Madly Ice Age is a 2017 television special of Ice Age and Valentines Day, is a bit like with Madly Madagascar.


Sid finds a lake of love, and uses the lake to be irresistible to girls, Manny plans a dinner for Ellie and Diego wants to look for a gift for Shira. But Peaches Does not have a plan Of Love for Julian. Crash And Eddie Finds some ideas but they went wrong Or too Well. MeanWhile Scrat Also finds a love thing to do with Scratte


  • Ray Romano as Manny
  • Jonh Leguizamo as Sid
  • Denis Leary as Diego
  • Chris Wedge as Scrat
  • Queen Latifah as Ellie
  • Jennifer Lopez as Shira
  • Wanda Skyes as Granny
  • Seann William Scott as Crash
  • Josh Peck as Eddie
  • Pierce Gagnon as Kodi
  • Keke Palmer as Peaches 
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