Marvel's Revengers is an American animated action musical television series of the superhero genre and a spin-off to Iago PUC's version of Marvel's Spider-Man.


Five super-powered musicians deal with both their band life and superhero life.




A group of metahumans who are part-time a pop rock band and part-time superhero team. Along with their unique superhuman abilities, they also own mystical gemstones in their necklaces which summon cosmic-powered versions of their respective musical instruments.

  • Star-Lord / Peter Parker (voiced by Robbie Daymond) - A rockstar version of Peter Parker and the leader of the Revengers with the abilities of telekinesis and light manipulation. In his time as a rockstar, he serves as one of the two vocalists for the band (along with Firestar) and the bassist.
    • Appearance: Visually the same of Peter Parker. His costume is based on the one worn by Chris Pratt's character in the MCU with rockstar glasses.
  • Firestar / Mary Jane Watson (voiced by Ashley Johnson) - A rockstar version of Mary Jane Watson and the second-in-command of the Revengers, she is an Inhuman with flight and Pyrokinetic abilities and Star-Lord's lover; a flashback reveals they started their relationship after performing a romantic duet together. In her time as a rockstar, she serves as one of the two vocalists for the band and the keyboardist.
    • Appearance: Visually based on Mary Jane's looks in Marvel Rising, but with blue eyes. Her costume is a two piece yellow leotard with red flames, silver boots and gloves, a red heart-shaped necklace and golden glasses.
  • Spider-Punk / Hobie Brown (voiced by Jaleel White) - A free-spirited Spider-powered superhero and member of the Revengers. He is a rock-star version of Spider-Man who battles random foes with his special guitar, from which he can also shoot his webs.
    • Appearance: The same as in the comics.
  • Drum Master / Bruce Banner (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A rockstar version of Hulk and the muscle man of the Revengers. In his time as a rockstar, he serves as the drummer.
    • Appearance: Visually the same of his counterpart, but with a mohawk hairstyle, blue short pants, black boots and red glasses.



Sinister Filth

A rival band to the Revengers consisting of a lot more sinister musicians. Unlike the Revengers whose style is of a more Pop-rock genre, the Sinister Filth is a more Heavy Metal style.

  • Octo / TBD
  • White Rabbit / Gwen Stacy
  • Vulture / TBD
  • Living Laser / TBD


  • Goblin King
    • Appearance:


Similar to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy TV series, soundtrack consists of licensed popular songs which the Revengers sing and perform in the show. These include:

  1. "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith
  2. "Just A Girl" by No Doubt
  3. "Fascination" by Alphabeat
  4. "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer
  5. "The Final Countdown" by Europe
  6. "TBD"
  7. "TBD"
  8. "TBD"
  9. "TBD"
  10. "TBD"
  11. "TBD"


01) “Revenging Time


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