This article refers to the Doki Doki! PreCure character Makoto Kenzaki. For her Power Rider Slash counterpart of the same name, see Makoto Kenzaki (PRiSl).

Makoto Kenzaki (Catherine Knowles in Glitter Knights and Mackenzie Mack in the canon Glitter Force Doki Doki) is one of the main characters in Doki Doki Pretty Cure.


Makoto has purple eyes and hair. Her short hair has a loose curl on each side of her head to match the single curl on top of her head, held with a hair clip. Her forelocks reach just beneath her ears. For winter, Makoto wears a white work shirt under a pale indigo trench-coat style vest and a pair of dull khaki short-shorts and white loose miniature boots with purple bottom and black socks. At her neck is a dark blue tie. In Summer, Makoto wears a white and lavender top, a denim skirt, and lilac leggings. She gains a pale brown vest and necklace held with a single spade charm and a pearl bracelet.

As Cure Sword, her eyes turn light purple and her hair becomes lilac, growing in length and gaining several curled strands. Including shoulder length hair, two thick curls held in a ponytail, and a single forelock curling down to her chest. She wears an indigo spade hair clip and a purple ribbon attached to a white feathery hairpiece. She gains purple spade earrings and a lilac choker. Her dress is lilac and white with the pale lilac skirt cut at a slant over a frilly petticoat. An amethyst heart is attached to the left of the chest with a purple cloth hanging from it. The sleeves are feathery, with the left much larger than the right. A feathery purple bow is sewn to the right hip while covering her arms are lilac sleeves with white lining and a light indigo bow. Her lilac boots are lined in purple with a white heel and pointed toe. On her right side, hangs her Lovely Commune.


Cure Sword has a strong sense of duty and often sacrifices herself during fights. She disliked fighting alongside others, preferring to stand alone, which is a hint that she is stubborn, until she accepted to join Mana and the others. She still holds regret at not being able to defend the Trump Kingdom from the Jikoch, and wishes to find Princess Marie Ange soon and return to savethe Trump Kingdom. Her true personality is often masked by how she acts and only Dabyi knows what she is really thinking.


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