Marvel Super Heroes: Atom of Infinite Champions is a remastering of both X-Men: Children of the Atom and Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes Fighting game, combining elements of both games while including elements from the Contest of Champions storyline in addition to other Comic Book Storylines, such as the Dark Phoenix saga, the Spider-Verse saga and others.


The Game for this one combines elements of the two Arcade Fighters, except with tweaks, changes and differences from the Games it's inspired to make a remake of them into one.


  • The Infinity Stone feature's difficulty problem is now solved.
  • The visuals are upgraded and revamped.
  • The Gameplay is tweaked and revamped to make it more accessible for newcomers and casual players.
  • The cutscenes (while being drawn in the Style of a Comic Book meets Anime and Manga (particularly with Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia) as opposed to using sprites, complete with Bones Inc. doing them) now have better Voice Acting.
  • The Playable Fighters for both games in addition to a mouthful of new fighters are included.
  • There are more stages than the Original games.
  • All of the Glitches and Problems that are found in the Games are fixed.
  • There are Character, Soundtrack and Visual Customization aspects for the game.
  • As opposed to 1 vs. 1 Matches in the Original Games, there are Tag Team matches for 2 Fighters against the other 2 of them in which are opponents.


The game would combine the storylines of both games (with lots of additions, updates and changes) that are remastered into one game.

Playable Roster

Guest Characters

In addition, Jamieson Price voices the Narrator in all versions of the Game (albeit in English with subtitles in many kinds of languages).



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