Max's Extremely Goofy College Life (Japanese: マックスの非常にグーフィーの大学生活 Makkusu no Hijō ni Gūfī no Daigaku Seikatsu) is an upcoming American-Asian animated romantic comedy television miniseries produced by Disney Television Animation for various Networks. Serving as the sequel series to Goof Troop, the A Very Goofy Christmas segment from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie altogether while being a prelude to the video game sequel, the series follows what happened after the events of the film sequel and focuses on Goofy's son named Max in his college life with his friends and parents, while trying to expand everything (along with newer kinds of additions such as cultures) to the Goof Troop universe.


The series takes place after the events and the ending of An Extremely Goofy Movie (as they particularly occur from Summer to parts of Max's life in his Second College Year out of how many Years he would spend in College (not only the Comic Books and some of the Webisodes (in which, the latter are released first online before premiering on TV) would feature not only more of Max and Company together in College in addition to other but different, yet interesting and newly made parts occuring between the series and it's video game sequel such as including even more kinds of newer details like cultures, vehicles, cuisines, environments, architectures, items, businesses, companies, forms of fictional media and locations for the series' Universe and it's lore) as his father finally graduated his college years in that film but also, to include many parts of Goofy's appearances, history and lore in addition to a few forms of media like shorts that first appear on the internet (though parts of the former like the events of the Christmas Maximus segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas are included aside with the comics, they are expanded (while parts of them are altered) to give a lot of explanations on what did Roxanne do between the events of A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie) while at the same time, foreshadowing the events of the Video Game sequel). Following on what happened to him and his team after the College X-Games back in May 1999 in which not only it finally broken the Gammas' winning streak (although they were finally reformed thanks to Tank's leadership as seen in the film) for a very long time as they won for the first time but also made hundreds of different types of daily but typical activities, actions, routines, relationships and schemes changed (not just the attitudes, characteristics, festivities, actions, professions, prized possessions, creations, workouts, planning/scheming, creation of newer and different inventions or experiments, predictions, festivities, celebrations, occupations and lifestyles, but as the time passes by, more people are learning from their past mistakes) in there for the better for the People who did many kinds of good things and a bit worse at everyone else who did stuff that can change College Lives into something even worse like having different kinds of incidents in the City (particularly with the Crime scenes that occur in the City like Robberies, Illegal Trading for many different kinds of Imported (but Pirated), Rare and Unused Goods that are made and distributed across the Globe, Selling of Illegal yet Rare and Expensive items, Assault, False Accusations, turning safe places in Metropolitan areas into Gigantic War torn destroyed and homeless Ghost Towns or War Zones, Terrorism, Robberies, False imprisonments, Destruction of Surroundings that later turned became War Zones, Destruction of Vehicles, Flammation of many kinds of flammable items, Explosions to various Locations, Damages to different kinds of properties, Forgeries, Pranks, Scams, Conflicts to the Society's Relationships, Telephones, Computers, Cellphones, Walkie Talkies, Boomboxes, Video Game Consoles (both Home and Handheld in addition to ones that are made but unlicensed in different Countries), Microphones, Cameras, Megaphones, Scanners, VHS Players, DVD Players, Jukeboxes, MP3 Players, Security Cameras, Calculators, Radios, Projectors, Headsets and ATMs getting hacked, Inequalities, Poisoned Foods and many types of trash or messed up Material used as Goods and Carnapping as examples in addition to other things like the hacks and glitches that occur on the Technological devices used by the People in Businesses such as the Computers, Cellphones, Telefaxes, Telephones, Calculators or Laptops in the offices and the ATMs for the Banks) done by the Robbers, Snatchers or Crooks in addition to other things happening within the same College that Max and Company attended, like the Gammas being reformed when Tank became the leader of the group while making them regret the mistakes they made to the People around them along with Bradley receiving injuries, thus making him quit the Gammas and the X-Games for these reasons in order to recover his moderately injured body, his slightly decreasing health and to make bigger, better and brighter changes to himself so he can finally reform after he made various and different types of incidents to the people around him in Planet Earth.

Max, alongside with his friends and parents, do and try different kinds of things altogether just like a family in College, while encountering many kinds of situations as they range from learning different but cool kinds of things to having unexpected things that can happen, like Max's high school girlfriend named Roxanne coming to college in the second year while trying something completely different such as joining the photography, fitness, culinary, gardening, sculpturing, sculpting, video making, art, crafting, automobile, discovery, repairing, historical, scientific, cultural, musical, literature, comic book, collecting, poetry, fashion, travel, architecture, industry and cuisine bandwagons while they are learning different things in which many elements of them are taken from different yet interesting countries around the world. They are also joining in different kinds of jobs like being joining forces with the Police Officers, Detectives and SWAT Members to defeat the malicious plans of Criminals in different kinds of Cities, as well as meeting newer but different kinds of friends or people in their college lives in addition to learning other things, like the Philippines as the Country's Cultures, Clothing (the Baro't Saya and Barong Tagalog in particular), Animals, Foods, Drinks, History, Literature, Comics, Films, Television, Sports, Newspapers, Poetry, Politics, Industries, Fine Arts, Stage Productions, Architecture, Music and it's Natural surroundings like the Banaue Rice Terraces, Mayon Volcano and Chocolate Hills, cities such as Manila, Paranaque City, Baguio, Quezon City, Cebu City, Baguio City, Pateros, Iloilo City, Pasay City, Pasig City, Davao City, Mandaue City, Canlaon City, Sagay City, Bantayan, Escalante City, General Santos City, Talibol, Cabanatuan City, San Fernando, Caloocan, Dasmarinas, Borongan, Mabalacat, Zamboanga, Ozamiz City, Dipolog City, Valencia City, Pagadian City, Koronadal City, Bacolod, Lapu-Lapu City, Borongan City, Catbalogan City, Maasin, Sipalay and Puerto Princesa, Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, Star Apples, their own takes on Pasta dishes like Spaghetti, Carbonara and Pancit, Tilapia, Bangus, their own Superheroes such as Captain Barbell (their own Superman/Shazam/Thor) in addition to Darna (their own Wonder Woman/Power Princess/Thor Odinson/Raiden), Bananacue, Tricycles and even the most iconic vehicle that is made after the events of World War II, the Jeepney are all featured, referenced and used in the show's Universe, albeit with many of these said things had some distinctive but unique features to feel fresh, while trying to introduce the viewers there. The series also foreshadows the events of the Video Game sequel, like Max and Roxanne getting married first and then, expanding the Goof family after they got newborn babies in addition to other kinds of things that would happen in the Game, like his Mother alongside other members of the Goof family (whether they can be from different parts of Goofy's appearances or different forms of media based on the Mickey and Friends Universe) appearing, all of them together in person for the very first time in years. It would even include themes and such that would be relatable to fans who grew up with Goof Troop and both Goofy Movies while at the same time, having Nostalgic Call-Backs and Nods to the entire Goof Troop Universe's past events and almost all of Goofy's appearances throughout the years.

Cast and Characters


  • Maximilian "Max" Goof (Kappei Yamaguchi/Jason Marsden) - Goofy's young adult son who currently studies in college. He is the main Teenage protagonist of the series. He creates and brainstorms many kinds of plans, ideas and strategies that are not only good but unique, great, creative and helpful for the people around him aside from himself so he can make his life better and try to improve from the mistakes that he made in the past (the ones when he is seen with his dad in particular), complete with him making good strategies and planning to solve things like everyday and catastrophic problems such as those related to the Society doing damages to Mother Nature (not only people throwing pieces of garbage in different places like the streets, parks, lakes, ponds, rivers, beaches, mountains, canals and seas or misusing different kinds of products that are good for everyone like Soap, Lotion, Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Alcohol or Shampoo, but also one of the reasons that cause Typhoons, Hurricanes or Snowstorms and as well as Pollution) in addition to other kinds of problems like obesities, agricultural respirator diseases, excessive amounts of cancer, carcinoma, melanoma, food poisoning, sicknesses, salmonella, avian pox, trichomoniasis, having to see lots of sick birds, spreading of airborne illnesses, heat strokes, skin cancer, crash dieting, skin infections, gastric torison, distemper, impetigo, opioids, depression, the decrease of nutrition, dehydration, bug bites, lack of financing health systems, epidemiologic transition, colorectal cancer, chronic non-communicable deceases, climate risks, unsafe drinking water, constipation, ear infection, encephalopathy, encephalitis, Hasimoto's encephalopathy, dementia, eczema, teething, rashes, smallpox, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, typhoids, ischemic heart diseases, osteoporosis, shingles, respiratory infections, polio, influenza, dementia, tuberculosis, emotional distress and diabetes, all of them are not just problems related to health but also, problems related to Mother nature. He also serves as a brotherly figure to Pistol (a friend of his who had spent time with her Brother, Max and company), one of his childhood friends in Spoonerville from the past, while teaching her newer kinds of different things to know like everything around the world like it's different, yet cool, fascinating, diverse and unique cultures such as those on the Philippines, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, United Kingdom, Argentina, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, France, Peru, Italy, South Africa, Panama, Samoa, Madagascar, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Italy, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Switzerland, Israel, Bahrain, Yemen, Hong Kong, Mangolia, Oman, Cyprus, South Korea, Zimbabwe and Brazil (particularly with their different kinds of unique cuisines, cultures, festivities and histories of them in addition to other kinds of interesting things like their own special yet unique styles of fashion, architecture styles, music, fighting/martial arts styles and the artifacts they had like the Manunggul Jar for example). He has plans to marry Roxanne in which would finally happen in the Video Game sequel to the television miniseries.
    • Child Max Goof (Chika Sakamoto/Laura Bailey) - Max's child self as seen in Goof Troop (not only episodes of the series are shown but also, the media that the original series adapted like books, comics, newspaper comics and novels are included in addition to the SNES video game (in which they're incorporated as flashbacks), but also original footage being made as well) and the first Christmas film in which features the cast of the Mickey Mouse Universe who appears in the Flashbacks of the series and they explain what happened before the events of the television series in which took place in his childhood/pre-teenage years like how did he met Roxanne for example and it also includes the times where he and his Dad do before moving to Spoonerville. (Note: When footage from Goof Troop and the Very Goofy Christmas segment were shown in the series in their remastered form, Laura Bailey redubs Dana Hill's lines as Child Max due to the latter's premature death; Bailey's voice as Max is similar to her role as Kid Trunks in Funimation's dubs of the Dragon Ball franchise, but slightly modified to make her Trunks voice fitting for a Suburban television sitcom/Urban-based Slice of life comedy television series setting of the Universe).
  • George G. "Goofy" Goof (The late Yu Shimaka (via archive recordings) and Takahiro Miyamoto (new dialogues)/Bill Farmer) - Max's father throughout his lifetime ever since his birth who recently graduated in college after he followed his son in there to be closer to him so he can't be alone just like what happened when his mother went missing. He is also the husband of his stepwife named Sylvia Marpole-Goof, the librarian that he met during his fourth year of college as seen in the events for the aforementioned direct to video sequel of the first film. His unseen wife also appears in voiceover form in different kinds of fitting scenes of the series' episodes in addition to the flashbacks of the series in person, like those that show Max's childhood before he and Max moved to Spoonerville and many events of Goof Troop and it's film sequels in addition to the sequel series. Many of his traits throughout his appearances in different forms of media throughout his history like being a Waiter in House of Mouse are incorporated in the series and as well as Comic Books of him as Super Goof is included (previously, Super Goof showed up in some episodes of Mickey Mouse Universe-based television series such as House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse).
  • Bobby Zimuruski (Yoku Shioya/Will Friedle) - One of Max's friends from High School who is the comic relief and the funny guy with a pretty good but cheesy sense of humor in Max's group. He is good at making ideas on his cheesy sleeves and just like Max and PJ, he studies in college. He likes to make a lot of jokes with a sense of cheese-based humor like some puns in addition to one-liners and makes cheese-related recipes such as Cheeseburgers, Cheesedogs, Cheese Cupcakes, Cheese fries, Baked Cheese Macaroni, Fresh Mozzarella Balls, Philadelphia-style Cheeseburgers, Cheese Steaks, Philly Cheese Steaks, Cheese Sandwiches, Cheese Rolls, Mozzarella Cheese Pizza, Cheese Tacos, Pizza Rolls, Cheesy Potato Rolls, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and other ones like Lasagna, Cheddar Biscuits, Cheese Cupcakes and Baked Macaroni with Cheese, Meat, Vegetables and Meatballs.
  • Peter "PJ" Pete Jr. (Sukekiyo Kageyama/Rob Paulsen) - Peg and Pete's son and one of Max's friends from his Childhood and High School years in Spoonerville. He currently studies in college alongside Max and Bobby in addition to having Max's parents as his mentors. He also has a girlfriend named Miss Mochachino, aka the beret girl from the cafe as seen in the sequel.
  • Sylvia Marpole-Goof (Mari Adachi/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) - The librarian who became Goofy's love interest and second wife in addition to her being Max's stepmother. She also serves as a motherly mentor figure to Max and his friends as she helps them in a variety of activities like sorting objects such as books, pictures, piles of paper, organizing necessary items such as pencils, pens and others, like tools and equipment such as speakers, headphones, hammers, screwdrivers, turntables, microphones, guitars, amplifiers, instruction manuals and more like binoculars, baskets, suitcases and hats.
  • Tank (Tesshō Genda/Brad Garrett) - Max's rival-turned-friend in College, the new leader of the Gammas and now serving as a bodyguard to him, protecting him from a variety of problems and situations like facing a crowd of bullies or other kinds of Bad Guys such as Robbers, scammers, Street gangsters, burglars or criminals, easing him in lifting heavier objects and security-related problems as well as other kinds of impossible situations like how to face different kinds of issues related to the Society, Mother Nature and Teenagers like Shifting Economies, Materialism, Racism, Burning Rainforests, Increasing Death rates or Poverty.


  • Pistol Pete (Aya Suzaki/Christine Marie Cabanos as her speaking voice, Suzuko Mimori/Janice Kawaye as her singing voice) - PJ's younger sister and Max's friend from his childhood who later grew up to become a preteen guitarist and singer, while she is still studying with different kinds of subjects. She also does some gardening and likes different things from Asia (Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines in addition to some Arabian countries like the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Pakistan and Israel in particular) ranging from their kinds of cuisine, clothing, animals, natural surroundings, music and history, to Entertainment and video gaming. She also likes to play classic video games and listen to music from the classical and Renaissance eras to the modern day, as well as different kinds of classical artworks and history like those from the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries, particularly with the Wild West in the United States in addition to everything that is released from the 1910s to the 80s like it's clothing, musical productions (particularly with those debuted in Broadway Theaters), films, television and whatever, like different kinds of culinary cultures around the World.
  • Roxanne "Roxy" Martin (Kaori Aso/Grey DeLisle) - Max's high school girlfriend who comes to college in Max's second year. When there are any kinds of problems occuring, she helps out with everyone to fix the situation. She also has a variety of interests, ranging from different kinds of music, literature, cuisine, photography, fashion, architecture, mother nature, travel, sculptures, poetry, landmarks and artworks, to learning about different kinds of cultures around the world, like those from the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Finland, Norway, Peru, Panama, Sweden and South Africa.
    • Child Roxanne (Miyuki Sawashiro/Tara Strong) - Roxanne's Child form as seen in the flashbacks for the series in which room place before the events of all of the media up to the events of An Extremely Goofy Movie (apart with the series). The flashbacks show how Max and Roxanne actually met each other for the first time in person, while other flashbacks of have them show her and Stacey's childhood years and origins in addition to their families.
  • Gaige Mirtonda (Kazuyuki Okitsu/Dante Basco) - Max's Filipino-American friend who also studies in College just like him. He is a chef, Martial Artist, Kickboxer and Max's friendly Bodyguard. He also currently resides in the City of Seattle, Washington (the game would later use that City as one of the settings of the Story) along with his parents in order to be free from crimes, troubles, conflicts, catastrophes and disasters in a city with very high crime rates like in his former hometown of Manila back in the past. Much like Shonen Jump'z Toriko, Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy, he can really get hungry sometimes (even in the biggest of situations that Max and Company face). He is an Anthropomorphic Sunda leopard cat.
    • TBD (Izumi Kitta/Erica Mendez) - His friend who is shorter than him while being intelligent, competent and brave. She is inspired by Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Tails, Miles Morales aka the second Spider-Man and Daxter, all of them who are sidekicks to the Titular heroes of their respective franchises.
  • Lenar Bendaveth (Akio Otsuka/Richard Epcar) - A very well-known comic book artist, writer, cartoonist, medic, businessman, executive, manager and chef by nearly everyone around the Globe who serves as one of Max's friends, as well as a comic book creator of his very own multimedia company as well as he prefers some stories having good quality in terms of storytelling and writing over quantity of comics, novels, action figures, clothing like shirts, jackets, hats and everything else, like keychains for example. He is inspired by the legendary person who made Marvel Entertainment a very popular company, the late Stan Lee, the creator of many iconic superheroes like the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men such as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Warren Kenneth Worthington III/Angel/Archangel, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Hank McCoy/Beast, Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake/Iceman, Awesome Android, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Mar-Vell aka the Original Captain Marvel, Groot, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff aka Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Blackagar Boltagon/Black Bolt, Crystalia Amaquelin/Crystal and his favorite creation with Steve Ditko, Peter Benjamin Parker aka Spider-Man. He is also inspired by different people (particularly those from Asia and the United States) who revolutionized the entertainment industry in different kinds of Media such as films, comic books (particularly with the Science fiction, Cyberpunk, Urban fantasy, science fantasy, high fantasy, Supernatural and Superhero genres), Video Games and television series, such as Akira Toriyama, the creator of his own shared universe, which consists of Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, Bruce Timm, the creator of the DC Animated Universe as well as Batman: The Animated Series with Paul Dini, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the Naruto franchise and Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of the Marvel Knights and Ultimate Marvel lines of comic books in the superhero genre. The former label is to be used in darker themes in which they aren't depicted by the mainstream comics in that genre at the time (also the Marvel Knights label is used as the name of the team) while the latter modernizes the long history of Marvel Comics, which had many kinds of iconic Superheroes, Superheroines, Teams, Organizations, Companies, Secret Agents, News Reporters and Supervillains in different species or races that are recognized by fans and people with different kinds of races and special needs for generations around the World.
    • TBD (Tsutomu Isobe/Liam O'Brien) - His Partner when making Comic Books, Art Books, Pitch Books, Concept Books, Guidebooks and Whatever for his own Company in which he is inspired by the late Jack Kirby with elements other people such as Go Nagai, Joe Shuster, William Moulton Marston, Toshio Okada, Steve Dikto, Eiichiro Oda, Nobuhiro Watsuki and Hirohiko Araki, while also creating his own creations in a very innovative but interesting yet unusual way like taking lots and lots of inspirations when he is taking a lot of time, work and research on everything like histories, cultures, activities and Mythologies around the World in countries like Japan, Argentina, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Puerto Rico, Romania, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Egypt, Australia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Colombia, Chile and India in addition to parts of his life like him visiting different cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Colombus, Detroit, Tampa, Miami, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Cheyenne, Indianapolis, Hampton Roads, New Orleans, Denver, Boston, St. Louis, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charleston, Jacksonville, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Atlantic City, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Portland, Chicago, Wilmington and San Diego.
  • TBD Max's Acrofatic Stock Shonen Rival (TBD/John DiMaggio; his voice is based off Jake the Dog's from the Cartoon Network Science fantasy comedy, Adventure Time) - TBD.
  • Peter Pete Sr. (Tōru Ōhira (albeit via Archive Recordings) and Katsuhiro Kitagawa (New Dialogues)/Jim Cummings) - Peter Pete "PJ" Junior's father who wants to make profits of anything in the past like Creating schemes such as being a Car Salesman so he can be rich for his entire life. He is also a friendly rival to the Goof family (Goofy and Max in particular).
    • Peg Pete (Kazue Komiya/April Winchell) - Pete's wife who left Spoonerville from her husband during summer vacation along with her daughter and she is contrast to Pete in terms of personality but she is also brave, strong and prepared, as well as she is friends with the Goof family. She sometimes calls Goody's son named Max on the telephone/phone for help or advice in a lot of problems and stuff they are dealing with.
  • Police Officers (Various) - Several police officers in Spoonerville who protect the city from criminals and dangerous events, like traffic problems and other problems like robberies, hacking of technologies and carnapping in addition to other things like extermination of animals and abuse within the society.
    • Forest Policemen (Various) - The Policemen in different kinds of forests who protect it from anyone else who causes damages, harm and disasters for them.
      • Forest Rangers (Various) - A Group of People who protect and conserve wildlife within the forest.
    • SWAT Members (Various)
    • FBI Members (Various)
    • Spoonerville's North Star Police - They're a group of specialized Police officers who protect inside and outside of Spoonerville from very dangerous events.
      • Jacoden "Jaidros" Pumatinem (Tomokazu Seki/Doug Walker) - An Anthropomorphic California Spangled Cat who is a police officer in Spoonerville and a detective who also specializes with detective, spy and secret agent-style missions akin to the Vice Squad, while he wears alternate yet useful outfits when there are missions that are targeted by his hardest, toughest, meanest and richest criminals and enemies when required for any mission, especially by those who are more threatening, stronger and smarter than the police officers, even other police departments from different cities. He is inspired by Sonny Crockett from the 80s television police procedural, Miami Vice.
      • Clihan Johnmin (Takaya Kuroda/Kaiji Tang) - A Chinese-American police officer and he's the sidekick to Jaidros or in the series, he is sometimes nicknamed or called as Jaden for certain reasons. He is based on the late Bruce Lee, in a similar fashion to his previous role as Kenshiro in Koei's Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage and as for the late Lee, Kato from The Green Hornet (one of Lee's notable roles as an actor in his career) and Ricardo Tubbs from Miami Vice, as these two said characters who originated from television are sidekicks of their respective television franchises. He is also a part of the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) in which they are a group of prepared, powerful, intelligent, strong and militarized Policemen who protect larger things that are considered to be very catastrophic or tragic by the society such as destroyed locations, injured people when they are in various crime scenes such as robberies, conflicting confrontations and carnapping scenarios, natural disasters or protests for example. He is an Anthropomorphic Chinese snow leopard.
      • Zakari Tucker (Katsuyuki Konishi/Phil LaMarr) - An African-American Anthropomorphic Bombay cat who is based on the late Muhammad Ali from Real Life with elements from Ricardo Tubbs from the aforementioned Miami Vice (although like the former, he is a competent Boxer).
      • Jonatha Johnston (Rina Sato/Cristina Vee) - An Anthropomorphic Black Wolf Policewoman who is based on Jonathan Joestar (except as a Woman) and Frank Castle/The Punisher who goes on harder and tougher Vigilante Missions.
      • Joel Kinjo (Shinichiro Miki/Steven Blum) A Japanese-American Police Officer who is based on Jotaro Kujo and T.J. Hooker, except as an Anthromorphic Kai Ken.
      • Karingi Ronin and Rex Spencer (Hideyuki Hori and Yasohisa Furuhara/Crispin Freeman and Benjamin Diskin) - They are a pair of Experienced Detectives who are also Police Officers engaging in different types of cases that are considered to be more difficult and impossible to complete according to many of the Policemen, Policewomen, Detectives and FBI Members and they are based on the Titular duo from Starsky and Hutch, with the former taking elements from Momotaro Tsurugi from Sakigake!!! Otokojuku in which like him, he uses a Katana but however, his swordfighting style takes elements on how Samurais and Medieval Swordsmen fight enemies with their swords while the latter is a Martial Artist (although he takes some cues from Boxing). Their boss is an almagation of Huggy Bear and Heihachi Edajima as many of the latter's mannerisms such as him saying his very own take on his humorous and iconic catchphrase that later became a viral internet meme ("I AM THE PRINCIPAL OF OTOKOJUKU, HEIHACHI EDAJIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (Japanese: "わしが男塾塾長江田島平八である!! WASHI GA OTOKOJUKU JUKUCHŌ EDAJIMA HEIHACHI!!!!!!!!!!!").
      • Joyce Jefferson and Ashtyn Prince (Ami Koshimizu and Mai Yamane/Nika Futterman and Wendee Lee) - A duo of Policewomen who are inspired by Christine Cagney and Mary Beth Lacey from Cagney and Lacey, though the former is a female version of Joseph Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (particularly with his appearance in terms of clothing during his appearances in Battle Tendency). However, they also take cues from other kinds of media in the 1980s such as The Dukes of Hazzard, Rocky (even though the first two actually originated in the 1970s), Rambo and even Magnum, P.I., as like Karingi and Rex, one of their vehicles they rode is a modified, yet tweaked Muscle Car (Ranomatic) like in the aforementioned Dukes of Hazzard and Starsky and Hutch. For the Magnum, P.I. part of their inspirations, one of their Vehicles is from one of Ferrari's creations. They also own a Japanese Car based on the 1993 Toyota Supra RZ called Rock Smooth.
      • Leo Hornjett (Ryohei Kamura/Milo Ventimiglia) - An Australian-American Helicopter/Airplane Pilot who is a former Wrestler (though his fighting style remained the same) who also uses Karate when attacking opponents. Back in 1994, some incidents happened within the Jack Murphy Stadium where the Match is about to happen, but cancelled. However, he saved the lives of people who are in there in which he later became an Aircraft pilot in the year of 1995 in San Diego, California.
      • Zaiyendo "Zayne" Kennedy (Jin Yamanoi/Troy Baker) - A Californian Police Officer who is based off Clint Eastwood's role of Inspector Harold "Dirty Harry" Callahan from the Dirty Harry films and while at the same time, he uses some strategies to defeat Criminals. He is born in San Diego, California and he is a Martial arts practitioner until he later became better at Martial arts apart with the fact he is a Boxer.
      • Edward Jinzaburo (Koji Seto/Josh Keaton) - A Japanese-American Ninja Vigilante Swordsman who is based on Snake Eyes and Ryu Hayabusa from G.I. Joe and the Ninja Gaiden/Ninja Ryukenden (Legend of the Ninja Dragon Sword in it's translated Japanese title to English) series. Born from Yokohama, Japan who later moved to San Diego, California, he is a very skilled Ninja Vigilante who is also Max's friends as Brothers who fight Crime and Bad Guys.
    • Hirashi Enomoto (Kenta Miyake/Kevin Michael Richardson) - The boss who is considered by many as one of the most powerful, oldest and greatest police officers who served for the People in United States. He is an almagation of Huggy Bear and Heihachi Edajima as many aspects of the latter are incorporated.
    • Policedogs and Police Bulldogs (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Noel Erikan (Koichi Yamadera/Jason Rolfe) - A Photographer turned Radio Host for an AM Radio Station in Spoonerville who is born and formerly lived in the City of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although he received successes and positive comments from the public from being a Comedian, he quit his job to focus more on journalism (but that doesn't mean he can't give up making things that people can laugh).
  • Janitors (Various) - They clean up the mess the people made when they are in different locations.
  • Firemen and Firewomen (Various) - Several firefighters in Spoonerville with different kinds of races and special needs who get rid of the fire in addition to helping people in hazardous situations.
    • Forest Firemen and Firewomen (Various) - Firefighters who keep fire away from forests, as well as dangerous events such as animals living in difficult places such as the high branches in the trees or the bushes.
    • Fire Chiefs (Various) - The leaders of the fire department.
    • Volunteer Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Driver Engineers (Various)
    • Probationary Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Air Force Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Wildland Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • EMT Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Emergency Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Reserve Firemen and Firewomen (Various)
    • Battalion Chiefs (Various)
    • Firefighting Paramedics (Various)
    • Firedogs (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Doctors and Nurses (Various) - Medical people who hospitalize people that are sick, hurt and/or injured in many kinds of problems.
    • Medics (Various)
    • Dentists (Various)
    • Ophthalmologists (Various)
    • Pediatricians (Various)
    • Cardiologists (Various)
    • Dermatologists (Various)
    • Surgeons (Various)
    • Psychiatrists (Various)
    • Gynecologists (Various)
  • Debbie Goof (Satsuki Yukino/Kath Soucie) - Max's cousin who previously babysat him back in his childhood from Spoonerville. She comes to his college to help Max be prepared for many kinds of situations that he couldn't handle by himself alone, as well as helping his friends and his parents in college for certain problems such as coming up of solutions for problems related to Mother Nature such as Air Pollution, teenagers that had their own issues on addition to their families having problems like stress, fitness and poverty in addition to Racism, Crowding, Traffic and Pollution.
  • Mrs. Goof (Romi Park/Tara Platt) - Max's mother and Goofy's first wife. She appears in the flashbacks with them in addition to her appearing via off-screen voice form in an episode where she calls to her son that she would come back to Spoonerville.
  • Arizona Goof (Toshiaki Karasawa/Troy Baker) - Goofy's cousin who is an adventurer, archeologist, historian, collector and photographer, all at once in which he comes back home so he can bring historical treasures that he saw in his adventures to Spoonerville. He is also Max's uncle and he likes discovering histories and learning different kinds of interesting cultures, as well as other things that would be important for future generations, like old books and pieces of art that are rare and hard to be found on the other parts of the world such as exotic islands to visit like Hawaii and Boracay and countries including those that came in South America, Africa, Oceania, Middle East and Asia such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Malaysia, Thailand, Somalia, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Mozambique, Cyprus, Malawi, Egypt, Paraguay, Guyana, Madagascar, Tanzania, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, French Guiana, Nigeria, New Zealand, Brunei, Northern Mariana Islands, Fiji, Palau, American Samoa, Pitcairn Islands and Senegal.
  • Stacey (Kae Araki/Hynden Walch) - Roxanne's best friend, one of Max's friends from his High School years who is nerdy and one of the most popular students at Spoonerville High School. She accompanies with Max and Company to help out in certain situations they are facing, while using her brain to think up of ideas that are really fantastic for a situation or two they are dealing with and creative while helping her friends solve a variety of everyday problems that are dealt by the society, complete with her sense of intelligence and creativity like her creating unique plans and strategies.
  • Victoria Guanyu (Ayane Sakura/Hynden Walch) - She's a Chinese-American Student at College who is one of Max's friends. She is an Anthropomorphic Xiasi Quan Dog who is dreaming to become a Film Actress who is also a Martial artist like Bruce Lee after she became good at Jeet Kune Do in addition to Kickboxing. She is a fangirl of Martial arts films.
  • Zalen Barrett (Koichi Yamadera/Kevin Michael Richardson) - An African-American Bus Driver, Auto Mechanic, Repairman and Kickboxer who is a Mr. T caricature.


