Mitch "Meat Boy" Meatstein is a 13 years old (Turns 14 as of "C.H.A.D") skinless boy in the shape of a cube who is in a relationship with Bandage Girl. He not only loves Bandage Girl, but, because of his lack of skin, needs her to stay alive. Thus, when she is captured by Dr. Fetus, he must rescue her. He is the main protagonist in Super Meat Boy.

Meat Boy
Meat Boy (Mitch) watching the other dead meat boys.
Personal Information
Aliases Meat Boy
Mitch Meatstein (Real Name)
Gender Male
Species Skinless Boy
Age 13
14 (C.H.A.D)
Eye Color Black
Birthday 30 of June
Friends Bandage Girl (girlfriend)

Brownie (As of "Dr. Fetus")

Enemies Brownie (formely)
Dr. Fetus
Interests Bandage Girl
Religion Super Meat World
Parents Zac Meatstein (father)
Karen Meatstein (mother)
Grandparents Mr. Meatstein (grandfather)
Mrs. Meatstein (grandmother)
Pet(s) Walkies the Meat Dog
Others Steve Meatstein (uncle)
Mangle Meatstein (aunt)
Production Information
First Appearance "Hello World"
Last Appearance "Forest Mania!"
Voiced by Edmund McMillen
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