jewelry at a store and using a rope to capture them, the police arrest them. Maia heads to school after the crime was done. At school, she met her friends in the hallway to prepare for class. Trixie and her friends come by showing them the poster of the Halloween costume party, Maya discusses with Lucy and Conor what costumes they'll be wearing.

While walking home, Maya stumbles across a man known as Rhys Sigmund. Rhys tells her about creatures he researched about, mythic monsters. He elucidates to Maya about those creatures only coming out of the evenings and night times. If they infect any vigorous individual, the victim will metamorphose into the same species like them; Maya is horrified by the myth. Rhys advises Maya to be alerted if there's trouble afoot if she needs protection while going home.

At home, the news said there would be an upcoming mythic blood moon on the same weekend as the party. In her room, Maya is starting to customize her costume for the Halloween event with the help of Vivienne. The next day at school, Maya shows her cosmic princess costume to Lucy and Conor. The school day ends and Maya's amulet glows that there is danger in Warlington, she transforms and goes to stop all risk. Mega Celestial Maia was on her way to find peril and rendezvous with Icy Charm and Sparking Quake, the heroes have reached to the park and spotted darkmoon wolves. They battle the wolves, but things are becoming arduous to their strengths. But then, Rhys comes and uses his shrinking potion to shrink the wolves, and he puts them in a jar.

Maia checks the time and has to meet Kody at the café and gets absent-minded about the date between her and Kody. On her way to the café, Maia hid somewhere and transforms back to normal to meet up with an infuriated Kody. He yells at Maya about why she was so late for their dating time, when he touches her shoulder, she slaps him to get his attention. Maya yells at Kody back on why he's always feeling aggressive in odd situations and runs away in tears ashamedly; the rest of the customers were disgusted by Kody's outburst. Kody is kicked out of the restaurant and walks home feeling guilty for breaking Maya's heart, he thinks to himself why he can be a jerk. At Maya's house in her room, Annabelle consoles Maya and has a conversation about Kody shouting at her about their failed "date". Annabelle notifies that Kody will apologize to Maya and change his conduct, Maya starts resting forgetting negative thoughts on Kody.

In the morning at Kody's house, Kody is still feeling guilty and decided to go exploring to calm himself down, but stumbles into the danger zone. Hidden insight, Madame Absinthe dispatches several darkmoon savage wolves to hunt down Kody. Kody starts to run out of the perilous woods, but is bitten by a wolf and gets it out of the way, he escapes the peril and flees to his house. Kody is recovering from the horrendous stroll and goes to take a rest, Kody wakes up from resting and looks at the mirror seeing he has a mustache, he shaves it off.

Later on in the evening, Maya is dressed up for the Halloween party at school and James drives her there. While heading to the party, she watches the news of mysterious creatures beyond Warlington and thinking of something not right. Lucy contacts Maya letting her know she is ready to go to the party and so is Conor, she got a message from Kody and it says for her and Conor to meet him at the rendezvous point somewhere. James drops Maya off and she goes to the gym, she can see everyone having fun. Suzie walks up to her and wants to challenge her in a costume contest, Maya is eager to participate. Back downtown, Kody encounters Lucy and Conor and shows them a massive wound he's got from the wolf. When the blood moon starts to come, Kody falls to the floor perspiring uncomfortably. By the time the blood moon is revealed from the clouds, Kody has turned completely into a darkmoon werewolf. Lucy and Conor get petrified of Kody's metamorphosis, Madame Absinthe hypnotizes Kody and enjoins him to howl to the moon, spawning more darkmoon creatures wreaking havoc in the city. Lucy and Conor transform into heroes and rush around town to vanquish all enemies.

Maya was outside of the gym in the garden pondering of her future until she got a text from Lucy about all mayhem lurking in the city and is forewarned if the party gets sabotaged, even mentioning her about Kody getting involved. She agrees to Lucy's alerting message and goes inside to inform the kids, she is warning everyone there's going to be trouble at the party but none of the children wants to listen to her. All of a sudden, a werewolf Kody jumps through the window. Everyone in the gym begins to panic and hide from the ferocious wolf, Maya hides with Suzie to save her life. One of the party animals are sneaking out of the gym but knocks off something alerting Kody instantly. Kody was going to attack them but was stopped by Maya and realized that is her. He grabs her and makes his escape with the girl, the kids get worried about Maya being kidnapped by Kody. Back in the city, Icy Charm and Sparking Quake are fighting monsters but getting easily frustrated by more darkmoon monsters appearing in town. Rhys comes to their aid fighting the monsters with the kids, but they're all worried about Maya. Meanwhile, Maya discovers the true identity of the werewolf revealed to be Kody and even thinking Madame Absinthe was responsible for turning him into a monster. Absinthe mesmerizes the unfocused werewolf, she makes him obey her but he refused to do so. Instead from her behalf, Absinthe dispatches her monsters to chase down Maya and Kody. Icy Charm, Sparking Quake, and Rhys rush to the gym to inspect other survivors from harm. The surviving students told them about the monster taking Maya away. Icy Charm and Sparking Quake realizes that it's Kody that's been terrorizing the event. Back in the scene of the chase, Kody sets the barricades to prevent the creatures from catching him and Maya up. Madame Absinthe appears again to order Kody to respect her, but Maya speaks over her and trusts Kody to not be a villain, they escaped from Absinthe. Rhys uses his radar to track down some monsters in the school, Kody and Maya crash in the gym. Maya persuades everyone that the werewolf is Kody who saved her from Madame Absinthe, the villain appears in the gym battling with Icy Charm, Sparking Quake, and Rhys lonely. An injured Kody sees Absinthe using something to try to plunge the school, he leaps on to her and breaks the wand causing all darkmoon creatures to fade in ashes. The madam decides to teleport from defeat, everyone cheers for Kody, and Maya gives him a cookie for saving her life. When he eats the cookie (injected with a cure), Kody turns back to normal and Rhys hosts the party to have fun with the students. Lucy and Conor are back in their civilian forms and are pleased to see Kody okay.

In the garden, Maya and Kody are having a romance together after Kody's rampage. Kody explains about his life of having anger management, but one of his positive thoughts are sports. The only thing upsetting him is he misses his father serving in the army, Kody makes a promise to Maya that he will not express his anger the negative way, both of them kiss each other happily. On the next day, Kody greets Lady Cassiopeia and he has become the newest hero codenamed "Moonstone", now he has joined Mega Celestial Maia and the crew to save the world from evil threats.


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