This is the third season of Max Steel (2013 TV Series).




  • BEEP
  • Boringville
  • Bouncyies
  • Bowfore Collegetion (BCGN, Bowsfore College)
  • CAV (Canadaville)
  • CCV (Chicago Village)
  • Cyclops Island
  • Coolworld University
  • Eddsville
  • Ellis Island
  • Florida
  • Gordon
  • Hotsnet
  • Horseyland
  • Icey Islandic Ville
  • Jaydentown
  • Kahoot College
  • Luckington
  • Monroe College
  • Microville
  • Maryland
  • Nickoo Village
  • New Zealand
  • Pokemon
  • Pony Island
  • Rooster
  • Rutgers
  • Simmons College
  • St. Presentville
  • Snickville
  • Sony College
  • Squaredland
  • Superstarville
  • Twister Turnsville
  • TNTville 
  • Univille
  • Wmario 
  • Westland
  • Yonit Island

  • St. Ditchini College
  • Maxwell "Max" McGrath/Max Steel (Voiced by Andrew Francis)
  • N'Baro Atksteel X377/Steel (voiced by Samuel Vincent):


  • Commander Forge Ferrus (voiced by Michael Dobson): An N-Tek commander, and a mentor to Max, his nephew. It seems that Forge and the rest of N-Tek are hiding a dark secret from Max Steel since Thrill of the Hunt, when they tried to acquire a damaged Ultra-Link from an Alien Spaceship and gave no answers to Max about why he wanted it. He has a robotic left arm, having lost his real one in a battle. In Makino Strikes: Part 1, Forge was ultralinked, and because of it his robotic arm now had three arms. But in Makino Strikes: Part 2, Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him.
  • Molly McGrath (voiced by Nicole Oliver): The secretive mother of Max.
  • Ja’em Mk’rah/James "Jim" McGrath (voiced by Trevor Devall): Max's father who is one of the founders of N-Tek and later revealed to be an alien being from Planet Tackion. Jim McGrath was the best in N-Tek, and also very smart and wise. He was Forge Ferrus' science officer and he was the one who discovered T.U.R.B.O Energy, a blue and powerful energy.
  • Sydney Gardner (voiced by Sarah Edmondson): A know-how girl who meets Max. Max instantly develops a crush on her.
  • Kirby Kowalski (voiced by Richard Ian Cox): Max's best friend, who is loyal but incredibly gullible and laid back. In My Best Friend is an Ultralink, Kirby suffered the same fate as Forge did when he was ultralinked. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him.
  • Bartholomew "Butch" (voiced by Brian Drummond): The school bully who torments Max. Bartholomew also has two sidekicks. In My Best Friend is an Ultralink, Butch suffered the same fate as Forge did when he was ultralinked. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him. After the events of the episode, he eventually becomes friends with Max, Kirby and Sydney
  • Roberto "Berto" Martinez (voiced by Samuel Vincent): A friend of Max and Steel. He is one of the most intelligent scientific geniuses at N-Tek.
    • CY.T.R.O.: An N-Tek robot operative who was invented by Berto Martinez and is continuously being upgraded by him. His name stands for Cybernetic Tactical Robot Operative.
  • Jefferson Smith (voiced by Omari Newton): A highly respected N-Tek agent. He, unlike any other pilot, owns his own Jump Jet which affectionately calls Lucille.
  • Katherine "Kat" Ryan (voiced by Kathleen Barr): The highest ranking female N-Tek agent. She is proficient at xenobiology, as well as medicine, and is a skilled fighter in both hand-to-hand combat and long range.
  • Takion Brigade
    • Cha’rl Ms’hack/Charles "Chuck" Marshak:
    • Ka’ae Dao/Kai Einhard (voiced by):
    • Jake Nez/Ja'Ke N'Ez (voiced by TBA): A Takion soldier and an old friend of Jim McGrath who is introduced in Season 3. He is specialized in multiple battle strategies from his days on Tackion and has a secret crush on Kat. He likes to use N-Tek's new Armed Combat Mechs.
    • T'Paz
  • Rachel Leeds (voiced by): A highly trained N-Tek combat specialist who is introduced in Season 3. She can be very competitive towards Max and Steel when she intends to show off. She is still a rookie to Kat and Forge. She is also Max Steel's partner and goes to Copper Canyon High School
    • dol/ dake (Voiced: Keira kingsley)-She's a member of the Black star council and a worthy adversary of steel and max who is introduced in Season 3. She Wanted stopping N.Baro Axsteel X377/Steel from destroying the universe (unLike ven ghan), But when she finds out that she is a scout of justice and peace. When he saved ven ghan from destruction on that sentry ship , she became an ally of learning of earth and since she is scientist and student/Ambassador of Galactic Culture, She has a crush of berto. She likes fancy alien foods back on her homeworld before it was destroyed.
    • Black Star Council - The Black Star Council have been around for an amount of time and are a group of aliens that survived attacks from makino's soldiers and have united to defend others from ultralinks pay for their crimes . But once They have been finding about rumors of how they were not capturing steel and ven ghan they have detected an anomaly from how is protecting it from , they are determined to investigate who ever is steel's source or thinking about Mk'rah they thinked that he is the legend of the universe, but an ally .


