Training Unlock condition Difficulty
Basics Character Level 1 Easy
Player learns the basics of the game. Including movements, phisical attacks, and normal special moves
Intermediary Character Level 30 Medium
Advanced Character Level 70 Hard


Mission Location Mission Giver Allies Bosses Enemies
Jailbreak Kree Prison Tony Stark Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Ronan the Accuser Kree
After completing training, Tony Stark realizes that the Kree has captured Steve Rogers aka Captain America. As a result, the player alongside him, head to space to free Steve.
Pymjacked Pym Industries Hank Pym
Janet van Dyne
Hank Pym
Janet van Dyne
The Ghost Corporate Hjackers
When a corporate hyjacker known as Ghost breaks into Pym Industries as Hank Pym sends the Player to stop the Ghost.
Sinister Raft The Raft Peter Parker Peter Parker
Mary Jane Watson
Gwen Stacy
Flash Thompson
The Sinister Six Raft Prisoners
Doctor Octopus has hijacked the Raft, releasing its prisoners, including his fellow Sinister Six. The Player must now work alongside Spider-Man, MJ, Ghost Spider and Agent Venom to stop the villains and bring them back to their cells.
X-Battle Weapon X Factory Prof. Charles Xavier Prof. Charles Xavier
Lady Deathstrike
Weapon X Soldiers
Charles Xavier learns that the organization that made Wolverine a mutant, Weapon X, is being active again, he sends the Player to investigate and shut down the factory.
Hulk Out Military Base Dr. Bruce Banner Dr. Bruce Banner The Leader


Gamma Soldiers
The Player alongside the Hulk heads into a military base learning of the Leader's plan to mass produce the gamma rays into a drug.
Go To Hel Hel Thor Odinson Thor Odinson

Jane Foster

Hela Hel Monsters
Thor leads the Player in a quest to invade Hel mainly to regain the soul of Thor's love interest Jane Foster.
Assault on Hala Hala Peter Quill Guardians of the Galaxy Yon-Rogg Kree Soldiers
The Guardians and the Player head to Hala to get information on the Kree's plan with the gene bombs as they deal with the general Yon-Rogg.
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