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Matt - The Scout Boy is an 2018 canadian movie comedy,romance produced by Canal+,Allan Feature Animation,Allan Kids Original Movie,CNC,Cofinova 9,Cofimage 24,Mikros Image,2D Lab,Point Grey,Mercury Filmworks,20th Century Fox Animation,20th Century Fox


This is In - Flo Rida

Final Battle - Henry Jackman & Guy Moon

Back to the Nature - Taylor Swift ft. Scott McCord

Trixe is Uncle F#ka - Enienem (Music Video)

We Are Back - David Krumholthz ft. Jonnhy Depp Composed by Henry Jackman

This is Out - Composed by Meiro Stamm

You Captured Chloe - Henry Jackman

Gangram Style - PSY

End Credits Suite - Henry Jackman

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