Mapachecartoon (Spanish for Raccoon Cartoon) is a Mexican animated adventure comedy film produced by Zack Isaac Sanchez Productions, released in January 12, 2026.


After being taken away from his father kangaroo, an baby kangaroo named Ricardo (Zack Isaac Sanchez) embarks on an adventure with his fellow raccoon friends to return to the barn so he can hatch into a kangaroo.

Voice cast

  • Zack Isaac Sanchez as Ricardo, a 2-years-old baby kangaroo who got taken away from his father. He is sometimes rude, but also very gentle and caring. He has feathers for hair.
  • Eugenio Derbez as Gonzalo, a 56-years-old raccoon.
  • Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo as Santiago, a baby raccoon, who works at a school and is Gonzalo's son.
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Chaparro, a wacky raccoon.
  • Mario Filio as Xibalba, a Maichupaichin.
  • Emilio Treviño as Oaxacachupeke
  • Raúl Anaya as Quesadilla, a hedgehohg.
  • Joel Isaac Sanchez as Manuel, Ricardo's grumpy father raccoon.


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