Dark Designs is the 11th episode of Spider-Man's arc in Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Mister Negative / Martin Li (first appearance)
  • The Goblin / "Norman Osborn" (mind transferred to Norman Osborn's body)
    • Norman Osborn (death)
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren

Other Characters


Peter Parker and his classmates are at Baxter Institute, having a chemistry class lesson with Dr. Henry Pym's wife Janet Van Dyne, while Peter's sister Teresa and Katrina Romanoff are in Bilderberg Academy, having more peaceful classes as they are introduced to and befriend Van Dyne's older granddaughter Nadia. Meanwhile, Harry Osborn and Ashley Kafka are still seeing themselves in trouble because Midtown High School is almost fully collapsing after everything which happened; including many of the teachers whom Raymond Warren was forced to fire, and half of the students (who had enrolled in the start of the year) having been expelled or dropped out, like Peter[2] and Annabelle "Anna" Brady[3] did. To make matters worse, Harry finds his father Norman laying on the ground sweating and appearing to have a headache, and calls for help. What Harry does not know is that the Goblin is torturing Norman in his brain for control, and is winning.

Norman is put in a medical bedside to be checked on, on which the doctors believe he is having a brain tumor which is slowly killing him. Though the doctors and Warren vow to keep trying, Harry, pushed to the breaking point, refuses to wait, and decides to find the cure on his own, and (against the doctors' approval) with a classified substance which has been locked up in the vault of Oscorp. Meanwhile, Peter is met in his lab with Nadia, who comes by in her own superhero outfit and alias of Dragonfire, and demonstrates her abilities; Janet reveals to Peter that during the Oscorp riot on which Peter lost Uncle Ben, Nadia was bitten by Oscorp's last surviving Dragonfire, a Pym Particle-powered genetic hybrid of dragonflies and fireflies, which granted Nadia with organic variants of her mother Hope's Wasp suit capabilities and Pyrokinesis. At first, she was hesitant to undergo heroics with her new powers until she begun overhearing news about more Oscorp-related disasters, including one which put her sister Cassie and cousin Gwen Stacy in harm's way[4], as well as news about Osborn's growing insanity[5]. As he considers offering Nadia with membership in the New Champions team, Peter overhears news about Harry relying the Oscorp interns to help create a formula to cure every existing disease with a substance only known as the "Shadow Breath", announcing that he is offering Midtown High's scientific geniuses with better resources for the school in exchange of their help with the project, with physically disabled Oscorp scientist Martin Li as the first test subject. Through the classified files which Teresa confiscated, Peter had researched about the Shadow Breath... and is aware that its content (due to its severe side effects) is not to be used as a "cure".

As Peter and Luke Potts Stark work with Dr. Pym to create a antidote for the Shadow Breath, Harry and the Oscorp interns create a medical serum with the Virus and infuse Li with it, which restores his use of his arms and legs. Just as Harry considers using the formula to cure Norman, dr. Mendell Stromm tries to advise him that the Shadow Breath is unstable, but Harry does not listen and allows Li to go. Just then, Li soon begins displaying strange symptoms caused by the Shadow Breath, which grants him the superhuman abilities to manipulate dark matter. Driven insane, Li (addressed by Annabelle "Anna" Brady as "Mr. Negative") goes for rampage while corrupting the Oscorp guards around him. Anna's live reports alert the New Champions, the Fantastic Four, Lana Durand Rose / Red Lynx, Pepper Potts / Rescue, Ant-Man and Wasp, who set out to stop the rampaging spawns. Dragonfire intercepts and knocks Harry unconscious and stops him from infusing Norman with the Shadow Breath serum. Stature takes down one of the infected guards and takes him to her grandfather's lab to be used as a test subject for the antidote. Harry recovers and sends the Shadow Breath container to Midtown High, inadvertently luring one of Li's spawns in there, where several jocks are infected along with Warren, who uncontrollably (and permanently) changes to his Jackal persona in front of witnesses. Kid Arachnid, Red Shadow, Stature and Human Torch manage to evacuate the remaining students from the school, while Nocturnal and the Thing battle the Jackal. Norman recovers and attempts to get things under control by ordering Stromm to shut down the Shadow Breath protocols until he is confronted by Li himself, who critically injures Stromm and begins torturing Osborn with his Darkforce powers.

Li begins ranting at Osborn for the years he spent as a poorly paid employee and how Osborn disregarded him as a "disabled failure" in the company. Just as he is about to further finish Osborn off, Spider-Man stops him and takes him to a fight across the facility. Li tries to infect and corrupt Spider-Man, who was made immune to the Shadow Breath's effects thanks to a special Pyrokinetic Particle he produced from one of Oscorp's Dragonfires. Overhearing about this, Nadia passes a sample of her own blood to her grandparents, who use it to successfully complete the antidote. Nocturnal and the Thing defeat the Jackal, who retreats to the sewers, while the rest of the heroes defeat and contain the mutated humans. Spider-Man is likewise able to defeat Li by using a special nerve-strike technique, which weakens the Darkforce in Li and paralyses him. As Li is cured of his condition along with the mutated students and Oscorp guards and Stromm is given medical attention, Midtown High School is reportedly shut down when authorities discover Warren's secret Hydra laboratory in the underground of his office, much to Harry and Kafka's shocking dismay. Praised for their efforts, Dragonfire and Red Shadow officially join the New Champions' team as new members, while Peter (having demonstrated the technique he used on Li) invites Teresa to meet his sensei[6] which she accepts. Meanwhile, Norman is in office smiles nastily, satisfied that he is in "full control of himself". A close-up in his mind reveals that the Darkforce energy thrown in his brain has enforced the Goblin's essence, giving the Goblin with full control of his new body and purging Norman Osborn's soul forever.

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