Legendary Universes, Part 2: Webs of the Force is the 22nd episode of Marvel's Spider-Man: Webbed Champion. This episode is a crossover between the series and Lucasfilm's Star Wars saga.


Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Dark Nation (single appearance)
    • Captain Phasma (first appearance)
    • DN-000 (first appearance)
    • Bala-Tik (first appearance)
    • Sarco Plank the Scavenger (first appearance)
    • Unkar Plutt (first appearance)
  • Regent / Augustus Roman (mentioned only)
  • Norman Osborn (mentioned only)
  • First Order (mentioned only)

Other Characters

  • Temiri Blagg (first appearance)
  • Max Modell
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Randy Robertson (cameo)
  • Michelle Jones (cameo)
  • Anne Weying (cameo)
  • Anna Maria Marconi (cameo)
  • Richard Parker (flashback only)
  • Mary Parker (flashback only)
  • Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (mentioned only)[1]


[2]In the Triskelion, Peter Parker / Spider-Man is preparing to journey across the first of the four dimensions his parents explored, which is the reality from where AC-5 / Ace[3] originated. Following him and Ace are his sister Teresa / Stormranger, as well as Liz Allan / Firestar, Sam Alexander / Nova and Lin Lie the Sword Master, with Carlie Cooper still monitoring them, on the goal to destroy the Oscorp project which was discarded in there. Entering the portal, Spider-Man and the team stop by a forest in a unknown planet, where they trace some Oscorp technology onward and move on. Not too far away from there, a mysterious hooded young woman meditating in the hills senses the group's arrival and searches for them.

Spider-Man and the team detect the Oscorp device in a ravaged flagship and discover a helmet just like Norman Osborn's Green Goblin mask[4]. They are suddenly ambushed by spawns of the Dark Nation, a cult-like organization seeking to "establish order in the galaxy". Just as the thugs deem Ace as "forbidden technology" and aim to terminate him, Spider-Man and the team fight them off before they are surprisingly joined by Rey Skywalker and her fellow Jedi Masters Orkos and Roron Corobb, who defeat the thugs and force them to retreat. Greeting Spider-Man and the team, Rey recognizes Ace as a rare AC droid unit, and she and the Jedi Masters take the team to their allies from the Resistance / New Republic for more answers. After learning some more about the recent events in the galaxy they are in[5], Peter and his friends also meet with Jedi Masters Galen Marek and Rahm Kota, droids C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8, and the Republic members, including Finn, Poe Dameron, Jessika Pava, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, who recognizes Peter and Teresa as the children of Richard and Mary Parker. Lando tells them that Ace's kind was once a series of droids programmed with the main functions of several other droids (including hacking technology and transmitting messages like the astromechs do, and translate foreign languages like the protocol droids do) until the First Order branded their activity as illegal and unworthy to exist, and ordered them all destroyed, leaving Ace (whom Richard and Mary kept for safekeeping) as the last of his kind. Rey and Finn also tell them that the Dark Nation is composed of former loyalists and members of the First Order and is led by Captain Phasma[6], who is now terrorizing innocent citizens from different planets, amd seeking to conquer alternate realities to bring the First Order back to power.

Noticing that the Dark Nation might be after the teleportation device he and the team used, Peter rushes there and uses camouflage discs to keep it cloaked and undetected. Later on, he and team discuss a plan to stop the Dark Nation, with their first idea to pick a partner among the Jedi and the Republic members. Spider-Man partners with Rey, while Stormranger, Nova, Firestar and Lin Lie side with Marek, Finn, Pava and Kota respectively, and Ace stays with the droids. The Champions and the Republic Alliance set out to liberate countless villages from the Dark Nation's terrorism while destroying the Nation's technology. Through Spider-Man's mask optics, Ace, 3PO and Artoo scan the Nation's technology and deduce that Phasma and her spawns are keeping the main data in their lair, which takes place in the ruins of the Jedi Temple of Coruscant[7]. Nova and Finn enlist Din Djarin[8] for help, while Firestar and Pava work to gather a secret armada of space-travelling battle droids[9]. Spider-Man and Rey confront Phasma, who voices her plans to recreate the Death Star's planet-killing super-weapon using the Oscorp files, and battle her. Lin Lie and Kota lead a group of Mandalorian swordsmen to hold down against the Dark Nation's ground forces led by Sarco Plank the Scavenger, while Nova, Finn and Djarin pursue Bala-Tik and Unkar Plutt. Facing defeat, Phasma (against her engineers' advice that their weapon is not ready) programs the Dark Nation's lair to be converted into a Star Destroyer, which begins taking off, with Phasma planning to lift the lair skyward, intending to crash it into the ground to cause global extinction for Coruscant.

The lair continues lifting as Phasma sets her drones to attack the city until the Resistance's fleet, led by Firestar and Pava, arrives to destroy them. Spider-Man and Rey defeat Phasma, and seek the core of the lair. Nova, Finn and Djarin apprehend Bala-Tik and Plutt, and pass the Nation's codifications for Spider-Man, who uploads a Pym-particle powered virus on the Nation's core computer which will cause the lair to shrink to a level it will not harm the citizens. Phasma recovers and attempts to stop them, but only to be foiled by Stormranger and Marek, allowing Spider-Man and Rey to complete the codification and activate the virus, which deletes the Nation's files about Oscorp's technology and (right after Spider-Man, Rey, Stormranger and Marek evacuate) shrinks the Nation's lair out of existence, saving Coruscant. Phasma and the Dark Nation members are rounded up and imprisoned in a cell located in Mustafar, while Djarin departs back to Mandalore with messages from the Republic. With their objective complete, Spider-Man and the Champions share a warm moment with their partners and Lando, who shares with them files about the Jedi universe's technology, before leaving back to their dimension with Ace. Back in New York, Peter tells Carlie and Max Modell about his and his teammates' adventure while using Lando's researches for their advantage in Horizon High. They also watch as Liz and Teresa enjoy their first match of Dejarik, with Carlie, Modell, Gwen Stacy, and others also voicing interest in enjoying one. Peter eventually mutters to himself interested in meeting Rey and her fellow Jedi again, but acknowledging that he and his team still have three more Oscorp protocols to destroy in the next dimensions if he wants to be ready to face the Regent.


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