Monster Mayhem is the 10th episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters

  • Doctor Stephen Strange
  • Aunt May
  • Avengers
    • Captain America / Steve Rogers
    • Thor (flashback only)
    • Hulk / Bruce Banner
  • Araña / Anya Banner Corazon


  • Baron Mordo (first appearance)
  • Black Order
    • Mysterio / Quentin Beck
      • Elementals
        • Molten Man
        • Hydro-Man
        • Cyclone
        • Sand-Man
    • Thanos
  • Man-Wolf / John Jameson (no dialogue)
  • Jack O'Lantern / Oliver Osnick (first appearance)
  • The Griffin
  • Michael Morbius the Living Vampire
  • Wendigo King (first appearance)
    • Wendigo Spawns
  • Oscorp
    • Norman Osborn
      • The Goblin (illusion only)
    • Super-Adaptoid (destroyed)
  • Mindless Ones (destroyed)
  • Loki (single appearance; flashback only; deceased)

Other Characters


Captain America visits Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and Ned Leeds in their personal workshop after the trio scare away three Midtown High School jocks with new monster-based animatronics, which they built in Baxter Institute as part of a special event project for next night's Halloween under Bruce Banner / Hulk's supervision, while Aunt May is with Teresa Parker, Kamala Khan, Katrina Romanoff and Riri Williams[4] making preparations for the children's trick-or-treating time. Just then, they are alarmed of a rampaging Wendigo monster attacking a F.E.A.S.T. Shelter.

Peter, Mary Jane and Ned suit up as Spider-Man, Tigra and Goliath, and (followed by Captain America and Hulk) they battle and defeat the monster before taking it to Banner's lab in the Avengers Tower. By reading its mind, Tigra discovers that the Wendigo King has sent its spawns to search for and obtain another relic which Oscorp scientists have collected, as demanded by Norman Osborn (under the Goblin's control[5]). They are met with Doctor Stephen Strange, who confirms that the artifact the villains are after is the Scepter of Loki, an ancient weapon of prehistoric Titanian technology with the capability to enhance the wielder's power. It was forged for its namesake (who was Thor's deceased adopted brother and the trickster of Asgard) to help him inflict chaos on Earth until he was defeated by Thor and his scepter was hidden away. The heroes soon decide that they must destroy the scepter before more malevolent forces like Mysterio, who is reported to have escaped prison[6], and Strange's old foe Baron Mordo. Meanwhile, the Baxter Institute students continue their Halloween animatronics until they notice Michael Morbius the Living Vampire[7] and Jack O'Lantern fighting each other on streets and a pack of Wendigos trying to break in. As others seek shelter, the New Champions (joined in by Liz Danvers Rogers / Starforce, Riri / Ironheart, Teresa / Iron Phoenix, and Kamala / Ms. Marvel) suit up for action and repel the monsters. Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid and Leo Alexander / Nova defeat some of the Wendigos in Oscorp before they are confronted by Mordo, who is bent to obtain the Scepter by any means.

Joined in by Spider-Man and Tigra, Kid Arachnid and Nova battle and outmatch Mordo, forcing him to retreat, but not before Mordo senses the Goblin's soul within Osborn. While Spider-Man and Doctor Strange exchange plans to deal with Mysterio and Mordo, Captain America and Hulk interrogate Osborn over the Scepter, which the Goblin (refusing to let the heroes obtain it) works to stop Osborn from telling them until Doctor Strange casts a mind spell which briefly pulls Osborn into the astral plane, with Hulk holding Goblin (still in Osborn's body) off, allowing Osborn to tell him that the Scepter is on a secret facility located on a outpost of Missouri. The heroes set out to seek the Scepter while Osborn is put back on his body despite the Goblin torturing his mind in retaliation. Unbeknownst to the heroes, Mysterio was overhearing them through a tracker he put on Osborn and sends monster-based villains after them. Making it into the outpost, Spider-Man and his group are ambushed by more monsters, including Wendigo King's pack, Man-Wolf[8], the Griffin[9], and the revived Elementals[10], but are aided in the fight by the rest of the New Champions, Captain Marvel and Banner's daughter Anya Banner Corazon / Araña, who hold the villains off while Spider-Man's group reach the Scepter, right when they are ambushed by both Mysterio, who plans to deliver the Scepter to Thanos and hasten his plans for the Black Order, and Mordo, who seeks the Scepter to create his own faction of dark wizards to counter the Masters of Mystic Arts. Just as the two fight for it, Mysterio and Mordo unintentionally cast a spell which causes one of the Super-Adaptoids to awaken and absorb their powers.

The magic-infused Super-Adaptoid soon attacks both heroes and villains and creates a portal which summons the Mindless Ones, extra-dimensional monsters from the Dark Dimension. As Mysterio and Mordo continue fighting each other over the Scepter, Spider-Man opts in destroying the core of the Super-Adaptoid by using the Scepter, which will sever its connection to the Mindless Ones. Strange, Tigra, Captain America, and Hulk hold the monsters off while Spider-Man takes the Scepter and impales the Super-Adaptoid's spark with it, allowing Strange to send the Mindless Ones back to the Dark Dimension and Tigra to incinerate both the android and the Scepter with a fiery Titanian Tiger roar which severely injures Mysterio and Mordo, and frightens the monster villains away. The remaining villains are captured and locked in the Vault while Mysterio retreats along with the Elementals, but takes Mordo in to be tortured by Thanos for ransom. Before leaving to the Sanctum Sanctorum, Strange shares good compliments with the heroes over the outcome despite being unable to separate the Goblin's spirit from Osborn's body, to which Spider-Man replies that once the world knows the truth about Osborn's criminal past, no one will care; as he and other heroes know that Goblin's possession of Osborn's body had become impossible to prevent. Next night, Peter and friends enjoy a Halloween party at the Stark Mansion naturally while children in New York (including Cassie Lang) go trick-or-treating peacefully and the Baxter Institute students' animatronics successfully operate according to their programming, much for Peter and his friends' satisfaction.

Voice Cast


  • Notable Halloween animatronics worked on by the Baxter Institute students are based on fictional characters and horror figures. Those include:
    • A centaur-like half-human half-spider witch, which is a reference to the Lady featured in the 2013 adventure video game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.
    • A green skinned ogre, which resembles DreamWorks Animation's Shrek.
    • A zombified version of Captain America, which resembles Captain America in the Marvel Zombies series.


  1. he and Zoe Gillan / Gamora are mentioned to be away in space with Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, as depicted in Superstitious
  2. first appearing in the beginning having a phone conversation with her husband
  3. she is shown in a Halloween party dressed as Captain Marvel
  4. joined the New Champions as Ironheart in (I Am) Iron Man
  5. since Living Brainstorm, as discovered by the heroes in Fearful Symmetry and A.I.M. High
  6. following his defeat in Castle of Illusions
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