Secret Champions is a series of six animated videos released on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel and on Disney+. The shorts are between six and seven minutes long and are released weekly. Similar to Marvel Rising Ultimate Comics, the videos combine comic book-style art with digital motion effects. The shorts serve as a tie-in and prelude to the episodes in Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion.


Set in the universe of Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion, Secret Champions reveals untold details of the events, such as Teresa Parker's principles as Stormranger, and Arsenal's acquisition of his disguise of a Quinjet for his Vehicle Mode. Stories of the Crossover universes explored by Spider-Man and the Champions in the "Legendary Universes" arc are also featured.

Episodes and Plots

Lost Daughter

[1]In the middle of the night, Teresa Parker, who was been residing in a orphanage for years, experiences and wakes up from another nightmare about her parents' deaths and, disillusioned and saddened, decides to run away. Getting past the guards and securities, Teresa manages to escape the orphanage and seek a happier place to feel free from her past trauma. She then witnesses a Kree ship landing near a warehouse owned by Stark Industries and sneaks in there. After witnessing the pilot leaving something in a containment box, Teresa investigates. Opening the box, Teresa discovers what appears to be a simple silver mask. Having overheard one of the orphanage's keepers that all humans "tend to wear masks", Teresa puts on the mask, which suddenly spreads to life and envelops Teresa in a special nanotech armor composed of both Kree and Stark Industries technology which also disguises her hair color from blonde to blue. Taking small time to learn of the armor's functions, Teresa flies off around New York before stumbling across metahuman psychopath Typhoid Mary, who was at the time stealing Oscorp technology for the Red Skull. Determined to stop Red Skull's followers from seeking resources to take away more innocent lives like he did to her parents, Teresa battles Typhoid Mary and defeats her before infusing her with a Kree virus which de-powers Typhoid Mary and leaves her physically disabled. As she leaves the villainess to the police, Teresa continues moving on before she is discovered by the Kree pilot, who is revealed as renegade soldier Mar-Vell. Impressed with how she managed to master the mask's power so soon and recognizing her as the daughter of Richard and Mary Parker, Mar-Vell decides to take Teresa under his wing as she adopts the identity of "Stormranger".

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Military Update

While Peter Parker and his friends are preparing to attend to Harry Osborn's funeral[2], Chris Cooper (whose Neuro-Cortex-preserved consciousness now inhabits the body of giant robot Arsenal) has a moment with his daughter Carlie while voicing regret for having not been able to save Harry in time, to which Carlie replies that Harry actually did this to himself to feel free from the trauma after discovering the darker nature of his father Norman Osborn, and no one could (or should) stop him. Chris promises to see Carlie more often whenever he needs her as she goes to attend to Harry's funeral. Sergeant Cooper begins wondering around the skies while working to find a way to remain hidden from the citizens and avoid frightening them. He also takes a small time to review the functions of his new body, including the one which enables him to change into any vehicle form he scans. He soon encounters Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel battling alone against a giant Kree robot sent and remotely controlled by Minn-Erva to capture her and lure Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel out. Just as Minn-Erva gains the upperhand and attempts to take Kamala in, Sergeant Cooper storms in and destroys the robot, saving Kamala. The two share friendly banters and memories of what happened previously before Kamala shows him a specially designed Avenjet in the Avengers Facility which can travel into space. Cooper eventually scans the Quinjet, earning his new Vehicle Form, and takes off to regroup with Peter and his friends while Kamala regroups with the Avengers[3].

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The Force Reborn

Set in the Star Wars universe, Rey Skywalker is recalling the latest events of her universe, on which the Resistance has finally defeated the First Order for good, she and Ben Solo (formerly called Kylo Ren) ended the existence of the fallen Emperor Palpatine permanently, and Rey adopted the Skywalker name to honor her deceased masters Luke and Leia[4]. Now a full time Jedi Master, Rey senses the presence of Temiri Blagg, a Force-sensitive boy in Canto Bight[5], and searches for him. Arriving there, she also helps Temiri save his friends from Bargwill Tomder's grasp. Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin[6], also arrives there seeking to collect a new bounty placed on Tomder's head. Only there for Temiri and his friends, Rey properly allows Djarin to subdue and apprehend Tomder and claim his bounty, and also voicing her good compliments with Grogu, and claiming to be hopeful they will cross paths along with other Jedi who may still exist. Later on, in Takodana, where his friends find better shelter in Maz Kanata's palace and cantina, Temiri begins learning the ways of the Force with Rey, before they both sense the arrival of Jedi Masters arriving from alternate versions of the galaxy and greeting them. Again, Rey introduces herself as "Rey Skywalker".

