Max Stewart
Personal Information
Aliases Monster Kid
The Monster Kid of Diamond City


Big Brother

Gender Male
Species Alpha Human
Age 9 (The Origin of Monster Kid)
10 (Monster Kid)
11 (Age of Monster Kid)
12-14 (Master of Monsters/Evolution)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Birthday January 1st
Affiliations Planet Warriors
Occupation Student

School Mascot


Homeworld Earth
Residence Diamond City, Virginia
Enemies Zero) (sworn nemesis)

Gold Vulture

Mr. Z

Parents Mary Stewart (mother)
Dr. Harold Stewart (father)
Spouse(s) Zoey Wilson
Children Derek Stewart (son)
Max Stewart Jr. (son)
Penelope Stewart (daughter)
Nora Stewart (daughter)
Madison Stewart (daughter)
Siblings Dennis Stewart (twin brother)
Andrew Stewart (twin brother)
Megan Stewart (older sister)
Daisy Stewart (younger sister)
Cora Stewart (younger sister)
Anna Stewart (adoptive sister/clone)
Alex Stewart (adoptive brother/clone)
Ashley Stewart (adoptive sister/clone)
Dylan Stewart (adoptive brother/clone)
Pet(s) Mothra Junior
Others Alina Deleon (aunt)

Jerry Deleon (uncle)

Trixie Deleon (cousin)

Ivan Stewart/Gold Vulture (uncle)

Jade Stewart (aunt)

Machi Yoko (sister in law)

Olivia Stewart (niece)

Production Information
Voiced by Tara Strong (10 years old)
Greg Cipes (13 years old)
Ryan Potter (14 years old)

Maxwell "Max" Zachary Stewart (also known as Monster Kid and The Monster Kid of Diamond City) is a young 10 year-old boy with the ability to transform into kaiju and the overall main protagonist of the Monster Kid franchise. He is the main protagonist of Monster KidMonster Kid: Master of MonstersMonster Kid: Evolution and Age of Monster Kid as well as the main protagonist of the prequel film, The Origin of Monster Kid. He appears as a major character in Return of Monster Kid as an adult superhero named Monster Man.

Max is also a founder member and second in command of a team of young heroes called the Planet Warriors.


Max is an average boy who enjoys science and has an interest in kaiju. When Max was first got his powers, he was afraid that people would see him as a monster and he'd be endangering his family. However, he has gotten over his fear and decides to use his abilities to save innocent lives. Even though he's a public hero, Max never puts fame and fortune over his family and friends. Max is truly loyal to his friends and family as he would never let anyone talk trash about them or blame either one of them for any of his mistake. Max also possesses a sense of honor.


Max is a very young Caucasian boy. He has brown hair, green eyes, wears a blue shirt, dark blue pants and black shoes.



Early Life

Max, along with Dennis and Andrew were born in Diamond City to Mary Stewart and Dr. Harold Stewart. At the age of 5, Max was played as a swordfish character on an old kids show called Happy Fish Pals.


The Origin of Monster Kid

Monster Kid

Monster Kid: Master of Monsters

Monster Kid: Evolution

Age of Monster Kid

Return of Monster Kid


Mary Stewart 

Mary is Max's mother and has raised him to be a good child. She was always been overprotected of Max since the day he was exposed by the G-Energy Compound.

Dr. Harold Stewart 

Dennis Stewart

Andrew Stewart

Megan Stewart

Max sometimes likes to annoy his older sister, but still cares for her.

Daisy Stewart

Max and Daisy always shared a special bond and care for each other. Whenever Daisy gets kidnapped by any villain, he gets serious and goes to rescue his younger sister.

Cora Stewart

May Stewart/Monster Girl

Jade Stewart

Derek Stewart

Alina Deleon

Jerry Deleon

Dr. Ivan Stewart/Gold Vulture

Andy Deleon

Zoey Wilson/Princess Blight

Zoey is a childhood friend of Max and his love interest. In Master of Monsters and Evolution, he began to develops feelings for each other. In Return of Monster Kid, they get married.

Alex Burton

Trixie Deleon


Zero is Max's archenemy and hates the young boy for interfering with his plans to conquer the Earth and the entire universe. After seeing how Zero poses as a threat, Max has vowed to defeat him and stop his plans for galactic conquest.

