Me and the Moose
Television show information



Created by

Paul Rudish

Voices of

Lara Jill Miller
Billy West

Country of

United States





Paul Rudish

Running time

22 min. (approx.)
11 min. (each segment, approx.)


Nickelodeon Animation Studios


MTV Networks




Original release

September 23rd, 2005 - August 13th, 2010

Me and the Moose is an American animated supernatural fantasy comedy television series created by Paul Rudish, being produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and aired on Nickelodeon from September 23rd, 2005 until August 13th, 2010.


A teenage girl learns that she can communicate with a spiritual moose monster as they get into weird adventures.



  • Wendy Saylor (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) - a tomboyish and athletic 13-year old teenage girl who discovered her ability to communicate with Mooshu.
  • Mooshu (voiced by Billy West) - a short-tempered spiritual moose monster who eventually befriended Wendy and despite being often annoyed by her, shows sympathy for her.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Saylor (voiced by Corey Burton and Jennifer Hale, respectively) - Wendy's parents who often embarrass her.
  • Claws (vocal effects by Dee Bradley Baker) - a feisty cat who is Wendy's pet.
  • Dahlia Hernandez (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - a studious 13-year old Hispanic teenage girl who is Wendy's best friend, despite their differences.
  • Hank Thompson (voiced by Jason Marsden) - a teenage boy gamer whom Wendy has a crush on, despite him having little to no interest in her, usually finding her as an annoyance, even if he secretly likes her back.
  • Helena Marshall (voiced by Lacey Chabert) - a shy teenager who likes to be by herself and read books.
  • Payton "P.D." Dayton (voiced by TBD) - a chill African-American teenager who likes to rap and has inspired Wendy to start practicing rap.
  • Danny Ropeer (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Nut Squirrel (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • The Rainbow Team, consisting of:
    • Ren (voiced by Sean Astin) - an adventurous, yet easily angered teenage guy who is the leader of the team.
    • Owen (voiced by TBD) - a friendly and outgoing teenage guy who likes hanging out with other people.
    • Yasmine (voiced by TBD) - an optimist, yet hyperactive teenage girl who sometimes ends up screwing up the teams' missions.
    • Gregory (voiced by Seth Green) - a cautious teenage guy who gets scared easily.
    • Benjamin (voiced by TBD) - an intelligent and calm teenage guy who is the smartest of the team.
    • Penny (voiced by TBD) - a sweet, but sensitive teenage girl whose feelings get hurt easily.
  • Gerry (voiced by Jeff Bergman) - a dimwitted cartoon dinosaur who tries to teach people but fails.
  • Stacy Wick (voiced by TBD) - a cheerful popular cheerleader who turns out to be a witch, yet does spells for good purposes.
  • Rocky (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Anthony (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Molly Snickerson (voiced by TBD) - a happy-go-lucky little girl scout who wants to be the best girl scout there is by doing anything her counselor requests her to do.


  • Conrad Jameson (voiced by Diedrich Bader) - a mad man who is convinced that Mooshu is real as he heads to hunt him down.
  • Tigron (voiced by TBD) - a rebellious tiger spirit who got Wendy into doing crazy things as she enjoyed his presence, yet Mooshu became extremely jealous and wanted to get rid of him.
  • Le Goose (voiced by Tom Kenny) - a French goose spirit who is Mooshu's old rival from Spirit School as he tries to replace him.
  • Spirit Monkey Thieves (non-speaking) - spirit monkeys who always steal stuff, both spiritual and the real world.
  • The Gloom Witch (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) - an evil witch who steals joy and causes gloom as she speaks in rhyme.
  • Eddie Jameson (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Nocturna (voiced by TBD) - a vicious dark creature who has entered Wendy's body just to cause chaos.
  • The Gatekeeper (voiced by TBD) - a nerdy kid who plays the "gatekeeper" of a popular role playing game called Exits and Evil.
  • Boar Dem (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - an ancient boar-like spirit who wants to cause eternal boredom in the world.
  • Sludge Boy (voiced by TBD) - a self claimed superhero who has a creepy crush on Wendy.
  • Santa Claus (voiced by Jeffrey Combs) - the supposedly Holly Jolly spirit of Christmas who is secretly a villainous spirit who wants to use gifts to turn kids into lazy and immature adults.
  • Gary Ronalds (voiced by TBD) - a teenage boy who wants to get revenge on Wendy for pranking him.
  • Dante (voiced by TBD) - a rich student who Wendy fell in love with as he turned out to be a demon.
  • Jayden the Shapeshifter (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Dancy (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Wa-Pow (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Madame Crochet (voiced by TBD) - a strict spiritual woman who owns an academy that is made to turn little girls and teenage girls into good girls, but has gone mad once Wendy became a student due to her antics as Wendy got kicked out of her academy since.


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