Family Comes First is the 6th episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Black Order
    • Thanos (shadowed) (no dialogue)
    • Kingpin / Wilson Fisk (first appearance) (flashback and main story) (joins team)
    • Chitauri
  • Oscorp
    • Norman Osborn (flashback and main story)
      • The Goblin (as a illusion)
    • Hobgoblin / Harry Osborn
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren
  • J. Jonah Jameson (flashback and main story)

Other Characters


In a Oscorp Facility, a mysterious armored vigilante is sabotaging the security systems and obtaining the classified files from its central computer. Those files include evidences of Norman Osborn's past crimes, such as a footage of him confessing that, 10 years ago, he hired mercenaries to kill Dr. Richard Parker and his wife Mary Reilly to obtain files about their experiments; although the mercenaries killed the Parkers, they were unsuccessful in obtaining the files, which fell in possession of someone they trusted. After collecting every file, the vigilante escapes, but not before dropping a piece of armor with the insignia of Fisk Industries in it.

In Baxter Institute, Peter Parker is resuming his studies while rejecting numerous recommendation letters from Raymond Warren and Harry Osborn to re-enroll at Midtown High School[5], even after Flash Thompson's expulsion[6]. Just then, the school is attacked by Hobgoblin, who is bent to capture Peter and "drag him back to Midtown High by force", until a new heroine dubbed the Iron Phoenix emerges and attacks him, damaging his armor and unmasking Hobgoblin as Harry in front of Peter and the school's students and staff members, including Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic and Susan Storm / Invisible Woman, forcing Harry to retreat when Richards threatens to expose him should he ever get back to Baxter Institute again. The new heroine has a short, but deep look at Peter before taking off. Later on, Peter is met with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Maria Hill and Phil Coulson, who inform him of secret researches done by Peter's parents which are currently in possession of their second-born child (and Peter's sister) Teresa, who has been on the run from corrupt business men like Osborn and Wilson Fisk the Kingpin, who is also after the researches to gain access to an unknown relic of which only the Parkers knew about. Peter suits up as Spider-Man and (followed by Coulson and Sam Wilson / Falcon) sets out to find Teresa and stop Fisk while Hill discusses the situation with Susan. Meanwhile, Iron Phoenix discreetly assaults a facility owned by Fisk Industries and destroys its weapon crates before leaving a badge with a Oscorp logo in it; her plan happens to be about turning Osborn and Fisk against each other so that they will be easier to expose for their crimes. She also sees footage of Peter in Baxter Institute, and softly mutters: "I wish you could be here. I wish you could be with me now.".

Joined in by Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear and Liz Danvers Rogers / Starforce, Spider-Man rushes around New York searching for clues and interrogating every possible citizen about where Teresa could be while dealing with the turf war between Osborn's mercenaries (which also includes the Jackal) and Kingpin's henchmen. The Avengers (Steve Rogers / Captain America, Tony Stark / Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow and Pepper Potts / Rescue) and the Fantastic Four also search for Teresa under the requests of Coulson, Hill and Nick Fury. During the search, Romanoff, Hill and Potts eventually encounter Iron Phoenix apprehending a group of the Kingpin's henchmen and stopping them from robbing Stark Tech from the city's main warehouse. Hesitant to reveal herself to other heroes, however, Iron Phoenix just pleads for the two not to stop her "from what must be done" before fleeing, but not before Potts analyses the young heroine's DNA with her armor's optics. Spider-Man and Coulson manage to find an abandoned subway station where it was once Richard Parker's hidden lab. There, Peter finds a video message from his father about his researches, which include information about the Time Infinity Stone, and a footage about Osborn's wife Emily and Fisk's fiancee Vanessa Marianna having fought for the Stone's possession until they were both killed by the explosion of the laboratory, leading Peter to deduce that both Osborn and Fisk seek the Stone and harness its power to travel in time so they can undo their lovers' deaths. Peter becomes determined to stop the two from inadvertently causing a possible temporal paradox by using the Stone. Just then, Peter is contacted by Potts, who informs him that Iron Phoenix shares the same blood DNA of his parents, making Peter come to the right conclusion that Teresa is the Iron Phoenix.

Being informed that the Time Stone is in the Iron Phoenix's possession, Spider-Man searches for her. Meeting her in a waterfront laboratory, where Teresa has been residing since she has no official home, Peter reveals himself to Teresa, and the two embrace. Given courage to trust in other heroes (including mostly the ones close to her brother), Teresa entrusts Stark and Romanoff into keeping the Time Stone safe while Stark suggests the siblings to draw Fisk, Jackal and Hobgoblin out with a incomplete duplicate of the Stone. Peter and Teresa lure the three into Kingpin's lab, and a fight issues. Kingpin obtains the prototype and uses it to power-up the machine, but (as planned by the siblings) the prototype (which is too unstable to match the actual Time Stone's energies) overloads the machine and results in a explosion which destroys the facility. Spider-Man and Iron Phoenix survive the explosion as Jackal is reverted back to Raymond Warren[7] and Hobgoblin unintentionally reveals his identity of Harry Osborn to him, and a disgraced Fisk is teleported into an unknown realm standing before Thanos. Though they decide to wait until the time to expose Norman is right, Peter and Teresa still manage to pass the evidences of the truth about their parents' deaths to public, resulting in J. Jonah Jameson (who was at the time standing trial for his actions during the Living Brain incident) getting sentenced to life arrest for his role in the crime, while Osborn (overhearing news of Spider-Man and Iron Phoenix helping Peter reunite with his sister) is shocked to learn of Peter's parentage while envisioning the ghost of Richard Parker (actually the Goblin in disguise) haunting him. After entrusting the Parker files to Coulson, Hill and Fury, Peter is having a moment with Richards, Susan and Stark, who praise him for his performance with Susan complimenting how proud Peter's parents would be of him. Peter also reveals to the three that Teresa is now living happily with him and Aunt May, and (as Potts had offered) has enrolled at Bilderberg Academy as a new student, with Liz, Katrina Romanoff[8], Kamala Khan and Annabelle "Anna" Brady as some of her closest companions.

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  1. first appearance of the character since she was mentioned in Feline Power
  2. she can be seen posing for a picture with Liz Danvers Rogers and her classmates from Bilderberg Academy
  3. mentioned when Stark states Doctor Strange knows what to do with the Time Stone
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