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A transcript for Marvel's Superhero Adventures: Infinity War.


Paragraph 1

(film opens in space, with Thanos watching a space citadel from his throne in his fortress)
Chitauri Captain: Sire. Tyler Hayward has sent his Thunderbolts. Just like our informant said he would.
Thanos: And just as I planned. Let them come. I do believe they will find my surprise for them... (smiles evilly) entertaining.
(scene fades out. Then, next scene opens in the view of perspective of a unnamed Wake Rider, who is on the middle of a chaotic battle taking place in a space citadel. His fellow Wake Riders, Silver Sable's Wild Pack and a number of villains with them are firing their weapons at Chitauri flying on the sky. Just then, the Wake Rider sees a swarm of monsters (resembling the Chitauri and the Venom Symbiote combined) coming at the group's direction. One of the monsters flies towards the Wake Rider and lunges at him with its mouth, and scene fades out as the Wake Rider's scream echoes. Scene fades in showing a wrecked Wake Rider helmet, and a sequence showing around the Sanctuary X. Sequence is followed by taglines "MARVEL PRESENTS..." and "A DISNEY+ ORIGINAL MOVIE...")
(voice over during the sequence)
Captain Marvel: When two armies declare war, neither side is innocent.
Tyler Hayward: The Thunderbolts could've won this fight. If only your protegee and her friends accepted our...
Captain Marvel: (interrupts him) Your Thunderbolts were living weapons! Asked to fight an intergalactic war against an enemy they'd never met, so stop pretending your side stood on some moral high ground like the Avengers did! And if you thought that She-Hulk and I would let you "recruit" them to be your puppets either they were willing or not, let me just say... you've made a bigger mistake than releasing that scum Regent from prison and recruit him, and for trusting that other scum Nighthawk.
Tyler Hayward: Listen, I swear. I didn't know that he was siding with Thanos. I swear...
Nick Fury: Wave gave us all the evidences about his schemes and plans, and warned us all about it. She even recorded Nighthawk's conversation with Thanos. But you threw her advice away like they meant nothing. Did you really think that just because she was a youth, and a deserter from your program, she was no one to be believed in?
(scene cuts to Hayward chained in a chair at a interrogation room, with Captain Marvel and Fury confronting him)
Tyler Hayward: So what's my penalty? For not listening to that girl?
Captain Marvel: Hmm, you'll probably be considered a woman hater. Given that you once boasted that the CIA is "no place for a woman." (Hayward reacts embarrassed) Now, for releasing those convicts out of prison for your Thunderbolt program, without the authorities' approval, and selling them out for Thanos, along with even those low rate heroes you've forsaken... well, I'll let Fury decide that.
Nick Fury: A long lifetime in prison, just like that other scum J. Jonah Jameson got. (Hayward is shocked while some S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers take him in. Then, Fury addresses to Danvers) Let's at least hope that, whatever Thanos was looking for in that citadel, some of our agents will find it first before he does.
Carol Danvers: Hopefully enough, Jessica and her friends, who also refused Hayward's offer, and also joined the Avengers after that big battle in New York... they're already on the case.
(scene cuts to Augustus Roman the Regent, accompanied by a few Chitauri in a temple located in another planet)
Jackpot: (voice over) So what's he looking for, and we need to protect from him?
Spider-Woman: (voice over) The Infinity Amulet. It's a device that can unlock the mystical Multiverse Star, an interdimensional space that connects our reality to alternate universes. The ones from where my uncle and aunt explored to get their scientific projects.
Hulkling: (voice over) And where your cousins and their friends met those heroes who helped the Avengers stop Regent...
Wiccan: (voice over) And from what I know, this amulet can also harness the power of the Infinity Stones. Just like that Gauntlet that Thor and Captain Marvel destroyed.
Spider-Woman: (as the Regent reaches the Amulet's room; voice over) Which's why Regent and Thanos can't have their hands on it. And won't. (Spider-Woman, Jackpot, Hulkling and Wiccan storm in the room, and neutralize the Chitauri, leaving Regent to face them alone)
The Regent: The deserters. Pretty fancy running into you here. Although, I don't have much time for welcoming committees, as you realize...
Spider-Woman: We know that. (Regent has his eyes on the Amulet, and moves forward, but Spider-Woman steps in his way, and pushes him back) Just like we know why you're here. You want (referencing the Amulet) that? You'll have to get through us.
The Regent: I see. You want the power of the Infinity Stones, which only that Amulet can harness, for yourselves. Is that so?
Wiccan: Not really. We just want it safe. From tyrants like you and that Mad Titan.
