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Marvel;Re is a community project created by GazzaB9. The project is a spiritual successor to Marvel NEW and, like NEW, is a community fanfiction project that is open for the public to join. Like the actual comics published by Marvel, Marvel;Re's stories are set in a connected universe, yet one separate from Earth-616 or the main Marvel Multiverse. Within Marvel;Re's Multiverse, many realities identical to the universes we all know and love from the original Marvel Multiverse.



Note: Comics with the MAX tag are recommended for readers above 18 of age.

The original ideas for Marvel;Re that was made before 2021.

The ideas featured for the 2021 reboot of Marvel;Re.


  • Ask one of the founders about joining before you do.
  • If you are allowed to join, try not to contradict something that someone else has written.
  • OCs and fan characters are allowed but they aren't allowed to be the main characters of stories, unless the story is a one-shot in the Marvel Spotlight series. OCs are allowed to be main characters there.
    • In addition, try not to make your OC or fan character to "Mary Sue-ish", I.E. overpowered, easily wins fights, etc.
  • A very minor rule, but don't mention the current year. Mentions of dates (such as April 4, 1999) are allowed but mentions of the current year aren't allowed. Again, this is a minor rule, and breaking it won't result in much.
  • Do NOT confuse the Marvel;Re continuity with the MCU continuity. They are two different canons and events from the MCU did not occur in Marvel;Re.
    • To clarify, characters and ideas from the MCU are allowed to appear but the actual events (such as the Chitauri Invasion) didn't happen in the Marvel;Re continuity.
    • Earth-199999 and Earth-616 exist as an alternate reality within the Multiverse of Marvel;Re, on the other hand.


  • Criticism is allowed and encouraged. If you have something to say, we'd love to hear it.
  • Editing the page without permission, unless it is to correct someone's grammar, isn't allowed.
  • In the event that a writer wants to get into the multiverse and talk about parallel universes, the universe that the stories take place in is called Earth-141412.
  • If you're new to Marvel;Re, feel free to check out the Marvel;Recyclopedia which explains the history of several characters in this universe.
  • The terms 'limited series' and 'mini-series' are interchangeable.

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