Meet the Feebles: Reimagined is a re-recording of the soundtrack for the 1989 film Meet the Feebles. This album features new versions of the original songs now sung by international recording artists. The album was released on December 6, 2019 in North America and January 3, 2020 in New Zealand, the film's country of origin.

Track listing

  1. "Meet the Feebles" (performed by Angel City Chorale featuring Barry Manilow and Candice Glover)
  2. "One Leg Missing" (performed by Paul Anka)
  3. "Robert's Serenade" (performed by Louis Tomlinson)
  4. "Hot Potato" (performed by Jennifer Hudson)
  5. "Garden of Love" (performed by Candice Glover)
  6. "Barry's Aria" (performed by Mark Vincent)
  7. "The Sodomy Song" (performed by Josh Groban)

Critical reception

The album recevied mixed reviews.

Live TV special

A live TV special premiered on January 11, 2020 on Adult Swim. It was poorly received and was featured in a headline Adult Swim is terrible at reality shows!.

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