A full list of episodes in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles:

Season 1 Episodes (by Arc)

Spider-Man's Arc

  1. A Better Genius - Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for one year since an incident in Oscorp led to the breakout of a Super-Soldier spider which gave him powers and the death of his Uncle Ben. As he deals with the presence of a masked super-criminal calling himself the “Master Planner”, Peter is having trouble living his currently difficult days in Midtown High School, having to tolerate self-centered jocks like Flash Thompson and his neglectful science teacher Otto Octavius. As a means of condolence over his ordeals, Peter learns that his superhero idol Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic has created the Baxter Institute, an advanced high school of science and technology for gifted young geniuses, and is given by S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury a LMD (Life Model Decoy) to help him avoid others' suspicions of his connection with Spider-Man. In the end of the episode, after defeating the Master Planner and unmasking him as Octavius, Peter decides to drop out of Midtown High and enrolls as a student at the Baxter Institute, where he is well greeted in open arms by his new teachers and classmates (consisting of some of his closest friends and fellow geniuses who also dropped in).
  2. Living Brainstorm - As he and his friends enjoy their first month of studies at the Baxter Institute, which goes on with a class lesson by Susan Storm / Invisible Woman about artificial intelligence life forms, Peter Parker comes across and befriends Edith, a naive but kind-hearted A.I. hosted by a owl-shaped drone who takes a liking to him and shares his dislike for Flash Thompson (who still dismisses Peter as a “nobody”, even after Peter’s -actually his LMD in disguise- role in helping Spider-Man defeat the Master Planner) and Daily Bugle chief editor J. Jonah Jameson (who wrongly views Spider-Man as a menace and is greedy for Peter’s membership in the Bugle so he can get answers about Spider-Man’s identity). While Peter (as Spider-Man) and Mister Fantastic work to stop Scorpion and Trapster, who were sent by Norman Osborn to steal Edith, Dr. Octavius’ old invention, the Living Brain goes for a rampage after swapping the minds and bodies of Thompson and Jameson, causing them to temporarily, but effectively destroy each other’s reputation in Midtown High and Daily Bugle respectively. In the episode's climax, Thompson and Jameson (after earning their bodies back) have their reputations ruined enough for Thompson to be expelled from Midtown High and Jameson to be arrested, while Peter is entrusted to be Edith's new master. Meanwhile, the Goblin (whose consciousness was housed at the Living Brain all along) has secretly possessed some small bits of Osborn's brain after saving himself from being erased in the Living Brain's destroyed body.
  3. Feline Power - When the Terrigen Mist awakens Sally Avril's Inhuman DNA and Mutant powers, turning her into a humanoid Snow Leopard, Spider-Man works with his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson / Tigra and her cousin Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat as well as Sally's boyfriend Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear to protect her from Kraven the Hunter, who was hired by Norman Osborn to capture Sally for experimentation in Oscorp. They also need to protect her from getting killed by Magneto, who refuses to heed the peace treaty between Mutants and Inhumans after their past war. In the end of the episode, Sally decides to drop out of Midtown High and live freely in Pegasus Z, a paradise island created by Thor and Groot for homeless Mutants and Inhumans to be their safe haven.
  4. Castle of Illusions - Spider-Man, Michelle Cage Jones / Wave and Sam Wilson / Falcon battle the Elementals (Molten Man, Hydro-Man, Cyclone and Sand-Man) while stopping them from obtaining the Aether, an artifact powered by the Reality Stone. They soon discover it is all part of a scheme by Mysterio, who has made a deal with Thanos in delivering him the stone in exchange of control over Thanos' spawns. Meanwhile, Randy Robertson / American Knight and Carlie Cooper / Skynet infiltrate Oscorp's underground lab to find evidences of Osborn's plans, though they also clash with Purple Man, who is leading some of Thanos' spawns to obtain Oscorp's formulas.
