This is a list of some well-known Me and My Guardian Angel fanfictions.


General fanfictions

  • Angels of Paradise (K+) - Danny has a strange dream where he is a place called "Angels' Paradise" where he finds a bunch of angels residing with each other.
  • The Corruption Saga (M) - Lena gets infected by a dark virus as she is now slowly becoming a demon as she either has to choose between embracing it or curing it.

Shipping fanfictions

  • Cheering Me On (T, Danny/Lena) - Lena decides to sign up for the cheerleading squad, as Danny ends up getting turned on once she sees her in a new suit, and couldn't stop thinking about it.
  • 00A (M, Danny/Lena) - Agent Danny Marshall is sent to take down the mysterious criminal known as Lena, however things soon get complicated.

Crossover fanfictions

  • Eddie and the Angel (K+, crossover with Eddie the Leech) - Eddie the Leech stumbles across a house to find Lena, as the Big Bad Jaguar notices this and attempts to kidnap Lena into being her "pet".
  • Angel In Amphibia (T, crossover with Amphibia) - Lena gets warped to a strange place named Amphibia as she gets the help of Anne Boonchuy to return.

Fanfiction series

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