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Marvel Spotlight is a multi-writer comic book series in the Marvel;Re initiative that was started with the purpose of telling a number of different stories about the Marvel Universe's different inhabitants, especially those who do not have the chance of receiving their own comic book series or are side characters at the very least. This series does not use issue numberings, using the title of the stories instead as a way to quickly identify the contents of each issue. 

Plot Summary

The Marvel Universe is full of heroes, villains, and other super-beings who stand in-between. We've seen the greatest of them duke it out against each other for the fate of the universe. We've also seen new heroes and villains taking their place among the pantheon of good and evil as reality's story progresses. Then there are also others who may not partake in the greater cosmic story, but exist altogether as tales waiting to be told. In Marvel Spotlight, we will see the stories of those who are not commonly seen in the bigger stories or have their own sagas. This is Marvel Spotlight, and we are opening the doors to the bigger universe!



  • Unless stated otherwise, every single story in Marvel Spotlight takes place in Earth-141412, which is the current Prime Universe.
    • The majority of Marvel Spotlight's stories are not tie-ins to future major events or story arcs. They are mostly self-contained stories which literally only span for one issue.