  • Blake Spencrano (Yōhei Tadano/Daran Norris) - An Anthropomorphic Northwestern Wolf who is a very villainous yet rich Busisnessman, Strategist, Robber, Car Snatcher, Schrmer and trained Kickboxer (as he gets older but wiser and stronger, he gets moves from Muay Thai, Boxing, Dance Moves (particularly with Street Dancing and Tango) and Ninjutsu, all at once into the mix for his own unique fighting style). He is the main antagonist of Goofy and Max: The Father's Keeper and would later become a supporting antagonist/anti-hero in the Video Game sequel.
    • Blake's Henchmen (Various) - They're the Henchmen for Blake.
  • Genlei Zheng-Robinson (Tesshō Genda/Kevin Michael Richardson) - He is the leader of a Pirate themed Street Gang named RogerHookX in which he, alongside with everyone of the Gang are the main antagonists of Goofy and Max: Out Where the Pirate Darkness Don't Run. They would later return for the Video Game sequel.
    • RogerHookX Members (Various) - They're his henchmen who help him to make them successful while at the same time, trying to create solutions on their problems they face. They would also return to help him with their Revenge against Max and Company for the Video Game sequel.
  • Fist-bladed Shadows (Kanji and Symbol: 拳刃の影; Romaji: Ken ha no Kage) - They're a group of Yakuza members in different types of Cities they go who are themed after Samurais in the Japanese feudal/medieval/Sebgoku era (particularly with their style of swordfighting).
    • Kian Takamori (Mitsuo Yoshihara/Patrick Seitz) - The Leader of the Organization who is one of Max's enemies and is an experienced Martial Artist, Swordsman and Yakuza Member.
    • Fist-bladed Shadows Members (Various) - They're his Henchmen.
  • Street Gang Members (Various)
    • Street Gang Robbers/Burglars (Various)
    • Street Gang Bodyguards (Various)
    • Street Gang Corporate Lobbyists (Various)
    • Street Gang Carnappers (Various)
    • Street Gang Kidnappers (Various)
    • Street Gang Brutes (Various)
    • Street Gang Animal Hunters (Various)
    • Street Gang Kickboxers (Various)
    • Street Gang MMA Fighters (Various)
    • Street Gang Strategists (Various)
    • Street Gang Wrestlers (Various)
    • Street Gang Sergeants (Various)
    • Street Gang Lieutenants (Various)
    • Street Gang Majors (Various)
    • Street Gang Scammers (Various)
    • Street Gang Muay Thai Fighters (Various)
    • Street Gang Taekwondo Fighters (Various)
    • Street Gang Pranksters (Various)
  • Beagle Boys (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Animal Hunters (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Bikers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Bodyguards (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Brutes (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Carnappers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Kickboxers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Majors (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Martial Artists (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Boxers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Lieutenants (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Disguisers (Variois)
    • Beagle Boy Privates (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Taekwondo Fighters (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Muay Thai Martial Artists (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Robbers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Kidnappers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Strategists (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Pranksters (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Sergeants (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Scammers (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Wrestlers (Various)
      • Beagle Boy Wrestler Bodyguards (Various)
  • Biker Gangs (Various)
    • Biker Gang Leaders (Various)
    • Biker Gang Lieutenants (Various)
    • Biker Gang Majors (Various)
    • Biker Gang Wrestlers (Various)
    • Biker Gang Scammers (Various)
    • Biker Gang Disguisers (Various)
    • Biker Gang Privates (Various)
    • Biker Gang Bodyguards (Various)
    • Biker Gang Robbers (Various)
    • Biker Gang Brutes (Various)
    • Biker Gang Martial Artists (Various)
  • Prisoners (Various)
    • Prison Breakers (Various)
    • Prisoner Bodyguards (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Brutes (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Martial Artists (Various)
      • Prison Breaker MMA Fighters (Various)
    • Beagle Boy Prison Breakers (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Henchmen (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Majors (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Privates (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Strategists (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Wrestlers (Various)
    • Prison Breaker Leaders (Various)
  • Pizza Planet Staff
    • Pizza Planet Advertisers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Deliverymen (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Chefs (Various)
      • Pizza Planet Pasta Chefs (Various)
      • Pizza Planet Burger Chefs (Various)
      • Pizza Planet Barbeque Chefs (Various)
      • Pizza Planet Chicken and Chicken Nugget Chefs (Various)
      • Pizza Planet Pizza Chefs (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Cashiers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Waiters and Waitresses (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Scheduling Managers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Ice Cream Makers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Truck Drivers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Bikers (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Security Guards (Various)
    • Pizza Planet Businessmen and Busisnesswomen (Various)
  • Bus Drivers (Various)
  • Car Wash Owners (Various)
  • Motorcycle Riders (Various)
  • Scooter Riders (Various)
  • Bicycle Ridera (Varipus)
  • Street Vendors (Various)
  • Fishermen and Fisherwomen (Various)
  • Taxi Drivers (Various)
  • Zookeepers (Various)
  • Pet Shop Owners (Various)
  • Hair Salon Owners (Various)
  • Farmers (Various)
  • Garbage Truck Drivers (Various)
  • Garbagemen and Garbagewomen (Various)
  • Plumbers (Various)
  • Electricians (Various)
  • Archeologists (Various)
  • Scientists (Various)
    • Mad Scientists (Various)
  • Biologists (Various)
  • Newspaper Delivery People (Various)
  • Cameramen and Camerawomen (Various)
  • Construction Workers (Various)
  • Photographers (Various)
  • Painters (Various)
  • Ice Cream Salesmen and Saleswomen (Various)
  • Con Artists (Various)
  • Businessmen and Businesswomen (Various)
  • Lawyers (Various)
  • Technicians (Various)
  • Film Directors (Various)
  • Pet Salon Owners (Various)
  • Choreographers (Various)
  • Commercial Announcers (Various)

Additional voices for the English release of the series include Will Friedle, Danielle Nicolet, Josh Keaton, Xanthe Huynh, Nika Futterman, Karen Strassman, Hynden Walch, Sandy Fox, David Vincent, Roger Craig Smith, Cherlami Leigh, Kara Edwards, Bryce Papenbrook, Erica Lindbeck, Cristina Valenzuela, Ashly Burch, Ashley Johnson, Jason Spisak, Catherine Taber, Robbie Daymond, Erica Mendez, Jennifer Hale, Max Mittleman, Eric Ladin, Ogie Banks, Bumper Robinson, Kimberly Brooks, Yuri Lowenthal, Dante Basco, Zach Aguillar, Admanda Celine Miller, Cristina Pucelli, Jessica DiCicco, Lara Jill Miller, Sam Riegel, Johnny Yong Bosch, Tara Strong, Kira Buckland and Michelle Ruff voicing high school and college students in addition to Ruff, Leigh, Valenzuela, Papenbrook, Ladin, Mittleman, Hale, Robinson, Riegel, Lindbeck, Strassman, Spisak, Daymond, Smith, Miller, Mendez, Basco, Banks, Pucelli, Brooks, Bumperson and Bosch voicing Teenagers who live in the City or Suburban Streets (and for Ruff as well as Strong, Nicolet, Mendez, Futterman, Fox, Pucelli, Miller, Lindbeck and Leigh, voicing Young Girls and some Boys who live in the City of Spoonerville as well as outside of it), Roger Craig Smith, Loren Lester, Wally Wingert, Michael Sorich, Steve Kramer, Jennifer Hale, Troy Baker, Catherine Taber, Chris Cox, Sam Riegel, Sean Chiplock, John DiMaggio, Wendee Lee, Dee Bradley Baker, Grey DeLisle, Nolan North, Eric Ladin, Fred Tatasciore, Phil LaMarr, Carlos Alazraqui, Jess Harnell, Kimberly Brooks, Patrick Seitz, David Vincent, Matthew Yang King, Keith Ferguson, Kirk Thornton, Michelle Ruff, Jamieson Price, Matthew Mercer, Kevin Michael Richardson, Eric Loomis, Mick Wingert, Max Mittleman, Travis Willingham, Zach Aguillar, Cam Clarke, Kaiji Tang and Tara Pratt voicing men and women of different kinds of races who are at different kinds of jobs or organizations, Phil LaMarr, Bob Carter, Cree Summer, Ogie Banks, Kimberly Brooks, Danielle Nicolet, Bumper Robinson and Kevin Michael Richardson voicing residents in Africa (and as well as some African-American people and they are also included as those who live in Spoonerville while Banks, Brooks, Carter, LaMarr and Richardson voice African-American Street Gang Members and African-American Beagle Boys in addition to them voicing SWAT Members, Taxi Drivers, Tow Truck Drivers, Police Officers, Forest Rangers, Barbers, Hair Salon Owners, Photographers, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and Firemen who are African-Americans) and with Mick Wingert, Kyle Hebert, Erica Lindbeck, Kaiji Tang, Richard Epcar, Jamieson Price, Wally Wingert, Matthew Mercer, Andrew Kishino, Stephanie Sheh, Matthew Yang King, Steven Blum, Troy Baker, Christine Marie Cabanos, Jamieson Price, Kim Mai Guest, Xanthe Huynh, Eric Bauza, Cristina Valenzuela, Erin Fitzgerald, Dante Basco and Lex Lang voicing Asian residents (and Asian people too; King, Lang, Kishino, Fitzgerald, Bauza, Valenzuela and Basco voice some Asian-American Police Officers, Residents, Doctors, Firemen, Firewomen, Construction Workers, Chefs and Street Gang members in addition to Basco, Bauza and Cabanos voicing Filipino-American residents in Spoonerville), while Dee Bradley Baker provides the animal vocal effects.


Following a series of brainstorming ideas for very Emman's own open-world action-adventure sports stealth platformer RPG life simulation video game based on Goof Troop, Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game with lots of People he is getting help to include what different kinds of content or good ideas should be added, in which he confirmed as Goof Troop's very own reunion series finale in a similar fashion to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon as it is not only the last game of the original timeline of the Mortal Kombat series of science fantasy supernatural horror thriller martial arts fighting games but also, the game also had everyone in the entire franchise appearing altogether on screen being playable too in the original timeline at the time the sixth generation of Video Game consoles would be succeeded by their seventh generation counterparts such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii (the Wii is the last console for the MK series before they returned to the Nintendo Switch in 2019), he came up with an idea of a television miniseries that will show more of Max's bigger but goofier shenanigans and what happens next after he won the X-Games during his college years while explaining more of the original Goof Troop world, as well as other things such as learning more about Asia after the creator did some research on Asian television series (particularly those in the romantic comedy genre such as A Love So Beautiful and Meteor Garden, as well as some anime and manga titles in the sports, comedy, slice of life, historical and romance genres in addition to others and watching other things on television like news reports and documentaries such as Amazing Earth on GMA, which licensed the footage from other companies such as BBC. He also did some research about history and entertainment, as well as while he is studying his MAPEH lessons in class such as Kinds of Music and Artworks around the world (particularly with those from Europe) in addition to other kinds of subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English and others, he inserts the things from his School life to his projects that he would be working for the entertainment industry (particularly with Hollywood in the United States, as he heard that there are a lot of unique, but unused ideas) for the future, ranging from original works such as his own shared Universe that is connected to a pre-existing one, to ones based on pre-existing works such as making a sequel series to Goof Troop. Aside from those, he even did research on television series in other genres like Crime fiction as well as in the documentary genre like those made by GMA News TV like Reel Time in addition to others like Brigada, Pop Talk, Ang Pinaka, Idol sa Kusina, Pop Talk, iJuander, Biyahe ni Drew, Pinas Sarap and Good News Kasama si Vicky Morales. He even watched different kinds of news reports and public affairs programs such as TV Patrol and 24 Oras on ABS-CBN and GMA, as well as read articles dealing with Real World problems (particularly with ones that are related to Mother Nature such as Pollution and Deforestation in addition to other things happening in Real life such as those related to crimes and showbiz) and as well as listened to newcasts via Radio. Back when he was younger, he even watched a variety of television series in different genres and as well as he is recapturing them with his research online via websites such as Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube.

When the creator watched a video made by a fan about an idea for a hypothetical A Goofy Movie III on YouTube, he confirmed that some (if not, many) aspects from that video discussing the third and concluding part of A Goofy Movie trilogy would be used, like Roxanne coming to Max's second year of his college life as seen in the aforementioned sequel and there will be some flashbacks that reveal what happened to Roxanne during the events of An Extremely Goofy Movie in addition to showing the first time how did Max and Roxanne met each other before the events of the first film. One of the confirmed theories from the fan community by him, which is Max and Roxanne are still together, but they are in different colleges/universities during the first year would be used; albeit in some flashbacks to explain what happened to them back then and as well as flashbacks on how will their Childhood memories look like after seeing some fanart online made by the fans as well as fanfiction that he found out to be really good and interesting to be made into a real one like his own Game. When he read a thread of a timeline for the Goof Troop world, it is confirmed that in a similar fashion to how Broly appeared in a Dragon Ball Super film where he is a reformed Anti-hero instead of being the Dragon Ball equivalent of Supervillains who are considered to be Chaotic Evil/Neutral Evil such as Doomsday, Goro, Lord Dominator and Venom, Mona from the Christmas Maximus segment from Mcikey's Twice Upon a Christmas will appear in his game in addition to other forms of media that would lead into the events of it, while the said segment would be non-canon and she will be depicted differently yet in a unique way complete with distinctive features from her first appearance, like being a news reporter, photographer and journalist just like Mary Jane Watson.

The video that the creator watched on YouTube is HandeToon's "My Idea for A Goofy Movie 3", as he envisioned it as a romantic comedy where he would reunite the casts of Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie altogether on screen alongside a fanmade idea similar to that titled A Big Fat Goofy Wedding on a Facebook post regarding films to be made or released, with the story where the wedding between Max and Roxanne would happen, which would be later used for his game, alongside his idea of a revamped, yet improved version of the Goof Troop theme song with some of the lyrics changed to fit well with the coming of age theme and college setting (in HandeToon's vision, to fit well with the wedding and passing the torch themes) while still being faithful to the original one used as the opening of the series. He even posted his idea of a Goof Troop video game that is the sequel to An Extremely Goofy Movie via Facebook in a group, titled The Council of Future Video Game Ideas, where anyone would discuss what their video game ideas would be like in the future in which they would be made afterwards. Aside from these, the Creator also read some fanfics if there would be a third Goofy Movie (like parts of A Spy-tacular Goofy Movie, A Goofy Movie III: A Goofy Wedding and An Epic Goofy Movie, as he got inspired to make one as a Game but combining many elements from those) in which will not only wrap up the loose ends on what happened in the past before, during and after the events of Goof Troop and it's films, but also truly conclude the series with a high note in addition to serving a new chapter to the Goof family, while potentially planning to have Max appear more often with his father in different forms of Media along with their friends and family such as the Kingdom Hearts games in addition to him appearing with Roxanne, PJ, Bobby, Tank, Sylvia and such for meet and greets in some of Disney's Theme Parks. He even confirmed that the Game will give Max Goof with a happy ending, much like PJ did in the aforementioned second film based on the television series.

He also confirmed and revealed that in which, the third Goofy Movie is his own Video Game as it will include millions and millions of scrapped elements during production of any form of Media based on the series, as well as some scrapped elements that he found interesting (some of them are even finally done by fans), such as during the production of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and it's updated Version called Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (both of them being Science fantasy Superhero Crossover Fighting Games that are based on Marvel Comic Book Superheroes in which got released after Disney purchased Marvel Comics back in 2009), several features such as bringing more Fighters old and new like Carol Danvers (who is now known as Captain Marvel as of 2012; at the time of the update's release she is in her Ms. Marvel monkier before the title passed over to Kamala Khan), Classic Mega Man from the Mega Man franchise aside from Zero appearing in person, Tessa from Red Earth, Gene from God Hand, Blade and even, returning older Fighters such as Psylocke and Spiral, both of them hailing from the X-Men comic books in addition to Venom from the Spider-Man titles (although he appeared as a DLC Fighter in the infamous sequel for next generation consoles and PCs). However, he read some fanmade entries that found out to be good and interesting, like if Sonic from his own franchise of the same name along with his friends and enemies appearing as a Guest for that game.

Among all of the things he found interesting that are scrapped during development aside from the above like Wade referencing Disney media like him going to a Disney Themed Park, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (voiced by Nolan North in English as all of the Marvel Comics fighters as Capcom felt that them speaking Japanese wouldn't work although there are Japanese dubs of Media based on them) performing lines from Michael Jackson's songs while moonwalking is the most, which they were cut due to legal reasons from the estate. In his Game however, will use Many of the scrapped concepts for it and he confirmed that there would be tributes to him. More scrapped concepts for his game include are: planned Sequels to numerous Disney films (an example is The Aristocats sequel is supposed to be taken around different places throughout Europe, such as Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Berlin and Munich in Germany, Rome and Venice in Italy and others in the early 20th Century like visiting the Mountains and Villages of Finland, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden, as well as the forests within Europe), cut songs during production like the reprise of Be Prepared from The Lion King, deleted scenes from numerous Disney and Pixar productions (examples are: a race of the World Grand Prix in Cars 2 supposed to have Lightning and Francesco tie, endings for Up including one where Muntz redeemed himself and the opening of Monsters University originally had all of Mike's family appearing with Crystal voicing them), Sky High being a series of Superhero films first and then becoming a franchise like the ones in the Superhero genre of today, planned media and concepts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe like having Freddie Mercury compose the Music with Queen for Thor: Ragnarok just like they did with Flash Gordon as if he is still alive (he said that to one of his friends that he wanted to see a unique take on Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the band's most iconic songs and as well as the most famous one from A Night at the Opera in the title of Asgardian Rhapsody and it wouldn't be the first time a Disney production made a cover of that song or the first time it got used either as it previously made an appearance in Fantasia: Music Evolved and it also got covered by the Muppets, albeit shortened and modified to make it both Family-friendly and comedic), certain scenes and stuff for the Live-Action/CGI Spider-Man adaptations like the Fight scenes, everything for Spider-Man 4, the unusued scripts, the planned Sinister Six adaptation and even turning The Amazing Spider-Man duology from a Standalone duology to a Shared Multimedia Universe, much of the planned concepts of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, much of the scrapped scripts for the Indiana Jones franchise and more, including the planned concert residency that would occur at the O2 Arena in the United Kingdom titled This Is It (he saw some fanmade videos of it happening, as well as watched a few parts of the Documentary on YouTube). Even media that are scrapped from other Companies are used as the inspiration of the Game's Story, such as unused scripts for films and television series like Justice League: Mortal (a scrapped Live-Action/CGI film adaptation based on the DC Comics flagship Superhero team, Justice League that is supposed to be produced while having a lineup that is similar to the Comics) for example in addition to other concept arts and beta elements from numerous works of Warner Bros. (particularly with the works of Cartoon Network like Steven Universe for example). He even found out many, MANY beta elements from different video games in different genres (particularly with the Open-World, Role-playing and Platformer genres such as the works of Rockstar Games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas like the latter is supposed tohave the Skateboard being used as a vehicle and a weapon at the same time just like Activision-Blizzard's Tony Hawk's series at the time when the game got released in 2004 as well as the former having some missions in the Beta to be changed, the Sonic the Hedgehog titles like the levels that are scrapped before release in addition to the dialgoues and designs for everyone (an example is Silver the Hedgehog is proposed to be a mink named Venice during the development of the infamous titular game of the franchise released in 2006), some games in Square-Enix's works like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy with the latter having the story of Final Fantasy VII being changed during development in addition to other things like Aerith's final moments were supposed to happen later in the game but there are later used earlier while the former had some elements like a world based on a television series (Gargoyles by Greg Weisman), Capcom's Street Fighter IV becoming different like being a Third-Person Brawler in the vein of Action-Adventure Brawler titles such as God of War by Sony under the title of Street Fighter IV Flashback while focusing on Ryu's backstory, the Saints in the first Saint's Row game wearing green clothing in the beta just like the Groove Street Families in the aforementioned San Andreas game in the 3D Universe, Sucker Punch's InFamous using a different title called True Hero, the Metal Gear series of Third Person Shooter Stealth games having lots of dummied out elements, a planned Jet Set Radio game that is going to be released for the Nintendo Wii in addition to a commissioned pitch after SEGA rejected these plans and more, like The Urbz becoming a subseries to the Sims), among many other kinds of scrapped elements or whatever contents that are scrapped he found out to be interesting, such as the vehicles, the cast of characters in certain titles and equipment like weapons in addition to clothes, vehicles, mechanics or stories that are supposed to be in everything that is considered to be added for the final product. Emman even research more and more scrapped contents that are interesting.

It is also confirmed that it would take inspiration from some fanon ideas that the creator find useful for his Goof Troop-based projects like his video game so he can write the story, while he is taking inspiration from his research, such as 20th century-based content like incorporating inspiration from Miami Vice, with more of them planned like the A-Team, Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Transformers and Knight Rider franchises, as well as the Showa era of Kamen Rider shows where there are motorbikes modeled after the ones that are ridden by the Kamen Riders themselves in addition to historical stuff, including those from the medieval, ancient Greek, Renaissance, 1920s-1930s and ancient Egypt eras. He also confirms that for the series and game, he would bring more content inspired by the past, particularly with those from the 1950s towards to the 1990s (including content inspired by the 1980s) such as clothing, vehicles, music and technologies. He also said that he can't give up researching everything in order to get the right stuff.

He even confirmed that in the series finale for the show (that episode will also foreshadow the events of his own Open World Video Game), Max would perform a cover of You Are Not Alone, a 1995 song performed by Michael Jackson as the outro theme, as well as giving the aforementioned late artist who sung that song a tribute, in which he cited as one of his influences (particularly when he is making stories and music). There are even some tributes made by the fans in different kinds of media around the world, like in the form of Music Videos (he saw one using gameplay footage from The Sims 3 on YouTube) and in addition to covers that he found on the internet and listened to that are done by the fans.

