Makin' Some Chocolate (Mix it Up) is a song from the Fox Kids English dub of the anime series Ninja Hattori. This song is performed by Scottish actor and voice actor Michael E. Rodgers and it features backing vocals from the dub's voice actors Tabatha St. Germain (Ninja Hattori), Gideon Emery (Kenichi/Kenny), Matt Winkinston (Kemuzo Kekumaki/Kemuzo Ketoto), and Jillian Michaels (Kagechiyo/Sneek)


Ninja Hattori, Kenny, Kemuzo, and Sneek wanted to make Sniffles (Shishimaru) very happy by making him some chocolate, but they didn't know how to make it. So, Kenny called Michael to show them how to make chocolate. Soon, he arrives with some ingredients and shows the four characters how to make some chocolate, by breaking into song.

Music Video

A music video that follows the plot of the song is included as an extra on the Ninja Hattori first series boxset from the UK. The video includes Michael E. Rodgers and the animated four characters (Ninja Hattori, Kenny, Kemuzo, and Sneek). Michael shows the animated characters how to make some chocolate in an easy and fun way. After the chocolate was made, Michael gives the chocolate he made for them to the four characters to give it to Sniffles to make him feel happy. Unfortunately, Kenny trips on a wire and accidentally made the bowl of chocolate fall on Sniffles. Sniffles eats the chocolate on him and likes it.

International Airings

Country Channel Notes
United States HBO Family, PTV
Latin America Disney Channel, Fox Kids When the video aired in this country, millions of children and teenagers who has those channels were obsessed and begged the channels to air it again.

First aired on the Disney Channel Latin America programme Doraemon's Music Shack

Spain Fox Kids, Disney Channel Aired only once due to obsession from viewers
France M6, Fox Kids, Disney Channel First aired on the Disney Channel France version of Mini-DoraemonsAired only once on Fox Kids and M6 due to obsession from many viewers
Middle East Spacetoon, MBC 3, Disney Channel First aired on the Spacetoon programme Musical Spaceship
The Netherlands and Belguim Fox Kids, TMF
Italy Fox Kids, Disney Channel, Telecinco First aired on the Telecinco programme Telecinco's Anime Hit LIstAired only once on all three channels due to obsession by many viewers.
Central and Eastern Europe Nickelodeon
Canada YTV, Treehouse TV First aired on YTV programme YTV's Hit List.
Australia and New Zealand MTV
India and Pakistan MTV Temporarly banned after an obsession by many viewers.
North and South Africa MTV Temporarly banned due to "racism".


The music video was released on television around the world. Unfortunately, the song was temporarly banned in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America after the video's first airing due to the song "making fun of black people" by "having a song about chocolate". The song was also temporarly banned in India and Pakistan after the video's airings due to millions of children getting obsessed with the video when it aired on TV. due to thier obsession with the music video, millions of children and/or their parents/guardians record this video from the TV airings on a VHS tape and sends it to video sharing sites on the internet. Also, children are seen rewinding/replaying their recorded VHS tape of the video to watch it all over again, annoying some older viewers who have children. When the ban was lifted, many parents and guardians took away the recorded VHS tapes of the first airing of the music video and hid it somewhere where their child sibilings can't find it. They also used a "parental lock" to the channel that aired the music video to prevent children from watching it.

The music video of the song was parodied/referenced in many cartoons, including the US English dub of the 2012 revival of Ninja Hattori, the Fox Kids English dub of Hamtaro, The Adventures of the Cheerful Four, the 1997-2005 English dub of Doraemon, etc.

There is a similar controversy when the music video was aired in Latin America on Fox Kids and Disney Channel. When the video first aired on the Disney Channel Latin American music show Doraemon's Music Shack, many children and teenagers were easily attracted. When it aired on Fox Kids Latin America, the same viewers recorded the airing on a VHS tape and uploaded it (with a copyright disclamer) on video sharing sites on the internet. After the video got 1000 likes and only 10 dislikes, the video was taken down due to "copyright from Disney Channel Latin America". This music video obsession controversy was reported on lots of news broadcasts in Latin America. Luckily, the video was not banned, but many parents put on a "parental lock" to the Disney Channel and Fox Kids channels to prevent their children from watching it.

A prototype demo version, titled "Pink Chocolate", sounded a lot different, but sounded similar to the final version. It was going to be used for an OVA of a prototype Pokemon spin-off JRPG (which would later become Pokemon Mystery Dungeon). It was sung by the Japanese voice actor of Junior (a male Skitty), and was to be sung entirely in Japanese. The song was scrapped in early 1999 and was turned into the final version we know today.

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