  • Miles Dredd (voiced by Mark Oliver): The main antagonist
    • Jason Naught (voiced by Brian Dobson): Dredd's right hand man
  • Lync (Voiced: Patrick harris): A old friend/Brother and mentor of Dol And rynok , he wanted to bring ultralinks to justice , but blinded by power, he was still a brother to her and rynok once they became bitter rivals but helping max and steel , they were still enemies , but secret allies once they are in a jam and working with the black star council, former mad scientist but still an anti hero.
  • Darnel Kingston/Dark Titan (voiced by Mark Hildreth): He is the secondary main antagonist, in public, a human teenager who also goes to Copper Canyon High School with Maxwell McGrath in Season 2. He has an Ultra-Link named Titan, an evil Ultra-Link who is linked to Steel, and also mean to him, when he asks questions about his life, which are unanswered by Titan. Like Max Steel, he can generate TURBO Energy, but His is called Anti-TURBO Energy, a negative version of Positive TURBO Energy. Dark Titan can also change into Turbo Modes like Max Steel does, only that they have a negative red and black monstrous appearance. He is also the only villain to know Max Steel's secret Identity, but he remains to keeps it to himself and Titan to continue his advantage over Max and Steel. He is commonly mistaken for Max Steel due to his similar appearance, the only difference in his appearance is the coloring of his suit, his battle cry is "Go Dark"!. He appears in Season 3 with Titan.
    • Z'Tora Anntitan Z933/Titan (voiced by Louis Chirillo): An Ultra-Link that is part of Dark Titan. He belongs to Darnel Kingston. Titan is an evil Ultra-Link who is linked to Steel and was sent by Makino. He is most commonly known for making fun of Steel with the answers to his past, but always is leaving before really answering them. He and Darnel met when the Invasion of Ultra-Links happened, then Titan merged with Darnel and became one.
  • Trixie Spears/Electrix (voiced by TBA): An attractive Super Villainess who was a student at Max's school. When she was struck by a jolt of TURBO Lighting (after finding a destroyed Ultra-Link tangled in electric telephone wires), she gained the power of electrokinesis, able to transform into electricity and travel through anything that will conduct a high-voltage current along any grid and electronics, even manipulate them, when she electrofied C.Y.T.R.O.. She can also shoot Lighting bolts, strikes and spark grenades, thunder punch and known for hand-to-hand combat and her enhanced strength. She also has a special crush on Max Steel who thinks of her as an ally, sort of. She has Blonde hair with yellow eyes due to her electrical appearance and her bodysuit is chrome with two lighting marks on her chest and her suit has yellow circuit lines, but mostly shows her cleavage. She appears in Season 2.
  • Dr. Howard Elimo/Bio-Constrictor (voiced by TBA): A former N-Tek scientist, he injected himself with various animal DNA s mutating himself into a serpent hybrid with snake-like powers, able to poison people with highly toxic venom or use his scorpion-like tail to inject his toxin into other people and thus transform them into his exact image and he can constrict his enemies with his coils. He was Miles Dredd's and Jim McGrath's old colleague and the first to study the Ultra-Links. He soon joins Dredd into destroying Max Steel and various experiments for him and Makino. He appears in Season 3.
    • Igor (voiced by TBA): Bio-Constrictor's faithful and loyal hunch-backed assistant who has an extra pair of arms on his back. He helps his master in various experiments.
  • Mai Shang/Dragonella (voiced by TBA): A Chinese exchange student who has great belief in dragons as well as in honorable ways when she possessed a mystical talisman. As dragons are a key part of Chinese mythology, it is believed that she took this name for good luck. She wears a red Chinese robe. She is a trained martial artist in the art of Kung fu and she wields a Guan dao as her primary weapon and she carries uniquely shaped throwing knives. She appears in Season 3.
    • Tatsou: A brutish Fire Dragon who serves as Dragonella's personal bodyguard after she freed him from his eternal prison.
    • Flurrius: A skinny Ice Dragon who serves as Dragonella's second personal bodyguard after she freed him from his eternal prison with Tatsou.
    • Ninjas: Shadow minions that work for Dragonella. They carry lots of shurikens and swords.

