Out of Stature is the 5th episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

  • Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Goliath / Ned Leeds (first appearance as Goliath)
  • Ghost-Spider / Gwen Stacy (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
  • Stature / Cassie Lang (first appearance)

Supporting Characters

  • Kid Arachnid / Miles Morales (first appearance)
  • Nova / Leo Alexander (first appearance)
  • Ant-Man / Scott Lang
  • Wasp / Hope Van Dyne (first appearance)
  • Invisible Woman / Susan Storm
  • Human Torch / Johnny Storm
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Henry "Hank" Pym (first appearance)
    • Maria Hill (no dialogue)
    • Nick Fury


  • Oscorp
    • Norman Osborn
      • The Goblin (illusion only)
    • Hobgoblin / Harry Osborn (first appearance as Hobgoblin)
  • Madame Masque / Whitney Frost
    • Yellowjacket / Darren Cross
    • Taskmaster / Tony Masters
      • Shadow Robots
  • Vulture / Adrian Toomes

Other Characters

  • Baxter Institute
    • Teachers
      • Dora Skirth (cameo)
      • Bill Foster (first appearance)
  • George Stacy (single appearance; flashback only; deceased)
  • Helen Stacy (single appearance; flashback only; deceased)


Peter Parker / Spider-Man is with his best friend Ned Leeds, who is on his superhero moniker of Goliath, chasing the Vulture, who had just stolen a new device from Pym Industries as ordered by his unseen employer. Though he manages to avoid the two boys, Vulture is soon found gagged by webs and incapacitated. As Vulture is taken to jail and the device is returned to Dr. Hank Pym, Spider-Man and Goliath find a few notes revealing that two new girls have started their first day as superheroines. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn (under the Goblin's secret influence) introduces his son Harry a new device he created for him. One which will "grant him the opportunity to outmatch the Fantastic Four and Baxter Institute".

Next day, Peter and Ned are attending to a class lesson on which Dr. Pym is teaching the students more about the Quantum Realm particles, and their omnipotent power to manipulate size of matter, while performing successful experiments. Later, Peter and Ned begin overhearing the news about the two new girls who apprehended Vulture, who go by the name Ghost-Spider and Stature. Suiting up as Spider-Man and Goliath, they encounter the girls, who are revealed to be none other than Doctor Pym's granddaughters Gwen Stacy and Cassie Lang, who had acquired their own improved versions of their grandfather's Ant-Man suit from discarded Kree technology collected by Gwen's classmates Miles Morales and Leo Alexander, with Gwen's suit also powered by a duplicate of Spider-Man's equipment. Cassie is operating as Stature to earn the same praise her parents Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne earned as the current Ant-Man and Wasp while Gwen is operating as Ghost-Spider as a means of condolence over her parents' death during the Oscorp riot of one year ago[1]. Meanwhile, Ant-Man and Wasp investigate on the Kree gunship from where Miles and Leo collected the duplicated technology before having a confrontation with the Hobgoblin, a new individual with an armor suit and glider, and later with Taskmaster[2]; both seeking the technology in the gunship for their benefactors' purposes.

The couple eventually fight off the villains before they are aided by Invisible Woman and Human Torch as well as by Miles (as Kid Arachnid) and Leo (as Nova), forcing Hobgoblin and Taskmaster to retreat, but not before Kid Arachnid and Taskmaster, both acknowledging Hobgoblin as an agent of Oscorp, simultaneously trackers in his armor. Spider-Man answers Miles' call and they overhear the Hobgoblin (eventually revealed to be none other than Harry Osborn) voicing his plans to capture Ghost-Spider and Stature for experimentation in Oscorp, and also Taskmaster, who was hired by Darren Cross to kill the girls and retrieve their Pym Particle equipment. Invisible Woman and Wasp volunteer to keep Gwen and Cassie safe while Spider-Man, Goliath, Kid Arachnid, Nova, Ant-Man and Human Torch discuss a plan to stop the villains from fulfilling their plans, and also how to deal with Taskmaster, whose technology earns him the ability to copy others' fighting skills through eyesight. Using Life Model Decoys disguised as Ghost-Spider and Stature and remotely controlled by the girls, Spider-Man and the group lure Hobgoblin and Taskmaster in one of Oscorp's docks, where a fight issues. Taskmaster finds himself unable to copy the heroes' fighting moves due to Spider-Man and his allies using special Pym Particle gadgets which negate his movement-scanning devices, but manages to subdue Harry and take control of his Hobgoblin armor, which Taskmaster duplicates for his Shadow Robots. Spider-Man has a high spot on the emblem of one of the Robots, which reveals to be that of Oscorp.

Taskmaster sends the Shadow Robots to attack New York. While others spread out to fend the robots off, Spider-Man and Goliath continue fighting Taskmaster. Seeing the two fighting the villain, Gwen (unwilling to let her parents' tragedy happen to Spider-Man and Goliath) sets out to help them while putting on her Anti-Scan device while Cassie sets out to help the others stop the Shadow Robots. Cross (donning the Yellowjacket suit) chases after her, but is stopped by Ant-Man and Wasp. Joined in by Ghost-Spider, Spider-Man and Goliath continue battling Taskmaster, and they defeat him as Ghost-Spider reprograms the Shadow Robots and commands them into attacking him. Outnumbered, Taskmaster forcibly retreats as the robots give chase. Harry returns empty-handed to Oscorp, where his father (still under the Goblin's influence) assumes that other villains' presence "means war". Cross returns to Madame Masque's lair, where Madame Masque (who had viewed his attempts to steal Doctor Pym's researches as a waste of time) has him get back to work "with no more delays". Ghost-Spider and Stature earn praise for their heroic efforts as Hope makes good compliments for Gwen over how proud her parents would have been. Peter and Ned continue their studies at Baxter Institute while they volunteer to give Gwen and Cassie a tour around the school.

Voice Cast


  • The episode is entitled after Out of Scale, a 1951 animated Disney short film featuring Donald Duck.


  1. as seen in flashbacks of A Better Genius
  2. introduced in The Exorcism of Natasha Romanoff
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