Madison "Maddie" Rose Prowell (b. April 23, 1997) is an American animator, cosplayer, actress and a YouTuber who created The Face Paint Gamer Girl. She founded StudioFPGG in March 2019.





Personal Life

Maddie is a lesbian, and is part of the LGBTQ+ community, dating Abigail Johnson (born 1998)


  • She tends to cosplay as Maddie Prowell the Face Paint during live shows involving Maddie. However, as Nickelodeon now owns the rights to Maddie Prowell, it is uncertain if she is still cosplaying as Maddie or cosplay as TBD.
  • Her studio StudioFPGG has signed several deals, including:
    • Nickelodeon for her animated series, which ended up giving her old characters to Nickelodeon.
    • Sega for a video game based off TFPGG.
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