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Legendary Universes, Part 6: Ultimate Alliance is the 26th and final episode of Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Regent / Augustus Roman
    • Alchemax (defunct)
      • Tiberius Stone
      • Spider-Slayer / Alistair Smythe
      • Slyde / Jalome Beecher
      • Silver Sable / Silver Sablinova
      • Electro / Max Dillon
      • Molten Man / Mark Raxton (no dialogue)
      • Scorpion / Mac Gargan
    • Negative Zone Insectoids
  • Captain Ultra / John Jameson

Other Characters

  • Aunt May
  • Randy Robertson (cameo)
  • Richard Parker (grave only)
  • Mary Parker (grave only)
  • Uncle Ben (grave only)
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren (mentioned only)


Peter Parker / Spider-Man is swinging around New York while watching news of John Jameson still trying to win superhero respect as Captain Ultra[1], and wanting to prove himself better than Spider-Man, and join the Avengers. Stopping by the Avengers Tower, Spider-Man earns a friendly welcome from Captain America and Iron Man, who had received news from Carlie Cooper of Spider-Man's previous adventure across the dimensions he and his team explored[2], and acknowledge that he made the right decision destroying the Oscorp protocols in case the Regent would return to search for them. Peter is pleased to hear this while still disappointed that Captain Ultra still did not plan for any countermeasure in case Regent would return soon. Right before he can tell the two more about the universes he explored, Spider-Man is alerted of a portal from the Negative Zone opening near the Alchemax main facility, in Upstate New York, and he goes there with Captain America and Iron Man investigate. Meanwhile in the Triskelion, Carlie, certain of the impending global threat the Regent will bring from the Negative Zone, contacts Spider-Man's alies from the parallel dimensions, urging them for help.

While the Champions spread out, and help the rest of the Avengers evacuate the city, and grant shelter for the citizens, Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man reach the Alchemax Facility, and confront the Regent, who had fully restored and upgraded his armor with Antimatter, broken the remnants of the Jackal's Sinister Six (Silver Sable, Electro, Molten Man and Scorpion) out of prison[3], and built a new army composed of insectoids from the Negative Zone. Joined in by Thor, the three battle Regent until Captain Ultra notices the situation and, once more against Spider-Man's warnings, engages Regent, who defeats him, and completely drains him off his suit's powers. Captain America has Spider-Man take the humiliated Jameson out of the fight while he, Iron Man and Thor hold Regent off. Mary Jane Watson / Tigra passes the evidences of Alchemax's involvement with the Regent's schemes to Betty Brant while Brawn and Lin Lie the Sword Master battle Slyde. Once the Champions and the Avengers have all citizens secured, Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider voices concern over how outnumbered they will be in the battle until Carlie contacts her and, once Gwen reaches the Triskelion, shows her the back-up she had to assemble. Spider-Man rejoins the Avengers on battling the Regent, but they are outmatched as Regent orders his army to begin the invasion. Just then, Peter (sensing the presence of friends from both his and other universes and hearing his dimensional partners' voices in his head), uses the new techniques he learned in his journey to summon numerous Teleportation Rings around the area, and muttering: "Til all are one.".

The rings summon the rest of the Champions and Avengers, the X-Men and, to everyone's surprise, Spider-Man's and his friends' allies from the parallel dimensions: the Jedi Masters, the Mobian Freedom Fighters, the Autobots, and the Teenage Ninja Turtles, as well as the armies of the Resistance, the Echidna Tribe, and the Titanian Tigers, and the battle begins. The heroes' army battle the supervillains and numerous waves of Negative Zone insects in order to keep them from reaching New York, while Carlie keeps the Triskelion cloaked and undetected by the Regent. Slyde attempts to reach the Triskelion, and report to Regent about it, but is stopped by Sonic the Hedgehog and Bumblebee, and beaten and disarmed by Ms. Marvel. Noticing that the Negative Zone portal is connected to the Alchemax control panels, Anya Corazon / Spider-Girl, BB-8, Miles "Tails" Prower, Ratchet, Donatello, and Hank McCoy / Beast reach the Alchemax control room and work to reverse the effects of the portal after subduing Tiberius Stone. After his villain recruits are defeated, Regent attempts to obliterate the heroes by summoning a warship from the Negative Zone, but the vessel is destroyed by Optimus Prime, Nova and Captain Marvel. Enraged, Regent tackles Spider-Man, and drags him into his lair at the Negative Zone, seeking to take over his technology to reach the alternate dimensions by every means necessary.

Regent attempts to absorb Spider-Man's armor and lifeforce, but Spider-Man (still immune to the effects thanks to everything he experienced) fights back, and the two engage in a deadly fight throughout the Negative Zone, and myriad realities they are teleported into. Despite the struggle, Spider-Man progressively weakens the Regent's suit by causing it to absorb too much energy, damaging its core in the process. Ultimately returning to New York, Spider-Man allows Spider-Girl to reverse the effects of Alchemax's portal projector, and send the Insectoids back to the Negative Zone, while Tigra and the others destroy the facility, closing the portal, and stripping Regent off his armor's power, enabling Spider-Man to defeat him, and end his threat. As Regent is taken to jail along with his followers and Jameson (discredited by his involvement with Alchemax), Spider-Man and his teammates are again hailed as heroes for their efforts, and praised by their dimensional allies for their performances. After the Jedi Masters, Freedom Fighters, Autobots, and Ninja Turtles spend some good moment with the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Champions before leaving back to their dimensions, Peter is shown visiting the graves of his parents and Uncle Ben with Aunt May, who compliments that they would be as proud as she is of him, and they leave home as Peter envisions Rey, Sonic, Optimus and Leonardo smiling at him, as he is heard narrating: "The Multiverse showed me many things. New places... new challenges... but more importantly, new friends.".

Voice Cast


  • The moment Spider-Man summons his allies to battle the Regent's army is a homage to the final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame.
  • At the moment Peter and Stark complain that (unless their teams are all they have against the Regent's invading army) they are on their own, Rey is heard speaking: "But there are more of us, Peter. There are more of us." This is similar to Lando Calrissian's dialogue with Poe Dameron during the final battle scene in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.