He also wants the television series to appeal to anime and manga fans, so he would include many elements from typical Shonen and Shojo-based anime and manga stories or settings like in an Urban/Suburban/City World, albeit with innovations, as well as other anime and manga genres, although there would be some references to these things in the series such as caricatures of the casts from them. He also wanted to give some of the typical elements with his very own twist, complete with a 1980s vibe for them.

In addition, for his anime and manga influences, he cited Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, an anime series in the super robot genre of Mecha anime and manga produced by Gainax, as well as some in the sports genre like Hajime no Ippo and the basketball-based titles as examples like having the Brotherly relationship aspects from the former in addition to My Hero Academia, a science fantasy superhero manga set in a fictional High School with Superpowers that is inspired from American superhero comic books in addition to other kinds of media featuring them like American Superhero films and television, which would later inspired him to make a Comic Book based episode for the television series, while incorporating a few elements from different genres in media as well as stories for the Creator that he found out to be interesting from Superhero Comics, like parts of the Ultimate Spider-Man, Superman: Birthright, Superman: Secret Origin, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, Wonder Man, Power Man and Iron Fist and Master of Kung Fu (among others) comics he read online via ReadComicOnline.

Moreover, for anything regarding his game, he confirmed that some of the problems that celebrities had in which the society knew and love, as well as other problems that the World's Society of today had such as Poverty, Overpopulation, lack of Occupational opportunities and hunger, would be some parts of the Game's themes, as he wanted the game to feel more Deeper, while still keeping Goofy's Comedic and Lighthearted sense of humor. Among all of the Deeper themes he would incorporate along with some elements from Historical events and Real life such as the Militarization of Police, disasters that happened such as fires, typhoons or whatever, destruction of Mother Nature and even, having a very strong Rival as the Main Antagonist in a similar fashion to Spider-Man's Venom and Juggernaut (also an X-Men Villain), Captain America's Red Skull, Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel's Moonstone, Hulk's Abomination, Superman's Doomsday, Batman's Bane, Mortal Kombat's Goro, Street Fighter's Akuma and Hugo, Tekken's Kazuya, Dragon Ball's Broly plus Bardock and even some Real-life Heel Wrestlers such as Iron Sheik, Rick Rude and Brock Lesnar (all of them being opponents who are powerful enough to defeat their rivals with Lesnar becoming the first opponent to defeat the Undertaker as seen in WrestleMania XXX) would be included the most and it to him making a Rival for Max who would be greater, powerful, threatening and even more chaotically evil enough (he felt that Bradley Uppercrust III is somehow like Max's own Flash Thompson) to defeat him for certain reasons, all of them being incorporated and leading up to an Antagonist in his Game as the Final Boss for the Police-based levels in the Game's in-Disc content, leading up to creating a newly made rival for Max named Parskede "Zurhajin" Kenjitooth, known in-Universe as a powerful but sinister Wrestler named Supajōsama for the Game as in the series, he would be briefly making his appearance in a form of a mention in the episode Goofy and Max: The Father's Keeper.

For obvious reasons in order to differentiate from numerous villains who are in the Generic Doomsday Villain trope, he confirmed that Zurhajin is indeed to be inspired by Heel Wrestlers, as well as Supervillains who are Stronger than their Heroic Counterparts in addition to him confirming that his moveset is somehow like a typical Mortal Kombat fighter, but modified to be fitting for younger fans with their parents, while still balancing the comedic, epic and action-packed moments of Goofy's appearances and classic Wrestling event as well as some Superhero films. For the Superhero parts where Zurhajin would be appearing, he confirmed that Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, as well as some Live-Action/CGI Batman and Superman adaptations that he researched and watched are the inspirations for some of the fight sequences that he would do in the Game, as well as he watched some animated DC Animated film clips online for inspiration. He originally planned to exclude the Final Boss Battle at the end in order to differentiate from numerous games like having a Mini-game but after doing research on some Villains that are in the Brute, Vengeful Archenemy, Bio-Engineered Monster and Brutish One-Man Army Archetypes, he had to create him with some changes to differentiate from the villains and Heel Wrestlers he researched while brainstorming some ideas, such as him being an Anthropomorphic Sabretooth tiger who is a Prison Breaker with Greater strength while coming up with great strategies to cause more destruction and some moves that would frighten nearly everyone who is younger than his majority of his fans while they are watching his fights. He even played parts of the Capcom SNES Professional Wrestling Video Game, Saturday Night Slam Masters on how can parts of the Fighting Game concepts would be used in his Game (particularly with how can the Professional Wrestling based combat elements for the enemies would work like some of the Beagle Boy Wrestlers), along with other Fighting Games such as those from Tekken and Street Fighter (he played both of these games; with the former on the PlayStation Portable when he is younger and as of now, using a Game Boy Advance emulator to play Tekken Advance called My Boy! and the latter with emulators of Nintendo consoles in addition to other games being set within the latter's universe such as Final Fight and Captain Commando; he even completed the latter via the SNES emulator he had). He also confirmed that one of the other anime and manga titles he got influenced for his sequel series is Fist of the North Star (aside with the fact of him listening to You wa Shock like multiple times) when he watched the gameplay videos of Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (Hokuto ga Gotoku in Japan), an Open-World ARPG Beat-'em-up video game for the PlayStation 4 developed by the same people who made the Yakuza series. He even watched videos focusing on car culture and vehicles (particularly with Street Racing) on his tablet as well.

On a Facebook post he made, he said that one of the more surprising influences to his Goof Troop works are some Magical Girl/Mahou Shoujo Anime series he saw such as Magic Knight Rayearth and Pretty Cure (for the Latter's case, mostly of English Fandubbed Clips where lots and lots of them can be found on YouTube) where he said that sometimes, there's something that the Entertainment Industry would do something nice for the Fangirls (except done more properly). For the latter's case, before he can collaborate and cross-promote with it, he would convince Toei Animation to dub the first series once again along with it's second season (via Studiopolis), but done more properly and as well as to convince Bandai and Hasbro to produce items to get released for the re-dubbed and remastered version of that series such as a Keyblade themed to this season, of all items. He also said that Max and Edward being Partners in Fighting Crime would be the Male equivalent of Cure Black and Cure White being Partners.

On the Day of March 13, 2021, he made a post where he plans to reintroduce Mona (Ami Koshimizu/Xanthe Huynh) from the Christmas Maximus segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas in which, he would not only redesign her as an Asian-American (specifically, a Vietnamese-American, though he has an another idea where he would make his own Vietnamese-American Goof Troop OC) but also, she would be Max Goof's very own Hitomi Kisugi (Keiko Toda/Alexis Tipton), Chun-Li (Fumiko Orikasa/Laura Bailey) and Tifa Lockhart (Ayumi Ito/Britt Baron), as he made a Facebook post where he tells Details about Fictional Women (specifically with those in Japan where he says that if Japanese people had a fair share of Stock Shoujo Heroines, then they have a lot of Womanly Heroines too) that's also made during International Women's Month. As opposed to Mona being a Replacement to Roxanne, Mona would differ form Roxanne as Emman is confirmed and planned to do it. When a few Days had passed, he confirms that Mona (as Mona Vinh Hampton) will be a Kunoichi (Female Ninja) is also an Arnis Practitioner as she mainly fights with Arnis Sticks. To get everything right for her, he'll do tons of research. The following days, Emman confirmed that there's going to be more Unexpected Faces (including Felicity, Mickey's older sister; albeit with her being more Younger than her Comics Appearances while at the same time, he confirmed that her 1932 and 2000 Appearances will be split into two separate Members of Mickey's family, with Emman planning to give the latter a properly Younger and Hipper College-aged Teenage Woman Redesign) showing up in the series and it's Video Game sequel as while bringing a sizeable cast of expected and unexpected faces showing up altogether on screen in addition to a Story about Max and Roxanne vetting married is a good thing, the Creator will do so properly. One of the next unexpected faces who's going to be a part of the Cast for both will be Brick Boulder, an another part of the Comic Books who is also affiliated with Mickey Mouse (albeit with a Redesign into a Manly Man).

On June 3, 2021, Emman uploaded his very first Gacha Club short where he voiced Max himself in which, the short has him as Max discussing what would the series be so far while making a little recap of what happened to him so far and at the same time, saying that he would rather forget the events of Christmas Maximus, meaning that while the events of this segment would now be Non-Canon, it would be adapted into a short that is an Interquel to A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie, thus giving a proper explanation why Roxanne isn't in the latter.


Main Articles: Max's Goofy Chase to Car Safety, Untitled My Hero Academia/Goof Troop Crossover Collaboration shorts series, Untitled 1980s themed McDonald's Commercial

He already confirmed that the game and it's miniseries prequel would be mostly marketed towards High School and College-aged Teenage and Young Adults Disney fans Worldwide (although some of the ads would be aimed at families and women), with commercials featuring tributes to Stan Lee and Michael Jackson, both of them who are deceased legends that had passed in 2018 and 2009 respectively in addition to other people that he had influenced, ranging from rock musicians such as Queen (particularly for Freddie Mercury as some of the clothes he made for the Game are inspired by his), the Kings, Social Distortion, the Ramones, the Beatles, 3 Doors Down, Air Supply, Prince and the Revolution, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, David Bowie, Ween, Sum 41, Eraserheads, Smashing Pumpkins, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, Journey, Aerosmith, Rivermaya, Elvis Presley, Europe, Smash Mouth, Rush, Back Sabbath, Genesis, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, New Kids on the Block, Nirvana, Blink-182, Green Day, the Police, the Rolling Stones, Blondie, the Psychedelic Furs, Megadeth, Testament, Slapshock, A Flock of Seagulls, The Who, Wolfmother, The B-52's, the Cult, Mission of Burma, The Clash, Survivor, 3 Doors Down, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix, Kamikazee, Night Ranger and Bon Jovi in addition to Boston, They Might Be Giants, Starship, the Cars and Foo Fighters and as well as elements for the series and his game inspired by other but different kinds of real-life people such as Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, Manny Pacquiao, Dave Bautista, Muhammad Ali, Rey Mysterio, Donnie Nietes, Nonito Donaires, Gabriel Elorde, Manuel L. Quezon, William Shakespeare, the four masters of Renaissance art who all lived in Italy and classical music composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Frederic Chopin, Franz Schubert, Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which they all came from different places such as Europe (particularly with the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia and France, as well as Hungary, Germany, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal and Sweden), Asia (particularly with the Philippines) and the Americas (particularly with Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the United States of America). Even songs all of these said Musicians would be used in order to give the Advertisments, Commercials and Trailers to fit within the late 90's-early to mid 2000s time period of the series (while giving them a 1950s-80s vibe in particular) while reflecting on what kinds of rock music do High School, University and College-aged Teenagers listen in addition to other genres such as Hip hop (Atlanta hip hop is an example of a hip hop Subgenre), Folk, Canadian blues, Merengue, Worldbeat, Electronic, post-Disco, Quiet storm, R&B, New Jack Swing, OPM, K-pop, Latin pop, Ambient, Downtempo, Quiet storm, Chiptune, Trance, Dubstep, Industrial, J-pop, Electronic, Christian pop, Gospel, Jazz, Orchestral, Britpop, Soul, Disco pop, Singspiel, Mazurka, Waltz, Gospel, Funk, Latin rap, Alternative Country, Samba, Morlam, Neo Soul, Jazz pop, Deep funk, Ranchera, Disco polo, Breakbeat and Country.

According to him, he confirmed that he wanted to market the game towards to a slightly more urban with a balance of a modern and old-fashioned living (the 70s, 80s and 90s in particular), but teenaged audience who are currently studying in High School or College for obvious reasons in a similar situation to some works in different forms of media that received an audience shift like the Superhero comics for example, while other ones are trying to do something completely different and new like experimenting different genres into the mix on their works. He also confirms his intentions and plans in which his game would be targeting and marketing to a diverse amount of audiences in different kinds of interests. He also confirmed that the game will have a broader and diverse multiple demographic appeal compared to previous works featuring Goofy, when he is talking to some of his friends like Jon Meyer when he is using the Messenger app.

In addition, he also wanted the game and the series to appeal to a diverse demographic, along with a lot of female fans, although he would market both Media for both genders and all ages. As the series is set in college, he had lots of plans to make commercials, trailers and advertisements for the series, which will also be aimed for both male and female teenage and young adult Disney fans, although other commercials will be aimed at younger audiences (he confirmed the game will still be family-friendly although he wanted the Game to appeal Teenage and Young Adult Disney fans as well by featuring elements from Superhero films, comics, television series and video games such as the Spider-Man, Superman and Batman titles, some of the best professional wrestling events (albeit modified to make it more suitable for all ages), one of the best concerts in history such as Queen's performance at Live Aid back in 1985 plus their Performances at Rock in Rio and Wembley back from 1986 in addition to Michael's 30th Anniversary Celebration concert in 2001 at the Madison Square Garden at New York, musicals, love stories and other kinds of genres and one of the best moments in history like one of the best Hero vs. Villain fight scenes in different kinds of media, all of them in which would be his plans for the marketing of his game; hence the reason why he is aiming at a Broader, larger and diverse appeal), along with other types of marketing such as some safety-based advertisements like what to do when you had an extortion, what to do when you experience people trafficking to each other, how to protect Mother Nature from harm, how to tackle stress-related problems and materials necessary for everyday living. He also wants the show and the game to appeal to female fans, as he did confirm that there would be product endorsement commercials with tributes to Michael Jackson (as well as other Musicians in a variety of genres such as Chiptune, Rock, Punk, Glam, Country, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues) featuring beautification and other kinds of products used by well fashioned men and women as well as other commercials featuring Max and some of his friends in other products used by a variety of women worldwide. Aside from these, the creator is planning to make advertisements with Max and Roxanne advising us while dealing a variety of real-life issues, such as teenage pregnancy, inequality, nature destruction, animal welfare, acid rain, waste disposal, world hunger, racism, inadequate sanitation, the decreasing amount of food production, the increasing amount of food wastes, the incoming era of deregulation, volatile supplies, lack of economic development, loss of agricultural lands, trying to end cosmetic testing, the increasing amount of Urban dwellers, light pollution, ivory trade, poaching, classroom sizes, illegal zoos, occupation opportunities, the future of organics, sustainability, the decreasing population of animals, animal welfare, wetland degradation, illegal wildlife trade, severe oil spills, pneumonia, waster infrastructure, diversity problems (particularly with inclusions), Street maintenance, trash removal, housing, public safety, soil degration, fresh water depletion, genetic engineering, the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, irrigation problems, water contamination, energy crisis, waste, absolute poverty, poor health, traffic safety, emerging oil shortages, decreasing food production, declining fuel reserves, ethnic conflicts, inadequate public transportation facilities, stress, peer pressure, parental pressure, problems related to body image, land clearing, housing, garbage waste being spread into places such as Seas, Rivers, Lakes and Ponds, destruction of coral reefs and mental illnesses, amongst the many other problems that are serious, heartbreaking or tragic to people around the World that happened in real life along with some of the events inspired by catastrophic events that happened in real life, such as fires occuring in forests or in cities. He even watched a lot of news reports of the problems and disasters that occurred in Real life as well such as Typhoons/Hurricanes that happened in his home country, the Philippines in addition to other kinds of countries like Brazil, Australia, Argentina, the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Egypt, India, China, Mexico, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Hungary, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Mongolia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Iceland, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates.

Aside from these, other kinds of product endorsement commercials are planned and some of them would be aimed for specific demographics like some of the restaurants he went and ate in real life such as McDonald's, in which would be 80s-themed and as well as a tribute to the Pepsi Generation commercial back in 1984 (he listened to the song for inspiration), which would be aimed at not only younger fans, but to teenaged Disney fans as well, particularly for the latter who did grew up in the 50s to the 90s, as well as the first decade of the new millennium. However, he also wanted to make the commercial stand out and feel unique and brand new yet creative from previous McDonald's advertisements featuring franchises aimed at all ages by doing something completely different like using a 1980s theme (he confirmed that this Commercial is like a Miami Vice meets Michael Jackson take on a typical McDonald's Commerical and he did some research on their kinds of marketing online as well as some of the recipes for the food they made in addition to making a throwback commerical that feels like in that decade following the success of 80s inspired media such as J. G. Quintel and Warner Bros.' 80s inspired Comic Science fiction buddy television series for Cartoon Network, Regular Show in addition to Netflix's Stranger Things), as he felt that many of them had Happy Meal toys to promote them for obvious reasons (particularly by the marketing of numerous aforementioned things). Instead, he is planning to do something different for the promotion, like a CD or a music album containing songs and composed music that is made for the series. Aside from this, he also confirmed that if some of the deceased musicians are still alive like MJ, they would've been able to make more Restaurant Commercials (particularly ones with a large appeal like the aforementioned McDonald's as well as others like Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Greenwich and Burger King) with a 1980s throwback theme to make it more unique and distinctive like the Pizza Planet as it is a fictional Pizza Restaurant that became a real one as in this case, as an attraction in some Disney Theme Parks like in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida within Tomorrowland for example. On a Group Chat that the Creator is a part of it, he confirmed that once his Game is a success, there would be Meet and Greets with Max and Roxanne in their Wedding attires for the Theme Parks, beginning with Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World with a few more to expand like in Hong Kong Disneyland for example in addition to some of their friends and family having their own attractions, like Bobby being a DJ, complete with a Dance Floor-like place. While he is eating food such as Roasted Chicken, Vegetables and Buffalo wings with his Mother in some of the restaurants he went with his mother to SM like Kenny Roger's Roasters and Buffalo's Wings and Things, he drank Pepsi so he could think of some ideas for creating product endorsement ads for restaurants aimed at a much more Gender neutral, but Teenaged Urban/Suburban Audience in addition to other things, like clothing and printed forms of Media like Comic Books, Books, Novels, Cookbooks and Guidebooks, with a Comic being a defictionalized take on one in which is the one Max and Company made in one episode for the television series.

When he commented on one of his friends' Facebook posts (particularly with ones by Domenic James Ricci), he confirmed his intentions that he is planning to have Roman Reigns (aka Leati Joseph Anoaʻi in real life) and Max Goof appearing together on screen in an advertisement or two while using a few Michael Jackson songs (particularly with Black or White), as when he is talking to one of his friends on Messenger, he confirmed that his game would have an even larger, diverse and broader appeal to all ages compared to previous Disney productions featuring Goofy (particularly with his son named Maximilian "Max" Goof as seen in Goof Troop). While doing research about him and finding pictures of Roman for reference, the creator imitated his speaking voice when he listened to his speech when he received leukemia while doing the rapping verses of the Michael Jackson song about equality that is a part of the Dangerous album, Black or White which is a part of the Dangerous album in 1991 and got performed in a lot of his live performances during his concerts. In addition, he also did research on them and as well as watched some of his performances in the form of videos for references so he can find across the internet. In fact, the creator downloaded a few on them via mobile devices in the form of videos. In addition, compared and contrast to previous animated productions featuring Wrestlers, he would focus on one so he can focus on more real life issues for the marketing, while maintaining his intentions to have a broader demographic appeal.

He also confirmed that there would be a series of CGI Proof of Concept videos to show the Game's concepts with the first one being Max performing Billie Jean by the late King of Pop himself which will have the Titular Night club from the House of Mouse appearing, along with parts of Disneyville's Downtown being added too (albeit modified to fit well with the 1980s theme of the video, as the Creator intended to have his Game's content to be inspired by that decade, along with elements from the early 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and the 70s as the Creator will try to combine many of the best aspects from numerous eras in History such as the clothing, architecture and musical styles around the World in addition to the inclusion of technologies, furnitures, festivities, cuisine, art, cultures, everyday living, gardening and vehicles).

According to the creator on DeviantArt when he is talking to one of his friends, he said that although he and Justin aren't big Wresting fans, he confirmed that he played WWE: SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 on the PSP when he is younger in addition to Goof Troop having a Hulk Hogan caricature named Bulk Brogan (he also watched The Incredible Bulk on how he could be depicted in the Game). For the Bulk parts in his game, he is confirmed to return in the Game, but as a retired Wrestler in a similar fashion to his Real-life Counterpart, albeit with a bunch of changes, differences and unique elements for him like focusing more on being a chef, a body builder, a Book writer, a medic, a Coach and even, a part of some Charity Organizations around the world in addition to Enviormentalism programs that would exist within the Goof Troop World. He also played the aforementioned Cacpom Wrestling-based Video Game that is set within the Street Fighter universe. He even design Max's part-Rockstar, part-Wrestler outfit for the game in the form of Maxpranbleat.

Aside from the Bulk thing, he confirmed that the inspiration for Max and Roman meeting each other are inspired by the creator watching a few videos on how to create Roman Reigns and Michael Jackson in different Video Games such as Grand Theft Auto V/Grand Theft Auto Online, the Saint's Row games and Dragon Ball Xenoverse, with the latter two focusing on Custom Avatar creations just like with The Sims. In addition to those, he also saw some recreations of the latter in some of his different attires worn throughout his lifetime as a Musician, such as in his Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Dirty Diana, Billie Jean (particularly with him in his Motown 25 attire) and 1984 Grammy Awards Appearances. He even recreated him in his different outfits (including the Beat It, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, 1984 Grammy Awards and Billie Jean appearances) in LEGO Rock Band for Nintendo DS via the Free DS for Android 6 in his Smartphone and as well as Goofy, Max, Roxanne, Debbie and Bobby in the Game.

As the creator wanted the show and the marketing to have a college student living vibe alongside combining the nostalgic feels of the 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and even, 90s as well as their best aspects, all of them being 19th and 20th Century decades that are considered to be examples of pieces of content that he would like to make and in addition to those, he would also use both original (plus Disney songs to fit well with the urban, suburban, street and college settings) and licensed music too for some of the trailers and commercials. He is also planning to make commercials made for his home continent, Asia, where there would be a variety of licensed Asian songs that would be used and as well as Disney songs covered by Asian singers, such as Try Everything from Zootopia, How Far I'll Go from Moana and Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Aside from these, he is planning to make Advertisements that would give tributes to the late Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, the trio of men who turned Marvel Comics into a multimedia company after making superhero comics and revolutionized the comic book industry for future generations, particularly for the superhero and science fantasy genres, most notably with the Avengers from the 40s to the present day such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Namor the Sub Mariner, Captain Britain and several others, as well as other Comic Book Superheroes for Marvel Comics such as the X-Men like Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke and Jean Grey, the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four in addition to Supervillains such as Doctor Doom. One of them will have Max and Roxanne cosplaying as two Avengers together, as he saw a fanart of Roxanne as Ms. Marvel in her Black leotard as seen in the Classic and Modern Comic Books (as well as some Marvel Comics animated and Video Game adaptations like The Super Hero Squad Show as well as it's Video Games; albeit her outfit got modified to make it more appropriate for family viewers while trying to fit well in a Superhero Comedy setting) on DeviantArt. Like what he had said to some of his friends just like Domenic, he would reuse many kinds of scrapped concepts as inspiration for his ideas in different kinds of media such as films, television series, novels and video games and as many as he can find. However, he confirms that they would be modified to make them more unique and fitting but distinctive from the others like using a different setting, in this case with the City. He even wants the game to have some trailers using a variety of genres in different forms of media, such as Police Procedural, Musical, Rock Opera, Superhero fiction, Romantic Comedy, Spy fiction, Racing, heist, film noir and others.

For further cross-promotions with the series and the game, he already confirmed that he would collaborate with Yamaha to use some of the Vocaloids for a music-based promotion. He also confirmed that Hatsune Miku would be used for something special, as well as other planned Japanese-based cross-promotional collaborations that he is gonna make in the future. He also confirmed that there would be crossover collaborations with Shonen Jump's Science fantasy Superhero Comedy Manga, My Hero Academia in which he had plans to have Max and Company to meet Izuku and his friends such as Ochaco, All Might, Katsuki, Tenya, Tsuyu, Shoto, Fumikage, Momo and Katsuki in Mustafu, Japan in these animated/anime shorts for doing things like training to become a Superhero with Unique Powers in addition to obtaining a newly created Quirk. He got inspired doing those after he saw a fanart of the Sonic the Hedgehog cast cosplaying as the main cast of that Superhero manga on DeviantArt. For this one, he confirmed that he would do the designs if the cast of that Manga were Anthropomorphic Animals in the Goof Troop Universe when he is talking to one of his friends, Michael Igafo-Te'o, the creator of Bancy and Company while brainstorming some ideas. With the former, some of his friends like Marcos also confirmed that Miku would appear as an Anthropomorphic Animal within the Goof Troop world, though he would need to do some research and brainstorming about different kinds of Animals so he can envision his designs for them. For the Collaboration Music video however, it is quietly (and unfortunately) cancelled due to copyright reasons (although he would try it again, albeit without using real life people to avoid copyright issues because it felt a little redundant to have a real life person appear with everyone else who is based on a real life person with some differences).

The first one he planned for the cross-promotions as he talked to some of his friends via Messenger is Max and Miku singing The Way You Make Me Feel together, just like Britney and Michael did for the 30th Anniversary concerts back in September 7-10 2001, a few days held in the Madison Square Garden prior to the September 11 attacks in New York City. He watched the performance for reference in addition to other parts of the 30th Anniversary Concerts in his Mobile devices he owned, such as the one with Slash. He confirmed in a statement to one of his friends online that he had plans to do it.

The second one is the aforementioned MHA collaborations. The third one is the K-On! collaboration shorts, once the second one of the planned Japanese-based media Crossover collaboration shorts became a success as according to the creator in which he says that if the casts of both K-On! and My Hero Academia are Anthropomorphic Animals instead of Humans, they would definitely fit well within the Goof Troop world, for obvious reasons. He is even planning to collaborate with SEGA for Sonic the Hedgehog as well. However, they'll be revamped. He said the following words that there would be Collaborations with Square-Enix's Final Fantasy series (and of all titles and playable Heroes/Heroines from the franchise in particular, he confirms that the Game will have Max Goof cosplay as Squall "Leon" Leonhart (Hideo Ishiakwa/Doug Erholtz) from Final Fantasy VIII) as well as Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell series (complete with Max as Sam Fisher (Tesshō Genda/Michael Ironside) in the Game), although for the latter, he even confirmed that there would be some special Rayman easter eggs within the Game.

