Inhuman Bloodlines is the 3rd episode of the Avengers' arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

  • Avengers
    • Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff
    • Iron Man / Tony Stark
    • Captain America / Steve Rogers
    • Phantom Tiger / Aamir (flashback and main story)
    • Redhawk / Kate Bishop
      • Maverick
    • Captain Marvel / Carol Danvers
    • Crystal (first appearance; joins team)
      • Lockjaw (first appearance; joins team)
    • Ronin / Clint Barton
    • Black Panther / T'Challa
    • Hulk / Bruce Banner
  • Ms. Marvel / Kamala Khan (first appearance) (flashback and main story) (joins Bilderberg Academy)

Supporting Characters

  • Starforce / Liz Danvers Rogers
  • Inhuman Royal Family
    • Black Bolt (first appearance)
    • Medusa (first appearance)
    • Aura (first appearance)
    • Karnak (first appearance)
    • Gorgon (first appearance)


  • Kree Empire
    • Ronan the Accuser
  • Maximus the Mad (first appearance)

Other Characters

  • Disha Khan (first appearance) (flashback and main story)
  • Yusuf (single appearance; flashback only; deceased)


In the Avengers Tower, while Kate Bishop / Redhawk trains with Liz Danvers Rogers / Starforce under Black Widow's tutelage, Aamir the Phantom Tiger is meditating near a fireside and communicating with fiery spirits of wild life. One of them alerts Aamir of an unusual activity focused on his half-sister Kamala Khan and taking place in her beach house, and he rushes there to see her, with Hulk following him. Meanwhile, a mysterious young woman appears on Earth accompanied by her large pet dog, also sensing the same anomaly Aamir sensed and willing to find Kamala "before either the enemy or the traitor" do.

Arriving at the beach house, Aamir finds Kamala having earned the metahuman abilities of size/shape-shifting from a Terrigen Mist egg which crash-landed in the beach, and he brings her in to the Avengers Tower. There, as Kamala learns to control her new abilities with Black Widow and Starforce, Captain Marvel shares with the rest of her team some of her knowledge about the Inhumans, a race of altered human beings who were the result of experiments on ancient humans by the Kree Empire, embedding into their genetic code the potential to transform and acquire superhuman abilities through a process known as "Terrigenesis". Just then, they are met with Crystal, an elemental-bending Inhuman and Princess of the Inhuman kingdom of Attilan, and her loyal companion Lockjaw, who were seeking to secure Kamala before she could be captured by hostile forces who oppose the Royal Family. Crystal and Lockjaw teleport the Avengers to Attilan, where they meet its Royal Family (consisting of philosopher Karnak, army general Gorgon, queen Medusa, princess Aura and king Black Bolt), and overhear of the Inhumans' past ordeals with Ronan the Accuser, who seeks to commit the genocide of Inhumans and "fix the Kree scientists' mistake", and former Royal Family member Maximus, Black Bolt's younger brother who has been for a long time seeking to regain his lost Inhuman powers and usurp the throne of Attilan, with his own opinions of how it should be ruled. While exploring the kingdom along with the Avengers, Starforce detects Ronan's warship the Dark Aster approaching Attilan and, hacking its security systems, finds out that Maximus has joined him.

Alerted of Ronan's coming, the Avengers and the Inhumans prepare for battle as Captain Marvel has Starforce escort Kamala for safety, despite Kamala wanting to help after learning to control her powers. The girls head into Attilan's Terrigen Crystal mines, where Kamala recalls the day she met Captain Marvel for the first time in a fan club and, noticing Starforce's very similar attributes, acknowledges her as the daughter of Captain America and Captain Marvel, which Starforce confesses to be true. After some more exchanged banters, Liz gently shares with Kamala a bracelet she crafted using Kree nanotechnology, which imbues Kamala with her own superhero suit, styling herself as "Ms. Marvel". The Dark Aster approaches Attilan as Ronan dispatches numerous Kree Sentries under Maximus' command to attack the city and the Avengers and Inhumans fight them off. During the battle, Black Bolt telepathically instructs the Avengers (as well as Starforce and Ms. Marvel) of a secret strategy which will serve to their advantage against Maximus. As other heroes keep Ronan and the Sakaarian occupied, Starforce and Ms. Marvel sneak into the Dark Aster to sabotage its defense units and engines. Maximus discovers and ambushes them with his Kree Sentries, but is confronted by Phantom Tiger. Her brother's actions soon remind Kamala of when she and Aamir lost their father Yusuf, who died defending their village from Alpha Primitives, and causing Kamala to express her deep fear of losing Aamir the same way.

Acknowledging Kamala's fear for Aamir, Redhawk and Maverick arrive to help them and Starforce. Following Black Bolt's secret strategy, Starforce hits Maximus with a Terrigen Crystal shard which restores his abilities to manipulate Darkforce. Despite pleased to have his powers, Maximus (still seeking to eliminate his brother and take the throne of Attilan for himself) orders the Kree Sentries to eliminate everyone (even Ronan). However, as the Avengers and the Inhumans predicted, the Kree Sentries (detecting Inhuman radiation on Maximus, since they were programmed to kill only Inhumans) attack him instead, while Ronan is thrown back to the Dark Aster by Captain Marvel. One of the Sentries inadvertently blasts the Dark Aster’s defense systems), and Crystal has Lockjaw teleport the heroes back to Attilan, allowing Thor and Black Bolt to obliterate the Dark Aster with Ronan and Maximus inside. Ronan survives the explosion while holding Maximus at his mercy and retreats vowing revenge on the heroes. Black Bolt and the Royal Family voice their gratitude to the Avengers for their help and they agree to remain in contact with each other more often as Crystal (having grown close to the heroes) joins the Avengers as an official member. Back on Earth, as the rest of the Avengers share a moment with Crystal, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Phantom Tiger share their compliments with Liz and Kamala, as Liz vows to further look after Kamala, who is enrolling at Bilderberg Academy as a new student.

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