Max Boyle is one of the main protagonists in The Mysterious Quest. He is the grandson of Sally Boyle I, son of Emily and Sam, and older brother of Chloe Boyle and Sally Boyle II.


Max was born on March 19, 1994, at Parade District during an event known as Secret Uprising. He wants to be a singer when he was thirteen years old. When he become a singer at the record studio during Spring break, Max tells his parents about

Physical Appearance

Max has brown hair and grey eyes. He wears red beanie, glasses, dark grey shirt, maroon pants with white belt and black sneakers.

While disguised as Wellie, he wears ???

Events of The Mysterious Quest

Max first appear, sings at the coffee shop with his guitar at the audience until he sees Daisy and Kate who enter the coffee shop. After finishing his song, Max


  • Max is shown singing when he is at wherever place he goes.
  • He is shown to be a martial artist when he practices.
  • Max is similar to Warren from Life is Strange.
  • He uses the guitar to sing "Make Believe Live".
  • When he is not at the stage, Max sings by himself and sometimes with a partner
  • Max is based on Warren Graham from Life is Strange, Lincoln Loud from The Loud House,
  • When he wears a hoodie to hide his identity so nobody who he is.
  • Max sounds like TBD from TBD.
  • In his game over death screen, a news stating that Max
  • Like his grandmother Sally, he is a chemist because of the drugs, chemicals, and potions.
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