Marv is the quaternary antagonist in the first half of Duo-Franchise: Carnaval Style. Specifically, he serves as the sequel hook for In Too Deep, a false lead in Summer Edition 2 and the quaternary antagonist in the third act but later turns into a supporting protagonist in the fourth and fifth act.


In Too Deep

He first appears in the finale. Despite appearing near the end, he made his debut by going after Zachary and emerging from his shell in the process.

Summer Edition 2

The Figure may not have been shown in the arcs but he is mentioned throughout the season.

Duo-Franchise: Carnaval Style

He serves as the quinary antagonist of the arc as a whole. As well, he serves as the second-in command of Badussa and his identity is revealed to be an evil balloon bent on happiness. Though initially appearing in a dream, he introduces himself just before revealing Badussa and him held Kion hostage. He nearly launched a car towards Kion and the Toyopolis Police Captain but didn't due to it being an act of murder. Unfortunately, Badussa went with it anyway and launched Kion into the sky causing the car to explode executing him. The officer managed to escape but was turned to stone thanks to Badussa's bionics and he decides to lure Zachary, Turtle Bandana, Fountain and Supervision into an emotional trap. Unfortunately, the trap meant that Roger Doofenshmirtz may get executed in the process and the pig uses the Kraang Invasion to his use. To make matters worse, he is left behind after losing his physical form thus Marv loses his job though he still works as an antagonist.

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