Apart with what he had said and when he is talking to one of his other Internet friends, he proposes to re-release the entirety of Goof Troop and as well as both films based on the series and one House of Mouse episode called Max's Embarrassing Date, all for free (on websites such as YouTube). According to his words, the reason for re-releasing them for free is so he can impress the dedicated fans of A Goofy Movie. On the same Day when he published a picture of Edward Jinzaburo on DeviantArt at his new Facebook account (although it's already said like a bunch of times, where a lot of text messages on Messenger have him say in Professor Ludwig von Drake's (Ritsuo Sawa/Corey Burton) voice and he even did voice messages with him sounding like the aforementioned Professor's voice as well) on Facebook that he plans to Cross-promote with Bandai-Namco's The iDOLM@STER series. Moreover, it would be a Cultural Crossover Combination between the People of the Western World's interest of Anthropomorphic Animals and Japan's Japanese idol singer culture as well as both territories tend to put Ninjas in various forms of Entertainment (after he made the aforementioned Edward Jinzaburo). To complete with Max cosplaying as the aforementioned Squall, a cover of Faye Wong's Eyes on Me from the aforementioned Final Fantasy VIII" (released for the very first PlayStation back in 1999) performed by Asami Imai as Chihaya Kisaragi in English would also get made, as we already had Chihaya doing a cover of Rise from Ghost in the Shell': Stand Alone Complex by the late Origa since she can sing in Russian and English at the same time of her cover on this song. On the same Day where he explained some more details about the Collaboration, he planned to have some Collaborations with Marvel's Frank Castle aka the Punisher (Takayuki Sakazume/Brian Bloom), as similar to the Japanese idol music scene, Advanced or Experienced Vigilantes and Vigilantes in General are fitting in American Urban-based or Urban set Works (and by extension, Urban-based Works) as well, hence how would he differentiate the marketing style of many animated works at Everyone by having some of the cross-promotions to be more Urban-based. Previously on two months prior to the annoucement of the planned Punisher Collaboration in the wake of the late Chadwick Boseman's Death, he planned to do a similar Collaboration with T'Challa/Black Panther (Makoto Takamura/James C. Mathis III), to the point that he got some plans to make more African-American Newcomers to his own Goof Troop works. A few Days after those on the day he made a post of his own animated crossover version of a 1991 Martial Arts Crime film, Showdown in Little Tokyo starring Dolph Lundgren and the late Brandon Lee together, he has plans to collaborate with fellow Bandai-Namco franchise, Tekken (complete with Jin Kazama (Isshin Chiba/Brad Swaile) included as opposed to most of the crossover collaborations featuring the series using his unfortunately deceased Grandfather).

Moreover, a lot of Days after these said stuff, he confirms that Collaborations featuring one of Marvel's iconic Superheroes, Peter Benjamin Parker aka Spider-Man would be done as well. Apart with those for one of Emman's influences to his game he is making, he also confirmed that many of Spider-Man's appearances (especially with his Ultimate Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Insomniac Games' Spider-Man appearances, amongst others) cited as an influence to it. Similarly for some parts of the cross-promotional collaborations featuring Bandai-Namco's aforementioned Idolmaster series, he also said that Max and Haruka's (Eriko Nakamura/Alyson Stoner) friendship are likened to a lot of Spider-Men's relationships with their love interests, though with some differences. He even confirmed that there would be some Trailers that fuse the pre-existing footage with the Audio of the Spider-Man adaptations (complete with Music fitting for them, both made for any Spider-Man media and as well as licensed songs that are fitting for a Spider-Man story or so). He even considered himself to collaborate with Toei with their own Spider-Man show (aka Supaidaman), of all things to be re-released and re-run on Television (and an English Dub would be done by either Studiopolis or Bang Zoom!, although these ENG Dub VA Studios primarily Dub Japanese Anime and Video Games and as well as provide Voice Acting for Western animated works and Video Games, he said that it would be a nice change of pace for them to dub a Japanese Tokusatsu show in the same way Americans got to see Ultraman Tiga, of all shows...albeit with an English Dub as opposed to adapting the footage in the same way how many Japanese Tokusatsu series (namely with Super Sentai into Hasbro's Power Rangers) are localized for Western Markets and to make this hypothetical English Dub feel more comedic, it would include the Goofy Holler aka "YAAAH-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY!!!"). For the collaborations with Bandai-Namco's aforementioned THE iDOLM@STER series, Emman confirmed that a Goofy short made for House of Mouse, How to be Groovy, Cool and Fly (aka the short where Goofy tries to be very consistent on the following eras (with him ending up with mostly comical disastrous results where at the 1960s-80s parts, the fangirls ripped and teared one of the fitting outfits that Goofy wears for these eras/decades: a British Invasion/Beatles outfit, a Disco outfit and a Miami Nightclub Scene/Miami Vice fitting outfit): the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s (for the 80s thing, the creator already confirmed that there's gonna be tons of stuff that are inspired by that decade) and even, the 1990s) is the one that inspired him to do so.

On the following days, he on Facebook also did an announcement with a Cross-Promotional Collaboration with SEGA's Puyo Puyo series, with others such as one that has SNK Corporation (the Company known for Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Psycho Soldier, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug and The King of Fighters) being planned in the future.

On December 16 via Facebook where he dedicates the post to two of Heihachi's Seiyuus: Daisuke Gouri and Unshou Ishizuka, respectively, he confirms that he has plans to make the Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game X Tekken Collaborations happen where he is doing a unique approach where he envisioned Max and Jin to be like Spider-Man and Wolverine (he even cited one of the many X-Men, James "Logan" Howlette aka Wolverine himself as one of the many inspirations, along with the Spider-Man and Wolverine team-ups like a comic set within the Ultimate Marvel Universe he read online in which are commonly seen in the Comic Books) in the wake of the final X-Men films having very disappointing quality. He also envisioned that one of Max and Jin's team-ups (albeit in the same vein with the aforementioned Showdown in Little Tokyo in addition to Spider-Man and Wolverine's team-ups as many of them are seen in the Comic Books) would take place within Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (as he said that many Urban Martial Arts/Fighting Film and TV Scenarios are set in the same typical cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai, among other cities). In the Facebook post about it, he would pay respects with the aforementioned Daisuke Gouri and Unshou Ishizuka as for now, it would be more understandable to have a Tekken game without having Heihachi to appear in the Game in person (outside of the other parts of the game such as the Training and Arcade modes for the Console versions in particular) in the wake of 2K Games' NBA 2K21 getting panned (although paying tributes to the late Kobe Bryant is a good concept on paper, it's poorly executed).

On a Facebook post he made about one of his most surprising confessions ever imaginable, he said that if his Goof Troop game ever became a success, then he likened Max to Leon Scott Kennedy and John Wick, as with Leon's case...he said one of the words why Capcom's Resident Evil aka Biohazard franchise is their best-selling franchise of all time, appealing to many kinds of People and Gamers with one of the best ingredients to have a broad crossover appeal.

One of the next ones (aside with the obvious) are currently being under consideration, while at the same time being planned by him. According to him, he wanted to differentiate the marketing from typical franchises that are family-friendly in which are commonly used. Aiming at a slightly more Urban/Suburban Teenaged audience is one of the distinctive traits for some commercials, while trying to feel like going back to the past (the 1980s and 1990s in particular). He also wanted the marketing to appeal many kinds of people in different interests. However, he plans to revamp the Collaborations (with a bunch of them being done from the top, except from scratch as he is also considering them to be done once again, except from the very beginning compared to his previous attempts to do so) and as well as everything else in the future in which a lot of them (apart with the new ones) would get revamped and updated to make them better than one of the previous attempts to make one of the best concepts ever came to reality, as well as one of the shorts to promote the Game, with one of them focusing on Car safety called Max's Goofy Car Chase to Safety.


  1. Max's Summer of Goofiness (Part 1 of the Series Premiere) - After the first college year and Goofy's college graduation, Max and Company are trying to give a very unique, fantastic and refreshing impression for summer while creating strategies after brainstorming to be victorious against the heat and at the same time, against their dueling Businesses, like selling drinks and desserts such as ice cream, ice candies, cold lollipops, mango graham crackers, ice pops, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, tarts, cheesecake bars, brownies, banana sundaes, ice cream cakes, smoothies, milkshakes, fizzy drinks, iced tea, fruit juices, fruit salads and lemonade to be drank or cold desserts to be eaten later for their customers to be bought and sold with lots and lots of cash to be used for the future like purchasing many items with better qualities. Meanwhile, Roxanne comes to college in the summer so she can help Max, alongside with his friends and parents to try creating unique and distinctive strategies in the markets of desserts, types of summer cuisine around the World and refreshments by creating some creative recipes inspired by different countries such as the Philippines' Halo-halo in addition to obtaining many kinds of fruits and other kinds of foods from there like Calamansi, Tamarinds, Passionfruits, Camachiles, Bangkilings, Lanzones, Velvet Apples, Mangosteens, Soursops, Durians, Sapodillas, Java Plums, Soursops, Mandarin Oranges, Aratiles, Pineapples, Green Bananas, Green Mangoes, Mangoes, Bananas, Papayas, Sineguelas, Carambolas, Coconuts, Jackfruits and Star Apples in which would be used as the ingredients for their own Halo-halo, along with the Fruit Cocktail, Cream and Milk.
  2. TBD (Part 2 of the Series Premiere) -
  3. Maximum Music - After Max heard about that Peg's words about her daughter in which she became a musician and a singer who is trying to do something different after she left Spoonerville with her mother while taking a vacation so Peg can have fun in the Summer while taking a break from the City without her husband named Pete (particularly with his Money making schemes), she helps Max's friends to learn how to play different kinds of instruments that are unique (whether they can be old or new), ranging from those in the Classical era to modern ones and in addition to those are exotic yet found in foreign places around the World like Sarangi, Gabbang, Morin Khuur, Hulus, Dombra, Guzheng, Ghungroo, Dabakan, Saw duang, Taphon, Ocarina, Clapstick, Bullroarer, Claves, Bulugunduyong, Bamboo Violins, Gum-leaf and Didgeridoo, all of them from foreign countries that exist within the Eastern World such as Australia, China, Thailand and the Philippines. They are working together to make one very unique composition that combines elements from many kinds of instruments (regular or exotic) while at the same time, taking cues when performing compositions in different kinds of forms such as Primitivism.
  4. Max's Extremely Goofy and Cool Comics - After Max and his friends read some comic books (including ones that had Super Goof as a nod to a part of Goofy's history), he came up with an idea of creating some comic books after they watched altogether a comic book creation contest commercial on Television as the Winner of the Grand Prize would be a comic be published by Lenar's own comic book that is also an entertainment company, as well as a cash prize and working together to win all of them at once, which he would plan to use it for both becoming an average person turned multi-billionaire (the multi-Billionaire part would be foreshadowed in the Video Game sequel as Max would become one) and using parts of it for good like doing donations to charity and creating a new way to save the Environment from Destruction. Goofy decides to help his son come up with a story for his comics after he couldn't find a way to make one that is innovative but can appeal to everyone, as he found out that there are too many comic books in different genres (including the Superhero fiction titles) that use most of the same or typical plots in different genres for them, ranging from the alien invasion scenes for the science fiction genre and the "save the day from a strong supervillain", "solving conflicts that happen to everyone in the society like the government or with other people like your friends and family members", "dealing with the problem of someone transforming into something even creepier and frightening like a monster (examples are a Werewolf or a mutated animal like a Shark/Squid/Octupus)", "defeating a very massive robot invented by a mad scientist or monster/kaiju that is attacking the City", "trying to save someone from a disastrous event" or "having a brawl in the streets with a lot of criminals" like the Street Gangs plots (also commonly used in the Crime fiction genre), all of them being the obvious and same typical storylines that are used for a superhero-based setting (particularly with those while being set in the City) to others such as the samey old things in the detective plots (examples: the seemingly perfect crime, the bungling of dim-witted Policemen in which they help him/her in some cases) for mystery, crime fiction, Police procedural or film noir genres and the karate-based plots like a Showdown happening or something fantastical being involved for the martial arts genre. So, Max goes up to eleven times eleven times four by combining many of these elements, along with a few kinds of underused stuff from different genres into a single story that can appeal to everyone. As a result, it ended up being an unexpected, yet crazier sleeper hit. (Note: This episode is dedicated to Stan Lee, the Man who helped Marvel Comics become a Multimedia Company with big successes (also one of the people who changed Comic Book history; the Superhero genre in particular) in addition to both Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, the other men who are associated with Lee during his lifetime throughout the Comic Book industry).
  5. Max Goof: Project Xtreme Skater - When Max reads a newspaper advertisement where there is a skateboarding video event that one of the featured videos in it would be shown on television, he, his friends and parents, work together to make one of the videos that are really creative, impossible, crazy, innovative but fantastic and entertaining in terms of quality and entertainment value. One of the videos submitted for the event would be later shown and be viewed by everyone across the United States and parts of the North and South Americas like Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Panama, Colombia and Brazil first, then in the entire Planet Earth on Television and to a lesser extent, on Home Media platforms such as VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs, while they get lots of help from Sylvia and his father to work on everything else to be made and prepared in the video like doing some changes and tweaks in addition to creating some different Skateboarding tricks that are new but impossible to be copied by everyone else who had some skateboarding and skating skills that are experienced, impressive, cool and unique.
  6. Max's Maximum Challenge - Max got a friendly rivalry frenzy with an Obese American Black Bear in College, as they compete together in the frenziest of Challenges to see who can do better said by the him until he and Max get along together in the end.
  7. Enter the Maximum - Max meets Victoria for the first and they became friends by having him know stuff from Victoria's home Country, China.
  8. Initial Max - Max gets himself training to become a more competent and prepared Car Driver.
  9. Goofy and Max: The Return and History of Arizona Goof - As Max, Goofy, Sylvia and their friends read a newspaper report where Goofy's cousin named Arizona is coming back home after his adventures with a bunch of different kinds of items, old recipes of foods to prepare and books as well as manuals and Guidebooks to bring so he can share them, Arizona shares his history of his life to everyone, as well as showing kinds of historical artifacts and rare objects from the past in addition other rare items such as Statues, old Books, video tapes, telephones, old computer monitors, old television sets, cassettes, hidden necklaces, hidden, dated and broken medals, Rubies, Emeralds, Gold Bars, Diamonds, Jewels and rare kinds of Gold coins from exotic places and islands he found from across the world such as Boracay, Bicol, Cebu, Palawan, Baguio, Iloilo, Laguna, Cavite, Ifugao and Cebu, all of them in the Philippines in addition to obtaining some souvenirs from them and the pyramids as well as pictures of Pharaohs, Mummies and other kinds of exotic things like the food, clothing and architecture in Egypt for his friends and family. (Note: As clips about the Goof Family's history from Goof Troop are shown in the episode and as well as incorporating newer content like what Arizona did in his adventures around the globe, this is the longest episode to date, as it would be a historical clip show featuring Arizona going to different kinds of places across the Earth).
  10. Maxdown in San Diego - Max meets Edward, a Ninja Vigilante Swordsman for the first and they go on a Mission in the City of San Diego, California for a maximum showdown against the Goons who cause problems there. It's a prequel to the "Goofy and Max" trilogy of episodes that are a Genre Throwback to older Police Procedural Television Series made in the United States.
  11. Maxilicious Pizzalker - The Pizza Planet is trying to have a successful business while getting a very hard and competitve but busy pizza business to handle this week in days. When Max, with his parents and friends, found a newspaper, they read an advertisement that he, Sylvia, and Goofy would get hired, so the three went to a nearby branch and they will have to work at jobs that they would fit in here to earn some money for the savings, such as being chefs to cook the foods like pizza, pasta, chicken, patties, hotdogs, corn dogs, potato fries, sweet potato fries, ice cream sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, hash browns, sandwiches, corndogs and burgers and as well as being cashiers, with Sylvia being the waitress and Max delivering the food, while trying to face the risks of a lot of people chasing towards him in his deliveries. (Note: The Pizza Planet truck that appears in almost every Pixar production (especially in the Toy Story Universe, beginning with the first one) will have an expanded role on this episode, like having the Deliverymen and Deliverywomen in addition to their Managers appearing in Person).
  12. Goofy and Max: The Father's Keeper - Max and his friends (PJ, Bobby, Tank, Roxanne and Gaige in particular), along with Goofy, Peg and Sylvia are hired by the duo who specializes in different kinds of secret cases (especially those with them dealing clues or crimes that involve different kinds of exotic, rare and expensive items like old VHS tapes, old Music Albums, old CDs, old cassette players, old DVD players, old clothes, Jewels, Emeralds, Silver items, Crowns, Diamonds, Gold Bars, Rings, Necklaces and Rubies plus different kinds of vehicles that are expensive or rare like rare Yachts, Speedboats, Jet Skis, Pirate Ships and Luxury Cruisers in addition to old-fashioned Supercars, Expensive Sedans, SUVs, Roadster Cars, Rally Cars, Off-road Cars, Trucks, Vans, Sports Bikes, Muscle Cars, Sports Cars and Limousines) as the Spoonerville Police with the hired policemen to uncover a crime scene that hasn't been done before in months altogether: the unresolved exotic carnapping robbery case. (Note: This episode is a homage and tribute to Miami Vice, as well as to other Police Procedurals from the past and present such as Hawaii 5-0, NCIS, Starsky and Hutch and Magnum P.I. while at the same time, incorporating from certain classic manga titles such as Fist of the North Star (aside with the fact that both Clihan and Kenshiro (both of them are voiced by Kaiji Tang in English) are based off Bruce Lee), City Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho (the latter two had some caricatures of the casts from these franchises appearing in certain scenes) where elements from the former are used such as Clihan uttering "ME-ATATATATATATATATAOW!!!! WA-TEOW!!!" when he is hardly yet quickly hitting enemies/ramming criminals' vehicles; This episode will also foreshadow the events of the Game, as Zurhajin who is Max's biggest rival in it would be briefly mentioned).
  13. Maximizin' Asian Histories of Culture and Music - Max and Pumpkins work together to learn the histories of Asian music and culture, while coming up with ideas and content inspired by these said things, like books, songs or videos to be made about them such as Countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Mongolia and Singapore.
  14. Maximum Grooves - Max and Company are trying to create somethin' completely different in order for Max to show-off in the dance floor with his skills and show everyone in the floor who can do them for the better with the help of his friends and parents while listening to different yet interesting tunes and songs that can fit well with the Groovy side of the floor.
  15. Goofy and Max: Out Where the Pirate Darkness Don't Run- Following the events of The Father's Keeper, things in Tampa became more chaotic when the pursuit of the almighty treasure chests went out of control after Blake got defeated in which are kept by a Pirate themed Gang until Max, his father and stepmother along with much of his old and new friends and the Spoonerville Cop Duo team up with an another Cop duo with an Australian-American Helicopter/Airplane Pilot named Leo Hornjett (albeit with one of the three of them using a Sword) to help Spoonerville's North Star Police where they are involved in harder and more impossible missions. (Note: While like it's predecessor will be a homage to classic Police Procedurals in addition to Fist of the North Star, the episode also takes inspiration from other 80s media such as The A-Team, Top Gun, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, The Great Mouse Detective and Sakigake!!! Otokojuku, complete with Karingi Ronin and Rex Spencer's boss named Enomoto Hirashi in which he is an almagation of Huggy Bear and Edajima Heihachi).
  16. Max's Art of Extreme Cheese - Bobby reads a cookbook so he can prepare anything edible made out of cheese, but he needs some help to know how to cook and bake some food, except it goes beyond the cheesier, cooler, yummier and tastier impossibilities of cooking. Later on, the three with their friends tried to submit the recipe to a cooking competition but ended up having positive, yet unexpected results. So unexpectedly but having largely positive feedback by the people they met, Max would later end up joining into the Restaurant Business that might arrive and come to his hometown city, Spoonerville.
  17. Max's Guide to Solve Your Problems - Max, his parents and friends make a video together on how anyone can solve their problems and what to do on a disaster that will happen anywhere in addition to the inclusion of other kinds of issues like ones related to the environment, the society and health. Other problems that are tackled in the video include poverty, poor infrastructure activities, lack of access to financing, overpopulation, lack of shelter, lack of good equality for education, animal welfare, lack of Occupational opportunities, substance abuse, anorexia and even, inequality of people with different kinds of races around the world. (Note: This episode foreshadows the events of the Game, as it would use parts of the issues received by the Society (particularly with those related to Health, Economics and the Enviorment) in Real World places such as the Philippines, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Agentina, Uruguay, India, Peru, Russia and countries in the Middle East like the United Arab Emirates are used as the inspiration for parts of the Game's story along with Bradley's father name Brentzen Bradley "Zayke" Uppercrust II).
  18. Max's Guide to Extremely Delicious Cooking - Max, his parents and friends make a video together on how to cook food that's delicious, but in an extreme way while trying their best combining some of the best culinary styles from across the world into one dish that will be served and be edible for everyone, while taking a lot of time and effort to make them tasty.
  19. Max and Debbie: Workout for Preparation - After his cousin Debbie comes to College, she helps Max to workout so he can be prepared for bigger, crazier, bolder and badder kinds of situations that would happen in the future, like handing different kinds of jobs as a Father while at the same time, he is participating in different kinds of leisure and sporting events. (Note: It would be one of the episodes that would foreshadow the events of the Game).
  20. Maxketball Jamming - As Max, Debbie and their friends read some Basketball-focused Books and watched some Basketball games on Television as well as Basketball-related Documentaries, Max comes up of a unique plan for a Basketball game to begin. After looking through from Reading Books and doing research about Basketball Games and Basketball Courts online (particularly those in the City Streets), he and Company are going to create a Basketball Court in College that would try something completely new and different from the others, by using their very own sense of creativity and innovation: by combining some of the best aspects from Old School and Newer Basketball courts in different towns, gyms and cities (particularly with ones that are Streetball courts located in the Urban streets around the World).
  21. The Maximillian Artist - As Max reads books about different kinds of art, he and his friends are working together to create a very unique piece of artwork that is considered to be one of the best masterpieces, complete with maximum efforts to make sure it's good enough to be true for everyone to see after he is taking a lot of hard work and inspiration from reading books about artworks and sculptures around the World (particularly with those from certain continents like Europe before, during and after the Renaissance era of Art, while taking other kinds of artworks from Asia like in South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines).
  22. Max and Roxanne's Burning Brigade - Max and Roxanne learn the basics of how to be safe from fires while at the same time, being Fire Fighters and Rescuers of People from different types of dangerous hazards (particularly with those related to Fires) that people encounter when they became a part of the Fire Department.
  23. Max and Roxanne: Down for Goofy and Honor - The episode serves as the conclusion of a trilogy of episodes in the style of Classic Police Procedurals combined with other elements from different, yet unique franchises in different kinds of genres (particularly with those that appear in the 1980s, though elements from others in different decades and eras are also included). Now, it's Roxanne's turn to be with Max so they can help Spoonerville's North Star Police in addition to everyone who is a part of the Spoonerville Police Department after the Day Max and Company defeated RogerHookX (although they said that they confirmed that they will have revenge on Max and Company for the Video Game sequel of the series). This time, Goofy is now calling his son in addition to everyone who is accompanied with him for help when he encounters something that the Police didn't completed before all by himself alone (aside with some Police Officers accompanying him in that City) until he gets into trouble. Everyone (led by Max and Roxanne) must save Goofy in the City of Cleveland, Ohio in time (the Creator of the series confirms that after he first scrapped it and then, he confirms that he would include that City in the Video Game sequel of the series after making it's first appearance in that episode) from a Samurai themed Yakuza Organization called TBD, in which similar to the aforementioned RogerHookX, they use pretty much of the elements after they are themed from one motif, though with differences and changes. (Note: This is the longest episode of the trilogy).
  24. Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Beginning of an Extended Clan - Max and Roxanne learn some lessons from Goofy and Sylvia about expanding a family after getting married while taking cues from the memories they had back in the past, particularly the ones that Max had when he was younger and before the time he left Spoonerville for college. The series ends with Max and Roxanne supporting with each other in the Sunset and giving farewells to each other, while he narrates about his future. (Note: This episode is the series finale that would foreshadow what will happen in the Game, like Max and Roxanne's Wedding; It also uses Remastered Stock footage from Goof Troop and the first film, while incorporating newly made flashbacks so we can know more about what did they do in the past and how did they actually met each other).


Main article: Max's Extremely Goofy College Life/Gallery


Main article: Max's Extremely Goofy College Life/Credits

Music and Soundtrack

Main Articles: Max's Extremely Goofy College Life/Soundtracks and Goof Troop Theme Song (Updated Version)

The creator has confirmed that he is considering using licensed songs for the series, as well as including original songs for the show and even, hiring some composers and as well as him doing the score as well as instrumental music fittings for the scenes of the story such as the pizza delivery and preparation sequences in addition to other things like the sports-based ones like the skateboarding, soccer and basketball scenes in addition to odd job/at work-based scenes like the janitor, police officer, gardener and pizza delivery-based ones. He also confirmed that both of Powerline's songs from A Goofy Movie would be used for certain scenes, like Stand Out being used for the montages like the training scenes where Max and his friends are practicing in a variety of sports events in addition to other activities, such as the workout scenes and Eye to Eye in montage sequences, while he is considering using licensed and creating original songs for other scenes, such as the Pizza Planet truck scenes, action-packed scenes such as car Chases or fights and cooking stuff.

One of the influences for the creator when he is composing his music is listening to chiptunes that he found interesting (particularly those made by people on YouTube, as well as Yuzoboy's Michael Jackson Sonic Remixes and Yuzoboy's chiptune cover of Billie Jean using the sounds of Sonic the Hedgehog 3), as well as other songs and orchestral music, while listening to songs from singers and bands from around the world from the past and present such as Tom Petty, Queen, Europe, ABBA, Starship, Counting Crows, Angeline Quinto, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Harlem Yu, Prince Rogers, PSY, Phil Collins, Danny Gokey, blink-182, Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant, Francesca Battistelli, Lauren Daigle, MercyMe, TobyMac, Beyonce, Arianna Grande, Britney Spears, David Bowie, For King & Country, Mandisa, Brad Paisley, Boston, Nirvana, Elvis Presley, Mr. Big, 3 Doors Down, the Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses and Michael Jackson, as well as with his older Sister named Le Toya Jackson and the Jackson Five.

