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The Goblin War is the two-part final episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


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"Part 1: Rise of a Overlord"

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are on their way to visit Aunt May and Mary Jane's mother Madeline at a F.E.A.S.T. shelter, which is being set for a community festival planned by Baxter Institute's board of education as part of their students' last annual activities in the school before summer vacations, and with Sally Avril / Snow Leopard and her S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy classmates also helping for preparation. The young couple also hear news of the now defunct Midtown High's former students having begun to enroll at other schools of New York like Baxter Institute and Bilderberg Academy. Though pleased with the outcome, Peter is aware that the Goblin (now in full control of Norman Osborn's body[1]) is still planning for terrible schemes which will threaten the city unless he can be stopped.

Meanwhile, Harry Osborn is with Ashley Kafka (who had interned at Oscorp after Midtown High was shut down) trying to contribute for Oscorp all the way they can. But, overhearing news of former classmates having enrolled at Baxter Institute, Harry is pushed to his breaking point, and decides to directly attack the Fantastic Four, despite having been forbidden from approaching the school's grounds[2]. Donnig the Hobgoblin armor, Harry sets out to attack the Four in the F.E.A.S.T. facility, but Peter / Spider-Man and his sister Teresa / Iron Phoenix (having predicted his intentions) intervine and force him out of the facility's grounds. Taking Hobgoblin's attack as a wake-up call, Spider-Man decides it is time to expose Norman's crimes. Meanhwile, Mary Jane / Tigra, Ned Leeds / Goliath, and Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear are pursuing White Rabbit, Jack O'Lantern and the Jackal, who are executing a series of reckless assaults directed on New York's F.E.A.S.T. facilities. Right after she defeats White Rabbit and forces her to retreat, Tigra finds an Oscorp badge which fell from White Rabbit's purse, discovering it is also part of the Goblin's plan.

Regrouping with his friends, Spider-Man hacks the badge, discovering that the Goblin is creating a new experiment based on both the Jackal's animal formulas and Captain America's Super Soldier serum, which will bring doom to New York if unleashed to all citizens. While Liz Danvers Rogers / Starforce and the others form a homeguard for the F.E.A.S.T. shelters, and Carlie Cooper / Skynet and Edith work to gather all evidences against Osborn, Spider-Man and Tigra are out to infiltrate the main Oscorp building to destroy the samples. Making it into the facility, Spider-Man and Tigra seek out all serums and set them to be self-destructed. Hobgoblin (presuming that Mr. Fantastic sent the duo there to vanquish his father) ambushes them, but they overcome him, with Spider-Man reprimanding Harry for being too independent to his father's orders and advices, and for having not considered the monster he really is. Harry initially refuses to believe Spider-Man until Tigra hacks Oscorp's database, revealing another footage of Norman's confession of his indirect murder of Richard and Mary Parker, frightening Harry and causing him to flee from the building, inadvertently exposing himself as the Hobgoblin for all over the city.

Just as Harry turns himself in, Goblin contacts White Rabbit, Jack O'Lantern and Jackal, ordering them to retrieve Harry from the police. The three villains battle the police to do so, although the New Champions remain on pursuit. Spider-Man and Tigra continue destroying the experiments and evacuate Kafka from the building, despite Goblin sending the Spider-Slayers to attack the couple. Despite all the struggle, Spider-Man and his friends manage to hold the villains down enough for Skynet and Edith to upload the evidences for the Daily Bugle, exposing Norman's crimes for all the city to see. Spider-Man and Tigra succeed in destroying the last of the serums before being ordered by Maria Hill to leave the rest to her men. As the villains are carried to jail, Spider-Man and his friends rejoice, although Spider-Man is certain that the battle is not over. In his lab just as the police are to surround him, Goblin takes a small serum he kept for himself for his final contingency and injects it into himself, hideously mutating into a green-skinned Goblin-like monster before donning a prototype Hobgoblin suit, and a glider, reinventing himself as the "Green Goblin".

"To Be Continued..."

