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Season 1 Episodes (by Arc)

Spider-Man's Arc

A Better Genius

Mary Jane Watson: (seeing some school transfer documents with Peter) Haven't you decided which school to go yet?
Peter Parker: Still trying to find a good one. One I'd think way better than Midtown High. But all I get is notifications about science prodigies signing up for an internship at Oscorp. Which was a mistake I made last year, and I do not intend to repeat again... With those circumstances, I won't find any good solution even if it reaches my phone right now. (Peter eventually hears his phone ringing and reads a message from Sam Wilson saying: "Gotta see this!" with a picture of Sam himself with Nathan Quill and Michelle Cage Jones near a new building covered by a large curtain) (voice over) I pray for Uncle Ben's soul this is something worth watching, Sam.
(later, he and Mary Jane are with their friends near the new building being inaugurated. The event is being presented by Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic)
Mr. Fantastic: It's a great pleasure of mine to see that gifted young geniuses like you have accepted our invitation to gather here for this great occasion. For those of you who are seeking better benefits, and better scholarship, will be happy to know you will have the privilege of witnessing the inauguration of your new high school. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... (the curtains open, revealing the new school) the Baxter Institute! (the crowd aplaudes and celebrates, as Peter and his friends and other interns move in to sign up for the school)
Mary Jane Watson: (giggles) I guess the answer for your problems did reach your phone after all, Tiger.
Peter Parker: (chuckles) Probably some lucky coincidence.
Michelle Cage Jones: You call it luck. We call it destiny.

(Meanwhile, in the Oscorp main building, Norman Osborn overhears the crowd cheering from his office)

Norman Osborn: Just what are they celebrating now? (he turns on the television, watching a News report broadcasting about Baxter Institute) Baxter Institute? (eventually, he sees Reed Richards on television; angered) Richards...!

(defeated, the Master Planner is confronted by Peter (through his LMD unit))
Master Planner: Parker! Parker, please! You don't have to do this!
Peter Parker: That's what my Uncle Ben said to one of your pawns when he was risking his life for Osborn. But what did that pawn say, Octavius? What did you even make him say?! (flashback of the Oscorp Riot plays)
Master Planner: (to the mercenary) No hesitation. No mercy! (flashback ends)
Peter Parker: Exactly.
Master Planner: (Peter starts pulling his masks) No! NOOOOO!!! (Peter unmasks him in front of the Midtown High students and teachers, who are shocked)
Peter Parker: (to Principal Warren; loudly and angrily) IS THIS THE SO-CALLED "GOOD BENEFITS" YOU PROMISED?! MASKED CRIMINALS PRETENDING TO BE GOOD TEACHERS IN MIDTOWN HIGH?!! (throws the Master Planner mask next to Warren's feet; Warren is speechless and shocked) I should've know better. I should've know you were never worth the trust! (Spider-Man puts his hand on Peter's shoulder and Invisible Woman comforts him while the two and the rest of the Fantastic Four stare at Warren disappointed)
(later on, as Octavius is taken to prison, Midtown High is shown being repaired by Damage Control)
Norman Osborn: (to Peter, who is still disappointed) I... really must apologize for bringing this on, Parker. I mean, Peter. I know you might not intend forgive us for all this so soon, but... what would you say if Principal Warren and I bring things to a warm head-start? So that you may have better benefits for this school. What do you say?
Peter Parker: I most certainly would accept these terms... (still giving a angry look) if that weren't just a excuse to convince me to reconsider my new enrollment in Baxter Institute. And even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
Principal Raymond Warren: (he and Osborn are shocked to hear this) B-but... Peter... it... it doesn't have to end like this. There was to be another way!
Peter Parker: (stops by the front door) I'm just sorry, (gives one last disappointing look) but it's just too much said and done. (he leaves as Warren is saddened, and Osborn stares angrily at Reed Richards, who is outside with Damage Control. Later, Peter encounters Sally in a corridor) So... I guess this is a goodbye. Isn't it?
Sally Avril: For this school, yes. (touches Peter's cheek) But you and I will still see each other again more often. (they hug) Be happy there, Peter.
(later, Peter and Mary Jane met at a street near Baxter Institute)
Mary Jane Watson: (she hugs him passionately) So glad you got out of that junk of school in time, Peter. Nervous?
Peter Parker: More excited than nervous. Not only because we'll get better scholarship, but also because we'll get better company. Enough to put those terrible grievances behind us, and live on with all we love to see.
Mary Jane Watson: That's the spirit, Tiger. (kisses him in the lips) That's the spirit.
(they approach the front doors of Baxter Institute, where the concierge gently welcomes them. Later, they enter the main reception hall)
Michelle Cage Jones: (joyful tone; off-screen) Peter!
Zoe Gillan: MJ!
(Peter is hugged by Michelle and Mary Jane is hugged by Zoe as they are approached gently by the rest of their friends -Ned, Randy, Carlie, Nathan and Sam- and later by the Fantastic Four)
Mr. Fantastic: It's a really great pleasure to have you here, students. Especially you, Peter. Are you ready to start the day anew?
Peter Parker: As ready as eager, Headmaster.