Jackpot: (Regent tries to attack them, but Jackpot intervenes) And speaking of it, how is it that Thanos spared you, Roman? What valuable uses does he have for you? Or did you offer to join him to save yourself while others perished?
The Regent: Nothing personal. I just followed the only rule worth following in this war: be sure I was on the winning side. Good or evil, it doesn't really matter. Maybe you should do the same. (he advances on the four, but they subdue him)
Hulkling: And leave friends behind? Thanks, but no. (punches Roman)
Jackpot: Unlike you, we pick only one side. (delivers a summersault kick)
Spider-Woman: Either it's winning or losing.... (delivers a knee kick)
Wiccan: ... we do it by picking one side. (zaps Roman with a energy blast)
The Regent: (recovering, he sees Hulkling grabbing the Amulet and starting to crush it with his hands) What are you doing?! (the Amulet begins to crack) Stop! Don't...! (tries to stop him, but Hulkling breaking the Amulet, causing a explosion which sends Regent towards a wall. Then, he sees the Amulet, broken in pieces, and disintegrating into dust) No! NOO!! You fools! He'll have my head for this!
Wiccan: There's maybe a price for it, am I right? A price for "joining the winning side"...
(the Regent roars in rage, and teleports away. Back to the four, they inspect the Amulet still intact; the one which Hulkling destroyed was merely an illusion projected by Wiccan)
Jackpot: I almost can't believe he fell for that so easily.
Hulkling: All thanks to an illusion so real... even Thanos would believe it.
Spider-Woman: That was... real helpful. So, Billy? You know any fine place that's good enough to hide that Amulet from even that Mad Titan?
Wiccan: Yeah, and I'm going there as soon as I get us out of here before Thanos suspects anything. (projects a portal back to New York City)
Jackpot: Good idea. (they move on) But to be honest. Whatever happened to the rest of the Thunderbolts... it was a really gruesome, but very loud wake-up call. We should all be prepared.
Spider-Woman: And we will, hon. Whatever it takes. (she and her group enter the portal before it closes. Scene fades out for the movie's title)


Paragraph 2

(next scene opens in New York City, day)


Spider-Woman: (swinging around the city and landing on the Parker residence, she sees a newspaper about Peter Parker / Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four having defeated Doctor Doom and his Doombots in New York) Way to go, cousin. Way to go. (arrives home, unmasks herself, and greets Aunt May) Everything okay, mom?
Aunt May: Pretty fine as usual, Jessica. (they see Teresa is playing with a group of children, including Cassie Lang, Jack Thompson, Groot, with Hope Van Dyne helping Aunt May with the cooking) And still here with your baby Jenna, who's right now enjoying herself with Teresa. And other children, including Teddy and Billy's little twin angels Elliot and Ellie. And how's Peter doing?
Jessica Reilly: Still doing fine. And getting better every minute as Spider-Man. As you might've seen in the news...
Aunt May: First he teamed up with the Avengers. And now, with the Fantastic Four. Superheroes are surely seeing him as an icon.
Hope Van Dyne: And their equal. Especially after that day, when he and his friends, including Gwen, fought Regent with help from those other heroes from the alternate dimensions they explored. That was one day to remember.
Jessica Reilly: (scene shifts to Alana Jobson / Jackpot arriving in a gym with Max Modell and meeting Jennifer Walter / She-Hulk and Liz Allan / Firestar; voice over) Just like the day Alana and I are preparing for ourselves.
She-Hulk: (seeing Alana, and happily hugging her) How're your girls, Alana?
Alana Jobson: Pretty good. Thank you for asking, Jen.
She-Hulk: You and Jessica were still discussing your marriage for this New Year's eve?
Alana Jobson: Yeah. Everything's ready. The dresses. The guests. The altar. Well... Jessica's mom and uncle Max helped a lot about it. Only thing that's missing is who are going to be our bridesmaids.
Liz Allan: I know you and Jessica can ask my friend Michelle and her girlfriend Kitty, if you like.
Max Modell: That's pretty gentle of you, Liz. Just like for Michelle. And speaking of friends... how's Carol doing, Jen?
She-Hulk: Same as usual, Max. Still being an Avenger. And also a house wife. (cut to Jessica, Aunt May and Hope receiving Carol Danvers and her children) (voice over) Like your niece and Jessica will be for each other.
Jessica Reilly: So glad you could come along, Carol. (she and Danvers hug) You and your kids by the way.
Carol Danvers: Wouldn't miss it, Jess. Just like Richie, Ian, and Lyla wouldn't miss this play-date with Jenna and other children right now. (her children go play with Teresa, Jenna, Cassie, Jack, Groot, and the Altman-Kaplan twins)
Aunt May: It's really nice to see you around again, Carol. How's Steve doing?
