Mega Celestial Maia: Intergalactic Sorceress is an upcoming American animated magical girl series created by K'Maya Smith and released on Cartoon Network in the fall of 2021.


Season 1

Maia is chosen to be a sorceress and starts her journey among Warlington, Pennsylvania, and Utropollis to purify a darkened individual's soul. Her friends Lucy (Icy Charm) and Conor (Sparking Quake) become Maia's allies and will help Maia fight crime.

Season 2

A lovesick boy with autism just like Maia is now a stalker of wherever she goes and she does not know she's been focused, this boy still has to learn to maintain his anger management without the despite of his father in military. Madame Absinthe plots to rule the world, and Maia and her friends must work together to stop her.

Season 3

In this season after the special, Maia and her friends already graduated from middle school and befriended a girl with down syndrome from Miami, Florida. She and the intergalactic heroes help the girl face the toughest challenges she's been through.

Season 4

The main characters now move into the high school years and during the new film in January 2024, the heroes are threatened by Madame Absinthe's new techniques to kill them—creating a tougher challenge.

Season 5

Their final battle has begun, Maia and her friends must stand up to save the earth from the earth's destruction and cleave all darkness.


Main Characters

  • Maia Winifred Parker (voiced by K'Maya Smith) - Maia is a 12-year-old middle school girl who has autism, she is very artistic, clumsy, and generous wanting to become a true intergalactic sorceress.
  • Lucy Newton (voiced by Britt McKillip) - Lucy is 13-years-old and Maia's best friend, she is very helpful and friendly.
  • Conor Beckett (voiced by Kath Soucie) - Conor is aged 12, he's a cool and clumsy friend of Maia's.

Major Characters

Halloween special

Main article: Mega Celestial Maia: The Darkmoon Werewolf

A Halloween movie special, Mega Celestial Maia: The Darkmoon Werewolf, was released in October 2022.

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