Legendary Universes, Part 5: Of Spiders and Turtles is the 25th episode of Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion. This episode is a crossover between the series and Mirage Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book series.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Animal Clan (single appearance; defunct)
    • Spider Emperor
    • Unnamed Members
  • Shredder (first appearance)
    • Foot Clan ninjas
  • Jackal / Raymond Warren (mentioned only)
  • Norman Osborn (mentioned only)

Other Characters


With only one step of his objective to destroy the Oscorp resources to prevent Regent's rise to power[1] remaining, Peter Parker / Spider-Man prepares to travel to the dimension his parents explored to collect the seed which created Mantis[2], on the goal to destroy the fourth and final target: a collection of animal-based formulas similar to the ones created by the Jackal and replicated by Oscorp[3]. As Carlie Cooper again prepares the portal, Gwen Stacy / Ghost-Spider, Anya Corazon / Spider-Girl, Miles Morales / Kid Arachnid and Mantis arrive to join his trip. Entering the portal, Spider-Man and the team land on a parallel reality of New York City, which is reported to be facing ordeals with masked vigilantes (most notably ninjas, as the journals and news reports describe) hiding in the shadows. As they detect some of the chemicals' radiation and follow its signal, the Champions are observed and followed by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (consisting of Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and their leader Leonardo) to prevent them from falling into any trap set by their new enemies... or worse, the Shredder.

Spider-Man and his team continue exploring the alternate New York until they end up having to defend a mother and her children from four human/animal hybrid monsters running loose in the city. They are joined in by the Ninja Turtles, and defeat the monsters, who are reverted back to the form of human ninjas. Regrouping in the Turtles' lair, Spider-Man and his teammates learn more about the Animal Clan, an organization of mutated ninjas who have been stalking New York citizens after being infused by the Oscorp chemicals. They also find footage of the clan's leader and only sentient member, the Spider Emperor, who reminds the young heroes of when Norman Osborn became the Spider-King[4]. Peter and his friends also meet the Turtles' sensei Master Splinter, who at the moment reveals that the chemical substance which gave Mantis life is a sample of the Mutagen Ooze, the substance which created the Turtles and Splinter. While Mantis stays with Splinter to learn more about her nature, the Spider-Teens set out with the Turtles to stop the Animal-Clan, and (like their other teammates in their previous trips) each of the young heroes picks a partner with each of the Turtles: Spider-Man with Leo, Ghost-Spider with Mikey, Spider-Girl with Donnie, and Kid Arachnid with Raph. They trace some of the Oscorp chemicals in a laboratory where the city's engineers are seeking to find an antidote. Right when they consider protecting the engineers so they can finish the antidotes, they are ambushed by the Foot Clan and their leader the Shredder, who has "a second opinion about it".

Spider-Man and Leo battle the Shredder while the others hold their own against the ninjas. The engineers have most of the antidotes ready before they are evacuated by April O'Neil and Casey Jones, who also help fight off the Foot Clan. The brawl is interrupted when spawns of the Animal-Clan arrive to attack Shredder and the Foot Clan, giving the heroes an advantage to move on ahead. A vulture-based ninja pursues them, but they defeat him and take him in for check-up in a nearby lab. There, April and Casey reveal that they had been spying on the two rival clans to seek evidences of the incident, discovering that Shredder seeks to tame the Spider Emperor and use him to bring New York to its knees. They also discover that the Spider Emperor possesses a symbiotic link to the mutants, allowing him to manipulate them physically and mentally, to contrast Spider-Man's symbiotic link to Mantis, who had developed enough human intellect to be just mentally connected to him. Deducing that by using the antidote on the Spider Emperor will also depower the mutants, they begin finding resources to create a more advanced antidote, powered by the one Spider-Man and his friends previously used to end the Man-Spider crisis in their New York[5]. Through the captive spawn, Spider Emperor learns of the heroes' plan and ambushes them personally, and Spider-Man and Leo hold him off. Shredder also appears seeking to tame Spider Emperor, but is subdued and mutated by the Spider Emperor into a Goblin-like monster.

Kid Arachnid and Raph aid Spider-Man and Leo in fighting the two mutants while others continue working on the antidote, even though they are still ambushed by more spawns surrounding them. Mantis senses the danger her master and his friends are in and rushes to aid them, eventually summoning Poison hemlock vines to paralyze them. Spider-Girl and Donnie complete the antidote and focus it in gas sprays which return the mutants to normal, and Ghost-Spider and Mikey drop a sample in a large vat nearby. Spider-Man, Kid Arachnid, Leo and Raph defeat Spider Emperor and Shredder and knock them into the vat, inducing them with the antidote, restoring them to normal and ending the Animal Clan's threat. Shredder recovers and attempts to attack the heroes in revenge for their interference, but only to be defeated by the Spider-Teens and the Turtles, and webbed down in the walls. As the Animal Clan ninjas are reported to be returning to normal, the Spider-Teens and the Turtles retrieve the remaining samples of the Oscorp formulas and set them on fire, destroying them. With their objective complete, Spider-Man and his team voice their good compliments with the Turtles before returning back to their dimension. Back to the Triskelion, while his friends voice amazement over their trips across the dimensions with Max Modell and Avengers Black Widow and Hawkeye overhearing them, Peter oversees the pictures of his partners from his previous trips (including Rey Skywalker, Sonic the Hedgehog and Optimus Prime) while satisfied to have completed his goal before he receives a "message from the Turtles" which comes from the teleporter. He later approaches his teammates, revealing the Turtles' "message": a dozen of pizzas, which Peter's friends enjoy excitedly.


Voice Cast


  • During a conversation with Spider-Man's teammates about the dimensions they explored and the heroes they met, Black Widow indirectly mentions Rocket Raccoon about "a e-mail she got from him", and Hawkeye replies that he is not a raccoon, "or at least says he is not". This is a reference to Avengers: Endgame.
  • The ending of the episode is similar to the one of Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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