Mall Security is an American sitcom television series, being created by TBD. It is produced by Universal Television and it airs on NBC since TBD 2015.


The series follows a group of Mall Security experts who have both normal jobs and some fun as well.



  • Ashly Bicon (played by Miranda Cosgrove) - a rookie who joins the security crew to become a great employee.
  • Winston Decore (played by Charlie Day) - a manipulative employee who has a rivalry with Ashly for trying to take his spot as employee of the month.
  • Albert Blevin (played by Michael B. Jordan) - an alcoholic employee who usually gets into fights and arguments.
  • Naomi Carpenter (played by Cecily Strong) - an overenthusiastic employee who instantly befriends Ashly and often helps her with her problems.


  • Marvin Stone (played by Craig T. Nelson) - the head of the Williams Mall security who loves order and drinks coffee.
  • Wilma Gordon (played by Alyson Hannigan) - a store owner in the mall who Winston has a crush on.
  • Julio Rodriguez (played by Michael Peña) - a Mexican who usually shops at the mall, often getting assaulted by Winston, as he falsely believes that he is a drug dealer.
  • Dean Giles (played by David Henrie) - a clerk at a diamond store who Ashly has a crush on and sometimes TBD.


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