  5. Out of Stature - Following a class lesson with Dr. Hank Pym about the Quantum Realm particles, Peter / Spider-Man and Ned Leeds / Goliath are informed that two young girls have taken possession of Quantum Particle suits of their own and became the new superheroines Ghost-Spider and Stature. They discover that the new heroines are Scott Lang's daughter Cassie and niece Gwen Stacy, who is bent to earn heroic recognition as a means of condolence over her parents' death during the Oscorp riot of one year ago. The duo get help from Gwen's classmates Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid and Leo Alexander / Nova to protect the girls when they are targeted by both Harry Osborn, who had donned his newly developed Hobgoblin armor and is bent to capture Ghost-Spider and Stature for Oscorp experimentation, and Taskmaster, who was hired by Darren Cross to kill Gwen and Cassie and retrieve their Pym Particle equipment for his plans to take over Pym Industries.
  6. Family Comes First - During Hobgoblin's poorly executed assault on Baxter Institute, Peter comes across a new heroine called the Iron Phoenix, who is seeking to overthrow Osborn by searching evidences to expose his past crimes. Later on, he is met with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, who reveals that Peter has a younger sister named Teresa, and teams up with him as well as Liz Danvers Rogers / Starforce, Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear, and Sam Wilson / Falcon to find her. As they also clash with both Kingpin, who seeks to kidnap Teresa to gain access to the Parkers' old researches, and the Hobgoblin, who seeks to retrieve the Oscorp resources which Kingpin stole, Spider-Man comes close to discover Teresa's amazing connection to Iron Phoenix.
  7. New Champions Assemble! - Having gained access to Oscorp's central computer thanks to Kraven the Hunter's infiltration, Doctor Doom launches an attack on New York with the Slayers, which Osborn once sought to use to overthrow heroes like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. While Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four take on Doom directly, Spider-Man and the young heroes with him (Tigra, Falcon, Starforce, Ms. Marvel, Goliath, Lightyear, Wave, Iron Phoenix, Star-Lord, Gamora, Kid Arachnid, Ghost-Spider, Stature, Nova, Skynet, American Knight, and Pegasus Z's guardian El Diablo) come together as the "New Champions" to stop the Slayers' rampage, whereas Hobgoblin works to destroy the Slayers on his own to eliminate the evidence of his father's plans. In the episode's climax, the New Champions defeat Doctor Doom and destroy the Slayers as Edith saves a file with the evidences of Osborn's plans in her software, as Spider-Man and his team vow to do whatever it takes to stop Osborn. And Norman Osborn, despite relieved that the evidences were seemingly destroyed by Harry, is shocked to discover that the Goblin's essence is inside his brain and begins to suffer a dual personality disorder.
  8. Fearful Symmetry - During a field trip at Horizon Labs, Peter Parker suits up as Spider-Man to battle Otto Octavius, who had reinvented himself as "Doctor Octopus" after being broken out of prison by Madame Masque and joining her Shadow Council, and stop him from attempting to steal Max Modell's latest invention for Madame Masque. Meanwhile, Starforce and Wave infiltrate Oscorp to find evidences to expose Norman Osborn's past crimes, eventually coming close to discover that Osborn is sharing his mind with the Goblin's consciousness. They also discover that J. Jonah Jameson's ex-wife Marla Madison, who is devastated over her daughter Maria's death during the Oscorp riot of one year ago, has created a clone of deceased Air Force pilot Abigail "Abby" Boylen and Annabelle Brady with air bending powers. The situation becomes more intense when Madame Masque orders Doctor Octopus and Vulture to spread a super soldier gas in the Oscorp facility and convert the employees into mindless monsters to be part of the Shadow Council's army.
  9. When Nature Calls - The Baxter Institute and Bilderberg Academy are being visited by Wakandan king T'Challa and his queen Ororo Munroe, who are voicing their positive opinions on the schools and their students' progress while also intending to endorse the schools. Peter and his friends eventually meet and befriend T'Challa's younger sister Princess Shuri and Flash Thompson's estranged half-brother Marcus, who are voicing interest in enrolling at the Baxter Institute as new students as well. Spider-Man and the New Champions suit up for action and team up with T'Challa / Black Panther, Shuri / Lightning Panther, Ororo / Storm, Marcus / White Wolf and Pegasus Z native Nocturnal when Animal-based supervillains (including Lizard and Rhino) are going for a rampage in New York. The heroes also have to prepare for the worse after figuring out that the outbreak is a scheme by M'Baku / Man-Ape and Ulysses Klaue / Klaw, who seek Oscorp's researches to help overthrow T'Challa and take over Wakanda, and Kraven the Hunter resurfaces and turns New York into his hunting grounds.