Carol Danvers: Still fit as usual, you know. And more recently, he and I were discussing with Tony about the parallel dimensions that your sister and your brother-in-law discovered. The same from where Peter and his team made their new amazing friends. And, how about Peter? I suppose he's still having another date with MJ while we discuss the plans for your daughter's marriage?
Aunt May: And also in the Triskelion. From what he texted me, he's introducing his lab to the Fantastic Four. (scene cuts to Peter / Spider-Man in the Triskelion with Mary Jane Watson / Tigra, Carlie Cooper, Tony Stark / Iron Man, and the Fantastic Four; voice over) And like others, they've also grown interested in the new dimensions.
Mister Fantastic: A truly outstanding work that you and friends have done with this building, Peter. Just like what you accomplished with your parents' projects, and everything else.
Peter Parker: Truly grateful to hear that, doctor Richards. For a while, I thought you'd say that we messed up for... well...
Mister Fantastic: For turning your parents' research lab into a superhero HQ like the Avengers Tower? No, not really. That would be some corrupt business men like Norman Osborn or Tyler Hayward, seeking to buy certain properties because they believed themselves worthy. But, no. Because they're just like Doctor Doom. Selfish. Greedy. And...
Both: (unison) ... overwhelmed by ego.
Peter Parker: I know. That was Doc Ock's same problem.
Invisible Woman: (seeing the pictures of Peter with the Legendary Universes' heroes) Those are some interesting friends that you and Peter made in his trip across dimensions, MJ. Quite a shame that the Four and I missed this moment when they helped you stop Regent and his army.
Mary Jane Watson: Well, Hulkling and Wiccan did assure us there's another effective way we'll meet them again. Which's the Infinity Amulet.
Invisible Woman: So I've heard. And Reed's probably sharing this advice for Peter and Tony for this occasion, right now.
(they see Peter, Mr. Fantastic with Stark and Carlie, who are building something)
Carlie Cooper: Good thing king T'Challa shared this tech with us. Including the Vibranium in it.
(from the machine, comes a Vibranium cube. Jarvis comes in)
Peter Parker: You know what needs to be done, don't you?
Jarvis: Precisely. Mr. Stark notified me. (takes the cube, and channels some of the Space Stone's energies in it, making its power equal to the Tesseract, which he replaces for the Stone-powered cube) Now the Tesseract will no longer be necessary to be my body's power source.
Tony Stark: Well, that helps a lot. (takes the Tesseract, just as Wiccan arrives via a portal) Just about to tell you we have one of the stones. Amulet?
Wiccan: Precisely. (shows them the Amulet. Stark extracts the Space Stone from the Tesseract, and puts it in the Amulet) One down, five to go.
(scene shifts to Attilan, where Michelle Jones / Wave arrives via a teleporter, and greets Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid and Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel)
Miles Morales: Hey, Michelle. How was your dinner with Kitty?
Michelle Jones: Pretty good, Miles. Thank you for asking. For a while, I thought my moms were gonna be mad if Kitty and I were on the pool at night. But instead, they approved. And what about you and Lana?
Miles Morales: Yep. Everything went well, too. Just like for Gwen and Kevin. And also for Anya and her hunk Hector from the Titanian Tiger tribe. And also, more obviously for...
Both: (unison) ...Peter and MJ.
Michelle Jones: Yeah, I figured you'd say that.
Kamala Khan: Feeling pretty happy for you and Kitty, by the way. Just as I'm excited to be at the wedding of Peter's cousin with Max's niece. Are you and your moms going there too?
Michelle Jones: Wouldn't miss it. And I also know Liz won't stop suggesting me and Kitty to be the bridesmaids. (Miles and Kamala give a smiling stare. Just then, they hear something coming from outside Attilan. Michelle uses her binoculars to see what it is, and is shocked) Better sound the alarm. Now!
Kamala Khan: What is it?
Michelle Jones: A really nasty swarm. Coming this way!
(Kamala sees the situation with Michelle's binoculars. She gasps after seeing a swarm of Chitauri/Symbiote monsters (just like the ones seen in the opening), puts on her mask, and sounds the intruder alert alarm)
Medusa: What is the situation, Kamala Khan?
Ms. Marvel: Alien monsters from outside!
(the Inhuman Royal Guard members begin shooting at the monsters. One of them avoids the gunfire, and tackles Miles, who struggles to prevent it from biting his head)
Wave: Open up and say "Aah", you creep! (the monster notices her, and Wave throws her trident at its mouth, electrocuting it to death)
Miles Morales: (getting up) Thanks.