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Speed Me Up

Set in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, young orphan Hope Kintobor is hiding in the trees of the San Francisco jungle from EggRobo, who was sent drones to search for her so she will be the first roboticized human. Just as one of the robots detects her, Hope is saved by Sonic and Tails, who destroy the robots and grant Hope shelter in their home at Mobius. There, they watch as Sally Acorn and Sticks the Badger learn from Longclaw the Owl more amazing, secret features within the Mobian Rings. Some of them are the capabilities to access and travel into not only other planets, but other alternate Earths as well, and also heal injuries and deceases. Through one of the Rings he owns, Sonic practices the same to heal Hope's injured leg and also envisions the universe of the Avengers. Sonic and Tails manage to return to Earth before they are confronted by EggRobo. After a short fight, the duo defeat him when Tails hacks EggRobo's memory files, deleting his memories of Hope, and Sonic uses one of his Rings to send EggRobo to the coldest lands of Antarctica. They both know EggRobo will be back soon, but they will have time to prepare for his next move. Later on, Sonic and Tails regroup with Sally, Sticks and Longclaw in Mobius, telling them of their previous battle. And Sonic also reveals to Sally that Hope is safe and was adopted by Tom Wachowski and his wife Maddie as their own daughter. As Sally and Sticks go to the Wachowski's home to greet them, Sonic takes another look at the dimensions he envisioned, voicing pleasure of meeting their resident heroes one day[7].

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More Than Meets the Eye

Set in the Transformers universe, Izabella Morgan is enjoying herself with Dinobot Slug near a lake forest until Slug is ambushed and abducted by a Cybertronian Wyvern. Autobots Bumblebee and Arcee and Dinobot leader Grimlock answer Izabella's distress call and they search for Slug. The search leads them to a cave filled with remains of Seekers, Cybertronians who could switch to air vehicle forms, with most being aligned to the Decepticons. Izabella also sees footage of a human couple[8] from another version of Earth collecting a Seeker's body for experimentation. Sneaking further, they encounter Slug being held in a capsule and are confronted by the wyvern, who reveals himself as Starscream; despite executed by Megatron and his Decepticons for treachery, Starscream's remains were reanimated by technology from other worlds which converted him into a Predacon, and Starscream was tasked by his new master, Predaking, to capture Slug and convert him into a Predacon. Bumblebee, Arcee and Grimlock fight Starscream, distracting him long enough for Izabella to hack the capsule's controls and free Slug, who joins the fight and knocks Starscream out. Back in the lake forest, while Izabella and Slug continue enjoying themselves, Bumblebee, Arcee and Grimlock check on the files Izabella collected about the Seekers and decide to send them to Optimus Prime and Ratchet to see if they know anything about it.

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The Mutagen Condition

Set in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, April O'Neil is investigating strange chemicals in the sewers of New York until she is kidnapped by mutated ninjas under orders of their leader, the Spider Emperor, to convert her as a member of their clan. Her distress signal is triggered and alerts the Ninja Turtles (Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael) and Casey Jones, who rush out to rescue April. They manage to catch up with the mutated ninjas, and follow them in their lair, where they find inscriptions telling them that the Spider Emperor was once a unknown, but powerful warlord who was a sworn rival of the first Foot Clan, until its leader defeated him and imprisoned him in the underworld. They locate April and confront the mutants before the ritual can begin. Leo and Mikey free April while Raph and Casey defeat the ninjas and Donnie sets the lair to explode. As the Turtles, Casey and April rush back to their headquarters, the ninjas report to the Spider Emperor, who claims they will see them soon enough. Back in their headquarters, April tells the group about the chemicals she was investigating, which were products discarded from another dimension. Leo comments himself certain that whoever lives in that dimension, will come to theirs sooner than they expect[9].

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