  10. Monster Mayhem - While children in New York are excited to go trick-or-treating in Halloween next night, Peter and his friends work on building new animatronics as part of a special school project for Halloween. Everything seems well until monster-based supervillains (including Man-Wolf, Jack O'Lantern, the Griffin, Morbius the Living Vampire and Wendigo) emerge terrorizing the city. Spider-Man and the team are met with Doctor Strange, who informs them that the villains are after the Scepter of Loki, which has been broken out of its chamber by Oscorp's scientists under the Goblin's (in Norman Osborn's mind) demands. The New Champions must now work to retrieve and destroy the Scepter before it will fall in the hands of more malevolent forces like Mysterio and Baron Mordo; both are after the Scepter for their vile purposes.
  11. Dark Designs - Seeking to rehabilitate Midtown High School's falling reputation and help his father overcome his personality disorder (unaware that the Goblin's consciousness is still in his brain), Harry Osborn relies the Oscorp interns to help create a formula to cure every existing disease with (against the warnings of Dr. Mendell Stromm) a virus only known as the "Shadow Breath", and tests it on physically disabled Oscorp scientist Martin Li. The experiment appears to be a success at first until it grants Li the power to manipulate Darkforce, driving him insane and leading him to go for a rampage on the name of "Mister Negative". As Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and New Champions new candidates Katrina Romanoff / Red Shadow and Nadia Lang Van Dyne / Dragonfire work to stop Li and his corrupted spawns, Norman Osborn's luck is not any better as the Goblin is more than just close to fully take control of his mind and body.
  12. Shadow and Light - Following a fight against Electro and Shocker, Spider-Man, Tigra and Iron Phoenix cross paths with Inhuman couple Tyrone Johnson / Cloak and Tandy Bowen / Dagger, who join their training with Kung Fu master Shang-Chi and his young apprentices, the members of the Dragon Society (consisting of Matt Murdock / Daredevil, Danny Rand / Iron Fist, Colleen Wing / White Fox, Cindy Moon / Silk, Tadashi Hamada / Silver Samurai and Lin Lie the Sword Master) in the K'un-Lun Temple. During which, they are alerted that ninjas of the vicious clan known as the Hand led by Kenuichio Harada and Elektra are seeking to perform a ritual to resurrect Chen Lu, the first Mandarin. The young heroes now have to use the Kung Fu techniques they learned from Shang-Chi and work together to defeat the Hand and stop the Mandarin from returning.
  13. The Goblin War, Part 1: Rise of a Overlord - With Midtown High School's reputation having completely collapsed after Mister Negative exposed Hydra within the school and Raymond Warren as the true identity of the Jackal, students have begun enrolling at new schools, with most of them joining the Baxter Institute and Bilderberg Academy. Harry Osborn, however, objects to his former classmates' wishes to enroll at Baxter Institute by launching a direct assault against the Fantastic Four as the Hobgoblin. As Spider-Man fights Harry off, Tigra, Goliath and Lightyear pursue super-criminal psychopaths White Rabbit, Jack O'Lantern, and the Jackal to stop them from their reckless attacks on a F.E.A.S.T. shelter with children in there. However, as Spider-Man and his friends know (and Harry is unaware), the Jackal is just being a puppet to cover the true plans of the Goblin, who is now under full control of Norman Osborn's body after completely eliminating Norman's consciousness, which leads the young heroes to decide that now is the time to expose Osborn's crimes once and for all.
  14. The Goblin War, Part 2: Green Insanity - The Goblin (having injected Norman's body with a Hydra super-soldier serum, mutating him into a green-skinned monster and reinventing himself as the Green Goblin) launches an attack on New York City with his Goblin Force, consisting of White Rabbit, Jack O'Lantern, the Jackal and an army of Oscorp robots made of A.I.M. technology. The New Champions and their friends and allies battle the robots as Spider-Man takes on the Goblin himself for a final showdown which takes place in the Oscorp Compound. It gets even more intense when Doctor Octopus (still bent for revenge on Norman Osborn) attempts to do the same on his own.