Living Brainstorm

(in a post-opening scene, we see Peter Parker swinging in New York as Spider-Man. Later we see him entering the front-doors of Baxter Institute. We later see a montage showing Peter enjoying his studies at the new school with his friends. Montage shows them at various lessons associated to science, as well as experimentation with Chemistry chemicals, and robotics. Sequence ends with Peter in a class lesson with his friends and with Susan Storm / Invisible Woman as their teacher)
Peter Parker: (narrating the above sequence) That's me, Peter Parker. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. You know. I've come a long way since I was this boy bit by a lab spider in Oscorp. And whose uncle lost his life trying to protect a man who didn't deserve saving. Back then, I was having a hard time in a high school where no one viewed me seriously. Except my friend Sally Avril. But things started to work better when my big idol Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic, opened this new school where my friends and I could fit in: the Baxter Institute, for young and gifted geniuses who vaporize science and technology as a way of life. It's been just one month since this school first opened and my friends and I enrolled, and it's already becoming like the best school there is in Queens. Sure, some lessons are still the same we had in other ordinary schools, but still, there were others with far more entertaining content to learn about. Including ones with more supportive teachers. And our favorite one? Who else could it be, if not the very first we had classes with? The headmaster's wife herself, Susan Storm, a.k.a. the Invisible Woman. And on this day, she's about to teach us the first steps of what we're excited to create...
Susan Storm: So, who here would like to describe Artificial Intelligence? (some raise their hands. Susan picks Michelle)
Michelle Cage Jones: The ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. It's also a field of study which tries to make computers "smart".
Susan Storm: Very good. Thank you, Michelle. (brings up a 3D image of a A.I. program) Of course, as you might have guessed, Artificial Intelligence requires more than just a simple programming to be made as intelligent as you want it to be. As intelligent as humans, as you'd like to describe. (as Susan continues speaking Peter checks on some codex for artificial intelligence) Therefore, for your start, there are four essential steps: to test your problem-solution fit, to play the data-gathering or AI building game, to build your product, and to develop a means for improving your AI.

