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All The Characters In Martial And The Lost World


  • Martial-A Humanoid Cat Who Is The Titular Character Of The Series And Gets Sucked Into The Lost World Through A Portal.
  • Charlie-A Humanoid Dog Who Is A Good Friend Of Martial And Gets Sucked Into The Lost World Along With Martial.


  • Tyror-A Tyrannosaurus Rex Who Is The Main Antagonist Of The Series And Was Presumed To Be Dead In The Final Season Of The Show.
  • Titan-A Triceratops Who Roams Near The Sprixie Village And Faces Off Against Tyror Whenever He Invades The Jungle.
  • Snapper-A Female Quetzalcoatlus Who First Appears In Out Of The Nest When She Kidnapped Martial And Charlie.
  • Toto-A Young Apatosaurus Who Was Saved By Peony After He Hatched And Become Her Pet.


  • Guzzler-A Male Vampire Who Kidnaps Peony In Peony’s Misery And Later In The Series Captures Her Again So He Can Use Her In A Feast.
  • Meathead-A Male Vampire Who Works For Guzzler.
  • Lusty-A Female Vampire Who Is Meathead’s Little Sister.
  • Serena-A Female Siren Who Kidnaps Peony And Tries To Eat Her.