Avengers' Arc

  1. Our National Treasure - While they lead the Avengers in battling Hydra over a project called the “Sleeper”, Captain America and Captain Marvel discover that their teenage daughter Liz has manifested her parents' powers and train her to become a new heroine. Liz (adopting the code-name "Starforce") eventually puts her abilities to a test when it comes with dealing with her power hungry teacher Whitney Frost, who had obtained a high-tech mask of unlimited power which draws power from a ancient Kree ship and became Madame Masque. The Avengers and Starforce will soon have to work together when they learn that Madame Masque's mask has a dangerous connection with the Sleeper. Note: This episode is set ten months before the first episode of Spider-Man's Arc.
  2. The Tiger and the Hawk - Overhearing news that Madame Masque, Killmonger and Yellowjacket seek to obtain an unknown treasure in a ancient Inhuman temple, the Avengers are joined by Aamir the Phantom Tiger and Kate Bishop / Redhawk in a long way to stop the villains and their plans, whereas Norman Osborn hires his bodyguard Silver Sable and maniacal mercenary Kraven the Hunter to obtain the treasure for Oscorp's purposes. But they will soon discover that the treasure is just one secret which lies within the temple. The other one might not be too pleasant...
  3. Inhuman Bloodlines - While the Avengers grant a warm welcome for Inhuman princess Crystal, Phantom Tiger looks after his younger half-sister Kamala Khan, whose Inhuman powers were awakened by a Terrigen Mist egg near her beach house, and trains her in the use of her powers. The Avengers will soon need to help Crystal when the Inhuman Royal Family is targeted by two common foes: Maximus the Mad, who seeks to overthrow his brother Black Bolt with his own opinions of how Attilan should be ruled, and Ronan the Accuser, who seeks the genocide of all Inhumans on both Attilan and Earth.
  4. The Exorcism of Natasha Romanoff - When Black Widow is possessed by an unknown demonic spirit, the Avengers and Doctor Strange enter the astral plane to access her mind and figure out what is wrong. They discover that she has been possessed by Morgan le Fay, who seeks a human host body to regain her full power and her place in Thanos' Black Order. As they battle the evil sorceress to separate her from Black Widow's body and restore her soul, the Avengers also end up exploring and experiencing some remarkable memories of Natasha Romanoff's past, including her training with the agents of the Red Room, and her former membership in the Winter Guard. Episode ends with a small flashback of the only one of Natasha's secrets which le Fay was not close to reach: one of which shows Natasha leaving her infant daughter to Colossus' care.
  5. Daughters' Day - Hulk looks after and trains his daughter Anya Banner Corazon, who had developed her own spider powers after being bitten by a advanced prototype radioactive spider of Oscorp, while Black Widow (followed by Starforce and Colossus) rushes to reunite and reconnect with her own long lost daughter, who had learned of her mother's whereabouts as an Avenger and begun operating as Red Shadow. The two Avengers also need to help the long disbanded Winter Guard deal with the loss of their member Radioactive Man and defeat the remaining agents of the Red Room, who are launching a reckless assault on Hydra following the arrival of Red Shadow, who is believed by Madame B and Yelena Belova / Crimson Widow to be a clone of Natasha created by the Jackal.
  6. Universal Sportsmanship - The Avengers and their superhero allies (including Spider-Man and his friends, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four) are invited to participate the anual Universal Olympic Games (a intergalactic sports competition hosted by the Watchers on which remarkable warriors from different planets participate), which is currently taking place on Earth. As the heroes compete on the events, Bilderberg Academy school reporter Annabelle "Anna" Brady enters the competition to write a story for her journals, but Spider-Man and Starforce have to keep an eye on her so she will not endanger herself, especially after overhearing that supervillains like rogue Atlantean Tiger Shark and Dark Elf ruler Malekith the Accursed are taking part of the competition by their own methods.