(in Midtown High, Flash Thompson is walking around confidently while the jocks with him are concerned)
Flash Thompson: A bad idea? Are you guys kidding?! Why would that be a bad idea? I just wanted to play with Parker's head a little. What could possibly go wrong? (but then, they watch news, where Mr. Fantastic is being interviewed)
Mr. Fantastic: (in the news report) We cannot condone with this kind of behavior from Flash Thompson and J. Jonah Jameson towards one of my top students. For it shall not be tolerated by me or any teacher ever hired so far. That said, I hereby forbid the entrance of any reporter or intern from the Daily Bugle and any student or teacher from Midtown High School in the Baxter Institute.
Flash Thompson: Okay. Maybe that. But, so what? (he then sees Anna Brady gathering her belongings with Harry Osborn trying to stop her)
Harry Osborn: Anna. Anna, please! You can't leave now!
Annabelle "Anna" Brady: Get out of my way, Osborn! You knew he meant to do it, but you did nothing about it! Nothing!
Harry Osborn: Anna, I'm sorry. I know Flash ruined your interview. Both he and Jameson did, but... we need you in the championship. No one's a better host than you are!
Annabelle "Anna" Brady: You and Thompson should've both thought about that before you got to be those filthy and emotionless big bullies that Parker kept complaining about! See you never! (she continues crying)
Stan Lee: (comforting Anna) I'm terribly sorry about your loss, dear. (stares at Thompson, angrily) As for you, now is your chance to do better. Why don't you see that you take it?! (he and Anna leave)
Flash Thompson: (everyone just stares at him in silence and he gulps; next, he is in Principal Warren's office) Look, I know I really screwed up, but... just give me a chance. Just one chance, so I...
Principal Raymond Warren: (interrupts) I just wanted you to behave yourself and respect our students' priorities. But you did the exact opposite. You delayed us from contact with the Fantastic Four. And worse... you got our most beloved reporter and game host removed from this school! And because of you, she's now sided with our oldest rival!
Flash Thompson: I didn't mean to! I just... just...
Principal Raymond Warren: (punches his desk, angered) "Just" what?! You couldn't resist picking on Parker one last time? You couldn't resist trying to humiliate him?! In front of ours and his new school?!! (Thompson is speechless, but terrified) You're not expelled. Yet. But as a bidding punishment for your arrogance, you're also not allowed to participate the football championship until you really learn to have respect for everyone. Either the ones you love or not. (Thompson is shocked to hear this. Others students and jocks also overhear this and are also shocked while Sally Avril is disappointed)
Flash Thompson: (he leaves Warren's office and suddenly comes across Sally, who just turns his back on him) Sally, please... you know I...
Sally Avril: Don't try to play the innocent boy with me, Flash. Because you know, you did this.
Flash Thompson: It... it wasn't me! It... it was probably Parker! If he hadn't...
Sally Avril: (she quickly slams her locker's door in anger, causing Thompson to stop talking and terrifying him) You did this, Flash. Not Anna, not Peter Parker, not Reed Richards. You. (walks away)
(back in Baxter Institute, Peter is with Mary Jane Watson checking on Edith)
Mary Jane Watson: Maybe if we readjust her voice systems, she might be able to talk well.
Peter Parker: Yeah, I've been working on it. And maybe if we install one of those voice chips with yours and other girls' voices, we might get there.
Mary Jane Watson: Carlie also thought that eould be a good idea. She even built this voice chip with a replica of her own voice. Just in case. (she spots at a journal's headlines saying: "Midtown High School journalist quits. Students blame it on Football team's captain and Daily Bugle chief editor") Also, did you hear of the news about Midtown High and Daily Bugle?
Peter Parker: Only about the consequences that Thompson and Jameson are facing right now for being such big jerks. Not just with me, but everyone else. Even Anna. Although I do feel sorry for having called off her interview with me yesterday to keep Thompson and Jameson off my back.
Mary Jane Watson: I'm sure she's fine now, Peter. From what I heard from Sally, Anna's now studying with Liz at Bilderberg Academy. Said to be one of Midtown High's toughest rivals. But still one of the nicest schools. And also Baxter Institute's "sister". Also, she said she doesn't blame you for what happened. You just proved your point. (he hears a bickering and spots Flash Thompson and J. Jonah Jameson having a heated argument; to Peter) Don't interact with them.
Peter Parker: I won't. Because I've had enough of these two. (suddenly, his spider-sense tingles) Oh, great. Now what?! (hears a rumbling and looks at where it comes from. From there, Living Brain bursts in laughing maniacally as citizens are frightened)
Living Brain: Come out, come out, wherever you are, Osborn. I know you're out there somewhere, and I'll find you!
Peter Parker: And yet another one with unfinished business with Osborn. And another one of his mistakes for us to fix for him. (sighs; sarcastically) What a surprise. (to Mary Jane) I'll be back soon.
Mary Jane Watson: Sure. Go.
(Peter hides in a area while Mary Jane takes Edith away)
Living Brain: Not going to show yourself, Osborn? Then, how about hear a few bystanders scream? (he is about to vaporize some innocent citizens in his way until Spider-Man swings a manhole cover at him, knocking him away) What the...?!
(Spider-Man emerges confronting Living Brain in streets and citizens cheer)
Spider-Man: Terrorizing an entire neighborhood to search for one man? Well, not in my watch.
Living Brain: And who are you to think you can stop me?! (prepares to fire beams at him)
Spider-Man: Oh, everybody knows who. (swings towards Living Brain and kicks him back to a wall) Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, at citizens' service. Bring it on. (he and Living Brain continue fighting, during which Spider-Man lassoes one of Living Brain's turrets with his webs and rips it off)
Flash Thompson: (to Spider-Man) Kick that junkpile's butt, Spidey!
J. Jonah Jameson: (to Living Brain) Rip this wall-crawling menace in half!
Flash Thompson: (angry at Jameson) Arg! SHUT UP! (kicks Jameson's leg and punches his stomach)
J. Jonah Jameson: (growling tone) Why, you...! (he tackles Thompson in the ground and they begin fighting, getting too close to the laser turret, which is still functional)

