Me and a Different Dimension is an American surreal comedy graphic novel written and illustrated by Daniel Wright. It was published on July 13, 1998.


A week after a grumpy girl named Rachel had her last day of school so she could have her summer vacation, she and her Bull Terrier encounter a strange little boy that leads them to a rather bizarre dimension.

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  • Rachael Davidson - a grumpy little girl who ended up getting herself and Bulk into the strange dimension.
    • Bulk - a dimwitted Bull Terrier who is Rachel's pet.


  • Luke - a little boy who led Rachel and Bulk into the dimension.
  • Trunko - a living tree creature who is a complete idiot.
  • Ren - a red dragon who is mature and considers Trunko as an annoyance.
  • Guy - a giant who is one of Luke's best friends.
  • Clyde - a cloud who is rather emotionless.


  • The Demon Emperor - a giant demon who wanted to invade the strange dimension.


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  • It is believed that Rachael and Bulk were inspirations of both Georgia and Lex, who would be characters in Daniel's project that would soon be called Howler.
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