  7. Shadows of Hydra - The Avengers are planning to enjoy a picnic in July 4th holiday with their families (including Hulk's cousin Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk), until Washington D.C. is attacked by a Hydra vessel. They soon discover that the vessel is in control, not of the Red Skull or any member of Hydra, but of Madame Masque, who had just finished assembling her criminal cabal known as the Shadow Council (consisting of herself, Doctor Octopus, Yellowjacket, Killmonger, Malekith the Accursed and Tiger Shark) and now aims to renew America to her own image "by striking its heart". The Avengers battle the Shadow Council while Black Widow and Redhawk rush into the heart of the Hydra vessel in hopes of destroying the core, even though they are chased by Crimson Widow, who seeks to retake the vessel for Red Skull.
  8. Vibranium Blood - While they deal with vampires unleashed by Count Dracula in Transylvania to obtain a Vibranium staff hidden somewhere in a abandoned village, the Avengers work with Lana Rose / Red Lynx in dealing with the uncontrollable behavior of scientist Dr. Michael Morbius following his attempts to cure himself from his rare blood disease, which only afflicted him with another form of vampirism, as Morbius is seeking a safe place to hide in Transylvania. Things get worse when Dracula views Morbius as the perfect puppet for his plans to rule over mortals and aims to convert him to his will, and Harry Osborn / Hobgoblin is sent by the Goblin (through Norman Osborn) to retrieve the Vibranium staff.
  9. A.I.M. High - While Iron Man and War Machine pursue a rampaging monster called Technovore, Midtown High School students are having a field trip at Killian Industries, a hightech company ran by Aldrich Killian to help improve the school and make it equal to Baxter Institute. However, after the New Champions (Starforce, Skynet, White Wolf and Lightyear) learn that it is all a ruse after discovering that Killian Industries is affiliated to A.I.M., the Avengers and the New Champions work to find a way to expose A.I.M. within Killian Industries and stop M.O.D.O.C. (who is the mastermind behind Technovore's rampage) from accessing an unstable prototype Arc Reactor which Oscorp scientists are secretly working on.
  10. Labour Day - Following the Avengers' fight against the Wrecking Crew, Thor's old rival Hercules arrives in New York seeking to demonstrate his own performance as a superhero, but also annoying the Avengers with his attitude and ego. Meanwhile, Athena Gonzales, the mentally ill CEO of Athena Industries, has her employees experiment on the Eye of Medusa, a dark magic relic which grants the wielder with its namesake's powers. Things get worse when Samuel Sterns / the Leader infiltrates Athena Industries, steals the Eye of Medusa and seeks to harness its power to transform citizens into monsters which only he can control, leading the Avengers to begrudgingly team up with Hercules to stop him. Over their mission, Kate Bishop forms a new friendship with Flint Marko / Demolition Fist, who blames Hercules for the death of his wife Emma and is working his best way to keep his daughters Janice and Penny safe.
  11. Skull Island - A virus created by Hydra has sprung in the Raft and transformed its inmates and guards into new versions of the Red Skull, driving most of them insane and turned the strongest inmates into mindless monsters (including former general Thaddeus Ross, right when he was about to ingest himself with a sample of the Hulk's DNA, becoming the Red Hulk). The Avengers set out to stop the virus' outbreak and confront Red Skull, who seeks to build a new army of himself with a imperfect prototype of the Mind Stone. Things get worse when a duplicate of Venom Symbiote (also affected by the Red Skull virus) bonds with Skull's adopted daughter Sinthea Schmidt, transforming her into the monstrous "Carnage Queen".
  12. The Need for Speed - After a fight against Sheath, Redhwak and Crystal come across their classmate at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and young Inhuman speedster Jacqueline Falsworth / Spitfire, and help find her younger cousin Jack Thompson, who developed Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver's speed powers due to exposure to one of the Jackal's chemical products, and became Speed. The Avengers also have to team up with Spitfire and Quicksilver when former Midtown High jocks Flash Thompson and Hector Quill are mutated into Super Soldier monsters by Phineas Mason the Tinkerer to be Doctor Doom's official living weapons. Things get complicated when Doctor Octopus also seeks to brainwash the mutated jocks and Jack in Madame Masque's behalf.
  13. The Hydra War, Part 1: Descent of the Shadow - The Avengers team up with the Fantastic Four and the X-Men to defeat an army of Hydra Troopers when Red Skull plots to "break the heart of America" by leading a full assault on Washington D.C.. Things get worse when Madame Masque and her Shadow Council resurface seeking to overthrow Red Skull with their own opinions of how Hydra should be led.
