A list of quotes per episode from Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion.


"City of Heroes" Arc

"Family Business" Arc

"Legendary Universes" Arc

(opens with a montage showing Horizon High, Peter Parker's school lab, the Triskelion, and then the teleportation device room, where Peter and his friends are surprised with what they are seeing)
Peter Parker: (voice over during montage) A wise old man once said: "Legend tells us one thing... history, another. But, every now and then, we find something that belongs to both.". (in the teleportation device, we see a holographic image of the logos of the Galactic Resistance, the Freedom Fighters, the Autobots and the TMNT) I'm looking at it right now.
(the Marvel logo is presented. We see a montage of showing alternate planets)
Gwen Stacy: So what are we looking after now?
Carlie Cooper: The four universes where the Parkers got their project from. And where some of Oscorp's tech got lost. Needless to say that's not the only thing we'll find there.
Miles Morales: What else are we gonna see there?
(a montage shows shadowed, but familiar figures encountering Spider-Man and his gang; the montage shows Rey Skywalker's golden lightsaber igniting, Sonic the Hedgehog preparing to run, as if on the starter's block. He opens his eyes, a determined look on his face. Optimus Prime changing from his truck form to his robot form, and the Ninja Turtles leaping in the ground, surrounding Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Kid Arachnid and Spider-Girl)


"On the Tiger’s Claws"

"City of Heroes, Part 1: Spider-Gwen Returns"

"City of Heroes, Part 2: Where There’s Smoke"

"City of Heroes, Part 3: American Cats"

"City of Heroes, Part 4: More Than Human"

"City of Heroes, Part 5: Spider in the Eagle’s Shadow"


"What Girls Are Made Of"

"The Parker Errand"

Captain America: (during a Daily Bugle interview) We cannot condone with J. Jonah Jameson's deceptive news about the tragedy of Richard and Mary Parker by Red Skull's cold-bloody hands. For it does not represent our brand of American citizenship. So in the behalf of the Parker Family, we hereby declare him guilty for this and other crimes he is about to atone for.

"An Eye in the Sky"

"The Calm Before the Stormranger"

"Sons of Fathers"

(after having Jarvis teleport him in Peter and Teresa's place, Harry is in the reactor section)
Harry Osborn: (last words; to Peter) Goodbye, brother.

"Seeds of Life"

(on board Arsenal's Quinjet form, Peter and Gwen have arrived in the Hydra Base's air space)
Gwen Stacy: (notices Peter staring worriedly at a hologram image of Teresa, and holds his hand) It's gonna work, Peter.
Peter Parker: I know it will. Cause I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't.

(Spider-Man watches as Arsenal obliterates Madame Masque's ship, killing the Red Skull in the progress)
Spider-Man: Good riddance.

"Brand New Champions"

"Real Wild Initiation"

"Legendary Universes, Part 1: Message from the Unknown"

(Peter and his friends are checking on the portal device and seeing files about the alternate dimensions)
Peter Parker: (voice over) A wise old man once said: "Legend tells us one thing... history, another. But, every now and then, we find something that belongs to both.". I'm looking at it right now. (scene closes with the team taking a peak on the symbols of the dimensions' resident heroes: the symbols of the Galactic Resistance, the Freedom Fighters, the Autobots and the TMNT)
Legendary Universes Logos

"Legendary Universes, Part 2: Webs of the Force"

(Peter and his friends successfully arrive in Ace's home dimension, stopping by a forest in the progress)
Peter Parker: One heck of a trip. If I say so myself.
Sam Alexander: Believe me. I've been travelling around the galaxy for about months. And it was no different of this kind of trip.
Liz Allan: I never knew what space travel, especially dimension travel, felt like. But I gotta say. It wasn't so bad. (to Peter) So, what now?
Peter Parker: (his GPS beeps, indicating the area where the Oscorp tech is) According to these readings that just became accurate, our target is just up ahead. In that old facility. (points at a nearby facility)
Liz Allan: (flies up in the air to get a better view of the facility) Looks pretty rusty and out of function. Surely that'll make the job easier than I expected.
Lin Lie the Sword Master: Or perhaps, not so much. I can sense evil having already taken possession of the protocols. And they will be less than willing to yield them.
Sam Alexander: (to Teresa) You actually believe he's saying...?
Teresa Parker: That whoever took over the Oscorp protocols won't give them up so lightly? Sure seems what he said.
Peter Parker: Even so, those protocols don't belong here. And they must be destroyed. Weather their new owners like it or not. Let's go. (he, Teresa and Liz put on their masks, Sam puts on his Nova helmet and Lin Lie draws his sword and they rush towards the factory. Meanwhile, in a not too far mountain, a hooded woman is floating in the air meditating; her face is shadowed by her hood)
Hooded woman: (a wind blows on her face; a close-up reveals her closed eyes) Hmm... I sense a presence here. A presence far unfamiliar, but somewhat... (she opens her eyes) pleasant.

