When Nature Calls is the 9th episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Kraven the Hunter
  • Shadow Council
    • Madame Masque / Whitney Frost (mentioned only)
    • Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius
    • Vulture / Adrian Toomes
    • Man-Ape / M'Baku (first appearance)
    • Rhino / Bonesaw McGee (first appearance; joins team)
  • Klaw / Ulysses Klaue (first appearance)
  • Lizard / Curt Connors
  • Sabretooth / Victor Creed (first appearance)
  • Unnamed Vulture spawns
  • Unnamed Rhino spawns

Other Characters

  • Azari (first appearance)
  • Pepper Potts (appears in TV, computer screen, or hologram; no dialogue)
  • Zuri (first appearance; flashback only)
  • Midtown High School
    • Harry Osborn
    • Ashley Kafka
    • Sha Shan Nguyen
  • Hector Quill (mentioned only)
  • Flash Thompson (mentioned only)


In the streets of New York, Peter Parker / Spider-Man and his sister Teresa / Iron Phoenix are with Pegasus Z native Nocturnal[1] battling against Curt Connors, who has been transformed into the Lizard by a new replica of his formula which was created and implanted on him by Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus for an unknown cause, while Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear and Sally Avril / Snow Leopard battle rogue mutant Sabretooth. Meanwhile in Midtown High School, jocks are working out despite still needing a gym teacher while Ashley Kafka is still blaming Peter and his friends for her classmates' recent misfortunes, such as getting Hector Quill expelled from school[2]. They are soon pleased to hear that Harry Osborn has hired their idol, professional wrestler Bonesaw McGee, to become their new gym teacher. As everyone else enjoys their new gym lessons, Sha Shan Nguyen[3] discreetly implants a microchip in McGee's neck before contacting Doctor Octopus, informing him that "his subject" is ready.

As the New Champions work on the construction of their headquarters, Peter is approached by Sam Wilson / Falcon for wonderful news: King T'Challa of Wakanda and his queen Ororo Munroe are coming to New York to endorse Baxter Institute and Bilderberg Academy. Later on, the students receive T'Challa and Ororo in the Empire State University's auditorium. During the event, Sam introduces his classmates to his old friend and T'Challa's younger sister Princess Shuri, who has had Baxter Institute classes online and is expressing interest in enrolling directly. Also expressing interest in enrolling is Flash Thompson's estranged younger brother and Liz Danvers Rogers' longtime old friend Marcus, with whom she has also been in secret love. As Shuri and Marcus are given a tour around the school, Teresa overhears from Mary Jane Watson more about Sam's story of the day he became Falcon. Meanwhile, McGee (after training the jocks on gym) is giving the students autographs until Octavius activates the microchip in his neck and transforms him into a humanoid rhinoceros (referred by media as "Rhino"), causing McGee to wreak havoc around the streets. Peter, Mary Jane, Liz, and Sam (donning their superhero suits) are quick to answer the situation and are joined in the fight by Cameron / Lightyear and (surprisingly) Shuri, who comes by in her own superhero mantle of Lightning Panther, and Marcus, who reveals to be the young vigilante White Wolf. They defeat Rhino and take him to S.H.I.E.L.D. medical lab, where they discover the microchip in his neck and deduce it is another scheme by Doctor Octopus.

Through the chip, they find footage revealing that Rhino is just the beginning of a new plan formulated by Madame Masque's new recruits of the Shadow Council, who also happen to be two enemies of Wakanda: M'Baku / Man-Ape, who protests against T'Challa's rule of Wakanda, and Ulysses Klaue / Klaw, who is obsessed with Wakanda's treasures and technology. Detecting Super Soldier anomalies spreading in New York, the young heroes set out to investigate, while Kraven the Hunter, watching the events from a building, views the incoming situation as a place for his sport. Spider-Man alerts the rest of the team and Mister Fantastic of the attack of animal-based criminals and Super-Soldiers attacking New York in time to help grant shelter for the citizens, as the others hold their own against the rampaging villains and Skynet and Edith work on a antidote for the mutations. T'Challa and Ororo (donning their respective mantles of Black Panther and Storm) also join the battle while they overhear of Man-Ape and Klaw's scheme. Seeing Shuri and Marcus in action, Peter and his friends also overhear about their origins as Lightning Panther and White Wolf; Shuri was given her own Black Panther powers after ingesting a Heart-shaped Herb which absorbed a lightning bolt during a storm in Wakanda, and Marcus earned his White Wolf powers and Vibranium suit from an ancient amulet containing the Wolf Spirit. Later on, Ghost-Spider and Kid Arachnid spot Kraven arriving in the field, on which Kraven is intending to turn the city in his hunting grounds, which turned out not to be part of the Shadow Council's plans.

After most of the animal monsters and super-villains are defeated, Spider-Man and Black Panther confront Kraven, who voices intentions of capturing the exotic metahumans taking shelter in Pegasus Z, including Snow Leopard and Nocturnal. Man-Ape and Klaw confront Kraven over his unwanted presence, and a fight between the three issues. Taking advantage of the impending distraction, Spider-Man and Black Panther incapacitate them by destroying Klaw's bionic arm, and defeating Kraven and Man-Ape in hand-to-hand combat respectively. Shuri and White Wolf create a super bomb composed of the completed antidote and detonate it, reverting the mutated humans (including the Lizard) back to normal. Only McGee remains in his Rhino form when Doctor Octopus and Vulture retrieve him and Man-Ape, while claiming that Madame Masque has more plans for them. As the city recovers from the Animal/Human hybrids' attack and Klaw and Kraven are taken in by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, the New Champions are reported to have earned new members with Lightning Panther, White Wolf and Nocturnal, as Shuri and Marcus are reportedly enrolled at Baxter Institute after the school and Bilderberg Academy are officially declared endorsed by the Wakandan Royal Family, much to everyone's joy (and Harry's and Kafka's dismay and objections). As Shuri enjoys herself with Peter and his friends, Liz and Marcus go out for a date. Peter voices satisfaction of out well everything went again, while also vowing to be ready for whatever scheme Doctor Octopus is up to next.

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  1. first appeared in Back in Black
  2. as depicted in Who Let the Man-Wolf Out?
  3. revealed to be an agent of the Shadow Council in previous episode
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