  14. The Hydra War, Part 2: House of M - Now in control of Red Skull's army, Madame Masque (now calling herself "Hydra Supreme") resumes on her objective to impose her will to Earth as its "true leader". As the rest of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men get help from their allies in stopping the Shadow Council and the rampaging Hydra robots under Masque's control, Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel and Hulk (reluctantly allied with the Red Skull) battle their way through Madame Masque's ship on a last ditch effort to stop her.

Guardians of the Galaxy's Arc

  1. Rocket Man - Nathan Quill / Star-Lord and Zoe Gillan / Gamora break into a secret Hydra laboratory within Midtown High School's underground to expose one of the teachers as the Jackal and retrieve an alien artifact of unknown power which the villain stole. They soon discover an A.I. card containing the consciousness of deceased army sergeant and top engineer Sebastian Allan, which was extracted by Red Skull using the Living Brain's components, and work to find a robotic host body for him before Jackal can deliver him to Arnim Zola. They eventually find one in a raccoon-like robot, which Allan names "Rocket Raccoon". Star-Lord, Gamora and Rocket will soon have to work together in defeating the Jackal and destroy a Kree relic in his possession before it can be retrieved by Ronan the Accuser.
  2. Guardians at the Gate - As the Fantastic Four answer a call by Emperor D'Ken Neramani to help defend the Shi'ar Empire from a threat of war by the Kree Empire, Nathan and Zoe spend some time with D'Ken's daughter Princess Lilandra, who wants to oversee the well prepared projects of Baxter Institute's students. Her plans are threatened by Korath the Pursuer, who was sent by Ronan to kill her and frame the humans for the crime. Star-Lord and Gamora soon get help from Rocket Raccoon, Drax the Destroyer, Yondu Udonta and Groot to defeat Korath and his crew and stop Ronan's plot with Lilandra as well as a secret weapon hidden within Oscorp.
  3. The Flerken Sleeps Tonight - Gamora discovers that her childhood friend, a male Flerken named Cougar, has been teleported from his home-planet of Glxx to Earth by a small prototype of the Space Stone which was tested on Oscorp by Alistair Smythe. Cougar's help will soon be needed when Carlton Drake uses the same technology to bring in a Venom Symbiote from Klyntar, which duplicates itself, possesses Smythe and goes for a rampage in New York.
  4. The World I Knew - The Guardians travel to Gamora's home-planet of Zen-Whoberi, where they heard news that Ronan plans to eradicate the planet's population to harvest its biological resources. As she and her fellow Guardians work to stop Ronan's plans, Gamora explores the planet to Zen-Whoberi to learn of what remained of her former home, which leads her to an encounter with her last living relative: her older cousin Nebula.
  5. Hot Stuff - Following a fight against the Griffin, the Guardians meet and befriend Ann-Gell / Firestar, who wants to hang out with humans as a normal teenager. The Guardians find themselves in need to protect their new friend when she is targeted by Kree captain Yon-Rogg and rogue Shi'ar Deathbird, both seeking to kill her out of the disgust of her status as a hybrid of their both empires. They also discover that Yon-Rogg has created an android clone of Human Torch, and now they seek to power it up with the consciousness of Jim Hammond.
  6. Back to Black - During a battle against Korath, the Guardians discover that the Venom Symbiote has found a new human host with disgraced Daily Globe journalist Eddie Brock, who is bent to battle the criminal underworld as Venom and seek revenge on those who ruined his life, including Carlton Drake. The Guardians, also aided by Captain America and Wolverine, reluctantly team up with Venom when Drake is possessed by Riot, the alpha of the Symbiotes of Klyntar who longs to bring the other Symbiotes to Earth and consume the humans. The Guardians get more effective help from Pegasus Z native Nocturnal in the situation when they discover that Drake is also experimenting on El Diablo, an altered, highly intelligent red Tyrannosaurus Rex from World War II, in the underground of the Life Foundation facility.