(in the end of the episode, Norman Osborn is in his office at night)
Norman Osborn: Not much according to my plans, but at least this nightmare is over, and that monstrosity is gone forever. (he begins walking away until he slowly feels a headache. Scene skips to inside Osborn's mind. In a dark, unknown area, we see yellow eyes igniting)
The Goblin: I'm out... Or should I say... (the Goblin is revealed to be inside Osborn's brain) IN? (laughs diabolically and episode closes with the laugh echoing)

Feline Power

Castle of Illusions

Out of Stature

Family Comes First

(Peter Parker is with Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Susan Storm near a restaurant while news about Spider-Man and Iron Phoenix having helped Peter reunite with Teresa spreads)
Susan Storm: We're really glad everything ended well for you and Teresa, Peter. Your parents would surely be very proud.
Peter Parker: So would Uncle Ben. Although I know men like Osborn will still try to make matters worse like when his son tried to drag me back to Midtown High by force.
Reed Richards: I know. But you also know you can still count on friends and mentors you trust in issues like these. And like you and Teresa trusted the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. in keeping your parents' files safe.
Tony Stark: (nods for agreement; he then sees the pictures Peter took of himself and Teresa. Some include the siblings (as Spider-Man and Iron Phoenix respectively) helping people) I also see Teresa's still doing a good job as a heroine like you and your friends. But, did she consider putting her civilian life on track as well? You know, like...?
Peter Parker: I know. It was a ordinary, but fresh head start. Starting with the fact that Aunt May and I got her to live her life with us... and if you're asking about the scholarship part... well... let's just say she said yes to this little offer that Pepper recommended for her.
Tony Stark: I know. She's now with Cap's girl Liz at Bilderberg Academy. Right?
Peter Parker: Yep. And what's more impressive... she's already made her very first friends in her very first day. (shows them a selfie taken by Liz with Teresa, Kamala Khan, Katrina Romanoff, Riri Williams, and Annabelle "Anna" Brady in Bilderberg Academy)
Susan Storm: Aw! They're gonna eat her alive.

New Champions Assemble!

