A list of songs featured in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles for the Guardians of the Galaxy's arc in Season 1.

Full List

Song title Artist(s) Length Moment(s) the song is used
"Back in Black" AC/DC 4:15 Played in Nathan Quill's radio, while he is working on a Triceratops-based animatronic and Zoe Gillan is working on a hawk-based animatronic in the opening of "Rocket Man"
"Because We Can" Bon Jovi 4:05 At the end of episode "Guardians at the Gate", when the newly formed Guardians travel together in space aboard Star-Lord's spaceship. Song is played on the ship's radio.
"The Ballroom Blitz" Sweet 4:06 In the opening of "The Flerken Sleeps Tonight", during a montage of the Guardians' battles and victories across the galaxy. Song is played in the background.
"When The Stars Go Blue" The Corrs featuring Bono 4:19 Played by Rocket Raccoon in the radio in his body in the end of episode "The World I Knew", on which Nathan and Gamora / Zoe (who is confident to still have a come on Earth) are dancing happily and then kissing passionately.
"Any Way You Want It" Journey 3:24 Played in episode "Hot Stuff", during the montage of Nathan Quill / Star-Lord and Zoe Gillan / Gamora spending a good time with Ann-Gell / Firestar in New York City.
"St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" John Parr 4:11 In episode "Back to Black", it is played in Nathan Quill's zune during his experimentation of the Anti-Venom before Dr. Dora Skirth and Hank McCoy arrive in the lab.
"Real Wild Child" Iggy Pop 3:38 In episode "Space Oddity", the song plays during a montage of the Guardians in their errands; Nathan Quill and Zoe Gillan testing their drones, Rocket Raccoon and Yondu Udonta golfing, and Nebula and Groot training Franklin Richards Storm, Ann-Gell / Firestar, and Amadeus Cho / Brawn.
"Wild World" Mr. Big 3:27 In episode "Space Oddity", it is played at the moment the Guardians, Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman evacuate from Sentinel 6 before it explodes.
"(I Just) Died in Your Arms" Cutting Crew 4:39 In episode "Who Let the Man-Wolf Out?", it is played when Luna Snow is introduced in the episode. Song plays when Luna walks by a street as Hector "Hercules" Quill (trying to bust Flash Thompson out of the community detention center) gets greatly attracted to her, but also easily distracted. The song stops when Luna is revealed to be dating Dante Pertuz / Inferno, causing Hector to snap out of it and fail on his attempt to break Thompson out.
"Side by Side" Sofia Wylie 3:11 In episode "(I Am) Iron Man", it is played during Riri Williams' debut as Ironheart. Song plays when Riri is shown flying her Ironheart suit in the skies, drawing marveled citizens' attention and impressing Iron Man, Iron Phoenix and the Guardians of the Galaxy (but also making Ashley Kafka jealous) in the progress. Sing ends after she defeats and disables a Kree Sentry attacking a Stark Industries facility before she is approached by Nebula, and the rest of the heroes.
"Spirit" Beyoncé 4:37 Played when Mantis remembers her past, on which she was born from a sentient plant which absorbed the remains of a dying female Skrull. Encouraged by the Guardians, who do not view her as a "freak" because she was not "born naturally" like everyone else, Mantis uses her plant-bending powers to destroy Minn-Erva's Phalanx-controlled Kree ship.
"Dreams" Van Halen 4:53 Played in the end of the arc's final episode "The Kree War, Part 2: Don't Stop Believin'", on which the Guardians watch the fireworks erupting at night, Rocket and Eros fly alongside Firestar in the skies, and Nathan and Zoe share a passionate kiss. The song follows the credits until it ends.
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