Universal Sportsmanship is the 6th episode of the Avengers' arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Tiger Shark (first appearance)
  • Malekith the Accursed (first appearance)
  • Taskmaster / Tony Masters (no dialogue)
  • Sheath (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Beetle / Abner Jenkins (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Jack O'Lantern / Jason Macendale (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Slyde / Jalome Beecher (first appearance; no dialogue)
  • Kraven the Hunter (no dialogue)
  • Trapster / Clayton Cole (no dialogue)
  • Killmonger / N'Jadaka (no dialogue)
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren (no dialogue)
  • Scorpion / Mac Gargan (no dialogue)
  • Madame Masque / Whitney Frost
  • Hala the Accuser (first appearance; hologram only)[4]
  • Lizard / Curt Connors (first appearance; hologram only)[5]

Other Characters

  • X-Men
    • Wolverine / James “Logan” Howlett (first appearance)
    • Jean Grey (first appearance; no dialogue)
    • Storm / Ororo Munroe (first appearance; no dialogue)
    • Professor X / Charles Xavier (mentioned only)
    • Cyclops / Scott Summers (first appearance; no dialogue)
    • Iceman / Bobby Drake (first appearance; no dialogue)
    • Colossus / Piotr Rasputin (no dialogue)
    • Shadowcat / Katherine "Kitty" Pryde (no dialogue)
    • Beast / Dr. Hank McCoy (no dialogue)
  • Power Man / Luke Cage (cameo)
  • Moonstone / Jessica Jones (cameo)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Groot (no dialogue)
    • Nebula (no dialogue)
  • Winter Guard
    • Red Guardian / Alexei Shostakov
    • Darkstar / Laynia Petrovna (cameo)
    • Radioactive Man / Igor Stancheck (cameo)
    • Colossus / Piotr Rasputin (cameo)
    • Ursa Major / Mikhail Ursus (cameo)
  • James "Bucky" Rogers[6]
  • Aunt May
  • Disha Khan (no dialogue)
  • Midtown High School
    • Ashley Kafka
    • Sha Shan Nguyen (first appearance; no dialogue)[7]
    • Unnamed female students


Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers are watching the finals of the annual Girls' School Volleyball League Championship, on which the Bilderberg Academy team (consisting of Teresa Parker[8], Kamala Khan, Annabelle "Anna" Brady[9], Katrina “Kat” Romanoff[10], Dinah Gillan[11], and led by Liz Danvers Rogers) are on the match for 1st Prize against the Midtown High School team led by Ashley Kafka, and potentially win. Later on, Peter and Liz (as Spider-Man and Starforce) have a training together until they watch news of the National Leaders greeting the Watchers, immortal aliens with the purpose of watching the events of the universe, announcing the opening of the anual Universal Olympic Games, a intergalactic sports competition hosted by the Watchers on which remarkable warriors from different planets participate, which is currently taking place on Earth, and consisting of the Earth metahumans as the main contestants.

The Avengers and several other heroes (including Spider-Man and his friends, as well as the Fantastic Four and the X-Men), villains and anti-heroes answer and accept the Watchers' invitation and register on the tournament. Following the opening ceremony, the young heroes begin practicing and training for the upcoming events, whereas Spider-Man and Starforce overhear of Anna's intentions of entering the competition to write a story for her journals. The two respect her decision, but also agree that they have to keep an eye on Anna so she will not endanger herself, especially after overhearing that some of the villains who signed up for the tournament are taking part of the competition by their own (and more deceptive) methods; those including rogue Atlantean Tiger Shark and Dark Elf ruler Malekith the Accursed, both believing that the prize for first place, the Watchers' Universal Cup, holds a immense power. On the first day of the tournament, the Avengers acknowledge that some of the events are equivalent to the ones of Earth's own Olympic events (such as the track/field athletics and aquatics), but are advised by Uatu, Earth's main Watcher, that others will test their willpower much like their battles against crime and corruption do, although (to both heroes and villains' safety) they will be teleported out of the arena should they be eliminated or disqualified from the competition. The Avengers and the rest of the featured competitors make themselves ready for the tournament, as Starforce and Spider-Man spot Anna among the cheering crowd, and remind each other that she must stay safe.

