Lewis go back to to the past with his new life and Wilbur go back to the future when a villain named the giant monster kumba attacks the future. And Giant Monster Kumba with one eye kidnapped Lewis Robinson.and once Wilbur Robinson and C.A.R.L the Robot going to save the future and Lewis Robinson.


  • Jordan Fry as Lewis Robinson
  • Wesley Singersman as Wilbur Robinson
  • Harland Williams as C.A.R.L
  • Nicole Sullivan as Franny Robinson
  • Frank Welker as Jose
  • Jessie flower as Young Franny
  • Stephen Anderson as Bud Robinson
  • Kenny Walters as Giant Monster Kumba
  • Scott Menville as Super Guy
  • Joe Mateo as Trex
  • Jeff Bennett as Art
  • Stephen Anderson as Tallulah
  • Laurie Metcalf as Lucille
  • Tom Selleck as Cornelius Robinson
  • Grey Griffin as Billie
  • Tom curry as Police
  • Dee bradley baker as Laszlo,Fritiz and Petunia
  • Eddy Robinson as Spike and Dimitri
  • Datoka Fanning as Little girl
  • Max Charles as Little boy



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File:Walt Disney Pictures (2007).png
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