  7. Space Oddity - When a new satellite built in collaboration between Oscorp and Alchemax is targeted by Doctor Doom, who seeks to obtain its resources to gain access to the World's database, and Ronan, who plans to convert the satellite into a doomsday device to destroy Earth, the Guardians rush there to stop the two tyrants' plans. Knowing that within the satellite there is another (and more lethal) weapon which the Goblin (through Norman Osborn) had implanted, the Guardians will have no choice but to destroy the satellite to insure the safety of Earth.
  8. Who Let the Man-Wolf Out? - Attempting to rehabilitate his father J. Jonah Jameson's destroyed reputation by seeking a forbidden treasure in another planet, John Jameson ends up obtaining a lunar crystal which transforms him into a alien werewolf called "Man-Wolf". The Guardians eventually team up with Spider-Man and Inhuman couple Inferno and Luna Snow to stop Man-Wolf, who targets Flash Thompson out of revenge for the incident caused by the Living Brain, and Yon-Rogg, who seeks to brainwash Man-Wolf as a beast machine super-soldier for the Kree Imperial Army.
  9. (I Am) Iron Man - Nathan and Zoe attend to a science fair at Stark Expo while giving Teresa Parker a tour around the facility, while Nebula looks after Riri Williams, who was developed her own prototype of Stark Industries' Iron Man suits. During which, Rocket and Tony Stark experiment on a new cybernetic symbiote designated as "Extremis", until the facility is attacked by Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger and Korath the Pursuer, who are competing over the organism's possession until the Extremis breaks out of containment and finds a host body on Ashley Kafka, who plans to operate as the "Iron Lady". However, when the symbiote soon takes control and plots to absorb knowledge of both Stark and Stane Technology, the Guardians team up with Iron Man, Cameron Potts Stark / Lightyear, Iron Phoenix and Riri (as the new heroine "Ironheart") to stop Extremis before the worst happens.
  10. Superstitious - Travelling in space with Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman to solves the origins of the Extremis Symbiote, the Guardians arrive on the planet D'Bari IV, where they encounter a parasitic race known as the Phalanx, cybernetically enhanced symbiotes created by Thanos' A.I. informant Ultron which have been assimilating planets and their inhabitants and set their eyes on the Guardians. They eventually get help in the situation from D'Bari IV's young outcast Mantis, who for some reason is the only life form the Phalanx could not duplicate, even though the Phalanx end up possessing a Kree ship controlled by Minn-Erva just as she arrives seeking to harvest the planet's molten core for Ronan's future plans.
  11. Thunderstruck - After dealing with Loren Williams (the mentally ill Oscorp executive who believes himself as an reincarnated Loki), the Guardians are invited by Thor to visit New Asgard, the kingdom he and Jane Foster / Midgard Enchantress created with the aid of the Asgardian survivors, including valkyrie leader Sif. There, they also meet and befriend Thor's son Magni and Sif's daughter Torunn. The Guardians and Thor must also work together when Ronan seeks to launch a full assault on New Asgard while seeking an ancient weapon called the Destroyer in Nidavellir. Ronan remains defiant of the Supreme Intelligence's refusal to resume more wars against other planets; and this defiance might threaten their planet.
  12. Welcome to the Jungle - While they train with Humberto Lopez / Reptil, Nathan and Zoe encounter and befriend Eros the Star Fox, an anthropomorphic red fox from Halfworld, a version of Earth where humans do not exist and animals have developed human intellect and became the dominant species. The Guardians eventually travel there to free the animals from Mainframe, an ancient Kree A.I. which rebelled against its creators and seeks to convert organic beings into machines of war. Tigra and her half-sister Ava Ayala / White Tiger also join the Guardians' battle after overhearing from their father Chief Soto that Mainframe is seeking after the Scepter of Durga, a valuable relic which connects their tribe's village with the ones of other Titanian Tigers scattered across the galaxy. They must also contend with a pack of Chitauri led by Mysterio, who was sent by Thanos to retrieve Mainframe and the Scepter.