For his Michael Jackson influences, he had listened to his songs as well as watched his live performances and the list of the songs he listens includes, but not limited to: Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Heal the World, Thriller (not only the finalized one, but also the original recorded demo for the Titular album called Starlight), Bad, Remember the Time, Human Nature, Jam, Rock with You, Don Stop 'Til You Get Enough, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror, Black or White, Earth Song, Another Part of Me, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, 2000 Watts, Got to be There, Dangerous, Dirty Diana, Give in to Me, Wanna Be Startin' Somethin, Butterflies, Will You Be There, Heaven Can Wait, Streetwalker, You Rock My World, Workin' Day and Night, You Are Not Alone, The Girl is Mine (with Paul McCartney of the Beatles fame), Ben, Leave Me Alone, Keep the Faith, Pretty Young Thing, Night Time Lover (with Le Toya) and even the famous, yet unforgettable one of all time, Billie Jean, all of them being made by him during his lifetime in addition to This Is It, Best of Joy, A Place with No Name and Hollywood Tonight, all of them being released posthumously. He even watched some of his performances like him performing at the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show, him singing Billie Jean and Beat It live (especially for the former in his Motown 25 and 30th Anniversary Celebration Performances along with Beat It, Black or White, Jam and The Way You Make Me Feel, all at once with Beat It in some of his concerts such as one at the Bad Tour in Yokohama, Japan in addition to a gameplay of the extended version as seen in Guitar Hero: World Tour, a performance of Heal the World at the 1992 Inaugural Gala for Bill Clinton, a performance of The Way You Make Me Feel with Britney Spears back in 2001 and he even watched some Gameplay videos of Michael Jackson: The Experience (particularly with the following songs: Beat It, Bad, Black or White, Smooth Criminal, Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, Remember the Time, Earth Song, the aforementioned unforgettable Billie Jean and Heal the World) so he can envision on how parts of the Rhythm concepts of his game would work as well; including reference on how he could envision some parts of the Game's Dance and Disco-based Rhythm aspects as well as parts of the movesets), as well as ones when he is part of the Jackson Five (and as well as them in their The Jacksons title) when he was younger, such as Can You Feel It, 2300 Jackson Street, Dancing Machine, The Love You Save, State of Shock (with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones fame; though he also listened to the one with Freddie Mercury), ABC, I Want You Back and I'll Be There in addition to their own renditions of classic Christmas songs such as Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and Give Love on Christmas Day as well as the All-Star Collaboration song, We Are the World from 1985. The creator also listened to other songs, including but not limited to: Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, Super Trouper and Dancing Queen by ABBA, Let's Dance by David Bowie, Free Fallin, Learning to Fly, Runnin' Down a Dream and I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty with his band called the Heartbreakers, Always, Bed on Roses, Wanted Dead or Alive, It's My Life, Never Say Goodbye, Thank You for Loving Me and You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi, The Final Countdown by Europe, In Too Deep by Sum 41, About a Girl, Blew, Come as You Are, School and Something in the Way by Nirvana, Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, Born to Make You Happy and Circus by Britney Spears, Break Free and No Tears Left to Cry by Arianna Grande (these are example of songs if you never want to give up), Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Can't Your Hear Me Knocking by the Rolling Stones, Blitzkrieg Bop, She's the One and I Wanna be Sedated by Ramones, We Built This City by Starship, I Ran So Far Away by A Flock of Seagulls, Welcome to the Jungle and Rian N' the Bedbounds by Guns N' Roses and Another Ones Bites the Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody (not only the original version, but also with the comically abridged cover performed by the Muppets), Don't Stop Me Now (the original one along with the edited version as seen in Ubisoft's Just Dance 2017), We Will Rock You, The Show Must Go On, I Want It All, I'm in Love with my Car, Radio Ga Ga, Long Away, Under Pressure and We Are the Champions, all of them sung and performed by Queen (the creator also watched some of their performances such as ones from Rock in Rio as well as in Sao Paulo in Brazil, Vancouver in Canada, Tokyo, Japan and Live Aid in addition to other performances on websites such as YouTube). He also played LEGO Rock Band for reference, as it contained some songs from Classic and Modern Musicians as well as Rock Bands that people knew and love from around the World. According to the creator, he confirmed that some of Grande's songs would be used for certain trailers for his game, in order to give a more Tropical, but a little more Modern, Urban and Coming of Age-like feel (albeit downplayed and balanced with the classic feel for the trailers and advertisements).

The creator confirmed that Pumpkins would appear, as he would like to bring other types of music from Asia, ranging from J-rock, Punk, Skate Punk, Pinoy Rock and New Jack Swing to Hispanic-influenced music, as well as others from different countries such as different kinds of instrumental music from different cultures such as those in Africa.

Easter Eggs

Main article: Max's Extremely Goofy College Life and Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game/Easter Eggs and Cameo Appearances

In a similar fashion to every Pixar production (even though the theory became debunked and at the same time, all of them are not connected to each other while still having upcoming productions making their first appearances via Easter eggs appearing in all of the recently released films prior to the actual releases such as the first Toy Story and Monsters Inc. titles of the franchise as for the latter, it had Nemo from Finding Nemo appearing as a Plush Toy) in addition to the popular DreamWorks Animation/Universal Pictures fantasy comedy franchise Shrek and the infamous animated Disney computer animated film in the comic science fiction genre released in 2005, Chicken Little, there are easter eggs from different kinds of franchises in a very vast variety of forms of media and genres, albeit not having them frequently appearing just like the aforementioned Computer Animated films (but in the same vein as with the Batman: Arkham Video Games made by Rocksteady Studios where there are numerous Easter eggs to various parts of the DC Comics Multiverse) while having lots of different cameo appearances, caricatures, mythology gags and nods to Goofy's appearances, lore and history, content inspired by various kinds of media in many genres, lookalikes, expies with differences (along with unique features to make them distincitve) and mentions, ranging from Disney and Pixar's very own creations (according to him for example, on the fanfiction and Disney Remake Discussion via Messenger in addition to certain groups that he is a part of, he confirmed that all of the official Disney Princesses who appeared in the franchise along with some that would fit well in the franchise (including others such as Sofia, Amber, Elena, Isabel, Calla and Star, altogether who all originated in Sofia the First, Elena of Avalor, Adventures of the Gummi Bears and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, respectively who originated on Television) would appear as Anthropomorphic animal caricatures of themselves (albeit with changes, adjustments and differences to fit well within the Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers, DuckTales/Quack Pack, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop universes combined into a huge yet elaborate Disney universe based on Mickey Mouse and Friends; as all of these series aired in The Disney Afternoon block during the 1990s in addition to the latter fourth television series' aspects being incorporated into Mickey Mouse Universe based media such as House of Mouse, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (albeit with many differences, changes and altered aspects with the items, Buisnesses, cuisines/foods (like the Blueberry Muffins, Hotdogs, Sandwiches, Fruits, Vegetables, Salads, Cakes, Snow Cones, Tarts, Custards, Yogurts, Shaved Ice, Baked Ziti, Filipino Spaghetti, Spring Rolls, Barbecue Spaghetti, Naporitan, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Burgers, Rolls, American Subs, Cupcakes, Cheesedogs, Noodles, Spaghetti, Bigoli in Salsa, Raviolis, American Chop Suey, Goulashes, Carbonara, Popcorn, Corn on a Cob and the Strawberry Soup) and whatever like the Vehicles, Companies, Locations, Clothing and Inventions being added and Mickey and the Roadster Racers (with modified and revisions versions of the Vehicles, Businesses, Items and Clothes from that show in particular to fit with the late 90s to early/mid 2000s setting of the series (although it would still heavily take many influences from the 1980s) along with Hot Dog Hills being mentioned as well) in addition to the direct to video Christmas films and other Christmas media that features everyone in the Mickey Mouse and Friends Universe) or the other ones that fit well in a modern day with a 70s-90s vibe (but heavily from the 80s and early to mid 90s) for the urban/suburban/high school/college setting, like Oliver and Company's music and New York City (that City along with certain places like Manhattan, Bronx, Jersey City and Queens in particular as they would also be mentioned in the show while that City's style of culture, clothing, politics, literature, architecture, cuisine, history and such like the technologies they use and invent in addition to other kinds of American and foreign cities such as Honolulu, Hawaii, Atlanta, Jackson, Mississippi, Savannah and Augusta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Allentown and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Louisiana, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami, Florida, Detroit, Dearborn and Ann Arbor in Michigan, Chicago, Peoria, Naperville and Schaumburg, Illinois, Tacoma, Seattle and Olympia, Washington, Minneapolis in Minnesota, Colombia, Cincinnati, Colombus, Youngstown, Findlay and Cleveland, Ohio, St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Long Beach, San Rafael, Pasadena, Anaheim, Palm Springs, Burbank and San Diego, California, Boston, Worcester, Brockton and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Phoenix in Arizona, Denver, Colorado, Baltimore in Maryland, Las Vegas, Reno and Laughlin in Nevada and the Cities of Texas (Dallas, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio as examples) in addition to different kinds of Foreign cities like Rio de Janiero, Porto Alegro, Manaus, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Natal, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Brasilia, João Pessoa, Macapà, Betim, Sao Luis, Natal and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Neuquen, Santa Fe, Resistencia, Viedma, Corrientes, Parana, Salta, Córdoba, Salto, Las Piedras, Mercedes and Montevideo, Argentina along with Uruguay, Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia and even, Manila with Paranaque City, Baguio City, Iloilo City, Cebu City, Navotas, Alabang, General Santos City, Puerto Princesa, Quezon City, Pasay City, Pasig City, Pateros, Muntilupa, Marikina and Makati, the Philippines) as previous and current other Disney productions used the aforementioned American city and it's surrounding locations like the Jersey City in New Jersey as the setting as well as easter eggs to Disney's lesser known or focused works such as Gargoyles, W.I.T.C.H., Atlantis: The Lost Empire, The Mighty Ducks, The Rocketeer, The Famous Jett Jackson, Sidekicks, The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, Even Stevens, The Replacements, Bug Juice, Squanto: A Warrior's Tale, Jungle Cat, Ten Who Dared, Spilt/Second, Adventures in Wonderland, Flash Forward, Teen Angel, The Torkelsons, The Black Cauldron, Homeward Bound, Treasure Planet, The Living Desert, Golden Girls, Guilty Party, Brother Bear, Meet the Robinsons, Alice Comedies, The Aristocats, The Legend of Lobo, Smart House, Flubber, The Cat from Outer Space, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Stanley, Out of the Box, Bunnytown, Johnny and the Sprites, Spectrobes, Brand New Life, National Treasure, Condorman, The Sword in the Stone, Almist Angels, the entire Laugh O' Grams library, The Buzz on Maggie, Raw Toonage, Bonkers, Marsupilami and The Rescuers, to the properties they own, namely the works of Marvel Comics, Lucasfilm and LucasArts such as incorporating Spider-Man influences, homages and references, as well as using quotes from the former's superheroes other than Spider-Man such as Captain Britain, Hulk, Hawkeye, Carol Danvers as both Captain Marvel in addition to Ms. Marvel and Binary, Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, all of them being the Captain Americas in the mainstream Marvel universe with the latter two being Winter Soldier and Falcon, Wasp, Heather Douglas aka Moondragon, Wendel Vaughn aka Quasar, Swordsman, Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Luke Cage aka Power Man, Monica Rambeau as Spectrum, Photon and Captain Marvel all at once in the Comics, Ironheart, Black Widow and Iron Man, all of them hailing from the Avengers in addition to caricatures of them and other things like the X-Men such as Scott Summers, Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, Anne Marie and James "Logan" Howlett, aka Cyclops, Psylocke, Rogue and Wolverine appearing (plus with references to X-Force's Wade Wilson/Deadpool being included too when he posted a sample of one of Max's dialogues to Reference different kinds of media) along with their clothes too (albeit modified to make them having a balance of a little more Modern Urban and 80s/90s-based; for their outfits in particular). Aside from these, the episode where Max and his friends are making a comic book will be dedicated to the memory of Stan Lee, the creator of hundreds of Marvel superheroes aside from the X-Men and Avengers like the Fantastic Four that would be adapted into various kinds of Media, including films and television series, particularly those that are set in a Shared Live-Action/CGI Multimedia Universe called the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with Steve Ditko in which he is the person who also helped Lee to create Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, with the former being adapted into countless forms and pieces of media such as films, animated television series (most notably with The Spectacular Spider-Man back in 2008 as it's considered by many as one of the best animated Spider-Man adaptations by the fan community along with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and even, Video Games like the ones developed by Activision (namely the games based on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy in addition to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and one based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comics back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and Personal Computers) and even with Insomniac's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4.

For Lucasfilm and LucasArts references, like the previous aforementioned confirmed Easter eggs, he confirmed that they will appear as Animal Caricatures that would fit well within the Goof Troop universe in addition to the clothes they wore (they would be modified to make them fit more with the Modern City Life/Suburban setting of the series' world). In addition to those, there will also be businesses, foods and whatever named after these casts from Lucasfilm and LucasArts' franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Maniac Mansion, their Trilogy of World War II flight simulation games, Zombies Ate my Neighbors and Monkey Island. Examples are modified versionz of Luke's Episode VI outfit and Han's jacket being used in addition to the clothes that people wore by the casts from the companies' productions, as well as some of their Locations, Vehicles and other items appearing but modified to fit well within the series' Universe. Jim Henson references (The Muppets, Fraggle Rock and Bear in the Big Blue House in particular like the Buisnesses being named after some of the main and secondary characters from these franchises along with their locations, modified takes on their clothes, vehicles, cuisines/foods, architecture styles, gadgets and equipment) would also be included.

Aside from all of the above properties and locations to be referenced, one of the added references for the series and the game would be Phineas and Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law and Gravity Falls, as one of the Creator's friends said Yes to a Question. For those things, some of the clothing from those shows would be inspired, but modified to make it feel like if they came in the 1970s, 1980s and the 1990s in addition to caricatures, clothing, architecture styles and vehicles inspried by them, like having Puppy caricatures of Dipper and Mabel Pines appearing (he already confirmed that caricatures of them would be a part of Sylvia's very own Marching Band for Spoonerville), as well as Mice caricatures of Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (particularly in her Fireside Girls uniform along with the other Fireside Girls appearing such as Ginger Hirano) and Baljeet Tjinder being included in addition to dog caricatures of Milo Murphy and his family (along with some of his friends) appearing with a Bulldog caricature of Buford van Stomm along with his family appearing as well. An another GF reference he confirmed is a Company named after the Pines family, albeit located in a different City like the aforementioned Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco, California for example in addition to having branches in Makati, Paranaque City, Pasay City, Quezon City, Baguio City, Puerto Princesa, General Santos City, Mandaluyong and Manila in the Philippines, Rio de Janiero, Brasilla and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Tijuana and Mexico City in Mexico, Cleveland, Colombus and Cincinnati, Ohio, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, Louisiana, Atlanta in Georgia, Honolulu in Hawaii, Boston, Massachusetts, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio and Dallas in Texas, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, Tokyo with Saitama, Kyoto, Kobe, Sendai, Kumamoto, Naha, Osaka and Yokohama in Japan and Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle, Washington.

Other PnF, MML and GF references that the Creator is currently planning would be the clothing inspired by these television series and as well as vehicles, Chiptunes as ringtones (and parts of the Soundtrack, albeit with modifications such as incorporating some Synthwave music influences to reflect the fact his Goof Troop game is meant to be a throwback to the 1980s), architecture styles, technologies, Mini-games and equipment from them. Titles such as Amphibia, Kim Possible, The Proud Family, The Owl House and That's So Raven/Raven's Home, all of them being Disney Channel shows with the women being the main characters are currently being planned too, like the inclusions of clothing, architecture styles, cultures, vehicles, tehnological devices, equipment and businesses inspired by them like one being based on the Kimmunicator in addition to Kim's Roth SL Coupe.

The creator also confirmed that there would be easter eggs to other media like Anime, Manga and Tokusatsu properties (one of them would be referencing My Hero Academia, as he cited that title as an influence for his works alongside the Kinnikuman and Sailor Moon series, as he intended some big Easter eggs from the former foreshadowing King Muscle's big return and the latter as one of the franchises that would be referenced by the Game having some Science fantasy media inspired content like Clothes, Architecture Styles, Music, Equipment and Vehicles) in addition to various video games and other kinds of famous works would be included as well. He even confirmed his intentions for including One Punch Man Easter eggs, such as animal lookalikes of Saitama and Genos appearing.

For his game and the series, he already confirmed that Mortal Kombat and DC Comics are the first two Warner Bros.-based references (for the latter, parts of some stories such as those featuring Batman and Superman in addition to others like Batgirl, Green Arrow and the Flash are the inspirations for his idea of a Goof Troop video game), so he would include a few more easter eggs aside from the Liu Kang one being confirmed for the former, like one of the employees being named after Scorpion's real name as well as Scorpion's iconic catchphrase "Get OVER HERE!!!" being used. References to other Warner Bros. video games in addition to Midway Games such as the Rampage series of Monster/Kaiju video games and the Rush series of Racing video games are currently being considered. He also confirmed that references to Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies would be included. Even easter eggs from the works of Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network (particularly with their original productions from the past and present such as Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar with some parts of the Cast appearing in Disney productions) would be included too, since he made some examples on another group chat that is connected to the Council of Future Video Game Ideas via Messenger like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ed, Edd N' Eddy and Dexter's Laboratory (more titles such as Camp Lazlo, Craig of the Creek, The Powerpuff Girls and Johnny Bravo would be included too), with references to the works from Williams Street and Toonami aside from Samurai Jack like Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law being planned by him like Rick and Morty (even though he isn't a fan of that show) for example. Even British media such as the television series from BBC like Doctor Who, Blackadder, Only Fools and Horses, Red Dwarf, Dad's Army and Sherlock, the Wizarding World (in which had both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them co-existing together in one Universe) and Middle-Earth universes like Harry, Hermoine and Ron, all of them from the former getting Anthromorphic Animal Caricatures in addition to British Musicians such as the Beatles and the late David Bowie (Bowie's clothing, music and style in particular) would be referenced in the series within his game and Goof Troop sequel series set after the events of An Extremely Goofy Movie (when he is talking to one of his friends named Marcos Vitor (aka Mega-Shonen-One-64 on DeviantArt) he asked a question if the crowd and paparazzi scenes should have caricatures of them via Messenger).

He confirmed that there would be Universal references for the series and the game, such as vehicles that are inspired by their works such as the Knight Rider, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future and Fast and the Furious franchises in addition to their animated works, such as An American Tail, Balto and Woody Woodpecker as well as the Illumination Jukebox musical, Sing. Other Easter eggs from the works of Universal such as DreamWorks' animated works like Megamind, The Prince of Egypt, Kung Fu Panda, Rise of the Guardians, Monsters vs. Aliens and The Road to El Dorado would be included as well.

Also, the creator is planning to include a little more easter eggs from franchises owned by different companies aside from the fact some Pixar films referenced Steven Spielberg and Universal's hit dinosaur blockbuster series, Jurassic Park, so he would like to incorporate Easter eggs from other properties (particularly those from the 60s to the 90s).

In addition, after the thing where the House of Mouse became the next Activision-Blizzard, he confirmed that Planet of the Apes would be the first 20th Century Fox/20th Century Studios franchise to be referenced for his Game and the series. He chose that franchise because he wanted to implement Anthropomorphic Monkeys, Gorillas, Spider Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Chimpanzees and Apes within the Goof Troop world. He confirmed that Anthropomorphic Ape, Monkey and Gorilla Policemen, Policewomen and SWAT Members would appear as the security for Max and Roxanne's Wedding. Other titles such as Independence Day and Home Alone are being considered while the popular Rooster Teeth Science fantasy Webseries RWBY would be referenced as well, since he is getting more knowledge of the franchise and being a fan of it. Moreover, there might be more references from the works of 20th Century Studios such as Commando and Die Hard.

Other confirmed Easter eggs are the works of SEGA such as the Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5 (the games also had the late MJ getting a voice role as himself via Space Michael; Michael previously worked with SEGA on titles for the Sega Genesis such as the Moonwalker Video Game based on the Smooth Criminal segment, while incorporating much of his music during the 1980s and reportedly composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3), Streets of Rage, Virtua Fighter, NiGHTs into Dreams, Yakuza (the prequel for the PlayStation 4 had a Michael Jackson caricature named Miracle Johnson) and Gunstar Heroes titles, as well as Paramount/Viacom titles such as Star Trek and Mission Impossible in addition to Nickelodeon series such as Danny Phantom, Harvey Beaks, The Wild Thornberrys, Avatar, Hey Arnold! and The Loud House (according to him, parts of The Loud House (some videos and episodes he watched in particular) are confirmed to be one of his influences when he is making his sequel series and the video game sequel). Capcom and Bandai-Namco's franchises such as Mega Man/Rockman, Pac-Man, Ridge Racer, Darkstalkers, Devil May Cry, Super Robot Wars, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Resident Evil/Biohazard, Tech Romancer, Star Gladiator, Cyberbots, Viewtiful Joe, Soul Calibur, Tales of, the Dark Souls trilogy, THE iDOLM@STER, Tekken and Street Fighter would also be referenced within the series and the Video Game sequel. Moreover, he might throw some Ubisoft references such as those to Rayman, Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed.

Also, one of the Disney-based easter eggs would involve the Pizza Planet truck appearing as well as the restaurant, with an episode that would involve the pizza business where the truck appears where it plays a larger role compared to its previous appearances as seen in almost every Pixar production (except The Incredibles, although it did show up in the sequel and the video game adaptation of the first film; both of which are part of the film's universe). Even other kinds of Easter eggs to Pixar's productions aside from the Pizza Planet truck would be incorporated to the Goof Troop world.


Main article: Max's Extremely Goofy College Life and Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game/Vehicles

Changes in the Asian Releases

When the series airs in Asian territories such as Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan, there are many changes to make it more accessible to Asian audiences in addition to fixing errors and such in the original American releases, while the Asian releases of the episodes have tweaks on them like fixing up the errors and changing parts of the scenes that feel a little out of place for the episode.

  • The opening and ending themes are changed, to make it feel like a typical shonen or shojo anime in the sports, slice of life (particularly with those set in the City), Comedy-Drama, Coming of Age or romantic comedy genres as well as a combination of them.
    • For the episode Goofy and Max: The Father's Keeper, like the original English-language release, the intro is a homage to police procedurals (particularly the aforementioned Miami Vice), but this is slightly changed to have a shonen-based action-adventure setting, but with exotic colors in a similar vein to Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, a supernatural mystery thriller manga series in which had references to music (particularly with the Rock and Metal genres including New Wave, Heavy Metal, Glam Rock, Disco Rock, Synthpop, Glam Punk, Funk Rock, Pop Rock, Glam Metal, Britpop and Hard Rock), musicians and Rock singers (particularly with the ones who live in Europe) in addition to using parts of Europe as the setting for story arcs such as Phantom Blood and Golden Wind.
  • Some of the scenes are revamped or extended to make the story more sensible to viewers, such as shortening some flashbacks that already happened before, like the Childhoods of Max and Roxanne in addition to what happened to Mrs. Goof before and during the events of the series.
  • There are eye-catch cards that are seen before, between and after the commercial breaks in each episode, particularly with Biographies of Everyone in the series, Postcards, Manuals and Guides.
  • There are caricatures to other kinds of Japanese anime, manga, video game and tokusatsu franchises in addition to Asian entertainment in other genres for crowd-based scenes, such as the Sailor Scouts and Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon and Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura, both of them are franchises in the magical girl genre in addition to everyone else from other genres, such as action figures resembling the titular robots from Mazinger Z, Combattler V, Gunbuster, Getter Robo, Daimos, GoLion/Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Gaiking, God Sigma, Trider G7, Steel Jeeg, Zoids, Patlabor, Votoms, Zambot 3, Gakeen, Dragonar, Giant Gorg and Voltes V series of mecha animes in the real and super robot genres for all releases, some SWAT members resembling typical shonen-based manga settings like Goku and Gohan from the Dragon Ball franchise, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura from the Naruto Universe or whoever and as for both dubs, an employee named after Kenshin Himura from Samurai X appears, although he would look different aside having the same name (the creator confirmed that some Anime titles including My Hero Academia and Gurren Lagann served as his inspiration for his works in different kinds of genres, particularly with the Superhero and Science fantasy genres).
    • Aside from this, he has confirmed that although Hasbro (the same company who also made licensed Disney toylines including those from Marvel and Lucasfilm in addition to their well-known original properties such as Transformers, Mr. Potato Head, Jem, My Little Pony, Battleship, Clue, Scrabble, Candyland, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Littlest Pet Shop, Nerf, Battle Beasts and G.I. Joe, as he also confirmed that there would be references from the former like vehicles being named after various Autobots along with clothing from G.I. Joe being modified to feel a little more Modern and updated) now owns the rights to Power Rangers, which is a localized version of the Super Sentai franchise from Toei Company for English-speaking viewers, that doesn't mean he can't reference it in his plans. An example would be employees at different jobs being named after the protagonists from both franchises in addition to everyone else from different tokusatsu franchises such as Godzilla, Gamera, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, Garo and Ultraman, with changes and alterations in order to make them different such as their Civilian forms having different colors for their clothing.
  • The action scenes are slightly changed to have a feel of commonly used themes in Shonen manga, particularly with the Action-Adventure, Mystery or Sports genres while trying to feel balanced within being comedic and down to Earth at the same time.
  • For the scenes where Max and Company are creating a Basketball court, scores inspired by songs in the Hip-hop, Pop Rock, Electronical music, Soft Rock, Heartland Rock, Rock and Roll, New Jack Swing, Power Pop, Electronic rock, Progressive Rock, Acoustic Rock, Britpop, Synthpop, R&B, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, Funk Rock, Dance Pop, Chiptune, Glam Rock, Chiptune and Jazz genres are implemented, to give them a More lively Streetball feel.
  • There are more scenes that are important to the episodes' story, such as Arizona in different places and more historical sequences that aren't included for the original broadcasts of "Max and Goofy: The Return and History of Arizona Goof", which are not only included in the broadcasted airings, but also for the Blu-ray, Online and DVD releases.