(Spider-Man and his team are fighting Dark Nation scouts until the debris around them begin to levitate. The same mysterious hooded woman suddenly appears before the young heroes and the Dark Nation scouts. A scout attempts to shoot her with a flamethrower blast, but the woman telekinetically converts the flames into a fireball and redirects it towards the scouts, blasting them away. The woman removes her hood, revealing herself as Rey Skywalker)
Spider-Man: Was that... telekinesis?
Rey Skywalker: (telepathically) You and the warriors of your world call it "telekinesis". But here... (removes her robes, revealing her Jedi Master outfit; speaking with her lips) ... we call it the Force.
(the Dark Nation scouts recover and ignite their heat swords. Rey ignites her golden lightsaber)
Dark Nation Scout #1: It's the Jedi! Finish her! (they charge towards Rey, but are soon ambushed by Jedi Masters Orkos the Wookie and Roron Corobb as the fight continues, with the Jedi winning) Retreat! Now!!
Rey Skywalker: (she and the Jedi Masters address to Spider-Man and his teammates as Spider-Man, Stormranger, Firestar, and Nova de-helmet) (to Peter) You and your friends alright?
Peter Parker: Yeah, sure. Nothing we couldn't handle. But thanks for the help.
(Orkos sees Ace hiding in a pilar and gives a normal growl at Rey, who listens to him)
Liz Allan: He said something?
Rey Skywalker: You have something the Dark Nation wanted to destroy. Your drone.
Peter Parker: Ace? (Ace hesitantly floats towards the group) It's okay. No one's gonna hurt you.
Rey Skywalker: (notices Ace and smiles) Oh, an AC droid unit. Glad to see there's still one active.
Teresa Parker: You know about what Ace is?
Rey Skywalker: Yes. (looks around while hearing Dark Nation troopers coming) But I can only tell you in a safer place. Follow me. (she moves on and the team and the Jedi Masters follow)

"Legendary Universes, Part 3: Unlimited Speed"

(after Spider-Man and his team go on for their mission, the invidual recording a video of them with his phone reveals himself as Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sonic the Hedgehog: (checking the recorded video in his phone) Pretty sure they mean well here. But knowing that egghead and that crazy robot of his will only think of them as "invaders"... (his phone is teleported into his bracelet) ... there's no telling of the trouble those kids will be at. (Sonic prepares to run, as if he is on the starter's block) So I gotta go fast. (He opens his eyes, a determined look on his face. Then, he bolts forward through the road, on the way Spider-Man and his team followed)

(Spider-Man and his team are confronted by EggRobo and his robot pack)
EggRobo: Your presence in this reality is not authorized. Begone and return to your own world immediately.
Spider-Man: What if we say no?
EggRobo: Alternatives not permitted. (prepares to fire energy beams from the tentacle harness and the robots prepare to fire missiles)
Jarvis: (his scans beep) My sensors indicate a massive wave of energy approaching this direction. In a speed of over 1,235 km/h.
Spider-Man: 1,235 km/h? That's the speed of sound.
Tigra: What on Earth could run faster than the speed of sound? (a wind suddenly starts blowing. And a blue tornado starts taking place. Small flashes of light slice through the robots and knock EggRobo into a wall. The flashes of light are revealed to be Sonic the Hedgehog, who stops by as his quills ignite electricity and wind circles around his body)
Wave: Why a speedster, of course. With a rather cool style. (Sonic overhears what she said, and responds with a wink)
Sonic the Hedgehog: (EggRobo recovers and lifts off) You wanna keep those squid arms attached to your back, EggRobo? So, I suggest you beat it and leave the teens alone... (his quills ignite electricity again) right now. (EggRobo prepares to fire his weapons, but relents and retreats. Sonic again addresses to Spider-Man and his team) You kids okay?
Spider-Man: Yeah, we've been through worse. But, we're good. And not a single scratch, if you're wondering. (Sonic then notices Jarvis curiously, and has a look at both) Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I know. It's a long story, though.
Sonic the Hedgehog: (draws a teleportation ring) Which you and I can only tell in a more private place. (tosses the ring and opens a portal for Mobius)

"Legendary Universes, Part 4: Heroes in Disguise"

(after defeating the Insecticons, Spider-Man and the team are greeted by Optimus, Bumblebee and Grimlock)
Optimus Prime: (has a closer look to Spider-Man, who unmasks himself) Are you Peter Benjamin Parker, firstborn of Richard Parker and Mary Reilly?
Kamala Khan: (stunned) They know your name!
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Optimus Prime: My name is Optimus Prime. We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron.
Bumblebee: But you can call us "Autobots" for short.
Brawn: Autobots. That's original.

