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Marilyn Sue Schreffler (June 14, 1945 – January 7, 1988) was an American voice actress and actress who provided voice-overs for several animated television series, mostly for Hanna-Barbera Productions.


Marilyn Schreffler was born in Wichita, Kansas on June 14, 1945. She graduated from Topeka West High School in the early 1960s. She briefly attended Washburn University before moving on to Chicago and Cleveland, where she worked in several comedy groups. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Schreffler had moved to Los Angeles and began her career doing voice-overs for animated TV programs.

Her first television voice-over roles for Hanna-Barbera were Brenda Chance on Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels and Daisy Mayhem on Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics in 1977. (For the "Laff-A-Lympics" segment, she reprised the role of Brenda from Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels which was airing concurrently). Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, she voiced a variety of characters on other Hanna-Barbera shows such as Yogi's Space Race, Galaxy Goof-Ups, Buford and the Galloping Ghost, Fred and Barney Meet The Thing, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo, The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show, The Kwicky Koala Show, The Flintstone Comedy Show, The Smurfs, Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour, as well as Ruby-Spears series including Thundarr the Barbarian, Heathcliff and Dingbat, Heathcliff and Marmaduke, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Saturday Supercade and Dragon's Lair. Despite her numerous voice acting credits, Schreffler was best known as the voice of Olive Oyl on The All New Popeye Hour from 1978 to 1983, also produced by Hanna-Barbera.

Although she was a behind-the-scenes actress, Schreffler did a few on-screen acting roles on television shows in the 1980s such as Simon & Simon, Remington Steele, Airwolf and Newhart. She had voice parts in the 1987 thriller films Fatal Attraction and Jaws: The Revenge. She was also a voice in numerous TV commercials including some for Alka-Seltzer and Dole pineapple.

Her last voice-acting role was the voice of Winnie Werewolf for the animated TV film Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School which aired posthumously in 1988.



Year Title Role Notes
1977-1980 Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Brenda Chance 40 episodes
1977-1979 Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics Brenda Chance, Daisy Mayhem 24 episodes
1978-1983 The All New Popeye Hour Olive Oyl, Alice the Goon, Sea Hag, Swee'Pea 35 episodes
1978-1979 Yogi's Space Race Wendy 13 episodes
1978-1979 Galaxy Goof-Ups Additional voices 13 episodes
1979 Buford and the Galloping Ghost Wendy 13 episodes
1979 The Popeye Valentine Special: Sweehearts at Sea Olive Oyl, Sea Hag TV special
1979 Fred and Barney Meet The Thing Betty, Miss Twilly 13 episodes
1979-1980 Fred and Barney Meet the Shmoo Betty, Miss Twilly 13 episodes
1979-1980 Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Additional voices
1979 Casper's Halloween Special Winifred Witch TV special
1979 Scooby Goes Hollywood Cherie, Sis and Receptionist TV special
1980 The B.B. Beegle Show Additional voices TV pilot episode
1980 Thundarr the Barbarian Additional voices
1980-1981 Heathcliff and Dingbat Additional voices
1980-1981 The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show Additional voices
1980 Yogi's First Christmas Snively TV film
1981 The Pink Panther in: Pink at First Sight Additional voices TV special
1981-1982 Heathcliff and Marmaduke Sonia, Barbie
1981 Trollkins Lola La Trolla 13 episodes
1981 The Kwicky Koala Show Additional voices
1981-1982 Laverne & Shirley in the Army Additional voices
1981 The Flintstone Comedy Show Weathergirl Episode: "Stormfront and Weathergirl"
1981 Spider-Man Sally Ann Beaumont Episode: "The Sandman is Coming"
1982 Jokebook Additional voices
1982-1983 The Incredible Hulk Additional voices 13 episodes
1982 Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour Additional voices Episode: "Who's Minding the Brat?"
1982 The Smurfs Additional voices
1982 Meatballs & Spaghetti Additional voices
1982 The Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour Additional voices
1982 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Bonnie Episode: "A Firestar is Born"
1982-1983 Shirt Tales Additional voices 23 episodes
1983 The Dukes Additional voices 13 episodes
1983 The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show Additional voices
1983 The Littles Additional voices 13 episodes
1983 Alvin and the Chipmunks Additional voices 13 episodes
1983 Saturday Supercade Additional voices 13 episodes
1984 Rose Petal Place Nastina TV special
1984 The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries Additional voices
1984 Dragon's Lair Additional voices Episode: "Tale of the Enchanted Gift"
1984 Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats Additional voices Episode: "Wild Cat Heathcliff/Kitten Around"
1984 Pole Position Kuma 13 episodes
1985 Rose Petal Place: Real Friends Marigold, Nastina TV special
1985 Challenge of the GoBots Additional voices
1985 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Additional voices
1985 CBS Storybreak Additional voices Episode: "Robutt: A Tale of Tails"
1985 The Jetsons Additional voices Episode: "Elroy in Wonderland"
1985-1986 Paw Paws Additional voices 21 episodes
1985 CBS Storybreak Additional voices Episode: "Witch-Cat"
1986 Yogi's Treasure Hunt Penelope Pitstop Episode: "Snow White & the 7 Treasure Hunters"
1986-1987 The Flintstone Kids Rocky Ratrock, Flo Rubble 13 episodes
1987 Popeye and Son Olive Oyl, Lizzie, Puggy, Sea Hag
1987 Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose Bernice TV film
1988 CBS Storybreak Additional voices Episode: "Ratha's Creature"
1988 Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School Winnie Werewolf TV film


Year Title Role Notes
1981 Petra Peach Animated film
1984 Samson & Sally Sally Animated film
1984 Runaway Lois
1985 Explorers Special vocal effects
1985 Starchaser: The Legend of Orin Incidental & background voices Animated film
1986 Heathcliff: The Movie Mr. Woodley's Sercretary Animated film
1986 Vamp Additional voices
1986 The Golden Child Kala
1986 Hyper Sapien: People from Another Star Kirbi
1987 Jaws: The Revenge Additional voices
1987 Fatal Attraction Party guest


Year Title Role Notes
1983 Simon & Simon Motel Clerk Mindy Episode: "Too Much of a Good Thing"
1984 Remington Steele Betty Lynn Episode: "Small Town Steele"
1984 Airwolf Angie Episode: "Firestorm"
1986 Newhart Gloria Tate Episode: "The Stratford Horror Picture Show"


Marilyn Schreffler died on January 7, 1988 at the age of 42 from liver cancer in Los Angeles, California.

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