Video Game Sequel

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A sequel for the television Miniseries in a form of a video game, Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game, will be released once the series is finished broadcasting all of the episodes on Television Channels and Websites such as Disney Channel, Disney XD, DisneyNow, Hulu, Disney+ and YouTube (although the show's clips can also be uploaded and aired on while they are coming to Home Media platforms such as on Blu-ray and DVD in addition to a series of CGI proof of concept videos to promote the game (they would show what will everything in the Game's concepts be such as the Gameplay aspects), which would be shown first online via YouTube while Disney Channel, Freeform and Disney XD would do the re-runs for the series, with all of the episodes airing for the latter broadcasting the tweaked and updated versions in which are broadcasted first for international territories like the Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Palau, Tonga, Kiribati, Uzbekistan, Australia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Timor-Leste, Laos, Nepal, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Krygysztan, Armenia, Krygysztan and Japan in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, respectively for example. For the creator, he confirmed that the game will feature DLC episodes in a similar fashion to Insomniac's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 (another open-world video game based on a Disney franchise as in this case, Marvel Comics' Spider-Man although it featured references to other superheroes such as the Avengers in which he is a part of the team in the Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (particularly with the New Avengers back in the 2000s and he later officially became a part of the team on the Comics as of 2010) like Black Panther and Doctor Strange as the latter had his mansion located in Manhattan, the Sanctum Sanctorum being physically featured in the Game's New York City map while the former's African Kingdom Wakanda is mentioned) as they would take place after Max and Roxanne's wedding concert in the base game's story. He also confirmed that it would include newer kinds of content to be added on which they aren't present within the Game's on-Disc story mode in addition to the Open-World, Side Mission and Mini-game parts and at the same time, during it's launch release (plus the inclusion of many scrapped elements that are planned to be included in the Game like the Locations, Missions, Mini-Games, Equipment, Side Missions in addition to newer Scenarios based on Goofy's history, Holidays, Clothing, Other kinds of Weather/Seasons, Animals, Foods, Drinks and Vehicles) in addition to dozens of updates such as newer vehicles (particularly with those that exist or got made in different Historical periods in addition to other different kinds of vehicles like 1900s-80s inspired ones such as Concept, SUV, Muscle, Crossover, Supermini, Grand tourer, Roadster, Wagon and Hatchbacks in addition to those related to Motorsporting events like Go Kart, Formula One, Drag racing, Endurance Racing, Rallycross, Auto hillclimbing, Pro Stock drag racing, Rallying, Shifter Karts, Tõge Racing, Drift Racing, GTR, Street Racing, Drag racing Trucks, Supercars Championship, Rally raid, One-make Racing, Formula Trucks, Sprint Karts, Enduro Karts, Oval Karts, Derby, Stock car Racing, Pickup truck racing, Touring Car Racing, Monster Truck Racing, Production car racing and NASCAR based land Motorsport vehicles in addition to the inclusion of more exotic, luxurious and historical types of Submarines, K class submarines, Nautilus class submarines, Grampus class submarines, Amphion class submarines, Resolution class submarines, Nuclear-powered Attack Submarines, Sea Rescue Submarines, Oberion Submarines, Odin class submarines, Jon boats, Rainbow class Submarines, Virginia class Submarines, Los Angeles class submarines, CC-class Submarines, Triomphant class submarines, Redoutable class submarines, Narval class Submarines, Agosta-class Submarines, Boats, Yachts, Skiff Boats, Barques, Brigantines, Dromons, Triremes, Frigates, Caravels, Houseboats, Multi-species Boats, Pilothouse Boats, Express Fisherman Boats, Fast attack crafts, Dreadnoughts, Hospital ships, Aircraft carriers, York Boats, Longships, Narrowboats, Express cruisers, Houseboats, Hydroplanes, Wakeboard Boats, Bass Boats, Bowriders, Downeast Cruisers, Bay Boats, Center consoles, Power Catamarans, Racing Dinghies, Classic Dinghies, High-performance Dinghies, Hydrofoils, Cable ferries, Train ferries, Express Fisherman Boats, Daggerboard Boats, Motorsailers, Chundam vallams, Padded v-hulls, Garbage scows, Gundalows, Dragon boats, Express Sportfishes, Cockpit Motor Yachts, Carracks, Brigantines, Cruise ships, Cabin cruisers, Sedan Bridge Yachts, Sailboats, Center consoles, Skipjacks, Go-fast Boats, Yugo-class Submarines, Sariwon-class Submarines, Type 214 Submarines, Walkarounds, Sportfishing Yachts, Deck Boats, Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Dinghies, Schooners, Fishing Boats, Jet boats, Jet skis, Fireboats, Wave runners, Personal Watercrafts, Braceras, Tugboats, Auxiliary ships, Galleons, Kashalot-class Submarines, Los Angeles-class Submarines, Trafalgar-class submarines, Kobben-class Submarines, Astute-class Submarines, Astute Class Submarines, Barracuda class Submarines, Seawolf class attack submarines, Type 212 Submarines, Challenger class submarines, Ohio class submarines, Gotland class submarines, S-80 Class Submarines, Wakeboard Boats, Tankee Boats, Shad boats, Reaction ferries, 600 Serie Auda Class Submarines, Dhows, Dragon Boats, Flyaks, Liners, Paddle steamers, Surf boats, Torpedo Boats, Towboats, Masula Boats, Superyachts, Canoes, Type 091 Submarines, Partol Boats, Police Boats, Ferries, Motor Launches, Riverboats, Trimarans, Special mission submarines and Speedboats), some newer kinds of story missions that had unique elements (a few of them would be fitting for stuff happening in the Philippines like the events like the Festivals for example; though some parts of Africa would be included like the Clothing, Art and Cuisine styles in addition to it's Animals), newer kinds of mini-games such as doing activities that are common in different kinds of places like participating in Festivities, newer kinds of clothes (he had plans to make more musician-based attires in addition to more 1590s, 1600s, 1610s, 1620s, 1630s, 1640s, 1650s, 1660s, 1670s, 1680s, 1690s, 1700s, 1710s, 1720s, 1730s, 1740s, 1750s, 1760s, 1770s, 1780s, 1790s, 1800s, 1810s, 1820s, 1830s, 1840s, 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, early to mid 2000s, athlete, skater, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, martial artist, rugby, hockey, boxing, wrestler, aquatics, Motorsport, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, mixed martial artist, fencing and City/Town/Farm-based clothing, as well as other kinds of clothing, like those inspired by the Philippines in addition to other countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Colombia, Chile, Namibia, Zambia, Liberia, Australia, Uruguay, Suriname, Aruba, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Cyprus, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sweden, Iraq, Iran, Switzerland, Finland, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, New Zealand, Jamaica, Scotland, Denmark, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, East Timor, Samoa, Nepal, New Caledonia, Marshall Islands and Australia, different kinds of film and television genres such as martial arts, historical fiction, buddy comedy, space western, steampunk, comic science fiction, film noir, spy fiction, Urban fantasy, comic fantasy, Police procedrual, Cyberpunk, mystery, romance, western and detective fiction as well as anime, manga and tokusatsu franchises such as Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Kamen Rider/Masked Rider (as the latter is a part of the Saban/Hasbro Shared Universe back in the 90s), Metal Hero/VR Troopers/Big Bad Beetleborgs, Gridman/SSSS Gridman/Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad and Ultraman for the Tokusatsu parts (particularly with the suits and helmets), various Shuiesha and Kodansha titles for the Anime and Manga parts in addition to other ones in different kinds of genres such as K-On!, Gigantor, Boys Over Flowers/Meteor Garden, Nisekoi, Patlabor, GoLion/Voltron, the Robot Romance Trilogy (Voltes V and Daimos in particular), Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, some Comic Book Superhero inspired clothing like Marvel Comics collaboration Cosplay skins, Clothes based on those as seen in Concept arts for different kinds of Media in different genres (ex. Concept arts for Mickey Mouse universe based media such as the aforementioned Goof Troop, DuckTales and Darkwing Duck, as well as other kinds of Disney media (including scrapped ones such as Pixar's Newt and Circle 7 Animation's concepts for three Pixar sequels: the original draft for Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc. 2: Lost in Scaridise and Finding Nemo 2, in which two of them are rewritten (Finding Nemo 2 became Finding Dory) by Pixar while Lost in Scaridise became Monsters University) such as the Kingdom Hearts series (like the outfits where Sora and Riku are supposed to wear while the former looking different than the finalized appearance such as being a Human-Lion hybrid and having a Chainsaw-like weapon in a similar vein to the ones used in Slasher media before the latter became a Keyblade in the final release) as the Creator confirmed that once the Game is a success, Max and his friends as well as his fellow Goof family members aside from his father, like Debbie and Sylvia might appear in Kingdom Hearts IV with Max and Debbie being Playable), implementing even more different kinds of Architecture styles around the World and history to be added like those from the Philippines in addition to ones in Japan, China, India, Singapore, Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Liberia, Tanzania, Samoa, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Denmark, Brazil, Finland, South Africa and South Korea and as well as having a larger amount of furniture to purchase, more Books, Manuals, Guidebooks and Comics to read in addition to making them, more television shows and films to be watched in-Game that are from Disney's library from the 1920s to 2004 (as well as some newly created ones exclusively made for the DLC like the inclusion of Documentaries about everything else (ex. Histories about Japan during the Samurai/Sengoku, Edo, Meiji and Kamakura eras, Histories of different architecture styles, Histories of Mathematics and how Automobiles, Bikes, Submarines, Trains, Boats and Aircrafts like Planes or Helicopters are made) in addition to other kinds of television series in different genres like Science fiction, Mystery, Blaxploitation, Buddy comedy, Road, Superhero, Police Procedural, Comic Science fiction, Cyberpunk, Period piece, Steampunk and Urban fantasy) and many others like Nationalism-inspired Clothing as well as Clothing inspired by different films, books and television series that fit well with the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s themes since he confirmed some examples), more environments such as a savannah, a rainforest, the woodlands (not only featuring trees, Safehouses and stuff, but also it's Animals like Bears, Coatis, Axoltols, Cacomistles, Vaquita Porpoises, Red-tailed Hawks, Chamoises, Hawaiian Wild cattles, Nenes, Squirrels, Common Mures, Venomous snakes, Red Kangaroos, Crossbills, Red Crossbills, Rockfishes, Leaf warblers, Cape May warblers, Northern Waterthrushes, North Siberian pigs, Brown hyenas, Aardwolves, Tree squirrels, Agile gibbons, sun bears, Binturongs, Striped hyenas, Elks, Short-tailed Weasels, Polecats, European minks, Snowshoe hares, Masked shrews, flying squirrels, Sambar deers, Blackbucks, Chitals, Sika deers, Green pheaseants, Ussuri Black bears, Amami rabbits, Hokkaido wolves, Iriomote cats, Sado moles, Japanese bobtails, Ryukyu flying foxes, Honshu wolves, Bonin flying foxes, Clouded leopards, Snakes, King cobras, Sand Vipers, Hyraxes, Red-necked Ostriches, Douglas Squirrels, Norway rats, Deers, Fallow deers, Roe deers, Sambars, Chinese water deers, Leopard cats, Dholes, Great horned owls, Brown-Headed Barbets, Malabar Grey Hornbills, Stork-Billed Kingfishers, Asian Paradise flycatchers, Japanese Pygmy Woodpeckers, Indian Pittas, Eurasian Nuthatches, Snowshoe hares, Mountain weasels, Tundra voles, Brockets, American Beavers, Plains gophers, Eastern cottontails, Eastern spotted skunks, Least Chimpunks, Goliath frogs, Saddleback toads, Darwin's frogs, Ghost frogs, Painted frogs, Frogs, Cheetahs, Northwest African Cheetahs, Tanzanian Cheetahs, Gorillas, Giant Red flying squirrels, grizzled Giant squirrels, Malabar Giant squirrels, Prevost's squirrels, Aardwolves, Boomslangs, Lappet-faced Vultures, Golden trouts, California clapper rails, Quetzals, Silver Foxes, Artic foxes, Marble foxes, Cross foxes, Sables, Golden snub nosed Monkeys, North China Leopards, Pandas, Giant pandas, Koalas, Florida black bears, Virginia oppossums, Appalchian cottontails, Southern flying squirrels, Ermines, River otters, Long-tailed Weasels, Davao Squirrels, African Buffalos, European brown bears, Sri Lankan sloth bears, Louisiana black bears, Himalayan Black bears, Atlas bears, Gobi bears, Cantrabian brown bears, Cinnamon bears, Japanese Black bears, Formosan black bears, California grizzly bears, African forest elephants, Canadian Lynxes, Chipmunks, Jaguars, Martens, Philippine warty pigs, Japanese night herons, Asian palm civets, Philippine forest turtles, Sulu hornbills, Wolverines, Bisons, Alligators, Bald eagles, American Beavers, Siberian Chimpunks, Golden eagles, Bateleurs, Steller's Sea Eagles, Martial Eagles, African Fish Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Madagascar Fish Eagles, Kinabalu Serpent-Eagles, Indian Spotted Eagles, Indian Spotted Eagles, Grizzly Bears, Reindeers, Giant Canadian geese, Golden Jackals, Gray Jays, woodpeckers, greater snow geese, Olympic marmots, Fishers, American martens, Polar bears, Spectacle bears, Raccoon dogs, sharp-shinned hawks, Blue Jays, American robins and Raccoons), the wild west, the desert or a jungle (with some smaller towns on them and animals like Ring-tailed cats, Armadillos, Whale sharks, Neo tetras, Dugongs, Tree shrews, Crab-eating macaques, Asiatic lions, Chuckwallases, Great Basin colored lizards, Side-blotched lizards, Sand cats, Morphos, Sandgrouses, Capybaras, Porcupines, Scarlet Macaws, Spider Monkeys, Horned Lizards, Odocoileuses, Caracals, Arabian wolves, Hawksbill sea turtles, oryxes, Black-footed Ferrets, River otters, Wildcats, Bighorn Sheep, Leaf-cutter Ants, Lions, Camels, Buffalos, Florida panthers, American alligators, Mugger crocodiles, Tamaraws, Addaxes, Bactrian Camels, Murrah Buffalos, Skunks, Copperheads, Coral snakes, American Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Panther chameleons, Parson's Chameleons, Eastern coral snakes, Macaws, Sun Bears, Sloth Bears, Black Eagles, Komodo dragons, Macaque Monkeys, Gibbons Banni Buffalos, Roadrunners, Meerkats, Spiny Mice, Monitor Lizards, Kangaroo Rats, Sidewinder Rattlesnakes, Tarsiers, Harpy Eagles, Crowned Eagles, Mexican Wolves, Banded Gila Monsters, tailorbirds, doves, civet cats, sunbirds, Desert bighorn sheep, Pygmy owls, Addax antelopes, African ground squirrels, Arabian horses and Horses), newer kinds of vehicles in different kinds of events or themes (such as those in the rally, off-road, Motorsport (particularly the Cars made for these Racing events back in the past such as the Le Mans, Endurance Racing, Formula One and Rally events in addition to all of the NASCAR seasons from the past in the 1940s-2003), all terrain-based, historical, Exotic and dirt-based types of land vehicles like cars or trucks and as well as other mountable Animals and in addition to Rare, Hatchback, Convertible, Crossover and Concept Cars as well as Jeeps, 4x4 Trucks, Mobile cranes, Semi-trailer trucks, Touring Motorcycles, Road bicycles, Bulldozers, Buses, Tow Trucks, SUVs, Jeepneys, Motorbikes, Motorcross Bikes and Tricycles), newer kinds of recipes to prepare, bake, fry, cook and to be edible, newer kinds of materials to craft or invent and newer but different kinds of safehouses like Apartments, Mansions or Hotels to build or purchase like a mansion outside of Spoonerville that would be built throughout the Game's story, as well as other kinds of odd jobs (particularly ones who associate with Mother Nature, such as environmental engineer, hydrologist, environmental scientist, cleaning supervisor, zookeeper, animal curator, aquarist, veterinary technician and wildlife biologist, as well as others such as a landscape architect and structural engineer in addition to being a zoologist). In addition, the DLC will also contain newer gigs to perform for the concerts such as Stadiums, Outdoor and Indoor arenas as well as Motorsport events to be added for the tracks to be used in racing sequences like those related to ones using Motorcycles and Automobiles, as well as newer Radio Stations and Songs to be incorporated like those in different genres such as Gangster rap, G-funk, Funk rap, Jazz rap, Country rap, Kwaito, East Coast Hip-hop, Rap Metal, Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Rockabilly, Disco Rock, Alternative Metal, Reggae, Traditional Kagura, J-Rock, Ska punk, Crust punk, Irish traditional music, Chanson, Street hip-hop, Gregorian, Battle rap, Crunk, Trap music, Crunk, Cloud rap, New school hip hop, Merenrap, Hiplife, Glam punk, dance punk, J-Hip hop, Tradional Gagaku, gypsy jazz, Jazz Rock, Power Pop, Funk Metal, Game music, Japanese Jazz, Afrobeat, Spiritual, OPM, Philippine folk music, Pinoy Rock, Bush ballad, Australian jazz, Downtempo, future bass, Florida breaks, Space Rock, Dominican hip hop, Latin hip hop, Glam Metal, Glam Punk, Art Rock, Jerkin', Drill music, Atlanta hip hop, Hardcore hip hop, Pinoy Reggae, Spanish folk music, BisRock, Christian Rock, Gospel, Kulintang, Plunderphonics, Japanese hardcore, technopop, post-Disco, Pub Rock, new wave, Pachangueo, hardcore punk, Egyptian hip hop, Spanish reggae, skate punk, African Hip hop, Movida, African Heavy metal, Kapuka, Maloya, Samba, Mariachi, cha-cha-cha, Vallenato, Nueva trova, Merengue, Joropo, Danzón, Funana, Ye-yè, ethnic, modinha and World in addition to implementing some newer kinds of fighting styles for the players such as Arnis and Filipino Martial arts from the Philippines in addition to others like Brazillian jiu-jitsu, Capoeira, Luta Livre, Huka-huka and Tarracá from Brazil, Mexican-style Boxing and Lucha libre from Mexico, Bare-knuckle Boxing from the United Kingdom, Musangwe, Tahtib, African Stick Fighting and Dambe from Africa.

For the new place to be included for the DLC or Expansion Pack, he confirmed that he is planning include and try a place that is creative, unique, different, new and exotic, since he did some research on some fanmade ideas, suggestions and guesses on where can a completely hypothetical and possible Grand Theft Auto VI will take place (he read articles that Vice City (a theory says that if GTA V can bring back Los Santos, then a sequel would bring back that city too, since there is a mod for the former that uses the Map of it; he also saw some fanmade Maps if it would appear in the HD Universe to be pretty interesting by the community) would be used as the setting and he also watched some videos if GTA VI would take place in that there on YouTube as well as if the Game would take place in different cities such as Seattle (Rainer) by MrBossFTW), as well as other things such as vehicles (particularly ones that are made or produced in the past like in the 1890s to the early 2000s such as those made by real-life brands such as Alfa-Romeo, Hyundai, Bentley, Callaway, Panoz, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Ferrari, BMW, Hummer, Audi, Lagonda, Aston Martin, Jeep, Bitter Cars, Isdera, Mazda, Aeon Motor, Brammo, Scorpa, Sommer, DKW, Peugeot Scooters, Chevrolet, Lotus, Lamborghini, Dodge, Volvo, Adam Opel AG, Maserati, Abrath, Spyker, Roewe, Polski Fiat, Lada, Fornasari, Covini Engineering, Alpina, Keinath, Gumpert, Fiat and Nissan as well as others like those used by the Military such as old tanks (particularly with those associated with History like the events of the Cold War or World War I), trucks, cars, planes and helicopters as well as SUVs, Sedans and 4x4 trucks that can fit well with different kinds of terrain like Dirt and Sand) and equipment like Weapons used by Street Gangs, the Mafia, Police Officers or various Military Organizations for example, like those based on Guns, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Bows and Arrows, Assault rifles, Knives, Swords and Snipers from different kinds of Historical events like the American Civil War. Not only did he read articles where a possible game would take place (especially on gtaboom's City of the Week section where the Rockstar fan community is brainstorming ideas where GTA VI will take place) like in Texas (namely fictionalized cities based on San Antonio, Dallas and Houston or for the San Antonio part as well as other places in the Texas triangle, maybe featuring all of the three Texan cities at once, just like Rockstar did in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which had fictionalized versions of San Francisco (San Fierro), Las Vegas (Las Venturas) and Los Angeles (Los Santos), all at once at the same time in which they are used into a state that uses features from both California and Nevada into one game in which they are based on these states; although Rockstar felt it didn't accurately recapture it's real life counterparts to the game's 1990s setting, it is an ambitious task to include three settings in an Open-World Third Person Shooter Video Game released for Consoles such as the PlayStation 2, the original Xbox and Personal Computers at the time), he also saw some fanmade maps online that are interesting if GTA VI is going to take place in the entire United States of America, which had every city (except for Anywhere City from Grand Theft Auto 2, which takes place in the future although there is a fanmade Map of it if it's gonna appear in the HD Universe and other fanmade USA Maps featuring it) in Rockstar's several video game universes (especially those in the 3D and HD universes as well as other places such as the Wild West and some of the States from the Red Dead franchise) such as Liberty City and Alderney (with some changes and newer things, like ones that are next to other places based on the New York and New Jersey states like Atlantis being based on Atlantic City along with other parts that are surrounded outside of these places and Nigara Falls being included at the Map in addition to other Towns that are surrounded within these states), all of the three original cities of San Andreas as seen in the game that focuses on them in the 3D Universe (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas (plus with the inclusion of a fictionalized version of North Las Vegas called North Las Venturas as well as the Grand Canyon) along with newer fictional cities based on ones set in the states of Nevada and California such as Emeryville, Palm Springs, Oakland, San Jose, Burbank, Elko, Reno, Henderson, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Fullerton, Balboa Park, Newport Beach, Temecula, Davis, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Agoura Hills, Antioch, Long Beach, Boulder City, Tonopah, Stateline, Battle Mountain, Carson City, Laughlin, Fresno, Adelanto, Antioch, Baldwin Park, Chula Vista, Daly City, Montebello, Modesto, Lancaster, Yerington, Fernley, Caliente and Sacramento), Carcer City from the Manhunt duology (as well as Cottonmouth from the sequel to the first game; albeit with some changes and additions to it's Map if GTA VI will take place in where would Cottonmouth be depicted as well), Bullworth from Bully (as well as including more places, towns and cities for the state of New Hampshire as if Rockstar could possibly try their best accurately recapture the entire State, along with other parts of the New England region in the United States), both North and South Yankton (with Cities based on both Dakota states while bringing back Ludendorff from Grand Theft Auto V in addition to a fictionalized version of Mount Rushmore) and an expanded, yet updated version of Vice City (with newer locations that are located nearby Miami and more places that would be added set in that City from Real life that is located in Florida), as well as newer locations that are mentioned, but not included or seen in previous Rockstar titles such as Capital City in which is inspired from Washington, D.C. (he saw a fanmade Map of it and not once, but twice; there is even a Map as a part of Capitol State made by a fan as seen in GTAforums) in addition to cities based on the aforementioned ones from Texas (plus adding Smaller cities like Corpus Christi for example in that state), fictionalized versions of Atlanta, Newport, Providence, Pawtucket, Valdosta, Sandy Springs, Americus, Allentown, Williamsport, Valdosta, Decatur, Newnan, Warner Robins, Joliet, Naperville, Wakueigan, Des Plaines, Bethesda, Catonsville, Apple River, Dothan, Auburn, Bartonville, Stone Mountains, Conyers, Douglasville, Cumming, Statesboro, Baton Rouge, Ruston, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Battle Creek, Bay City, Bowling Green, Beattyville, Saginaw, Spartanburg, Mount Pleasant, Rock Hill, Conway, Mauldin, Orangeburg, Hammond, Bossier City, Mandeville, Joplin, Ozark, Rolla, St. Peters, Wentzville, New Iberia, Birmingham, West Plains, Clayton, Hazelwood, University City, Earth City, Tuscaloosa, El Paso, Arlington, Providence, Cranston, Seattle (he saw a fanmade Map of it as Rainer; not once but twice in a Row), Tampa (some fans would depict Cottonmouth as the fictionalized version of that City although parts of it are inspired by New Orleans), Jacksonville, Hawaii (particularly with Honolulu), Hampton Roads, Charlotte, Baltimore, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, Evansville, Philadelphia (he saw a Map of it as Independence City), St. Louis, Muskegon, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Fairfax, Newsport News, Manassas, Richmond, Indianapolis, Federal Way, Cheyenne, Maumee, Belton, Raymore, O'Fallon, Overland, Gahanna, Port Clinton, New Philadelphia, Allentown, Erie, Harrisburg, Aberdeen, Tacoma, Bellevue, Puyallup, Auburn, Zanesville, Lorain, Grove City, Kirkwood, Sedalia, Richwood, Bremerton, Burien, Kent, Pasco, Sammamish, Wenatchee, Kirkland, Bothell, Chicago (he saw it as Arcadia on a forums website), Franks, Samsville, Danvers, Weymouth, Wilmington, Brockton, Leora, Hornet, Boston, Phoenix, Cleveland, Mississipi, Cambridge, Gulf Shores, Phoenix City, Springfield, Mew Bedford, Grand Rapids, Harrisburg, Lansing, Randolph, Revere, Salem, Somerville, Detroit (if Cancer City is confirmed to be a fictionalized version of that City and if not, maybe other Cities like Chicago, Illinois according to a YouTube video if GTA VI is set in there but others think it's based off Camden in New Jersey), New Orleans (if Cottonmouth is confirmed by Rockstar to be the fictionalized version of that City; even though Saint Denis from Red Dead Redemption 2 is based on there), Jackson, Topeka, Overland Park, Hutchinson, Leavenworth, Ocean City, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Odgen, St. George, Provo, Park City, Orlando (complete with Funland appearing in which is a fictionalized version of Walt Disney World as well as other of Disney's Theme Parks located at different countries like in France, China (plus Hong Kong) and Japan), Denver, Tuscumbia, Fort Rucker, Greeley, Madison, Appleton, Albuquerque, Savannah, Albany, Raleigh, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Oklahoma City, Mankato, Baxter, Blue Earth, Brooklyn Center, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Wichita, Lawrenece, Salina, Atlamount, American Fork, Bluffdale, Lexen and even, Salt Lake City, as well as many other kinds of American cities, towns, landmarks, farms, forests, swamps, mountains, hills and provinces in addition to other things like including Military Headquarters and Prisons that are located in different kinds of Cities in North America if Rockstar could possibly recreate the map based on the entire United States of America (with many locations from Canada and Mexico in addition to other places that are located nearby in and outside of the United States) like fictionalized versions of Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Ontario, Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Surrey, Saguenay, Victoria, Thunder Bay, St. John, Kitchener, Lethbridge, Gatineau, Saskatoon, Cancun, Montterey, Tijuana, Ciudad Juárez, Ensenada, Rosarito, San Felipe, Piedras Negras, Ciudad Acuña, Los Mochis, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Poza Rica, Xalapa, Veracruz, Matamoros, Durango, Tlanepantla de Paz, Zapopan and Mexico City being included along with Villages, the Countryside, Towns and Forests, aside from Landmarks being included as well in a similar vein how Rockstar featured fictionalized renditions of the southern United States and Northern Mexico in the wild west for their own Open-World Third Person Shooter game, Red Dead Redemption and it's 2018 prequel) in one game, as Ubisoft previously did that in their own open-world racing video game, The Crew and its sequel as the Game's Maps covered parts of the Country. The fans in the GTA community are working together to recreate the United States in the form of a mod in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas called GTA: Underground in which features many locations that exist within Rockstar's 3D Universe (as well as the Desert and places like Towns in the Red Dead universe) with newer ones made by the fans like Cities and Towns based on the aforementioned places above and as well as other stuff like Safehouses and Vehicles. He even saw a fanmade GTA V Map if it will ever take place in a recreation of the Southern United States, as well as parts of the Northern USA too, like featuring a fictionalized take on Salt Lake City with under the name of Sin Lake City for one and an another one, albeit unnamed for a Map that he saw on Reddit for a fanmade map that combines the Maps of Grand Theft Auto's HD Universe and the Red Dead franchise (in addition to other games made by Rockstar such as Bully and Manhunt) so far while including newer locations within Rockstar's shared Video Game Universe that is set in the United States. In addition, he also read some articles in the GTA Fanon wiki, in which he helped out with some articles that are interesting to him like Grand Theft Auto: Revolution in which it set in both San Andreas and Robada as they feature the following cities: Los Santos in it's Grand Theft Auto V depiction (Los Angeles), San Fierro with more landmarks and stuff being added like a fictional counterpart to Alcatraz Island (San Francisco), San Tiago (Sacramento), San Julio (San Diego with parts of the Mexican border in addition to a few Cities and Towns in there being added via updates) and a larger but more accurate depiction of Las Venturas (Las Vegas), along with other things that are commonly found in Open-World Video Game worlds set in Modern times, such as Villages, Valleys, Jungles, Cities, Enviorments, Towns, Buildings to enter in addition to some Safehouses to live like additional Apartments or Mansions and Vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Planes, Aircrafts or Boats to be driven in addition to mountable Animals such as Horses, Hippopotamuses, Flamingoes, Ostriches and Elephants. He even researched on various DLC Concepts for the franchise, as well as fanmade game concepts such as Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City in which are from GTAforums.