  13. The Kree War, Part 1: The Final Countdown - After the Kree Empire's home planet of Hala is destroyed by a issuing civil war between those who are in favor of the Supreme Intelligence's new law and those who rebel against it, Ronan the Accuser leads the rogue Kree military and the Saakarian pirates to a full assault on the Nova Corps' Empire on Xandar, which is intended to be te first target of the Kree's ultimate weapon. The Guardians of the Galaxy work alongside Yondu's former crew mates the Ravagers (consisting of Charlie-27, Aleta Ogord, Krugarr, and their leader Stakar Ogord / Starhawk) to stop Ronan's invasion and destroy the weapon at any cost.
  14. The Kree War, Part 2: Don't Stop Believin' - Furious with the Guardians and Ravagers' interference with his plans, Ronan seeks to retaliate by attacking their home-planets, starting with Earth. The Guardians get more help with their friends and allies from Earth (including Spider-Man, Tigra, Inferno, Luna Snow, Firestar, Thor, and the Fantastic Four) in stopping Ronan, and ending the Kree threat for good. The Supreme Intelligence, having survived Hala's destruction by possessing the Destroyer, also joins the battle, but standing against both sides, including Ronan and his faction of Kree for their defiance.

Infinity Arc

  1. The Coming - Thor, Captain Marvel, Nova and Groot are summoned by the Nova Corps when Xandar is attacked by the forces of Thanos, who seeks to collect the Infinity Power Stone (which is safe-guarded in the Nova Corps' vault) and begin his crusade to inflict his will to the cosmos. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom welcomes his new prime minister Lucia von Bardas to Latveria after her offer of better benefits for the country. Tigra, Starforce and Wave, however, are aware that Von Bardas is actually Amora the Enchantress in disguise having been sent by Thanos to collect information about the Infinity Stones from Doom.
  2. Rumble for the Eye of Agamotto - The Avengers aid Doctor Strange in defending the Sanctum Sanctorum when it is assaulted by Mysterio and Purple Man, who seek to steal the Eye of Agamotto after Wilson Fisk the Kingpin informed them of the Time Stone being held in it. But when they find out that the Stone is not in the Eye, but somewhere else beyond Thanos' reach, Spider-Man and Lightyear work to apprehend Kingpin and try to convince Mysterio and Purple Man that they were being tricked into giving Fisk the benefits to control Thanos' armies for his own purposes.
  3. Jail Break - Incarcerated in the Vault following their defeats by superheroes' hands, Venom, Yellowjacket, Morbius, Killmonger, Typhoid Mary, Taskmaster, and Blastaar battle the security guards and each other over a way out of their imprisonment and set out to reestablish their own goals. Their biggest hindrances, however, are Amora the Enchantress and her bodyguard Skurge the Executioner, who seek the perfect soldier for Thanos' army, and with the runaway villains having their own opinions about it. Note: This is the only episode without superheroes featured in it.
  4. Inhuman Race - Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family are hosting the Attilan Grand Prix, an annual go-kart racing championship in which each Inhuman takes part of the race by driving a go-kart of his/her own design and image. Despite her brother Aamir's concerns, Kamala Khan joins the race driving a go-kart built for her by Peter Parker, Michelle Cage Jones and Nathan Quill using components of a recently destroyed Kree ship. Spider-Man, Wave and Star-Lord have yet to contend with both Minn-Erva, who seeks to retrieve the components of Kamala's kart by any lethal means necessary, and Josh Richardson / Discord, who has agreed to help ambitious Inhuman Sheath win the race by sabotaging other competitors in exchange of properly eliminating Ms. Marvel.
  5. A Singular Point - During a battle against monsters under Amora the Enchantress' control, Captain Marvel, Tigra and Gamora encounter Maxine Joan, who has been targeted by Amora for a formidable secret she hides; one of which Amora assumes to be the key to aid Thanos on his search for the Infinity Stones. The Avengers, New Champions and Guardians soon discover that Maxine has collected unstable prototypes of the Infinity Stones and earned abilities associated to them. Now the heroes must protect Maxine from Amora and the Black Order, as Maxine is progressively transformed into a more powerful (and "singular" as Amora calls her) life form in her struggle to control her abilities.
  6. Elemental Blossoms - TBD
  7. Souls Sheltered by Iron - TBD
  8. World War Abomination - TBD
  9. The Infinity War, Part 1: Road to War - TBD
  10. The Infinity War, Part 2: Endgame - TBD

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