N-Tek/Turbo Arsenal


  • Base: In Base Mode, Max Steel wears a suit made of techno-organic plate-like layers that help to stabilize and focus Turbo Energy. It amplifies TURBO Energy, enhances senses and fighting capabilities.
  • Strength: In Strength Mode, Max Steel is larger, stronger and much more powerful. Giving him maximum strength in combat, he is able to lift over 200 tons. Though the armor increases power and defense, it decreases durability. It is also capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. Max Steel first used TURBO Strength Mode against Fire Elementor. This is the third and final mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
  • Flight: In Flight Mode, Max Steel can rocket through the atmosphere with control and maneuverability. With increase in penetration and scope, he is able to reach altitudes beyond the stratosphere, though, limits the drag and increases lift. Max Steel first used TURBO Flight Mode while fighting Earth Elementor. In Season 2, somehow the Flight Mode looks slightly different in design.
  • Scuba: In Scuba Mode, Max Steel can maneuver underwater like an aquatic being. Being in this form, he is able to breathe underwater and swim with agility and grace. It lacks in power and speed, but it gets the job done. It was used in "Hard Water" when Max Steel fought Water Elementor after he had captured humans to power his Starship and go home. This mode was rarely used by Max Steel as it was only used for water themed mission.
  • Speed: In Speed Mode, Max Steel can run at incredible velocity. Moving at super-sonic speed (going up to 100,000 mph), it causes extremely high levels of aerodynamic efficiency. It minimizes delay and maximizes intervention time. Max Steel used Speed Mode to fight Elementor. In Season 2, somehow Speed Mode has been added green stripes to it.
  • Stealth: In Stealth Mode, Max Steel can move in the shadows with ease. With the suit in dark colors, he is able to turn invisible and is unseen to the naked eye. He has increase in agility, speed and a satisfactory in power.
  • Cannon: In Cannon Mode, Max Steel is very large and sturdy like Strength Mode, but more armored. When charged with enough TURBO Energy, he can fire himself at enemies like a cannonball, doing extreme amounts of damage, then it wastes a vast amount of TURBO Energy as a result, this also the second mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
  • Clone: In Clone Mode, Max Steel can generate unlimited number of clones to outnumber enemies, confuse and take them down. Also can be used in combination with other modes to swarm and overwhelm his enemies.
  • Mimic: This mode allows Steel to mimic some of Max's TURBO Modes, but overusing it makes them unable to change to another mode. So far, Steel has mimicked Super, Cannon, and Strength. This is also Steel's first TURBO mode.
  • Camo: This mode allows Max to blend in with civilians and protect his secret identity as Max Steel.
    • Super: This TURBO Mode resembles a superhero costume, which Max finds too ridiculous, even though Steel loves it. This was the first mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
  • Heat: In Heat Mode, Max Steel is able to generate fire through his arm-mounted blasters. Those flaming blasts are so intense that Max was able to melt Metal Elementor, but at the cost of large amounts of TURBO energy, thus he is not able to maintain it for long.
  • Rocket: A powerful mode with four TURBO blasters that gives Max Steel orbital propulsion and wide firing range. Max was able to unlock Rocket Mode via a special code his father told him, making himself able to stand his ground even against the unstoppable Makino, but requires a lot of T.U.R.B.O. energy.
  • Spike: An agile, ninja-like mode equipped with turbo charged energy blades and telescoping spike-whips. The blades covering Max Steel's suit can also be fired as projectiles.

