Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin is a Canadian actor/voice actor. He is well known for the voice of Tyson Granger in the English dub of the 2001 Japanese anime Beyblade.

Official Roles

Year Name of Film/TV Show Character Name Notes
1995 Bye Bye, Birdie Minor role
2000-2002 Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse Eddy Voice only
2003-2005 Beyblade Tyson Granger Voice only

Marlowe's most well known role

2003 Interlude Voice only
2004 Beyblade: the Movie: Fierce Battle Tyson Granger Voice only
2004 Beyblade: Super Tournement Battle Tyson Granger Voice only

Unofficial Roles

Year Name of Project Character Name Notes
2000 Berry Blast Off 2 Strawberry/ Candy Apple Jr/ Plum #3/ Blueberry Henchman #4 Voice only

Unreleased 2000 version

Blueberry Henchman #4 only says one line in this film.

This film was originally going to be released by a partnership with Warner Bros. Feature Animation and Columbia Pictures. Unfortunately, just like the first movie, this film wasn't released due to negative test screening results.

2002 Doraemon and the Northern Lights Hector After the film's theatrical release in Canada, this film recieved negative reviews, causing Nelvana Films, the company that produced the film, to almost go bankrupt. Since then, this film is forgotten, and never had a home video release in Canada.

Marlowe's first live-action role since 1995's Bye Bye, Birdie

2002 Berry Blast Off : Sour Supreme! Strawberry/ Sour Cherry/ Sour Strawberry/ Additional Voices Voice only

Major role

Cancelled CGI film by Mainframe Entertainment and Columbia/Tri-Star.

2002-2003 Doraemon Big Benny/ Additional Voices Minor voice role

English dub Episodes: "Voice Candy", "Who am I?", "Nobu and Nobio", "Robotic Balloon", and "Nobu's Son Ran Away from Home"

2003 Niboru and the Dream Machine Niboru-kun Voice only

English dub: Nelvana/Canal Familie

Although, this OVA, and it's three English dubs were lost after it's release. The third English dub was made in 2003, while the OVA itself was made by Toei Animation in 1987.

2004 Doraemon and the Case of the Stolen Magic Emerald Hector Sequel to the long-forgotten Doraemon and the Northern Lights.
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