Marga Wilson
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Adopteez
Video games
Books and Comics
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Olivia Holt
Performance model
Inspiration Anna from Frozen
Eleanor Shellstrop
Minerva Mink
Marge Simpson
Lindy Watson
Kim Crawford
Dani MacKenzie
Bo Peep from Toy Story
Princess Peach
Amy Rose
Lili Rochefort
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Princess Marga
Personality Outgoing, optimistic, light-hearted, cheerful, perky, playful, quirky, enthusiastic, happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, childlike, energetic, awkward, jovial, musical, versatile, kind, polite, loving, feisty, talkative, stubborn, fearless, spunky, funny, cheeky, intelligent, humble, erudite, adventurous, hungry (sometimes), clumsy, sweet, eager, naive, imaginative, quick-tempered, comical, helpful, sassy, selfless, generous, tenacious, clever, compassionate, maternal, strict (sometimes)
Appearance Average, blonde hair, fair skin, hazel eyes
Occupation Actress
Alignment Good
Home Germantown, Tennessee (birthplace)
California (second home)
Switzerland (second home)
Orlando, Florida
Relatives Chester Wilson (husband)
Wynter Wilson
(adoptive daughter)
Travis Wilson (adoptive son)
Casey (adoptive daughter)
Lucas Wilson (nephew)
Elaine Savage (adoptive sister)
Albert Wells (adoptive brother-in-law)
Dana Wilson (adoptive mother)
Luke Benwards (adoptive son-in-law)
Allies Michael, Ryder Mate, various Disney characters
Likes Her family and friends, singing, dancing, pop music, artworks, Anna, Rapunzel, playing her flute, superheroes, travelling, musical theater, impersonating characters, working, studying, reading, bears, chocolates, strawberries, strawberry banana smoothies, ketchup, cooking, sandwiches, cleanliness, hanging out
Dislikes Rudeness, her friends' antics, distrust, embarrassing herself, Casey's weird behavior and loud laughter
Powers and abilities Her intelligence and love power
Quote “I love it.”

Marga Wilson is a main character in the Disney Channel sitcom, Adopteez. She is the optimistic, happy-go-lucky, erudite, sassy, wife of Chester and adoptive mother of Wynter and Travis.

Background and personality

Marga is optimistic, light-hearted, high-spirited, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, and of course, caring to her kids, husband, and friends. Despite this, she is very intelligent just like her daughter, and can be very quick-tempered and strict whenever something wrong happens even with her family and friends.

She treats her loved ones sometimes in a gentle or comical way but can be talkative depending on what situation occurs.

Marga enjoys watching Disney movies especially Tangled and Frozen, and superheroes. But she loves Disney TV shows too. She loves singing pop, Disney, and Broadway songs, and cooking in a lamp and making desserts such as her favorite drink, strawberry banana smoothies but never cares if any meals are perfect or not. She loves to tell jokes and impersonate characters to entertain other people especially youngsters.


  • Marga was originally going to be played by K-La Rivera, but since Ramon Evangelista (who plays Chester in this series) learned that she was busy doing other things. So since he had to choose younger actresses than him, he decided to cast Olivia Holt as her instead.
  • Marga is inspired from her actress Olivia Holt's characters from other TV shows and movies.
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