Anti-TURBO Modes

  • Base: In Dark Titan's Base Mode, he looks similar to Max Steel except his suite is grey, red & black. Besides that the suit shows sharper points, along with the chest piece being more chaotic as Titan. And it makes taller than Max Steel.
  • Berserker: In Dark Titan's Berserker Mode, he appears with two over sized arms just like Max Steel. he can increase this mode with more armor on his body.
  • Flight: In Dark Titan's Flight Mode, He has Demon-like Wings that can fly through the atmosphere with control and maneuverability. With increase in penetration and scope, he is able to reach altitudes beyond the stratosphere, though, limits the drag and increases lift.
  • Accelerate: In Dark Titan's Accelerate Mode, he has small acceleration boosters on his legs and back with an aerodynamic torso making him much faster than Max Steel's Speed Mode.
  • Diver: In Dark Titan's Diver Mode, he has turbines on his legs, fins on his arms, webbed fingers, gill system on his ribcage and a shark like Helmet.
  • Army: In Dark Titan's Army Mode, he is able to duplicate himself into an infinite number of clones and once it does, it can change their form into multiple Anti-Turbo modes. Which Max's TURBO Clones can't.
  • Stealth: In Dark Titan's Stealth Mode, his suit turns completely black with his eye area turning crimson. In this form he is able to become invisible by bending light around himself, he retains enhanced strength and speed.
  • Ghost: In Dark Titan's Ghost Mode, his suit turns silver and brown. In this mode he is able to pass through almost all matter by vibrating his molecular system to pass through.
  • Virus: In Dark Titan's Virus Mode, his suit hold several hundred ports that extend into any computer system by a cable link. He is able to hack any system as long as he attaches only one cable into a piece of tech that connects to his target.
  • Digger: In Dark Titan's Digger Mode, his suit turns brown and his suit has burrow point teeth covering him. His arms have two drills. He digs by spinning and aiming his arms upward.
  • Beast: In Dark Titan's Beast Mode, he takes an appearance that resembles a monstrous creature. In this mode his senses are increased to inhuman lengths, this mode is used mainly to track down targets even if they flee all he needs is a single sample to track with. He sharp claws and his tail has a mace at the end of it.
  • Blade: In Dark Titan's Blade Mode, he becomes slender along with many red techno organic blades covering him. His hands and feet become claws but the most crucial ability is that he can manipulate any blade on his body.
  • Blaster: In Dark Titan's Blaster Mode, his body becomes large and bulky of which changes at his will. His suit changes any part into any kind of blaster that he desires, this is used mostly for multiple targets or long range combat.
  • Kaiju: In Dark Titan's Kaiju Mode, his suit takes the appearance of a true Monster. Extroyer wanted to know how he obtained this form as it surpasses any of his transformations, he looks like a monster from a Japanese monster movie. He is able to manipulate his size depending on what his target is, he only uses this mode to erase small cities or tiny targets. It only requires a vast amount of Anti-TURBO energy.


    • Turbo-Rang: As a primary weapon for Max Steel, Steel after being fully charged with TURBO Energy, acts as a boomerang, although Steel ends up being dizzy.
  • Turbo Blaster: The ultimate long-range weapon developed by Steel and Berto to deliver powerful bursts of TURBO Energy, which can only be operated by Max Steel. It has specialized functionality for TURBO Energy propulsion and fires at a range of 150 yards. After Steel links up with the Turbo Blaster, it's literally TURBOFied in its long-range. Max Steel used the TURBO Blaster to defeat Air Elementor by hitting his Orb.
  • Turbo Sword: The perfect weapon for close-up fighting or when up against robots. The blade is made of pure TURBO Energy capable of slicing through heavy metal. When Steel is linked with it, he transforms the sword making it TURBOFied.
  • Turbo Lash: A TURBO-powered whip that can ensnare and shock anyone and anything in its path.
  • Turbo Cycle: This vehicle combines the engineering genius of Berto and N-Tek with the slick alien technology of Steel. It can reach up to over 500 mph. It also defy physics and the force of gravity for wall riding and out-of-this-world stunts and jumps. When TURBOFied by Steel, the Turbo Cycle increases in performance.
  • Turbo Racer: Once an old truck belonging to Vin and Dwayne, Max and Kirby bought this car only to have Max's little problem with his Turbo Touch. Luckily, Berto fixed it with a TURBO Interface, thus making it TURBOFied. This vehicle has a missile launcher, High-Speed, auto GPS and a Stealth Mode.
  • Turbo Jet: In the air or in deep-sea, the Turbo Jet equips Max for an all-terrain turbo assault on the enemy. It contains a female artificial intelligence nicknamed TJ.
  • Turbo Drill: A pair of powerful drill gauntlets that Max Steel uses in Strength Mode. They can penetrate even the hardest of materials
  • Furbo: A robotic dog built by Berto to be Steel's pet.
  • R.O.C.C. (Remote Operational Command Center): It serves as a mobile command center and combat unit for N-Tek agents in the field. It's loaded with state-of-the-art equipment such as advanced surveillance apparatus, scientific analysis lab, and a fully loaded armory.
  • Jump Jet: This high-altitude jet is the perfect air assault vehicle, ideal for low-space missions. It serves as Jefferson and Kat's main combat units.
  • Hopper: The helicopters that N-Tek uses. Used for transporting personal and weapons.
  • TURBO Assault Mech: This is a robotic suit develop by N-Tek for ground assaults. This is an ideal for difficult missions. It serves as Jake's main combat unit.


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