Ms. Marvel: (sees Black Bolt confronting the monsters; to Miles and Michelle) You might wanna cover your ears know, guys. This is gonna get noisy. (they cover their hears)
Black Bolt: (as the monsters go closer) HUSH. (lets out a massive sound wave which disintegrates the remaining monsters)
Miles Morales: Well, that takes care of that.
Michelle Jones: (inspects the dead monster) For now.
(she pulls her trident out of the monster; next scene shows the monster in a lab table at the Triskelion being checked on by Mister Fantastic and Iron Man, with some of the Avengers, the Champions and the Fantastic Four assembled)
The Thing: So, humm. What were those creeps? Chitauri? Symbiotes?
Iron Man: Or a bit of both. Which could be worse.
Captain America: We need to figure out, soon. Whatever it is, there might many more of it somewhere.
Human Torch: So, that thing's a hybrid or something?
Michelle Jones: I'm afraid they are. (everyone notices her)
Spider-Man: It's something of Thanos's making?
Michelle Jones: And of his spies. I know. I wasn't there when Thanos's forces wiped out the Thunderbolts three months ago. Still, with my own personal sources, I saw everything. (flashback of Hayward assembling the Thunderbolts and Nighthawk informing Thanos plays; voice over) Thanos knew every part of the Thunderbolts' plan. His spy... that vulture Nighthawk informed him of every detail about it. (flashback shows the Thunderbolts in the moment of their assault) A few members who felt like their arrival was being too easily done even realized that they were falling into a trap, and just yelled that they should abort the mission. Of course, their requests and advices fell on Hayward's deaf ears. One incident that further led these convicts to their untimely doom. (flashback halts after a small recap from the opening scene)
Human Torch: Yeah, everybody knows about that. About Hayward's Thunderbolts having their butts kicked by Thanos's armies. And with a lot of them not making it out alive. But we're actually talking about...
Michelle Jones: I know. I was coming to that. (flashback plays again, showing Thanos and his spawns; voice over) Those things that attacked the Thunderbolts under Thanos's orders... they're called "Klyntauri". Half-Chitauri, Half-Klyntar, or as we call them: symbiotes.
Captain America: Symbiotes? Like that monster Venom?
Michelle Jones: Yes. (flashback shows the Thunderbolts getting overwhelmed by the Klyntauri) The Thunderbolts fought with everything they got. But with little effect and success; the most useful like Silver Sable and Red Hulk were spared to be converted into emotionless cyborgs under Thanos's control. The others, including the low-rate heroes under Hayward's employ... (flashback ends) well, you might say it didn't end well for them.
Invisible Woman: Now, this is insane.
Thor: How is it possible that Thanos managed to control the symbiotes? Even my father Odin was once overwhelmed and controlled by these parasites.
Spider-Man: But Thanos could've found a way. (flashback of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! episode "Drive My Carnage" plays; voice over) Back when the Guardians of the Galaxy and I fought him, Thanos took control of a "Carnage" symbiote that bonded with him, and sought after the Venom symbiote that was being held at Horizon High. And almost took control of it when Venom merged with me. With this "symbiote bomb" that also happened to be some sort of inhibitor device that affects other symbiotes. (flashback ends) Thanos is probably using the same tech again to control these Klyntauri.
Black Panther: But it would have to be stronger. Given these creatures' Chitauri physiology, the Klyntauri could be difficult to control.
Black Widow: We should consult the Guardians, then. They might know some more about it.
(scene shifts to space, with the Guardians of the Galaxy (Peter Quill / Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, and Drax) on their ship)
Gamora: How's Groot doing on Earth?
Rocket: Pretty fine. Still hanging with the Champions, and those kids. Including Parker's little sis. And without much to worry about.
Drax the Destroyer: And Parker still expects to meet the defenders of these parallel realities he and his Champions explored, I presume.
Star-Lord: No surprise. But I gotta admit. It must be nice to meet these new heroes. (systems beep) Someone's online. (answers the communicators) Say it, Stark.
Iron Man: (radio voice) Hope you and your groove aren't too busy, Quill. Because we need to talk.
(scene shifts to Hulkling and Wiccan flying around New York)
Hulkling: (contacting Jessica) Okay, Jess. We'll be ready. (ends communication; to Wiccan) Thanos is coming. He's probably still hunting the Stones.
Wiccan: I already spoke with Doctor Strange and Vision. Wanda's helping them find a way to replace the Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto and the Mind Stone in Vision's head for a few duplicates that Stark created.


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