Fearful Symmetry

When Nature Calls

Monster Mayhem

Dark Designs

Shadow and Light

The Goblin War, Part 1

The Goblin War, Part 2

Avengers' Arc

Our National Treasure

(episode starts with scenes featuring the origins of Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers as Captain America and Captain Marvel respectively)
Liz Danvers Rogers: (narrating) George S. Patton once said that wars are fought with weapons... but are won by the men who wield them. That was something that two great patriots learned long before they became two of Earth's mightiest heroes. Steve Rogers, the army captain who became Captain America. And Carol Danvers, the Air Force pilot who became Captain Marvel. (flashbacks of their time as Captain America and Captain Marvel play) The world knows them as their country's finest patriots, despite being literally out of their own times. (a scene shows them meeting for the first time in a restaurant, and smiling at each other) But, who would've guessed that through this pain... (a montage of Captain America and Captain Marvel working together plays) would also come the start of something new? (a scene shows the two in front of the Statue of Liberty at sunset) And better? (they share a kiss; scene shifts to the two battling Hydra alongside Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther and Hulk) Some would say that it's just because they started Earth's greatest team of superheroes. Known even now as the Avengers. (a scene shows the six being cheered on by New York citizens; then, we see Captain America and Captain Marvel on top of a newly build Avengers Tower) But I say it's something far more personal for them. (in the scene, Rogers shows Danvers a wedding ring. Stunned at first, Danvers smiles with tears of joy and they kiss) A family. (scene shifts to the two getting married, in a ceremony attended to by their fellow Avengers, with Tony Stark as the best man; scene shifts to Rogers and Danvers in their home, with their infant daughter) One of which I'm part of from now on. My name is Elizabeth Danvers Rogers. You can call me Liz for short. (a close-up shows infant Liz opening her eyes, which glow with energy)

(in the epilogue of the episode, set one year later, Liz (as Starforce) is flying around New York with her parents watching from the Avengers Tower. During the flight, she encounters Spider-Man web-swinging in the air and a slow motion scene shows them sharing a fist-bump. Episode ends with Starforce flying higher in the sky, and crossing through a cloud)
Liz Danvers Rogers: (narrating above sequence) My father was Army. My mother was Air Force. They were both patriots out of time. But their love still had time to save the world. They made me who I am. And what I was destined to be. I was once just their national treasure. And now, I'm more than this. I'm their legacy. My name is Elizabeth Danvers Rogers. Liz for short. And I am... Starforce.

The Tiger and the Hawk

Inhuman Bloodlines

(as Kamala has a warm moment with Aamir, Liz is with her mother Carol)
Liz Danvers Rogers: Before you say it, I know. I did step out of line when I hit Maximus with that Terrigen crystal shard. And gave him his powers. (with a innocently hesitant look) Which means I'm grounded, right?
Carol Danvers: I don't think so. If you were really stepping out of line, well... it was because you weren't advised to do it so that the Sentries would turn against him.
Liz Danvers Rogers: So you knew...?
Carol Danvers: Yeah, it wasn't the first time Black Bolt gave Inhumans or other metahumans these advises to serve as a contingency plan. And believe it or not, it won't be the last. (Liz is relieved, and Carol puts her hand on her cheek) And besides, honey... you remember pretty well what your father and I taught you a long time ago. That most times, good soldiers take orders from their superiors all time. But sometimes, they also learn to trust their own instincts. It was pretty much what you did when you fought Madame Masque in your first day. And what your father and I did more than once in our days of war. You're more like us than you can image, Liz. And even better.
(Liz smiles, and she and Carol embrace)

The Exorcism of Natasha Romanoff

Daughters' Day

Universal Sportsmanship

Shadows of Hydra

Vibranium Blood

A.I.M. High

Labour Day

Skull Island

The Need for Speed

The Hydra War, Part 1: Descent of the Shadow

The Hydra War, Part 2: House of M

Guardians of the Galaxy's Arc

Rocket Man

Guardians at the Gate

The Flerken Sleeps Tonight

(in a Oscorp facility at night. An explosion erupts as dobermanns are heard barking menacingly until a beastly roar is heard. The dobermanns are heard whimpering and seen running away. We see the shadow of a ferocious creature approaching and, in a suspenseful moment, is revealed to be a rather calm cat. Later a janitor (Stan Lee) is walking around clean up the area until he sees something in shock)
Janitor: Oh, man! I am so fired. (scene shifts to what the janitor is looking at: a large whole opened on the wall)

The World I Knew

Space Oddity

Hot Stuff

Back to Black

Who Let the Man-Wolf Out?

(I Am) Iron Man



Welcome to the Jungle

The Kree War, Part 1: The Final Countdown

The Kree War, Part 2: Don't Stop Believin'

Infinity Arc

The Coming

Rumble for the Eye of Agamotto

Jail Break

Inhuman Race

A Singular Point

Elemental Blossoms

Souls Sheltered by Iron

World War Abomination

The Infinity War, Part 1

The Infinity War, Part 2

Season 2

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