"Part 2: Green Insanity"

As the news of Norman's crimes spread across the city, the police officers find themselves hopeless against Green Goblin, who effortlessly outmatches them, although Spider-Man manages to broadcast his transformation for everyone to see, alerting the New Champions of the great threat they face. Followed by Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid, Spider-Man directly battles the Goblin, who then escapes, but not before detonating half of the Oscorp building, causing it to collapse in the city, with the three young heroes and the officers still inside.

Despite the struggle, Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider and Kid Arachnid earn help from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy trainees Dante Pertuz / Inferno, Luna Snow, and Amadeus Cho / Brawn to prevent the building from collapsing over the streets, saving the citizens and the officers. Elsewhere, Otto Octavius / Doctor Octopus also overhears the news about Norman's crimes having been exposed, and views it as the perfect opportunity for his revenge. In a conversation with Nick Fury, Spider-Man acknowledges that Green Goblin has been planning his revenge on Earth long before his body was disintegrated and his consciouness was absorbed by the Living Brain[3]. Knowing of the countless casualties which Green Goblin will commit, Spider-Man suggests Fury and the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers evacuate the city and take the citizens to the safest shelters, which they do so with help from the New Champions, as well as Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat and Felicia Hardy / Golden Jaguar. Meanwhile, Green Goblin ambushes the police vans carrying his henchmen and Harry to the Raft and frees them, persuading them to continue his plan. Harry refuses to cooperate and attempts to fight back, but is subdued, mutated by Jackal with a formula which mutates him into a orange Goblin-like monster, and brainwashed to do Green Goblin's bidding. Just as Spider-Man reaches them, Green Goblin keeps him occupied by forcing Harry to fight him, distracting him enough for Green Goblin to activate his secret army of Oscorp robots made of A.I.M. technology, as part of his plan to start the Goblin Force.

Just as he seems outnumbered against the Goblin Force, Spider-Man watches as the rest of the New Champions, Shadowcat, Golden Jaguar, the Fantastic Four, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy students arrive to reinforce him, and the battle begins. The young heroes battle countless waves of Oscorp robots and prevent them from reaching the F.E.A.S.T. shelters, while Doctor Octopus is watching and waiting until Green Goblin is all alone. Jackal is subdued by Lightyear and Snow Leopard and injected with a antidote which permanently restores him to human form, Goliath and Wave damage and incapacitate Jack O'Lantern's armor and knock him down, and Spider-Man and Tigra defeat Hobgoblin and free him from Green Goblin's brainwashing. White Rabbit reaches the main F.E.A.S.T. facility to start a robbery, but she gets distracted with a nearby basket of carrots, which allows Aunt May to easily knock her out. Enraged with his pawns' failures, Green Goblin flees to the last active Oscorp Compound, with Doctor Octopus following him.

As others continue the battle, Peter spots Doctor Octopus following Green Goblin, and volunteers to stop them both from causing collateral damage with their grudge match, during which Mary Jane kisses him, sharing a piece of her Titanian Tiger power to give him an advantage. Seeing him and Mary Jane kissing, Harry learns of Spider-Man's identity and, remorseful of everything his father has done, decides to go stop Green Goblin as well. In the compound, Green Goblin attempts to activate the terminal missiles and aim them at New York before he is caught in a fight with both Doctor Octopus and Harry, which gives Spider-Man an opportunity to deactivate the missiles and program the compound to be self-destructed. Doctor Octopus gains the upperhand and attempts to poison Green Goblin with a Anti-Goblin serum he was working on, but Green Goblin shields himself with Harry, killing him and knocking Doctor Octopus into the sea. Spider-Man tackles Green Goblin and drags him away from the compound before it explodes, disabling the remaining robots in the progress. Spider-Man ends his fight with Green Goblin, defeating him and bringing him next to the Spider-Slayers, which Skynet reprogramed to exterminate "metahumans with Goblin Factor". Ignoring Green Goblin's orders and unable to recognize him as Norman Osborn, the Slayers vaporize and kill him. With the battle over, the remaining members of the Goblin Force are arrested, although Octavius is nowhere to be found, as Spider-Man is hailed by the heroes and citizens for saving the city. Back in the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, Peter and his friends enjoy the festival with a dance, with Peter and Mary Jane again kissing on the eyes of the cheering crowd.

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  • Along with Stan Lee, Steve Ditko makes a cameo appearance in the end of the episode.


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