The Exorcism of Natasha Romanoff is the 4th episode of Avengers' arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

  • Avengers
    • Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff (flashback and main story; origins revealed)
    • Iron Man / Tony Stark
    • Captain America / Steve Rogers
    • Phantom Tiger / Aamir
    • Redhawk / Kate Bishop
      • Maverick
    • Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers
    • Crystal
      • Lockjaw
    • Ronin / Hawkeye / Clint Barton (flashback and main story) (as Hawkeye in flashback)
    • Black Panther / T'Challa
    • Hulk / Bruce Banner (flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters

  • Doctor Stephen Strange (first appearance)
  • Winter Guard (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Red Guardian / Alexei Shostakov (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Darkstar / Laynia Petrovna (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Radioactive Man / Igor Stancheck (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Colossus / Piotr Rasputin (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Ursa Major / Mikhail Ursus (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)


  • Morgan Le Fey (single appearance; flashback and main story; dies)
  • Thanos (flashback only)
  • Crimson Dynamo Force
    • Anton Vanko (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Galina Nemirovsky (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Unnamed Members (flashback and illusion only)
  • Red Room (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Taskmaster / Tony Masters (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Madame B. (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
    • Unnamed Black Widows (first appearance) (flashback and illusion only)
  • Vulture / Adrian Toomes

Other Characters

  • Ivan Romanoff (single appearance; flashback only; deceased)
  • Old Hulk (single appearance; flashback only; dies)
  • Sofia Corazon (mentioned only; dies off-panel)
  • Anya Banner Corazon (mentioned only)
  • Skaar (mentioned only)
  • Winter Soldier / James "Bucky" Rogers (mentioned only)
  • Austin Thompson (single appearance; flashback and illusion only; deceased)
  • Maxine Joan (cameo) [1]
  • The Ancient Ones (first appearance; flashback only)
  • Natasha Romanoff's unnamed daughter[2] (first appearance; flashback only)


Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Clint Barton / Ronin and Bruce Banner / Hulk are in pursuit of Adrian Toomes / Vulture, who had just stolen an unknown mystical gemstone which was being transported to Oscorp for an unknown benefactor. Just as she manages to obtain the relic, Black Widow is suddenly possessed by an demonic spirit housing the gemstone, and is influenced into attacking Vulture more brutally until Ronin and Hulk stop her while the beaten Vulture is taken to prison. Noticing that Romanoff has been possessed, Hulk takes her to the Avengers Tower while he has Ronin "call for the Doctor".

Back in the Avengers Tower, Romanoff is strapped to a table while the Avengers are visited former neurosurgeon-turned-Master of Mystic Arts Doctor Stephen Strange. Analyzing Romanoff's mind, Strange discovers that the spirit possessing her is Morgan Le Fey, a powerful witch and former lieutenant of Thanos' Black Order who once attempted to unleash demonic forces to join Thanos' army until the Ancient Ones defeated her, destroying her physical body and imprisoning her soul in a gemstone, where she would be sealed away until the gemstone came in contact with a female host. Strange and Aamir the Phantom Tiger soon perform a focusing ritual which sends them and the Avengers to an astral plane inside Romanoff's mind, on which they must destroy the fragments of Le Fey's essence before they can fully take over Romanoff's body and form and vanquish Romanoff's soul permanently. The Avengers soon enter a white space before encountering the main mind of Romanoff's soul struggling on her own against numerous personifications of Le Fey, and they aid her before the real Le Fey vanishes. The Avengers soon begin their search for Le Fey's demonic personifications, as Strange advises that to do so, they must enter the portions of Romanoff' memories, which are the main source of her soul. Romanoff expresses concern over these terms since one of her memories occupies a secret of her past which very few know, but agrees.

The Avengers split up and search for Le Fey's soul eaters, destroying them while they also learn more details of Romanoff's past, which occurred long before she first became an Avenger: those including the death of her father Ivan during the Russians' struggle to defend their land from Hydra. Another is Romanoff's training in the Red Room where she first became the Black Widow, until (following an encounter with Austin Thompson, a formerly brainwashed Hydra super soldier with whom she fell in love, in Russia) she defected against her headmasters for an unknown reason (which is on another part of her memories which Le Fey is not seeing yet). Another detail sees Romanoff playing a role in Banner's past, helping him remain alive in his Hulk form so that he can be with his son Skaar and his daughter Anya. Yet another is when she joined S.H.I.E.L.D., and became partners with Barton (back when he operated as Hawkeye) in numerous missions (most notably in Budapest). The Avengers also see a memory of Romanoff operating as a former member of the Winter Guard led by Captain America's Russian counterpart, the Red Guardian, during a battle against the Crimson Dynamo Force led by Anton Vanko. After enough of Le Fey's personifications are destroyed, the Avengers are confronted by Le Fey herself, who sends dark images of Romanoff's old foes to attack them while Le Fey spots the gateway to Romanoff's most secret memory and sets out to cross it over.

While the Avengers and Strange are aided by images of the Winter Guard to keep Le Fey's spawns occupied, Romanoff pursues and stops her, taking her into a deadly fight which takes place in the scenarios of her past. Despite Le Fey taking the forms of Madame B., Vanko, Thompson, and even her father Ivan, Romanoff (with eventual help from Barton) defeats Le Fey and empales her in her heart, destroying her soul once and for all. The Avengers return to reality as Romanoff awakens fully restored to her normal self. While the Avengers oversee more details about the Winter Guard, Banner sets out to check on Skaar and Anya more, while Romanoff (overhearing news of a mysterious young vigilante running around Russia) sets out to settle a very important business, which Barton knows it is about her most secret memory from the past. A flashback of 12 years ago plays, on which Romanoff, after Thompson sacrificed himself to destroy the Red Room base, had approached Colossus and asked to look after her own infant daughter while Romanoff sought to make things right in the outside world. Romanoff had at the moment sworn to see her daughter again one day when the time is right.

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  1. she is shown in the end of the opening obtaining the gemstone where Morgana le Fey escaped from and came in contact with the fragment inside it, which is a duplicate of the Soul Stone
  2. identity revealed in next episode as Katrina
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