Later on, the competitors participate on the tournaments' competitive events (which include cosmic variants of athletics, gymnastics, shooting, archery, aquatics, and fencing, and will conclude with the Final Fist combat arena, a event where the finalists will battle each other for the prize), with the Avengers and their hero allies competing well and with honor while overcoming the villains' attempts of cheating, progressively claiming victory as the disqualified villains getting teleported out of the coliseum with no memories of the event. Meanwhile, Anna continues recording her exclusive journal story with a special drone camera (which Mary Jane Watson built for her after Anna left Midtown High), and with Starforce and Spider-Man resuming to keep an eye on her to ensure her safety by any means. Although some heroes are put against each other during the tournament as well, the games continue on naturally, despite Tiger Shark and Malekith feeling humiliated during the match. While not take part in the competition directly, Madame Masque (seeing Tiger Shark and Malekith as useful pawns for her plans) begins manipulating a few events to ensure their victory against the anti-heroes. Seeing how the anti-heroes are getting eliminated too easily, Starforce begins to learn of Madame Masque's involvement, but she manages to overcome the traps naturally and willingly loses by forfeit to Spider-Man in a fencing match between the two so that she will freely deal with Madame Masque. As she continues her exclusive in the events and also interviewing the competitors (including Logan / Wolverine, Susan Storm / Invisible Woman, and Sam Wilson / Falcon), Anna suddenly discovers Madame Masque secretly giving Tiger Shark and Malekith advantage in the competition, and uses her camera's live-streaming functions to expose her. She succeeds, but is discovered herself by Madame Masque, who threatens to kill her.

Right before she can do Anna any harm, Madame Masque is stopped by Starforce, who tackles her out of the coliseum, rendering Tiger Shark and Malekith out of advantage in the Final Fist combat arena event, right in the beginning of their respective matches against Spider-Man and Thor. Starforce manages to defeat Madame Masque, forcing the villainess to retreat empty-handed. Spider-Man and Thor are likewise able to defeat Tiger Shark and Malekith, concluding the tournament with Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk being proclaimed champions, with others praising them in open arms as Tiger Shark and Malekith leave the coliseum frustrated and blaming each other for their failures until Madame Masque calls them off, convincing them to put aside their grievances for a "better offer" she has for them. As the coliseum fades away, the heroes are praised by Uatu for their competitive performance on the tournament, and with Starforce and Spider-Man earning praise for their show of competitive spirit, especially when it came to the purpose of protecting Anna. Back in Bilderberg Academy, Liz and her classmates watch and applause at Anna's successful live exclusive news video before they resume to practice some more gym with Invisible Woman as their guest teacher.

Voice Cast



  1. she is first shown in the opening of the episode among the Bilderberg Academy students who cheer on their Volleyball team's victory at the Championship. She later appears in the ending along with her classmates watching Annabelle Brady's successful live exclusive news video before attending to a gym class by Susan Storm
  2. she is first shown in the opening of the episode among the Bilderberg Academy students who cheer on their Volleyball team's victory at the Championship. She later appears in the ending along with her classmates watching Annabelle Brady's successful live exclusive news video before attending to a gym class by Susan Storm
  3. As Zoe Gillan, she is shown with Peter and Mary Jane watching her adopted sister Dinah among the Bilderberg Academy girls in their Volleyball match against the Midtown High girls. As Gamora, she is among the superheroes participating the Universal Olympic Games
  4. appears as a training Life Model Decoy for Starforce to fight
  5. appears as a training Life Model Decoy for Spider-Man to fight
  6. he appears watching and cheering on Liz in the Volleyball match between the Bilderberg Academy girls and the Midtown High girls, and later greeting her at the end of the match
  7. she is shown as a member of the Midtown High Girls' team. She makes her full appearance in Fearful Symmetry
  8. enrolled at Bilderberg Academy since Family Comes First
  9. enrolled at Bilderberg Academy since Living Brainstorm
  10. enrolled at Bilderberg Academy since previous episode
  11. introduced in The World I Knew
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