Magical Sisters is an Japanese/American animated series and media franchise produced by DreamWorks Animation Television, with the collaboration with Izumi Todo and Toei Animation.


It is an anime-style action-comedy series, setting in the fictional city of Light City, where it follows three young sisters named Ginger (age 17), Tina (age 15), and Emmy (age 12) who transform into their three alter ego group of the titular magical girl superheroes to stop supervillains and save the day.


Main characters

  • Ginger DeClone/Cat - a 17-year-old eldest child of DeClone family. She's a teenage girl who's optimistic, cat-crazed, bossy to her sisters, bit clumsy, and shy. She made a first appearance on Magical Sisters. Ginger is voiced by Liliana Mumy.
  • Tina DeClone/Canary - a 15-year-old oldest child of DeClone family. She's a tween girl who's a stereotypical valley girl, who loves fashions, watching fashion shows and romance films, reading fashion magazines, mall-shopping, being the prettiest girl, loves birds, but hate being messy with herself and her stuff (especially when she has a case of OCD), and also bugs, frogs, mice, rats, snakes, spiders, scary movies, monsters, and villains. Tina is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Emmy DeClone/Mouse - an 12-year-old younger child of DeClone family. She's a school-age girl who is a tomboy who enjoys action, sci-fi and monster shows and movies, superhero comic books, video games, arcades, sports, mice, and theme parks. Emmy is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Recurring characters

  • Princess Magical - a ruler of Magical Planet TBD

Minor characters


Other characters

Television-only characters

Comic book-only characters


Other Media


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