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Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles is an American animated television series based on Marvel Comics, airing in Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney+. Despite the title, the show is not an adaptation to the All New, All Different Marvel comic book series, and follows an original Marvel plot which incorporates elements of the comic book series Ultimate Marvel: Earth-2 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.


Season 1

The first season focuses on three individual arcs and stories focusing on Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy respectively.

  • Spider-Man's arc focuses on Peter Parker (still balancing his double life as a normal teen and as the superhero Spider-Man) entering a more effective lifestyle after dropping out of Midtown High School to join the Baxter Institute, a high school of science and technology for gifted young geniuses created by Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic, while still having ordeals with supervillains like Doctor Octopus, and make himself ready for any enigmatic threat which Norman Osborn is unleashing on his obsessions with trying to overthrow all of New York's finest geniuses. Throughout his battles, Peter also learns teamwork with Richards and the Fantastic Four as well as many of his friends and classmates (incluidng his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson / Tigra) who take their own roles as superheroes while banding together as the "New Champions".
  • The Avengers' arc focuses on the Avengers (consisting of Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor, Hulk and more) battling random threats which no hero can fight alone (most notably Madame Masque and her Shadow Council) while working for the well-being of their own families, consisting of new young heroes such as Liz Danvers Rogers, the daughter of Steve Rogers and Carol Danvers who operates as Starforce. Joining the heroes' ordeals with supervillains are notable allies, including Spider-Man and his friends, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy's arc focuses on young Nathan "Nate" Quill working on balancing his double life as a student of Baxter Institute on Earth and the interstellar superhero Star-Lord while leading the Guardians of the Galaxy (consisting of himself, his shape-shifting alien girlfriend Gamora, the android soldier Rocket Raccoon, cosmic-powered bulldog Drax the Destroyer, Nathan's alien mentor Yondu Udonta, Gamora's cyborg cousin Nebula and Asgardian sentient tree Groot) on battles against alien threats and supervillains, including the Kree forces of Ronan the Accuser.

The season ends with a final arc entitled "Infinity", on which the heroes and their allies work together to defeat Thanos, who is manipulating Earth's most fearsome tyrants, Doctor Doom and Red Skull, to wage a war which threatens all life on Earth. Also taking part of the issuing chaos is Maxine Joan, who had become a new powerful entity known as Singularity, and is working to become her own kind of heroine and find her own place in the universe.

Season 2

Following Thanos' defeat, superheroes continue life anew on Earth while still contending with new threats, such as Thanos' illegitimate son Thane, who seeks to bring order to the universe on the way his father failed to do, and Ronan's niece Tanalth the Pursuer, who seeks to bring the galaxy to its knees and avenge the fall of the Kree Empire with a secret armada of her own. They will also be dealing with and encountering new areas and species including Atlantis and the lost futuristic city of Babylon 5. As a result of the upcoming journey, untold origin stories of superheroes (such as Michelle Jones / Wave and Ned Leeds / Goliath) will also be revealed and explored.

Season 3

The series' final season, consisting of 6 one-hour specials. The Avengers, New Champions and Guardians of the Galaxy work together when the revenants of Red Skull and Doctor Doom are fused together and possessed by the soul of fallen dark god Knull, the creator of the Symbiotes of Klyntar who seeks to conquer Earth, and unleash the All-Black to all over the universe.



The series' first season is split in three arcs with 14 episodes in each, and ends with the last arc with 10 episodes, in total of 52 episodes longing 22 minutes each.

Second season will feature 26 episodes longing the same running time each.

The third and final season will feature 6 one-hour specials.


Soundtrack consists of reprisals and new versions of the MCU soundtracks as well as the main theme of Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. Similar to the 2015-2019 TV Series, the Guardians of the Galaxy's arc, contrary to other arcs in the series, also incorporates licensed songs which are used to augment the tone and soundtrack of the series.




  • "Experience the Marvel Universe Like Never Before!"
  • "Three Stories. Three Factions of Heroes. And an All New, All Different Good Time."


Marvel: All New, All Different Chronicles