This person, María Alejandra Botín, is NOT a real person; they are just a pure piece of fiction that is portrayed as a real person!

María Alejandra Botín
Background information
Birthname María Alejandra Botín
Born July 11, 1964 (1964-07-11) (age 56)
Birthplace Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cause of death
Alternate names
Occupation(s) Animator, writer, producer, director, author, video game developer and voice actress
Years active 1988-present
Spouse(s) Adriana Davidson (m. 2010)
Residence Seattle, Washington, United States

María Alejandra Botín (born July 11th, 1964 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine-American animator, writer, producer, director, author and video game developer, being known for co-creating Dusk Hunter and The Dinosaur Princess with Lawrence Christensen, as well as The Executioner by herself.

Early life

María was born in Buenos Aires on July 11th, 1964. Her father was a doctor while her mother was a teacher.

In 1980, she and her family moved to Fresno, California and soon met Lawrence while in college.

Both attended CalArts since they showed an interest for animation and art in general.

After graduation, they worked together to make a comic book series.


In 1988, María and Lawrence released through Dark Horse Comics Dusk Hunter, a comic focusing on a young adult man who is an explorer out to find artifacts that are connected to the supernatural. Following its success, Universal Cartoon Studios acquired the rights for an animated television adaption in 1994, premiering on Fox on October 7th, 1996.

The Dinosaur Princess

In 1996, inspired by the Jurassic Park trend and several wild people media, María approached Lawrence with a project originally named Project: Dinosaur Tarzan. Her original plan was to make the protagonist a grown man, but Lawrence suggested that being a woman instead, since he was inspired by some projects he was a fan of, including Shanna the She-Devil. María accepted his idea with a condition: as long she is a preteen to attract younger audiences and to make it different. One of the reasons she opted for that was due to considering that the female characters in their previous work were rather busty and sexy. Since their next project was to be more child-friendly, she wanted to appeal less to fanservice and appeal more to beauty without resorting to such.

In the same year, both were in talks with Universal to make either a television series or a video game based on their pitch, with its executives ending up to decline it due to the fact they own the rights for Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time and they were unsure about the idea of making another franchise where dinosaurs exist. Due to that, they decided to pitch to other studios, including Disney and Sony, with Warner Bros. showing a larger interest on it thanks to the success of Collin the Speedy Boy.

The series' co-creator Oscar Hamilton, who was a fan of Dusk Hunter, met with the duo and gave some suggestions for their pitch, including the addition of an animal companion and an unique gameplay feature. By that time, both also were thinking of making her a princess since they were fans of Disney and added it to their pitch, officially naming her Kitrina and their project The Dinosaur Princess.

Warner Bros. greenlighted their pitch on January 19th, 1998.

Post-The Dinosaur Princess

After The Dinosaur Princess becoming a success, in 2015, María pitched to Warner Bros. a film series, being described by her as "What if Batman and Captain America had a baby and it was the Punisher". They ended up accepting it as the series is called The Executioner. According to her, she pretends to get back to her origins by creating TBD.




Video games


Personal life

María Alejandra is openly pansexual and is married to actress Adriana Davidson since January 6th, 2010. The couple currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

She previously dated Lawrence Christensen from May 14th, 2002 until April 30th, 2007. Despite no longer being dating, they are still good friends and she admitted that he was the best first love, yet, she's over him.

When asked about her sexuality in 2013, she affirmed that "I don't care if I'm with a man or with a woman, what I care about is if they truly love me".

She is revealed to be an Adventist.

She is a supporter of the Republican Party, although her position dragged controversy from some LGBT+ people and supporters due to the fact that some Republican members are known for their homophobic positions and being against gay marriage and adoption, aside from the majority of that community in the United States usually supporting the Democratic Party.

To defend herself, she claims she supports Republicans ideals such as looser gun restrictions due to the Second Amendment, believes Trump actually boosted business rates, [the illegal immigration thingy], TBD, while disagreeing on subjects such as being against gay marriage, [the border wall thingy], [racial/gender/religious discrimination], TBD.

Following Joe Biden's win in 2020 and Donald Trump's claims of electoral fraud, María commented that "the main pillar of democracy is to be graceful in victories and defeats. President Trump didn't show any of it and is willing to play dirty tricks to not leave the White House. As a longtime Republican, I feel disgusted by those unfounded claims. Although I didn't vote for Joe Biden, I wish him the best of luck for the next four years and I wish this mess gets fixed soon".

Following the 2021 United States Capitol storming, María announced that she would distance herself from politics for a while, commenting that "the Lincoln and Reagan Republican Party slowly transformed into a bunch of easily-influenced conspirationist nutjobs led by outgoing President Donald Trump and this awful event showed that a bunch of radicals unfluenced by conspiracy theories, unfounded claims and misinformation want to transform this country into a 1984-like utopia. I feel deeply ashamed for what this country has become".


  • She is known for working on both live-action and animated content.
  • She is close friends with Lawrence Christensen, Stella McDonnell, Oscar Hamilton, Ryan Curcwald, Daniel Wright, Seth Carter, TBD.
  • She has a rather active presence online, especially on Facebook, Twitter (as DuskMari), Instagram, YouTube (under her real name), Twitch and DeviantArt (as MariQueen).
  • Much like Ryan Curcwald, she is an avid fan of comic books and some of her favorite characters include Batman, Doctor Manhattan, Punisher, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Riddler, TBD.
  • Maria revealed that if Kitrina, the Dusk Hunter and the Executioner fought against each other, Kitrina would likely win due to the fact that she is able to use dinosaurs to protect her and has TBD.
    • However, this is rather controversial due to the fact that the Executioner is one of the most powerful superheroes in her universe and the Dusk Hunter has supernatural relics.
    • This is likely due to considering Kitrina her favorite created character.
  • When Good Ol' Magic came out, there were rumors that Maria Jaxon was named and modeled after her, with those being confirmed to be true by Stella.
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