"Legendary Universes, Part 5: Of Spiders and Turtles"

(after Shredder is transformed into a Goblin monster)
Leonardo: This maniac Norman Osborn that you spoke about... he ever got to turn into that?
Spider-Man: No. But regarding the evil nightmare he was as the Spider-King... a Goblin could've been far worse.

(Peter and Carlie are checking on the pictures Peter took with his partners from the alternate universes. Those being Rey Skywalker, Sonic the Hedgehog, Optimus Prime and Leonardo)
Carlie Cooper: You know, as unbelievable as this adventure of yours was, I have to admit. It was really amazing. Would've been nice to team up with these heroes again, wouldn't it?
Peter Parker: Without a doubt. Although until the Regent is dealt with, we have to keep the gateway to their universes in secret. Just in case.
Carlie Cooper: Yeah, I know. We can't afford to let the Regent use his power replicator on other universes' people, right? (just then, a dimensional hole opens, and a package with the TMNT logo appears) Wow. Talk about your special delivery.
(Peter checks the package and finds a note from the Turtles)
Peter Parker: (sniffs) Especially one that smells really good.
(later, Peter is putting the package on a table while Gwen, Miles and Anya tell the rest of the Champions, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Max Modell of their adventure in the Ninja Turtles' universe)
Anya Corazon: Yeah, I know it sounds crazy. But that's what we saw in this new dimension.
Black Widow: I can actually believe that a bit. I once got e-mails from a raccoon. Can't be any crazier than this, is it?
Hawkeye: Except technically, he's not a raccoon, you know. Or at least he says he's not.
Black Widow: Whatever. He eats garbage.
Brawn: (sniffs) And what... of that smell which is not garbage?
Peter Parker: Oh, it's nothing. (everyone turns around and pays attention to him; Peter is shown in front of the table next to Carlie) Just a little peace message from four Ninja Turtles with the personality of American teenagers.
Miles Morales: Okay... so, what's the message?
Peter Parker: (moves aside, revealing the Ninja Turtles' special delivery: a dozen of pizzas) "Cowabunga".
(others are stunned to see the pizzas)
Miles and Brawn: (unison; overjoyed) COWABUNGA! (they high-five and rush for the table. Others smile and follow running while Modell, Black Widow and Hawkeye stand still for a while)
Hawkeye: "Cowabunga"? Really?
Black Widow: It's a pretty good superhero catchphrase, to be honest.
Peter Parker: And effective. (he offers them three plates with pizza slices, which they accept and enjoy. Peter takes a slice for himself and eats it. We see the gang enjoying the pizzas and episode closes)

"Legendary Universes, Part 6: Ultimate Alliance"

Secret Champions short series

Lost Daughter

Military Update

The Force Reborn

(as she trains Temiri Blagg, Rey witnesses Jedi Masters (including versions of Galen Marek, Rahm Kota, Orkos the Wookie, and Roron Corobb) coming from parallel dimensions)
Rey Skywalker: I was hoping you would come. I knew the Force in any dimension would still be you all.
Rahm Kota: Just like it was with you, my dear. It will be a pleasure to train new younglings with you, master...?
Rey Skywalker: Rey. Rey Skywalker.

Speed Me Up

(while Tails and Longclaw speak about the rings, Sonic and Sally are sitting in front of each around a table)
Sally Acorn: EggRobo may have lost his memories of Hope. But he's still coming back for more. You know that, don't you?
Sonic the Hedgehog: I know. Tails knows that too. But at least, it'll give us time to get ready for whatever he's up to next. And in other news... (they stare briefly at the Chao playing together) also giving Hope this little big something she also wanted... besides friends to play with.
Sally Acorn: I know. You convinced Tom and Maddie to adopt her and raise her as their own little girl.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Yeah. Remembering when Maddie said she and Tom were wishing for a kid. Either one they'd give birth to, or one they could raise from a orphanage... (shows Sally a picture in his phone, showing Hope with the Wachowskis) how can they ever say no to that?
Sally Acorn: (smiles passionately) Aw! They're gonna eat her alive. (she and Sonic laugh)
Sonic the Hedgehog: (clearing throat) So... anything you plan in mind?
Sally Acorn: So far right now, to see if I can convince Sticks to come with me to visit the Wachowskis. And say hi to their new girl. If... that's okay to you...
Sonic the Hedgehog: Nothing to worry about.

More Than Meets the Eye

The Mutagen Condition


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