Aside from all of the above ideas for the game, he also read articles if GTA VI will take place in foreign cities instead of those in the United States just like in the past twice in the United Kingdom like in London and Manchester, such as featuring Toronto from Canada, Paris from France, Kingston from Jamaica, Edinburgh from Scotland (also the same place where Rockstar Games begun), both Buenos Aires and Montevideo from Argentina and Uruguay, Moscow from Russia, Rome from Italy, Budapest from Hungary, Sydney in Australia, Rio de Janiero in Brazil and Manila in his home country, the Philippines (for the Philippine Capital City of Manila, it would also include other parts of Metro Manila like his hometown, Paranaque City in addition to featuring Muntilupa, Navotas, Marikina, Las Pinas, Makati, Pasay City, Pasig City, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Taguig, Malabon, Caloocan, Malate, San Juan and Pateros in a similar vein how did Rockstar made a fictionalized version of California and a part of Nevada called San Andreas back in 2004 where it is an ambitious task to include 3 cities in one game at the time). When he discussed these ideas, he said that to his friends that there would be specific content, such as the inclusion of Carnival and Soccer Mini-games if it takes place in Brazil and as well as Kalesas, Pinoy-style Tricycles and Jeepneys if it takes place in the Philippines, along with other Mini-games that are based on Filipino activities such as Cooking Filipino food such as Pinoy-style Pasta like Spaghetti and Carbonara, Pancit, Chicharon, Crispy pata, Longganisa, Menudo, Sisig, Tinola, Letchon, Letchon Kawali, Adobo, Afritada and even Filipino style spaghetti), participating in Filipino businesses such as Sari-sari stores, participating in Filipino festivities like Sinulog, the Masskara and Giant Lantern festivals and even, incorporating Filipino fighting styles such as Arnis for the Combat System, along with Animals like the Carabao being mountable too in addition to other kinds of foods and drinks in the Philippines being edible to replenish the player's health throughout the story or the sandbox modes. Parts of these cities like Rio and Manila's Architecture styles would be implemented in the Game. One of the articles he read is the news for Grand Theft Auto VI taking place in Vice City and somewhere in South America (particularly with the following cities: Rio de Janiero in Brazil or Buenos Aires in Argentina while featuring some Environments like Forests, Jungles, Mountains, Swamps, Savannahs and Beaches in addition to towns, equipment, gear, vehicles, foods, drinks, clothing and weapons that are found in these Latin American countries as well as some Animals who are considered to be inhabitants there like Macaws, Flamingoes, Owls, Tigers, Crocodiles, Frogs, Eagles and Parrots) in a codenamed title that is reportedly in development by the team according to some news reports he read online when he is researching about the news of GTA VI using Google under the codename Project Americas, reflecting a report in which the game could take place in both North (with the aforementioned Vice City in it's modernized but updated form) and Latin parts of the Americas (featuring either of the three aforementioned cities set in that content in the following countries: Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil). He even read an article that the aforementioned hypothetical game could not only bring back both Vice City and Liberty City, but also use Rio de Janiero as well but set in the 1970s-80s (most of the story) to the present day.

At some points during the development of the game, the Creator of the series is thinking about including Africa (especially the jungles, towns, provinces, farms, parks and savannahs or other places in Africa, like Cape Town in which he read an article about the idea of GTA VI is going to take place in that city). Also, aside from taking the whole United States (an ambitious task to do in Video Gaming history), he found some fanmade Grand Theft Auto maps that were done by the fan community that he thought are interesting, like a new location (Independence City is a fanmade location based on Philadelphia, along with Atlantis being based on Atlantic City although it still had Niagara Falls being intact for the Map) and as well as fanmade maps of Vice City (the one if Grand Theft Auto V took place in that City instead of Los Santos, while it includes newer content like equipment, vehicles, weapons plus those that already appeared in previous games along with redesigned ones for some of them, safehouses and even radio stations that had music which hadn't played in Grand There Auto: Vice City and its PlayStation Portable prequel such as those in the jazz, new jack swing, pop rock, K-pop, Funk metal, alternative metal, electronic Rock, Christian Metal, Christian Rock, Alternative Metal, Avant-grade Metal, Chiptune, grunge Rock, Atlanta hip hop, rap rock, modern rhythm and blues, art Rock, OPM, post-grunge, Christian pop, Power pop, Britpop, Filipino Rock, alternative Rock, grunge, J-rock, Latin pop, Europop, Progressive pop, afropop, latin rap, samba, Glam Metal, jazz Rock, dance pop, post-grunge and modern hip hop genres, although some of these previously-mentioned types of music are played in the other games set within the 3D universe, as well as all of the games so far in the HD universe).

Aside from the DLC, he originally confirmed that Houston, Texas would be the second location for the game since he did some research on the NRG Stadium (aka the Reliant Stadium before its renaming years later) and read the article if GTA VI is gonna take place in that city (although the Creator is considering using different stadiums from other American cities such as the Michigan Stadium at Ann Arbor in addition to one owned by Philadelphia called the Lincoln Financial Field and the one owned by the Cleveland Browns called the Cleveland Browns Stadium). According to him, the reason why he originally picked Houston, Texas as the setting for the wedding is that its multi-purpose stadium (particularly used in sporting events such as football games as well as concerts and a Super Bowl event) is big enough to host so many people in ambitious events (one of his friends said that everything is bigger in Texas), such as the aforementioned wedding that Max and Roxanne have in the base game as well as its story mode in addition other things aside from the second setting, like the Goof Family House becoming a Mansion before the Game's wedding concert sequence. However, he changed the Wedding gig and the second city setting to the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida (a few of his friends suggested other cities including Seattle with the Seahawks Stadium suggested to replace the Reliant Stadium but the one that Tampa had for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the winner in a poll although Seattle, along with Cleveland are being reconsidered by the Creator before he could decide if that City in Florida could stay or be replaced like the aforementioned Stadium that the Seahawks had in addition to the Cleveland Browns Stadium but however, the Football Stadium that the aforementioned City in Washington won against that in Cleveland according to one of the posts he made) for obvious reasons like having perfect geographic features, creating many unique gameplay features, there aren't enough Video Games set in tropical cities and ones that had interesting story potential in addition to other gameplay concepts that are used in a typical Grand Theft Auto title as well as it's clones and competitors (although parts from GTA 6 City of the Week articles that he read for fictionalized versions of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Honolulu, Seattle, Manila, Rio de Janiero, Philadelphia, Detroit, Buenos Aires with Montevideo, Hampton Roads, Phoenix, San Diego, Honolulu and Cleveland would remain as the inspiration for parts of the Game's story like parts of the Concepts of the Military being involved for example as for his game, he would implement the concept of the Militarization of Police in addition to having the Shipment conflict part being involved from ideas of featuring Manila, the Philippines and Seattle, Washington (albeit with many differences and modifications to fit well with a family-friendly video game; though there would be some epic and action-packed moments in the story like the Boss Battle for example), having some people from the government involved in the story from Cleveland (same as with Manila and Seattle) and even, the protagonist being a police cadet from the Brazillian City of Rio de Janiero (in his game, Max would start off as a Rookie Police Officer that would advance into a Major one first, then becoming a Master Police Officer while having many jobs at once). He will also incorporate a lot of innovative features for his game like making Max work into a variety of Jobs throughout the Game and other kinds of gameplay stuff to be really creative, like the inclusion of Rhythm Mini-games that uses the Gameplay style from Rhythm Video Games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band (particularly with the Handheld titles like Rock Band: Unplugged, Guitar Hero: On Tour and the DS version for the LEGO spin-off for the latter) in addition to Dance-based titles such as Dance Dance Revolution. Previously, Tampa made an appearance with a role in the story mode of Tony Hawk's Underground for all of the sixth Generation consoles' home versions. The aforementioned Rio de Janiero also appeared in some games in the franchise in addition to Philadelphia and Hawaii (Honolulu in particular regarding for the latter). Tampa however, finally later confirmed to stay as one of the settings in the game (initially at launch, parts of the City are recreated in it's 2002-03 appearance but more parts of it are added via DLC updates in addition to the Expansion Pack accurately recreating it more). Emman also confirmed that Cleveland would be a part of the game, again as one of the settings for it.

Seattle even appeared in a variety of Video Games such as Sucker Punch and Sony Computer Entertainment's inFamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4 and as well as the Shadowrun franchise in the Cyberpunk genre. Moreover, he is currently planning to confirm Seattle, Washington as the Wedding gig by using the Seahawks Stadium in it's nearby finalization stages before doing that and in order to capture that City during the Game's Base content period (2002-2003), some of his friends online who are working together to create the Game alongside himself had to do a variety of research in addition to one of his friends such as Marcos Vitor watching stuff about that City and as well as episodes of the 1990s-early 2000s television sitcom that aired on NBC, Frasier. The creator even watched a compilation video that had clips of that sitcom in which is about one of the funniest and best moments (in addition to sharing links of them on YouTube for his friends such as Michael Igafo-Te'o) with a few more clips about that series (and more research about it) to be added if he can find them, as well as watched the aforementioned GTA VI video for ideas if it takes place in that City in Washington too. An another video is the science and technology of the Seahawks Stadium as well, in this case on YouTube. He even read articles and pages about that City in Washington too, not only about the Arts, but with other things, like sharing posts about there on Facebook like it's cuisine like the Pizzas they had. He confirms that he wanted to include Seattle (with the help of some of his friends who are helping him with the Game) as the wedding gig for his game after he found a lot of things related to that City whole he is using Facebook. He also said that Seattle is obviously New York City of Washington, but being a City with many kinds of neighborhoods, Snow, Forests, Rain, Technology-oriented Companies such as Amazon, Nintendo of America, Valve Corporation and Microsoft and to a lesser extent, some musicians in the Rock Music genre (Grunge in particular) such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana as well as the origin of Jimi Hendrix. In order for him to successfully create a better yet larger and accurate recreation of that City (even moreso than the third InFamous game), he and his friends had to do lots of brainstorming and research, while Emman is watching a lot of videos for reference, whenever he found the links or downloaded them from using websites like YouTube (with the latter having some of them stored in his tablet and laptop). If the Creator confirms that the wedding would be held in Seattle at the Seahawks Stadium (aka CenturyLink Field and Qwest Field in the following years), he would also do Seattle-based content like the Clothes worn by the fictionalized casts who went there like the aforementioned spin-off to Cheers, the Cyberpunk Superhero series Dark Angel, the Nickelodeon teen sitcom iCarly and the medical drama Grey's Anatomy as examples in addition to films like the popular 1990s Theatrical Romantic Comedy Sleepless in Seattle, the 2006 Documentary The Heart of the Game, the 1980s Documentary Streetwise, The 10 Things I Hate about You, Sonicsgate and Mad Love. Philadelphia is even being considered by the Creator too, as some media like Boy Meets World and the Modern Shazam comic books (plus the 2019 film adaptation set in the DC Extended Universe) are set in there. Later on, as the Creator encircled the option for the wedding to be held at the Seahawks Stadium, he wrote ideas for his game's levels set in Seattle at one of his Ideas and Pitches Notebooks he had in Real Life, with more and more are written for them.

For the Mansion part, he did research on some Mansions that he found out to be really good, as well as he saw some fanmade Architecture content dome by The Sims fan community (particularly with the ones that are considered as Homes such as Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, Townhouses and Mansions; Modern and Classic ones for the Mansions in particular). He even watched a video where a fan on YouTube recreated Michael Jackson's owned Mansion that is also an amusement park and a zoo called the Neverland Ranch in The Sims 3 so he can envision and draw what will the Mansion look like for the Game with some elements from other fanmade Buildings in the Sims that they found out to be interesting, like those he saw on websites such as DeviantArt and the Sims Resource. Just like he said like a plenty of times, when Rockstar Games are making their Open-World Video Games such as Red Dead Redemption II, they said that it takes a proper amount of time, work and effort to create their Games as well as their content to make sure they had Quality over Quantity. When he is talking to one of his friends who are working with his game, Marcos on Messenger, he also confirmed that a completely hypothetical Grand Theft Auto VI couldn't decide where it would be set, for obvious reasons like making sure the quality is good and ready enough for the release. The same can be when making the contents like the Maps, Vehicles, Clothing, Buildings and whatever, such as Side quests like Missions (the ones with Occupations in particular) and Mini-games within the Game's world in addition to different kinds of music composed for the Soundtrack, particularly with the ones that fit well with the surroundings and scenes throughout the story such as the Forests, Lakes, Rivers, Towns and Deserts for example.

According to the Creator of the Game, if he chooses somewhere in Africa to be the setting for the DLC episodes, then he would need to do a lot of research about it, ranging from its cultures to clothing, cuisine, music, animals (plus it's insects) and such like history as well as its land life, animals, civilization and architecture styles. Africa is also the setting of The Lion King franchise, another Disney property that had Jason Marsden participated in the cast, in this case as Kovu. For the Africa parts, he confirmed that the Game's DLC/Expansion Pack episodes will take place in Cape Town, South Africa along with a few locations surrounding it like the forests and some islands. He chose that City because it feels like an African version of Hawaii like being tropical, exotic, beautiful and even, having Animals, as well as it's Geographic features being useful for an Open-World Video Game with themes being about the Enviorment and Mother Nature, as well as trying something new for Video Games in the Action-Adventure, Role-playing and Open-World genres, as there aren't enough games in different genres set in that continent along with it's countries. However, the creator is considering to use his home country, the Philippines in Asia (particularly with Baguio City in a similar vein how did Ludendorff got featured, along with parts of North Yankton being featured in it's first appearance; being landlocked throughout the story) to be used as the DLC Location as well. Even the Creator is considering Japan as the DLC (although the Creator didn't want to copy the Yakuza series by SEGA as these games are already set in that Country, particularly eith them being set in fictionalized takes on Japanese cities and landmarks such as Osaka, Tokyo and the Hiroshima Prefecture) and when he is talking to one of his friends, he confirmed that although it would be great to have the DLC episodes or the expansion pack to be set in China, he didn't want to rip-off Sleeping Dogs by Square-Enix either, in which is set in Hong Kong. One of his friends, Michael Laffey also suggested to use Brazil, Australia and Nigeria's Rio de Janiero, Sydney along with Melbourne and Lagos, all of them being cities while they are considered as the places for the DLC/Expansion Pack in his game, but the Creator wanted an Open-World Game set in the Philippines after he read an article on Gtaboom's Foreign City of the Week: Manila (he read that this entry has a variety of aspects that would be useful for a Video Game in the Open-World, Third-Person Shooter and Action-Adventure genres in addition to the storyline having two Playable Characters: one being a Criminal and the other being a part of the Police Department). So, he picked Puerto Princesa in Palawan. He confirmed that there would be more kinds of Filipino food, Architecture styles, Furnitures, Clothing, Music and Animals to be added in addition to other things like Homes and Hotels to live and visit in that City in Palawan as well as a lot of occupations included in the Expansion Pack in which are common in the Philippines but however, African animals, plants, flowers, foods and other things in the continent of Africa like it's music, architecture styles, wildlife and clothing (in addition to a few aspects from Africa) will still appear as he wanted the game to have an African vibe for a Vacation setting. He also confirmed that parts of the Expansion Pack are inspired by ideas that he found out to be interesting, like incorporating some Gameplay aspects and story ideas for Grand Theft Auto VI taking place in fictionalized versions of Honolulu, Hawaii, Buenos Aires and Montevideo in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cape Town, South Africa and Manila, the Philippines and as well as many parts of his life like during his high school years, along with the memories from his childhood such as the television and film productions in addition to video games that he watched and played. He also has plans to use Tampa, Florida as the setting for the Expansion Pack as well (albeit with him trying again to differentiate from Vice City). Aside from this, he also read articles if GTA VI could take place in other fictionalized international cities such as Paris, France, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Budapest in Hungary and Shanghai in China. He also confitmed that Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon, will be included for the base content and expansion pack of the game. Prior to all of those, he is planning to make a Television special where Max and Roxanne got newborn babies. If not, incorporate aspects from that into cutscenes for the beginning parts of the Expansion Pack. However on New Year's Day 2021, Emman went a little too much on how to make his Game a success, as he would minimize the amount of Main Locations to use to 5 with 2 of them being Secondary Locations as while having multiple cities as Main Locations at once is a Good Concept on Paper, it's a little too much. However, that doesn't mean he can't take inspiration from Hawaii and Brazil for the Game.

He also has plans to make a special limited collector's edition for the game once it became a big success, which it would not only have the game and its DLC episodes/expansion pack that follows the events of the base story mode, but also Blu-ray/DVD discs of both films based on the series (with additional content), some episodes of Goof Troop (if not, each and every one of them in a box set since Disney confirmed that the streaming service will include thousands of films, shorts and television episodes on the streaming services called Disney+ and DisneyNow), a book where it serves as the guide to Spoonerville and as well as the Goof Troop universe, a history Book of Goofy's Appearances with Max Goof, a map of Spoonerville as seen in the Game as well as in the aforementioned television series, a few wallpapers based on the Game (plus those based on both Goof Troop film adaptations), a Music Album that contains some songs that are included as well as some newly created ones, a Comic Book based on the Game and even, a special limited edition Maxrockeatt action figure for some Disney-related toylines he mentioned earlier on the group chat (namely the Disney Toybox line of Action Figures based on numerous Disney franchises plus the works of Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm such as The Avengers, Star Wars, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy) when brainstorming ideas for some merchandise that would be made before and after the game's release, along with a very special limited edition DVD containing some of Max's performances as seen in the Game, along with his performances of certain songs he covered (the footage would be altered to make it feel like a Real concert that is broadcasted on Television), such as Beat It, Black or White, Remember the Time and The Way You Make Me Feel from Michael Jackson as seen in the Proof of Concept CGI Videos. An another set of merchandise is a LEGO Goof Troop theme, as Goofy didn't had a Minifigure recreation.

The updated version of the game that would be released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch (in addition to other next generation video game home consoles) is called Max and Roxanne's Extended Goofy Clan, which will include all of the base content, pretty much of the DLCs (in addition to lots of content made by the fans like some of the content made by them being interesting online; mods in particular such as vehicles, clothing, side missions, Mini-games, environments that aren't included in the original Maps, Safehouses, tweaks to the combat System and some animations like the intro and victory poses) and as well as the expansion pack in addition to featuring exclusive content to the Switch port, such as the inclusion of having Little Mac and Captain Falcon from the Punch-Out!! and F-Zero series, with the former being a Fighting Game about Boxing while the latter being a science fiction Racing Game series and it's currently on hiatus aside from appearing in the form of Crossover content like in the Super Smash Bros. games in addition to Mario Kart 8 and it's remastered port for the Switch. In addition to those, it will also include lots of Clothing inspired by some Nintendo titles such as Pokemon, Fire Emblem and others like the Star Fox, Metroid, Excitebike and Golden Sun series for example. Other features for the Nintendo Switch version are being considered by him in order to be distincitve from the other console versions, such as Mini-games inspired by the works of Nintendo just like in some Wario games.

He confirms his intentions to make a Disney themed PlayStation 2, complete with a variety of Disney games released on that console such as the Kingdom Hearts series (developed and published with Square-Enix). A themed PlayStation 3 is currently being considered by him, complete with some DVDs to be bundled with some units of them. He also confirmed his intentions to have Disney and Pixar re-releases to promote his game, with titles from Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm being considered. According to the creator, the reason for the former is he wanted to see Media dedicating to the memory of the late Stan Lee.

Aside from all of the above plans, he is also planning to make a Disney + Michael Jackson-themed PlayStation 4 to promote the game for fans who loved both things like the latter's concerts, as he said to one of his friends that this is an exchange to the Disney and Sony friendship and some of the latter company's successes with the former for Marvel's Spider-Man adaptations, such as Insomniac's Spider-Man, the newer live-action/CGI Spider-Man adaptations (particularly Spider-Man's MCU appearances) and the 2018 animated adaptation based on both Spider-Men and Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. For the Disney + Michael Jackson themed PlayStation 4, he confirmed that it will contain some Disney Games that are released on PlayStation consoles, as well as the PlayStation 3 version of Michael Jackson: The Experience in addition to including a Blu-ray/DVD of Michael Jackson's This is It and both Goof Troop films, with a few more planned special themed editions to be made in a similar fashion where some games that are sold with millions of copies are bundled into consoles that are manufactured by their parent companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

If the Disney + Michael Jackson themed PlayStation 4 had sold enough units, the creator might do the same with the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with plans for the Nintendo Switch once it had an update to play Wii Games. If not, maybe the creator would negotiate with Ubisoft and the Jackson estate to make an updated port of Michael Jackson: The Experience, which will fix the problems that the PS3 and Wii versions had, as well as a limited edition Wii U to be made and sold in a limited quantity of units. The Disney + Michael Jackson themed Xbox One will contain similar content from the PlayStation 4 counterpart, which will include a few games from Disney media as well as a specific version of the aforementioned Just Dance spin-off with the Music and Choreography from the King of Pop for each console along with a Blu-ray/DVD of the 2009 Documentary as a Bundle. The creator might also do the same for potential Queen + Disney Legends themed consoles, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and possibly, the Nintendo Switch (once it had a port of any Game that had content from that British Rock Band although the Just Dance games had a few songs from them). The same can be for a Disney + ABBA themed PlayStation 4, which will have the PlayStation 3 version of Singstar ABBA, as well as a dedicated Wii along with a Wii U bundling some Disney Games released on those Nintendo consoles with ABBA: You Can Dance. It will also contain the ABBA in Japan DVD, as well as the documentary titled ABBA: The Movie, if the Creator can negotiate with Warner Bros. to include it on the PlayStation 4, Wii and Wii U with a potential Disney + ABBA themed Xbox One. The inclusion of that Documentary would also mark the second time WarnerMedia and Disney collaborated for a Video Game (in this case, a themed Bundle) aside from a lot of LEGO titles based on Disney Media, the first being Cars 3: Driven to Win. He would also possibly bring on the Mamma Mia duology for these, if he could negotiate with Universal to include them; albeit in a different one. It wouldn't be the first time Universal properties participated in a Disney Production and this previously happened in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (A Sequel is currently proposed by the director of the first film, while a Script got made although other drafts are scrapped for obvious reasons like the budgeting at the time) and the Phineas and Ferb episode Night of the Living Pharmacists where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reprised their roles as Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead (distributed by Universal Pictures).

For potential Queen + Disney Legends themed consoles, he confirmed that the Biopic about the Band titled Bohemian Rhapsody in it's extended form as seen in the Home release will be re-released in Theaters (with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributing it under Touchstone Pictures and making it the first release in a long time as he confirmed that it will be re-released under that label due to it's darker themes being depicted) as well as a DVD containing 7 Rock Band themed episodes of some Disney television series and with the Video containing the Muppet cover of the most iconic Queen song that got performed by Everyone in different ways, such as a Polka by some Musicians or in the Comedy Rock genre. In addition to them, some media also reference that song like in the form of spoken dialogues or replicating the famous diamond pose of the album's cover.

Other themed consoles are currently being considered to cross-promote with his Game.