Queen Dawron

Monster Man

Trent Jackieman

Powers and Abilities

  • Environmental Adaptation - Max has the ability to survive and adapt to an environment.
    • Forest Adaptation -  Max has the ability to adapt to forest conditions.
    • Desert Adaptation - Max has the power to adapt desert conditions.
    • Aquatic Adaptation - Max can adapt to underwater environments.
  • Voice Manipulation - Max can manipulate his own voice.
    • Vocal Replication - Max can mimic the voices of others or imitate any sound.
  • Freeze Breath - Max has the ability to emit a beam of freezing energy from his mouth.
  • Mutagenic Blood - Max's blood has mutagenic properties.
  • Self-Molecular Manipulation - Max has the ability to manipulate his own molecular structure.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor - Max has heal much faster than any human.
  • One-Man Army - Max has the ability to be as deadly as an vastly superior force.
  • Semi-Immortality - As a side effect due to exposure of the G-Energy Compound, Max cannot age.
  • Fear Inducement - Max has the power to evoke fear in others.
  • Prehensile Tongue - Max has the power to use his tongue to grab and ensnare objects.
  • Enhanced Condition - Due to the G-Energy Compound in his blood, Max has possess superhuman strength.
    • Enhanced Strength - Max possess strength beyond that of a normal human.
    • Enhanced Speed - Max possess speed enhanced beyond that of a normal human.
    • Enhanced Intelligence - Max posses an intelligence that's beyond that of a normal human.
    • Enhanced Senses - Max possess extremely accurate senses.
      • Enhanced Hearing - Max can hear in amazing clarity.
      • Enhanced Vision - Max possess an enhanced eyesight.
        • X-Ray Vision - Max can see through solid objects or people.
        • Telescopic Vision - Max can see distant objects in magnetifed fields.
        • Night Vision - Max can see clearly in darkness.
        • Infrared Vision - Max has the power to perceive heat signatures.
        • Freeze Vision - Max can project beams of freezing energy from his eyes.
    • Enhanced Agility - Max possess agility beyond that of peak human potential.
    • Enhanced Durability - Max can sustain numerous blows from internal and external assaults.
    • Enhanced Endurance - Max can endure beyond the limits of peak human potential.
    • Enhanced Balance - Max has the power to achieve a level of balance beyond those of a normal human.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability - Max's skin cannot be penetrated by nearby any weapon, making him immune to some damages.
  • Body Manipulation - Max can manipulate any aspect of his body.
    • Natural Weaponry - Max can morph his hands into weapons.
      • Pincer Claw - Max can morph his hands into pincer claws.
        • Laser Beam Emission - Max can emit beams of energy from his pincer claws.
    • Immune System Manipulation - Max can manipulate his entire immune system.
      • ​​​​Antibody Manipulation - Max has the power to create and enhance antibodies.
        • Antibody Generation - Max has the power to create antibodies.
  • Appendage Generation - Max has the ability to generate extra body parts.
    • Tail Manifestation - Max has the power to develop a tail.
      • Prehensile Tail - Max's tail can be use as a weapon against his enemies.
    • Wing Manifestation - Max has the power to develop wings.
    • Tentacle Extension - Max has the power to generate four tentacles onto his back.
      • Tentacle Tips - Each of Max's tentacles are tipped in three claws.
      • Tendril Generation - Max can create tendrils from the palm of his hands.
  • Super Spit - Max posses the ability to spit out a sticky-like substance from his mouth.
  • Wallcrawling - Max has the power to climb on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Camouflage - Max has the ability to blend to his surroundings like a chameleon.
  • Enhanced Roar - Max possess a powerful roar.
    • Sound Wave Generation - Max can generate powerful sound waves from his mouth.
  • Accelerated Metabolism - Max possess an extraordinary fast metabolism.
  • Enhanced Eating - Max has the power to eat massive quantities to food to no ill effect.
  • Biomorphing - Due to the effects of the G-Energy Compound, Max has the ability to transform into any living creature he's seen or made contact with.
    • Giant Monster Physiology
  • Contaminant Immunity - Max has immune to various diseases, toxins, poisons, radiation, and vamprism.
    • Disease Immunity -
    • Poison Immunity -
    • Radiation Immunity -
    • Vampirism Immunity -
  • Control Immunity - Max is shown to be immune to some forms of mind control.
  • Duplicate - Max has the ability to split into exact copies of himself.
  • Teleportation - Max has the ability to teleport to any where on Earth.
  • Creature Creation - Due to exposure from some space rays, Max can create his own kaiju.
    • Hive Mind - Max shares a hive mind connection with the monsters he created.
    • Genesis Creation - Max can create monsters from his own body.
      • Mega Organism - a monster that originated from a colony of microorganisms living from within Max's bloodstream.
    • Spawning - Max can biologically spawn eggs from his mouth that hatch into smaller creatures of different shapes.


  • High frequencies - Max is vulnerable to high frequency sounds. However, he's starts to become immune due to his powers evolving.
  • Mortality - Despite his kaiju morphing powers, Max can still get hurt or killed like normal humans.
  • Pollen - Max is allergic to pollen.
  • Sedative Gas - Max can be weaken by a specially designed gas that can sedate him.
  • Hyper Metabolism - If Max burns up too much of his energy, Max's body is be too weak to move as he could collapse from exhaustion.
  • Energy Absorption - The G-Energy Compound has permanently fused with Max's blood. If his energy was drained from his body, Max could get fatally weak or die.


  • Monster Kid Suit - Max's costume is a suit created by his older sister Megan, designed to coincide with his morphing powers.


  • Max is a descendant of the Star Empire prince who defeated Zero at the aftermath of the Great Monster War of Earth.
  • Max is said to be the first of a new subspecies of humans known as Super Changeling.
  • Max is named after an Australian racer with the same name.
  • Max is similar to Ben Tennyson from the very popular Ben 10 franchise.
  • Max has an interest in birds, insects, fish and reptiles.
  • Max's favorite food is french fries.
  • Max's eye color is green.
  • 13-year old Max is voiced by Greg Cipes.
    • He will sound familiar to Beast Boy from 03' Teen Titans.
  • Sometimes, Max has been classified as an Alpha Human.
  • Max has six archenemies.


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