Main article: Behind the Goofs: An Extremely Goofy Documentary

In addition, a live-action/animated hybrid documentary about Goofy's history (it would not only cover all of his solo theatrical years after being with Mickey and Donald, but also with his How to..., Everyman and Athletics/Sporting series of animated theatrical short films in addition to the shorts, feature films and television episodes featuring him alongside everyone else in the Mickey Mouse Universe), Goof Troop in addition to it's aforementioned films and other forms of media such as Graphic Novels, Books, Comic Books, Video Games, Graphic Novels and Novels during his lifetime, as well as the development of Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game alongside the Expansion Pack set in Puerto Princesa in Palawan, the Philippines (while incorporating dozens of scrapped content as many as the Creator can possibly add), complete with interviews featuring the staff and the cast of characters who are associated with Goofy (particularly with Max, Sylvia, PJ, Bobby, Roxanne, Peg, Tank and Debbie) in and outside of Goofy's history and appearances, will be made to promote the release of the Complete series of Goof Troop and it's sequel series. The documentary will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in addition to it would be broadcasted by Disney Channel (with Disney XD doing the re-broadcasts of it, along with both television series set within the aforementioned Disney Afternoon series' world in addition to all of the Goofy shorts and all of four Disney's cable channels: Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC (special episodes in particular along with the films and hundreds of shorts that had Goofy appearing) and Freeform airing all of the television episodes featuring Goofy as the main focus (as many as they can air), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey and the Roadster Racers episodes involving him as one of the main characters who are the focus of the story for the first and second ones, all of the episodes of everyone else who are associated with Goofy for Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC (the films based on Goof Troop in particular for that Channel) and Freeform like The Mouse Factory, House of Mouse, The Mouse Factory, The Mickey Mouse Club, Bonkers, Raw Toonage and Mickey Mouse Works in addition to rebroadcasting the films based on the television series that airs on the Disney Afternoon block back in the 1990s while also including all of the shorts (with some of them being tweaked and remastered) that had Goofy being a part of them in the past aisde from the Solo series like ones featuring him with Mickey, Pluto and Donald) with Freeform and ABC broadcasting the Documentary on American television while YouTube, Disney+, DisneyNow, Facebook and Hulu altogether would distribute it on the internet.

An updated, tweaked and extended release will premiere first on ABS-CBN in English audio, complete with Filipino subtitles (though other Philippine TV channels such as Jack TV, 5 and GMA will do the same via reruns with Jack TV excluding the Filipino subtitles as it's an English-language Broadcasting Network) in addition to Disney Channel Japan in the same way for the ABS-CBN release with Japanese subtitles and some additional content such as extra scenes for both updated releases in the first two countries that would air the updated version (in addition to an another one having subtitles for the Live-Action scenes and the Animated parts being dubbed in Japanese). The updated version will also be released for different television channels in other countries around the World in English with Foreign subtitles, such as Chinese, Thai, Malay, Mandarin, Korean, French, Brazillian Portuguese, German, Spanish, Finnish, Latvian, Maltese, Slovene, Danish, Portuguese, Arabic, Zulu, Hindi, Tamil, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Slovak, European Portuguese, Czech, Estonian, Igbo, Amharic, Shona, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Adamawa, Hebrew, Kurdish, Uzbek, Quechua, Guarani, Choco, Welsh, Persian, Coptic, Domari, Bengali, Oromo, Amharic, Fulfulde, Lingala, Somali, Tingrinya, Malagsy, Manding and Latin American, Mexican, Canarian, Rioplatense, Colombian, Caribbean, Central American and European Spanish.

In addition, the updated version of the Documentary will be first broadcasted on Disney Channel and Disney XD in English audio with Japanese subtitles, while an another one with Japanese audio for the animated segments (along with sneak peeks of the video game sequel in English audio with Japanese subtitles) would be made too.

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Max's Extremely Goofy College Life/Tropes (The Page also covers Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game and it's Updated Re-Release).

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The creator of the series has confirmed that the completed series would be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and it would contain all of the episodes in their tweaked and updated forms for each and every one of them included on the discs, after releasing some of the episodes alongside a few Goof Troop episodes on DVD with different kinds of themes (ex. Safety and Protection, History, Sporting events and International Cultures but depending on the sales, the DVDs would include more episodes of that series) as seen in certain episodes for each one of them included. For the completed series, he is planning to include bonus features into both the DVD and Blu-ray boxsets such as behind-the-scenes featurettes (along with a video that showcases a series of interviews), biographies of some of the cast as seen in the Goof Troop universe (as well as everyone else who are affiliated like being friends or related to Goofy; his pseudonyms that are used in the past would be featured such as Dippy Dawg and George Geef), deleted scenes and scrapped concepts that were planned to be included in many of the show's episodes but are cut from them for certain reasons such as being too long, unfitting, being too similar to the ones seen in different productions or for obvious reasons such as some of them becoming too out of place or confusing for everyone, some music videos, interactive games, concept art for the series as well as Goof Troop and it's aforementioned films sequels, a gallery of some fanart and fanmade concepts that are interesting, an interactive map of Spoonerville as seen in the series' Universe (also a sneak peek of it on what it would look like for the Video Game sequel), a Map of the College as seen in the series and An Extremely Goofy Movie, an interactive History Gallery of Goofy's appearances in different Media such as his earlier years and as well as his Appearances in the Everyman, Athletics/Sporting and How to... series of animated shorts that are first shown on Cinemas back in the past and then on Television (particularly with the Disney Channel series that remasters Mickey Mouse universe-based shorts from the past titled Have a Laugh!), an interactive soundtrack section along with settings to adjust everything like the volume, brightness, contrast of the image and SFX options and a sneak peek for the upcoming Max and Roxanne: A Goofy Romantic Video Game, as well as a few of the proof of concept CGI videos for the upcoming Video Game that is the sequel to the Series that would be shown on websites such as YouTube and Hulu first and then some of them as Computer Animated shorts airing on television, as well as on the streaming services, Disney+ and DisneyNow.

He also confirmed that to promote the show's home video releases for the fans who grew up with a variety of Disney media (as well as those titles featuring Goofy such as the aforementioned television series with Max) from the 1960s-1990s in addition to the early 2000s, there would be not one but three Discs into one DVD Bundle containing all of Max's speaking appearances and first they would be sold separately and then as a Bundle, as well as all of the 3 Max-centric episodes in House of Mouse, the 2001-2003 animated television compilation series that aired on ABC in 2001 until 2002 and on Toon Disney in 2002 until 2009 on television, with the latter channel also airing its reruns, alongside its direct to video holiday specials which also air on television. The show featured numerous Disney properties crossing over with each other (particularly using the WDAS library) and showed numerous classic Disney shorts (particularly the ones based on Mickey Mouse and Friends such as ones featuring Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Minnie, Daisy or Ludwig von Drake in a variety of individual shorts tackling a variety of commonly used themes or situations that are represented in past animated films or shorts) and most of the Mickey Mouse Works episodes, while incorporating newly created shorts for the series such as ones featuring Pluto under the title of Pluto Gets the Paper like Wet Cement for example in the series' first episode, The Stolen Cartoons in addition to incorporating other segments such as Mickey to the Rescue. He is planning for an another themed DVD set, which will also use different ones like Holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Earth Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day in addition to re-relasing the films based on the television series for Theaters, with some of them having Japanese Subtitles so People can learn the Japanese language in addition to ones in Filipino, Chinese, Spanish and Italian subtitles. Some Goofy shorts (and as well as some Disney television episodes with Goofy as the main character or whoever is affiliated with him, like Max and Sylvia for example) would be attached for other theatrical Re-releases to promote his Game, as confirmed by the Creator such as The Tigger Movie with How to Hook Up Your Hone Theater (and for other territories: Fathers Are People, Father's Day Off and Aquamania), with a few more planned such as Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, Spider-Man: Homecoming (a cross-promotional Collaboration with Columbia Pictures as a tribute to Stan Lee), the Toy Story series with a few titles such as How to Ride a Horse, Remember the Titans with How to Play Football, some of the Disney Princess titles, TBD with TBD, TBD with TBD, TBD with TBD, TBD with TBD, TBD with TBD, TBD with TBD, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp with Two Weeks Vacation and many other planned re-releases as well, if the Creator can find some really good ideas for the re-releases to promote his game, as he confirmed that there would be some content inspired by different franchises in a variety of Genres from films, television series and video games.

The 3-in-1 DVD set for the aforementioned episodes featuring Max as the main focus is called House of Mouse: Maximum Service, as all of the three Max-centric episodes for this Disney television series (Max's New Car, Goofy for a Day and Max's Embarrassing Date) being the main focus were service or at work-based (with Max trying to be a driver in the first, him as a waiter in the second and later in the third, him trying to go on a date with Roxanne, his girlfriend from A Goofy Movie during his high school years while being trying to be safe from everyone else). The DVD would also include some extra content (including bonus features), like the inclusion of some Goofy theatrical shorts and Goof Troop episodes that fit well with the service/at work theme such as Where there's Smoke, There's Goof, Inspector Goofy, All the Goof that's fit to Print and Lethal Goofin, along with some music videos (including a few ones made by the fans), a few Biography cards, a Map of Disneyville as seen in Mickey Mouse Works and as well as House of Mouse, a section where you can listen to the Soundtrack and an interactive Gallery that shows pictures and drawings of the series in addition to pieces of concept art for various Mickey Mouse Universe-based media. If the sales for Maximum Service became successful enough, this would lead into a DVD box set of House of Mouse episodes that would be released, if there is enough fan demand in addition to enough sales to guarantee an another one. In a similar fashion to Maximum Service, it would include a wide variety of newer content such as special features like short films being remastered and updated, music videos and others, such as an interactive Map of Disneyville as seen in both Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse. An another DVD he confirmed is a Rock Band themed DVD, which will contain 7 Rock Band-themed Disney television episodes such as Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Never Land Pirates and the aforementioned Goof Troop (the Creator confirmed that Phineas, Jake and Max will sing Beat It from the late King of Pop himself altogether in Morumbi at Sao Paulo, Brazil as said to his Brazillian friend named Marcos Vitor in which he is creating the Map and Posters for his game) and as well as including the Music Video for the Muppet version of Bohemian Rhapsody and some extra features: such some Biographies of Everyone else from the franchises featured on the DVD, an interactive soundtrack section and an interactive Gallery of pictures and concept arts for Disney productions about Rock Bands as well as Musicians in the Rock music genre like Green Day, the Beatles, Mr. Big, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, Sum 41, blink-182, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Babymetal, Dio, Europe, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Megadeth, Slapshock, Eraserheads, All Star and Queen in addition to other kinds of Subgenres such as Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, Country Rock, Emo Rock, Chicano Rock, Britpop, Electronic Rock, Experimental Rock, Grindie, Pinoy Rock, Latin alternative Grunge, Alternative, Rap Metal, Reggae Rock, Glam Rock, College Rock, Comedy Rock, Nu Metal, J-Rock, Rap Rock, Grunge, Skate Punk, Dance Rock, Raga Rock, Math Rock, Jazz Rock, Glam Metal, Funk Rock, Jazz Rock, Industrial Rock, Geek Rock, Glam Punk, New Wave, Alternative Country, Electropunk, Dancepunk, Christian Rock, Black Metal and Alternate Metal. The first one that is confirmed aside from the previous aforementioned ones is titled Something You Can Love and Rock, which is a fusion of the following songs: Nirvana's Something in the Way, Queen's We Will Rock You and the Jackson family's the Love You Save.

Other themed DVDs would be made as well, if the Creator got some good ideas. One of them are planned is a Blu-Ray/DVD with a Comic Book Superhero motif, complete with some shorts and episodes that had that theme as a tribute to the late Stan Lee. One of the shorts included on the DVD would be Max and Roxanne as Avengers. An another one is a Restaurant/Cuisine theme, in which some Restaurant-based episodes in addition to a few ones from House of Mouse being included, such as Chez Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.

A few more themed DVDs such as those related in the environment, Sporting events, other types of Music and travel themes are examples of themed DVDs that are planned to be made, as well as a dedicated DVD for the fans of both Goofy Movies that includes 3 Disney's House of Mouse episodes focusing on Max: Goofy for a Day, Max's New Car and Max's Embarrassing Date.

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  • To accompany with the Growing With the Audience trope similar to the Disney-Pixar film Monsters University where the target audience for the original film would be in their High School/College/University years, the Creator would not only take elements from media that High School and College-aged Teenagers would be familiar with (particularly with media from the past and the decades in particular are the 1970s, 80s and 90s, with the 80s being one of the biggest influences for the sequel series and the Video Game), but also to trying to implement other themes that aren't explored back then in the past (except done more properly) while at the same time, trying to be different from other Mickey Mouse and Friends-based productions (especially with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, to the point that he confirms his intentions for the Sequel Series and the Video Game to grow with the fans while at the same time, having a Crossover Appeal to lots of Age and Race Groups).
    • For the part on the themes that aren't explored in the past in which some of them are included, this is one of the reasons why a few episodes of the series are rated TV-PG in the United States as opposed to the TV-Y7 rating for most of the episodes in the series.
  • While the series follows the events of the aforementioned direct to video sequel to A Goofy Movie, it also introduces more than a hundred things in which they are many different but unique kinds of elements that would be more fitting but unique for a modern Day City/Suburban/High School/College/University life setting or a College/University life based Production, ranging from different kinds or types of Pop, Ambient pop, Drone, Tape, Sea shantz, Brostep, Jazz, R&B, Electronic, Trance, Soul, Funk, Worldbeat, Country, Hip Hop/Rap, Folk, Ballad, Blues, Salsa, House, Opera, Psychedelic, Acoustic, Medieval, Raggamuffin, Dancehall, Mento, Baroque, Easy listening, Gospel, Techno, House, EDM, New Beat, Industrial, Aka and Orchestral bands and musicians who play music in these said genres (particularly with those who debuted from the 1950s to the early 2000s), different types of rock music and Rock Bands around the World (given the fact different kinds of Subgenres in the Rock genre of Music such as Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Tex-Mex Rock, Indietronica, Jangle pop, Rockism and Poptimism, Electronicpre, Crossover thrash, Pop Rock, Electroclash, Trance Metal, Electronic Dance Metal, Electronic Metal, Grunge, Post-Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, Indian Rock, Proto Punk, Dance Rock, Glam Metal, Avant-grade Metal, New Rave, Indietronica, Blackgaze, Baggy, Shock Rock, Space Rock, Motorik, Korean Rock, Skacore, Trallpunk, Scottish Gaelic Punk, Spanish Raw punk, Positive hardcore, Jazzcore, Easycore, Latin Metal, Krautrock, D-beat, Mod revival, Folk punk, Experimental Rock, Anar-chopunk, Synthpunk, Christian punk, Taqwacore, Nardcore, Sunshine Pop, Post-punk, Swamp Pop, Bent edge, Etheral wave, Geek Rock, Soft Rock and Heavy Metal, to other ones like J-Rock, Alternative Metal, Chillwave, Nintendocore, Funk Metal, Latin punk, Cello Rock, Art Punk, Digital Hardcore, Italian occult Psychedelia, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, Punk blues, Trønder Rock, Dark wave, Japanese Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Afro-punk, Nu Metal, Country Rock, Pop Punk, Electronic Rock, Art Rock, Pinoy Rock, Garage Punk, Wagnerian Rock, Post-Metal, Neo-Glam, Blues Rock, British Rock, College Rock, Comedy Rock, American Trad Rock, Anatolian Rock, 2 Tone, Wizard Rock, Riot grrrl, Baroque pop, Cowpunk, Crust Punk, Death-doom, Post-Britpop, Rock and roll, Straight edge, Sludge Metal, Dark carabet, Djent, Neoclassical metal, Neon Pop, Paisley Underground, Indorock, Coldwave, Industrial Rock, British folk Rock, Electroclash, Extreme Metal, Celtic Rock, Canadian Rock, Etheral Wave, Punk blues, Peace Punk, Punk pathetique, Alternative Metal, Emo rock, Progressive Metal, Nardcore, Krautock, Grebo, Goregrind, Gothability, Coldwave, Cowpunk, Zeuhl, Pagan Metal, Pegan Rock, Post Rock, Occult Rock, Folk Metal, Big beat, Horror punk, Arena Rock, British Pub Rock, Gothic Rock, Afro punk, Rocksteady, Dominican Rock, Guatemalan rock, Latin Metal, Samba Rock, Roots Rock, Reggae Rock, Pirate Metal, Christian Rock, Christian punk, Groove Metal, Brazillian Thrash Metal, Madchester, Aboriginal Rock, Manila Sound, Medieval folk Rock, Latin alternative Rock, Viking Rock, Melodic hardcore, Nardcore, Tulsa Sound, Street punk, Space Rock, Shoegazing, Korean Rock, Chinese Rock, Baggy, No Wave, Nu Metalcore, Sludge Metal, Deathrock, Gothic Rock, Punk blues, Boogie Rock, Alternative Country, Sufi Rock, Argentine Rock, Screamo, Indie folk, Punk jazz, Psychobilly, Cuban Rock, Uruguayan Rock, Tropical Rock, Hair Metal, Raga Rock and Alternative Rock are listened to by Junior High School, Senior High School, University and College-aged Teenagers around the World in addition to watch different kinds of sporting events such as Basketball, Baseball, Boat Racing, Inshore Powerboat Racing, Archery, Hockey, Taekwondo, Drag racing, Ping pong, Big Mountain Skiing, Extreme Skiing, Stock car racing, Endurance Racing, Skateboarding, Street Soccer, Streetball, Sled Racing, Skiing, Ice skating, Cricket, Speed skating, Ski jumping, Biathlon, Rowing, Snowboarding, Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Sepak takraw, Rugby, Soccer, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Kali, Eskrima, Karate, Judo, Kuntao, Sumo Wrestling, Sikaran, Timawa, Juramentado and Football) to other but with different kinds of things as well such as discovering histories and cultures, photography, anime, manga and Tokusatsu franchises (particularly with those from the past and present), family planning, do it yourself items, making remedies, shopping, economics, clothing, Restaurant planning, Business planning, making strategies to anything, home planning, gardening or farming (particularly with ones using flowers, fruits and vegetables), a variety of Animals that seemed to be interesting according to the creator and retro gaming (in the 21st Century, playing Old-school Video Games in different kinds of genres (Platformer, Role-playing, 4X, Artillery, Roguelike, Maze, Fighting, Puzzle, Racing, Construction Simulation, City Building Simulation, Point and Click, Pinball, Metroidvania, Turned-based Strategy, Real time Strategy, Shooter (Shoot em 'ups, Run n' Gun, First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter games in particular), Open-World and Action-Adventure games in particular) and video game collecting are more common) in addition to electronic music (particularly with chiptune music, which started back in the 1980s and continued it's popularity in the 90s, along with the third and fourth generations of video game consoles that are popular such as the NES, SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, TurboGrafx-16, Neo Geo, the Master System, Game Gear and Game Boy), learning different kinds of cultures around the Earth, math lessons and historical events and as well as including different kinds of magazines, such as those related to city life, different kinds of international cultures in addition to local and international cuisines, Motorsports, housekeeping, travel, fashion, otaku culture, cooking, mother nature, video gaming, old-fashioned but cool items or technologies such as boomboxes, larger speakers, amplifiers, radios or turntables, music, Rock Bands and entertainment, as well as car cultures and other kinds of newly made technologies that are introduced during the 20th and 21st Centuries like MP3 players, Radios, Music systems, portable media players (Sony's Walkman in particular, though the show's Universe will have a device inspired by that and having some changes), Cellphones (flip and bar phones in particular) and even parts of the internet, as they are more common in the 21st century (particularly in the 2000s-2010s as in the latter decade, more and more people use the internet for different kinds of activities like uploading videos, doing blogs, sharing pictures of people cosplaying and as well as doing drawings and fanarts in addition to answering online quizzes and playing online games; MMORPGs and MOBAs titles in real life like Defense of the Ancients in addition to it's official sequel by Valve after becoming a mod for a Warcraft game, Runescape and World of Warcraft in particular).
    • The series also introduces other things aside from the aforementioned ones for the Goof Troop Universe, ranging from different kinds of fashion as seen in the 40s-90s as well as in historical periods like the Wild West, pre-American Civil War, Ancient Egypt and Medieval eras, newspapers and other kinds of old-fashioned technologies (30s to the 80s ones in particular) to comic books as well as comic book superheroes, and even a caricature of Marvel Comics' Stan Lee (in this case, Lenar Bendaveth and his partner aka Brahcas Marson who is inspired by the late Jack Kirby and Steve Dikto in addition to other people like Hirohiko Araki of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Baoh fame), who created numerous iconic Comic Book superheroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Black Panther, Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Captain America and even Spider-Man, all of them as a part of the Avengers with Wanda being a part of the X-Men in addition to being adapted into numerous forms of Media such as films, television series and video games and he had made some appearances in Disney media such as Fred's father and the Three Stooges' wedding guest from Big Hero 6 and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, with nods and references to his cameo appearances in Marvel productions throughout his lifetime and during his career, such as him appearing as a hot dog vendor in the first X-Men adaptation in live-action and Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, a security guard in Ang Lee's Hulk, a person who attends the Graduation scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (his dialogue even got reused for some Spider-Man: Homecoming commericals), the Watcher Informant in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film, a librarian in The Amazing Spider-Man, a World War II general in Captain America: The First Avenger as well as a Veteran in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a bus Passenger in Doctor Strange and several others in numerous kinds of adaptations in different forms of media based on the Comic Books, such as a himself being a narrator in some productions such as a few Spider-Man video games for home and handheld consoles like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions in addition to him being a Playable Character in some Marvel Comics Video Games such as the LEGO Marvel series of Open-World Puzzle Platformers as well as numerous Classic Marvel Comics television series starting in the 1980s (particularly with the ones that are animated such as the Incredible Hulk, the 90s Iron Man and Fantastic Four television series plus as himself in the 90s Spider-Man television series as seen in the final episode and the original animated X-Men television pilot, X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men back in the 1980s).
      • Also, as a nod to both Mickey Mouse and Spider-Man are both of them being one of the most iconic characters and the mascots of their respective companies, there are references and homages to the Spider-Man franchise, ranging from the ones we see in the comics, to the adaptations as well as quotes like the "With great power comes great responsibility." would be used. Even some of the elements in the stories (particularly with some of the comic book story arcs and as well as with the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and the adaptations; Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and Spider-Man's Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home in particular) would also be included. Not only with all of those aforementioned stuff, there would also be easter eggs to Mickey as well (particularly with his Appearances) like some cars resembling the Toon Car from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in addition to a Camper van resembling Mickey's appearing (the Camper Van and the Toon Car would be lightly modified to make it more accurate to the late 1990s-early 2000s setting; though other vehicles resembling them would also be like if they are produced in the 1960s-1980s), as Goofy appeared in that series; along with a few more elements from that television series that aired in a decade being incorporated to the Goof Troop universe such as the Food like the Strawberry soup plus the Blueberry Muffins and establishments like the Moo Mart for example, albeit with a lot of adjustments, updates (like having more diverse and hardworking employees as well as more staff members who are competent) and additional elements being added to make it more fitting for a more Modern but Retro-based City Life/Urban/Suburban setting. Even Mouseton (the setting in the Mickey Mouse Comics) would be making an appearance as well; albeit mentioned and to a lesser extent, sometimes seen in different forms such as being seen in pictures like postcards, stamps, newspapers and magazines.
      • An another example is different types of vehicles from Marvel Comics appearing, with some changes to fit well within the show's Universe like the Blackbird, Cyclops' Motorcycle, Rogue's car, Wolverine's Jeep, the McDonnell XV-1 Convertiplane, Professor X's Remote-Controlled Jet, the X-Copter and the X-Men's X-Wing, all of them originating the X-Men comics in addition to it's adaptations such as the 1990s animated television series and as well as the Quinjet from the Avengers comics for example. Even some of the clothes who are a part of these teams would appear, albeit modified to make it more fitting for a Modern Day but Urban-based setting of the series. The creator even wanted to give them a 1980s/1990s look, feel and vibe too, like the Visor that Cylcops owns as seen in the comics and many X-Men adaptations.
  • The show will also explain furthermore of Goofy, Max and Sylvia's "father, mother and son" relationship, as well as the latter two's mother and son relationship while it will slowly focus on Pete and PJ's father and son relationship as well. Previous in the films, Pete had a smaller role so they can focus more on Goofy and Max (particularly with the character development as although people felt that it's a cliche to include a Father and Son plot to implement that thing, it can work if it's done very carefully and properly).
  • Although the series is set in Max's college years as seen in the sequel, there are flashbacks to Goof Troop, both films based on the series and A Very Goofy Christmas segment from Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas in addition to newly created ones so they can explain what happened before, during or in between and after the events of them, as well as incorporating newer flashbacks based on Goofy and Max's appearances. Even Historical flashbacks are used as well for Goofy and Max: The Return and History of Arizona Goof, which also shows what happened to Arizona throughout his Journeys around the World in different kinds of places such as Asian, African, Oceanic and Latin American countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Chile, Samoa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Argentina and Australia.
    • In fact, one of the flashbacks will involve what happened to Max's mother and Goofy's wife. When Goofy said the quote to Max regarding his mother, some people thought she had passed, but the creator confirmed that she will be alive, given the fact he felt that the typical Batman and Spider-Man backstories had already got their parents deceased, so he made Mrs. Goof alive and left Goofy and Max instead, although she would appear in an episode where she appears in her off-screen voiceover form, with a phone call, as the creator confirmed that he would design Mrs. Goof in her on-screen form which would reveal what she really looks like physically, although we already saw her in person for a book back in the 70s based on a Norwegian fairy tale called The Husband Who had Mind the House, as it is probably the only time so far where Mrs. Geef is physically seen in person.
  • The series will feature some references and nods to Goofy's numerous appearances throughout his history, as well as references to classic Goofy shorts that are shown in Theaters such as those in the How to and Everyman titles and as well as some of his appearances outside of them. Even his appearances in Mickey Mouse Works (in addition to the Mickey Mouse Expanded Universe comics) and House of Mouse would be incorporated too, as many of these elements from these works featuring Goofy would fit well in the Goof Troop world but modified to make it more fitting for a Modern City/Urban/Suburban-based setting of the series, with more of them being planned (albeit modified to make them more fitting for the Urban based setting).
  • The series and it's video game sequel are dedicated to the memory of the late Yuu Shimaka, the Seiyuu for Goofy in numerous Japanese dubs of Disney productions featuring him.
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